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What is Flipkart? | CNBC Explains

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It's India's largest online retailer and in 2018, retail giant Walmart announced its intent to acquire a controlling stake in the company for $16 billion, making this the world’s largest e-commerce acquisition, ever. So what is Flipkart? CNBC's Tom Chitty explains. ----- Subscribe to us on YouTube: http://cnb.cx/2wuoARM Subscribe to CNBC Life on YouTube: http://cnb.cx/2wAkfMv Like our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/cnbcinternational Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cnbcinternational/ Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CNBCi
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Text Comments (788)
abraham kenny (5 days ago)
Yes. But if they remain innovative.
prachi mandowara (6 days ago)
These Americans sucks
skeptic proof (7 days ago)
thank you for this magnificent video, all the videos of this series are sooo much benificial to me it help me with my work, do not care about these irritated indians who want to burry the truth that that country is going by two speeds, thank you CNBC <3
Aditya Bhambere (8 days ago)
unfortunately its in the hands a western monoplistic company
That girl D (9 days ago)
Leave us alone pasty boy
Aaakkaashh (11 days ago)
Amazon is much slower in delivering products
Utkarssh B (18 days ago)
I am 100% Amazon User
Nice background
OutLaws Series (1 month ago)
3:00 Wait, What's happening?
babu dxb (1 month ago)
If flipkart owns myntra, jabong, phonepe and some other ecommerce sites in india... But the wikipedia page of all these sites says *walmart* own them!
Mohammed Imran (1 month ago)
Walmart owned Flipkart
yatin srivastava (1 month ago)
Those dingy lanes were so relevant to the subject,right CNBC?
Dr DudeDecent (1 month ago)
I have better one 'Why is Flipkart'
Dr Tyagi (1 month ago)
Bloody copycat Bansals. Be it bollywood or any sector, Indians love copying west's ideas. BTW the Bansals started selling fake products just after a few years of success. Being an Indian I am frustrated seeing copycats everywhere in India.
Shrikrushna Jadhav (1 month ago)
@3:05 He get his Bisleri bottle from a provisional store who sells goods nkt bottle. And he give him a bottle by taking it up from near his foot. 😁😁 Prescripted video..
Aman Patnaik (1 month ago)
These western media guys are so fukn obsessed with slums and noisy background....
John Noho (1 month ago)
Oh.. India is so small that you guys got only those places to report this on local street, thanks for letting your viewers get to know more about India Street.
Tez hai (1 month ago)
Ambani is coming !
Dupeshots Pileotiles (1 month ago)
Ye gora slum pe kyun khada hai.. Khata peeta to 5star hotel mein
Prakriti Jeff (1 month ago)
Hey don't come to India man... Sorry cause u can only see slums and congested roads..... Go to north korea... It's beautiful and Jong Un himself will come to show the places in Korea.
Aditya vadrevu (1 month ago)
Icing on the cake is the man riding past the anchor.
Free thinker (1 month ago)
Aba chutya isko reporting nehi kahata ha ...sala bharba ...or sun la English main nehi bolunga agar jarurat pada to Translate kar la...sala Chutya...bolna ki gand phat Raha ha apna ki AK America Ka bohot bara Purana company Ka wajud bachana Ka liya ajj usko India Ka pas ana padh Raha haa , is bat sa jalan ho Raha ha terako... mother chod... Tum logo Ka ab Jada din nehi raha
Martin Cheriyan (1 month ago)
They never thought of getting comments like this!!! RIP!!!!! Sometimes slum can tell great stories than a freaking studio set or a shopping mall
Waseem 7 (2 months ago)
India can never be the Europe
Shobhit Singh (2 months ago)
Modi kaise FDI-FDI karta tha, bhaiyo aur behno desh ko bech denge ye log. Ab dekho Jet airways gayi, Flipkart bhi gayi. Ab Airport aur Railway Stations privatise honge. Defense sector ko to kar hi rahe hai.
