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LiveAquaria and UPS delivery fail!

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I've bought on LiveAquaria and the UPS schedule my delivery for 10:30am. I've lost a work day waiting for them. They didn't arrive at 10:30 and when I've contacted them they told me that They couldn't track the shipment and maybe I won't get the package today. After trying 3 times with ups I've called Live Aquaria and they told me to wait until they try to contact UPS. After some time I got a call from LiveAquaria and they told me that they would delivery tonight. They delivered around 7pm. I've had some dead arrival (see video) and some wrong sending (Snails instead blue leg hermit crabs). That was my firt online purchase and I probably won't buy online again. That was a terrible experience. I've lost a work day. I've got stressed and fish died and wrong animals. Thanks for watching. Please Subscribe and Like.
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Philip W (2 months ago)
Don’t buy from them,non caring crooks sent me the wrong fish and told me over the phone that’s what I ordered when I was looking at my printed receipt,look elsewhere you have been warned
Furman Toadstool (8 months ago)
A shipment is on it's way to me and it's scheduled to be 3 days late. maybe more
Furman Toadstool (8 months ago)
Nardelli's Reef I've been observing them. Every snail actually survived, and the flagfish don't seem like they're gonna make it. But I can't blame them because alot of the fish I ordered are practically newborn
Nardelli's Reef (8 months ago)
Hey @Furman Toadstool, not that bad as what all happened. Ask for refund. Liveaquaria is really good on that. Hope you don't have any other lost.
Furman Toadstool (8 months ago)
Nardelli's Reef My order: 5 green tiger barbs 7 tiger barbs 7 cherry barbs 5 gold barbs 4 mystery snails 1 assassin snail 2 angelfish 1 dwarf pea puffer 3 botia loaches 5 red cherry shrimp 1 red lobster 3 American flagfish My Deaths: 1 red cherry shrimp 1 tiger barb 2 angel fish 1 mystery snail 1 assassin snail
Furman Toadstool (8 months ago)
Nardelli's Reef I will keep you updated on the survival rate. I might us a small qurantine setup for the snails. People always complained about fed-ex, they switched to ups.
Nardelli's Reef (8 months ago)
Oh! Sorry about what's happening. I still think is liveaquaria's fault as they still use ups to deliver at 10:30am but ups don't deliver. Fedex is better. Anyway temperature acclimation for sure (at least 30min) than you see if they are moving. Than when you open the bag put them directly to the tank. Is always a risk but I would do like this. Off course I'm just giving you a tip if you know a better way do it. :)
Reef er (9 months ago)
they will all be fine i had them 24 hrs late and still have the fish.
Patrick Brown (10 months ago)
I have been buying from them for years. Only incident i had when i They packed the brought from DIvers Den and they packed the bags upside down. They upgraded ny order, much to my satisfaction. Also, when UPS bite more off more then they handle, which resulted numberous delays, They more that compensated the people that were affected.. Hopelly LV reads this and send me Yellow Belly Dogface Pufferfish
Golden State Warriors Fan (10 months ago)
I bought 3 Bolivian rams from LiveAquaria on 5/14/2018.they arrived on 5/15/2018. 1 was dead the other 2 might not make