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Funny Memphis Belle Clips

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After making the video showing a pretty funny part of the movie Memphis Belle, I decided to record different clips of the movie, and make a lil' video showin' 'em =D Enjoy it! PS: Memphis Belle is NOT a comedy movie :P
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Adam Kelloway (15 days ago)
Funny Joke
cian keane (3 months ago)
what are you going to when the war ends rascal? rob your restaurant
BEAT LA (5 months ago)
How could you forget tomato soup?!
Alec Blunden (6 months ago)
From memory, when the SNAFU acronym was dreamed up by British Forces, the explanation was "Situation Normal. All fouled up."
Lazy_ Genuis valt (7 months ago)
Nine we think u are trying to escape
Christopher Mathern (9 months ago)
Ive seen Memphis Belle about 20 times and i still laugh at Rascals joke
Ean B (2 years ago)
Oh man love this movie! You forgot the scene when Genie starts firing when the fighters are way out of range and Dennis yells at him... the jack says while laughing 'that was Genie the weenie!!' Haha hilarious
Roggs939 (3 years ago)
Can't forget the tomato soup bit XD!
Atoka220 (4 years ago)
"SNAFU-Situation Normal All F#cked Up" ×Đ I have to learn it ×Đ
MikeHunter - (5 years ago)
What about the scene when his tomato soup blows up in the cabin and both of the pilots are confused having no idea who got hit.xD
colin5577 (6 years ago)
how do i get an uncensored copy of this movie? the missing expletives in the pg dvd release drive me nuts
Griff Griffin (6 years ago)
Saves having to watch the whole film!!!
Michael Johnson (6 years ago)
More room for bombs to drop over you.
Kapernicus l-l (6 years ago)
I don't remember the 'f'' word from when I've watched it previously. But I think I only watched it all the way through once when I was quite young and you can miss the things that grown-ups say.
Anita B (6 years ago)
snafu sicthuation normal AWWWW F**** UP
BioActiveScout 629 (2 years ago)
,All Fucked Up
Erinn Nikolethe (7 years ago)
Gods, it's been years since I posted this video... I deeply regret those damn windows movie maker-made-credits. Cheers, people!
FRAGRANCE SAMPLES pachula (3 months ago)
Well...u did good
FlitkoSLO (7 years ago)
@junglefighter682 There is no such thing as "people" who deserve to get bombed. I'm sure those children in Dresden weren't responsible for the ones who died during the Blitz. I do however agree that the Germans as a nation kind of brought hell upon themselves for supporting the NSDAP in the first place. But it was the NSDAP who started the whole ordeal and they should be held responsible.
harryfaber (8 years ago)
@CaScA I think You Tube video comments are too short to fully explore the causi belli. WW2 became fairly certain as a result of Versaille and the other treaties. How we treated Japan in the 1920s, after conning them to fight Germany in WW1 is often forgotten. I am glad that I was born in England, and not Poland, in 1958. 'We' never did liberate them, as we promised.
Nolifemerc (8 years ago)
why are american warplane allways so crowded
kristenburnout1 (8 years ago)
@junglefighter682 The NAZIS deserved to be bombed. but did the thousands of children and civillians deserve it? NOPE!
barretthekid (8 years ago)
great movie
xavier wong (8 years ago)
sounds like the fat guy from southpark
mgoode (9 years ago)
If I were in the ball turrett I would feel like I was in Star Wars :)
Cpl. Gadway USMC (9 years ago)
"we never did that fighter did we......aw shit on a stick!!" LMAO best curse in movie history
CaScA (9 years ago)
@junglefighter682 A war the "Allies" did not help to prevent. The Treaty of Versaille and the collapse of the German Empire provided the window for World War II.
cameron120587 (9 years ago)
"Anyone seen my Saint Anthony medal?" "Isn't he the Saint of lost things?" "Yeah."
TopGunSGA (9 years ago)
The DVD I have (region 2) cuts off at Situation Normal
dillman1999 (9 years ago)
*damit* *they allways do this* *hey fellas we gotta delay* *son of a bitch* *all fucked up*
torstvillinger (9 years ago)
SIr(s): If I may, at this Date and Time, state here, "There also is a White Tribe in Africa." The "poor" Republic of South Africa, as is were, was much better than We all, here, were led to believe in its version of "Politically Correctness" for Us All, here, " AnyTown, U. S. A. In a word, that I, whoever I was or am, as a Country, White Person, cannot be remade, reinvented, nor replaced in any shape, form, or fashion. This is a Blessed Realization.
TheXeus (9 years ago)
in german version they said : SNAIA Situation Normal alles im Arsch XD....
wwwtotalitaerde (9 years ago)
@junglefighter682 They did not only kill Jews, Gipsies, Russians and handicapped. They also killed wounded German soldiers. In one case in 1941 they blew up an improvised hospital instead of evacuating the wounded. After the war the BND which is the former GESTAPO under a new name continued to persecute and kill the survivers of the GESTAPO. My brother Markus Bott was assassinated on July 11th 2009 because of our homepage linked on my channel. Martin Bott
wwwtotalitaerde (9 years ago)
@junglefighter682 They did not only kill jews, gipsies, russians and handycapped. They also killed german soldiers who were injured to get rid of them. They even blew up a military hospital near Moscow in 1941 instead evacuating the wounded. And Germany after the war continued to openly persecute the political prisoners of the 3rd Reich. The BND which is the former GESTAPO assassinated my brother Markus Bott on July 11th 2009 because of our homepage linked on my channel. Martin Bott
tony00165 (9 years ago)
Why have you decided to insult me? you refer to me as an idiot, yet your spelling is atrocious and what's this 'move to Burma' thing with you.? I think you feel inferior on this forum that is why you insult....rather like people who shout out at somebody on the stage....have a good look at your self and if you can't pass an opinion in an adult way then leave it to the big boys eh!
