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F1 2019 | Mexico GP - Sebastian Vettel & Lewis Hamilton in the post race interviews

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Text Comments (18)
Osowavedbling - (1 month ago)
Dominated the 10s
Nasiba Rahmatova (2 months ago)
I like the respect they have towards each other!
Rune Lock (3 months ago)
They're so damn cute, Lewis was flustered ahah
iSimon U. (3 months ago)
Vettel must be such a nice guy to hang out with 😂
TheChazas (3 months ago)
Gonna miss them so much when they going to leave the sport.
HarryF1 (3 months ago)
Lewis is gonna be around alot longer I wouldnt be surprised if seb retired at the end of this year tbh. That's not hate I want him to stay till hes 40 but I don't see it
Aboe Bobington (3 months ago)
They seem to be friendlier with each other which is nice to see. A bit of mutual cordiality never hurt no-one.
HarryF1 (3 months ago)
Gabriel they were like this last few years and even before that. They've always got along very well. Apart from Baku 2017 what scrap have they had or beef?
Gabriel FunfDrei (3 months ago)
Cause the fight is over. sadly.
markbr (3 months ago)
Lewis really massaged those tyres well
blasueltz123 (3 months ago)
Lewis 1 lap after stop > "My tires are completely dead" ... Lewis 50 laps later 1st place ...
KING slayer (3 months ago)
These two dominated f1 for the last 10 man going to miss them when they decide to retire from F1
Raul Hoogendoorn (3 months ago)
Lewis lewis lewis woooooo!
VYCM HDD (3 months ago)
Lewis no sabe q decir respecto a los neumaticos 😂
JBT 2016 (3 months ago)
You’ve gotta love him
Jolanda Raimann (3 months ago)
nyet russia (3 months ago)
Johnny magnum (3 months ago)
Blue flag