tony00165 (10 years ago)
Children were questioned in Germany about what their parents thought of Hitler and what was said in the house. Germans couldn't speak freely. Hitler righted the wrongs of the Versaille Treaty'and the people loved him for it....later on they couldn't remove him and paid a terrible price. Even his generals tried to blow him tp pieces.They weren't all goose stepping murdering bastards.The german resistance were the bravest of the brave risking their family's lives as well as their own.
wwmb43 (10 years ago)
german started ww2 boming and killing people all over europe no one in dresden or any cities of germany move a finger to stop this instead they were all wery sastisfied for their supremacy
scubadev (10 years ago)
my great was a sapper. native sapper. they wouldnt even let him sign his name as he was an educated native. made him sign with an X
Wazzawah (10 years ago)
My Grandfather was a flight engineer on the Lancasters.And for some reason, bomber command were never honoured with a medal. Something to do with the non pc way in which they killed thousands of people on German soil. What a joke; irrespective of the deaths that they caused the fact is, they risked their lives doing what they did. A debt, todays bankers would do well to realise!
tony00165 (10 years ago)
Sorry for the multiple postings here but I must mention the 1000 bomber raid on Dresden..a city full of refugees fleeing from the Russian advance having NO military significance and one of Germany's most beautiful cities and a centre of cultural excellence...We British must bear collective blame for this dreadful and unecessary slaughter.
tony00165 (10 years ago)
the may blitz on Liverpool in 1941 and asked me what they had told me..with tears in her eyes she said...'God help them..they had no choice in the matter...they're the same as us aren't they!
tony00165 (10 years ago)
It was the innocent civilians who supported Hitler.. civilians were bombed in every major British city ..and cities across europe and the world....even the 'Baedecker' raids on our university towns of Oxford and Cambridge..which were of NO military importance and designed to 'break' the British spirit.Primary targets in germany were the manufacturing industries and sadly civilians areas suffered too. I met lovely german people in Hamburg who told me about the blitz. My mother had sat through
chipper4ever (10 years ago)
Thank you. I have respect for all sides.
chipper4ever (10 years ago)
did you put comments like that on every memphis belle clip? have some respect for the allies, ok? we won after all! Danke.
Mattebubben (10 years ago)
wee Zink u sare trying to escape!
yon pol (10 years ago)
your Dad...is 55....do the math....
Alex C (10 years ago)
wow, BTG and tail gunner were the most vulnerable positions
Alex C (10 years ago)
thanks buddy, nice video
Alex C (10 years ago)
lol, that was good XD
Blaise Wong (10 years ago)
oh just got the "trying to escape" joke. lol. couldn't hear because of the accent.
Erinn Nikolethe (10 years ago)
The Soup part is in another video (I made it before this i think, that's why its not here).
b747dude (11 years ago)
woa nice :] my dad is 56 born in 1954
Rikki0 (11 years ago)
I'm 58 b747dude. Was born in 1950.
b747dude (11 years ago)
so how old are you o.o ? i have this movie on DVD =O
Rikki0 (11 years ago)
Loved the ball turret gunner's joke. My dad was a BTG on B-17s. Fortunately he arrived their in September of 43. About the same time the Mustangs arrived, or I probably wouldn't be making this post.
Tim Moore (11 years ago)
the B17 used as the Belle was actually a B17G with the chin turret removed
TwoFourHoser (11 years ago)
Sean Astin
Ali Lindsay (11 years ago)
It's the lovely Sean Astin, who was brilliant as Samwise Gamgee! xxx
Shannon Burnette (11 years ago)
Everybody's tall to me I can't think of his name but hes good He was in lord of the rings
TheTrooper506 (11 years ago)
This video needed the flak hitting the can of tomato soup. It scared me but then I was laughing. You also need the party where Astin's like. "There's a hole in the whing the size of my dick"
kelsey crosman (11 years ago)
aww i love this movie so much!! rascall is my fave :)
DreamStalker2 (12 years ago)
does ANYONE have the "amazing grace montage" for this??
Clare Ravenwood (12 years ago)
One fellow asks "What are you gonna do when we get back"? Another says to him, "Come to your restaurant and rob it!" Good movie!
wayfaerer320 (12 years ago)
Nice clips, haha. I agree, I like the Amazing Grace montage. Yet, I think my favorite part is when the navigator reports to the pilot their position, and Dennis says, "ok boys, we're on our way". The musical score and the scenes that follow are so awesome. I get chills. It's such a great soundtrack.
chardtomp (12 years ago)
Cool. I look forward to seeing it.
Erinn Nikolethe (12 years ago)
I love that part too. When I get the movie again, I'll post that part =)
chardtomp (12 years ago)
Good movie. I liked the Amazing Grace montage where they show the crews preparing for the strike. I wish someone would post that.
siouxskies (12 years ago)
were delayed.....ahh sonofa***** lol