Shobhit Singh (2 months ago)
@Sakshi Sharma bhak yaha se, yaha hagne aa gayi hai. #Thot
Sakshi Sharma (2 months ago)
oye chutiye Flipkart is a private company and as het airways modi ne nai bola tha binny bansal ko apna stake sell krne ko kya chutiya insaan h
ends all (2 months ago)
Evenyone angry about the poor images of india shown in the western medias, let them do whatever they want. what we need to do is change these places they select to shoot its because these place exist they do this change this places to what our great nation is capable off
Liang Nanhai (2 months ago)
2:03 Amazon's largest store in India 😂
Rishi Ramchandani (2 months ago)
Can you make a video about what HOTSTAR is
SomeOne Special (2 months ago)
India is very beautiful, I get shot if I lied
ezio the best (2 months ago)
When footage has nothing to do with the actual subject......😂
Kunal Goswami (2 months ago)
I dias are great in copying. Flipkart is no new. Its just copied amazon... Amazon=flipkart Uber=ola Airbnb=oyo
Nalisan (2 months ago)
@Amogh Vastrad It is not copying but India s own version. If so, Amazon must be the only e-commerce website in the world which is Monopoly. U think similar to dictator ship
Amogh Vastrad (2 months ago)
Good artist copy Great Artist steal
Nalisan (2 months ago)
If westerners eat food,then why you do the same ? Do something new ! The ideas cannot be reinvented but can be mastered by only few
yogesh zeff (2 months ago)
E-company hub in india
yogesh zeff (2 months ago)
India become superpower in 2030
Aash Doshi (2 months ago)
I Love My India and I am doing business on Amazon I just love my India maybe I don't like some things about India but you know India is very good country
Sameer (2 months ago)
Every one report this video for using inappropriate background
Dylan murzello (2 months ago)
We do have Amazon
shravan gupta (2 months ago)
I downvote every video of CNBC that I watch.
Delhi NCR (2 months ago)
DLF The Crest https://www.facebook.com/dlfcrestgurgaonapartments/ Ready To Move Ultra Luxury Apartments in Phase 5, Sector 54, Gurgaon. World Class Library. Exclusive Bar Area. Six Stunning Towers. Cosmopolitan Community.
Prince Kumar Singh (2 months ago)
One thousandth disliker.
Dilshan Hadi (2 months ago)
Are you mad? Comparing India with China and USA is not fair.
Ben Soares (2 months ago)
Amazon is way better the customer service of flipkart is ver bad once I ordered a cricket bat and that bar had cracks on it but yet they refused to take it back so I only support Amazon
d channel (2 months ago)
Next time please stand between the slums then it would be more satisfying for u guys 😂😂😂 because that's the only thing that u guys wants to show
hb123 0o (2 months ago)
CNBC with the great background yet again
sandeep Kumar (2 months ago)
Salo angrjo Jo Tu dikha rha india itna slum bhi nhi why don't you show the Gurgaon cyber hub,Pune, Noida , even banglore .tumhara baap Google ceo bhi Indian hai.
knowledge & joy (2 months ago)
Money flow in 🇮🇳 india... Jast you need catch it.
knowledge & joy (2 months ago)
Now it's American compney
shubham rangari (2 months ago)
Shame on you CNBC you are here reporting a deal worth billions of dollars and all you wanted to show is he slums of india ? instead of all the swanky plush buildings of flipkart ? even the office building of flipkart was shot from a site that doesn't make it feel any good .
Irfan Habib (2 months ago)
Wait... Flipkart = India's Amazon 😝 Flipkart is Flipkart not India's Amazon. Why the people from West always like to give the western tag to anything which doesn't belong to them. Like... Ahemdabad = Manchester of the East. Baidu = Google of China And many more.... Western people suck.
Reeshabh Jain YT (2 months ago)
what is this shitty background music never heard any indian listening it CNBC please hire people from India to make Indian videos
One (2 months ago)
A nation which was pushed into extreme poverty by this fucker's country - UK - and he probably isn't aware of it !
S S (2 months ago)
Unconscious image of India - slum They done with Middle East but they got 9/11 as a return Thanx Muslim for 9/11 , Allah hu Akbar Thank for gangraping 1400 girls in uk , thanx Islam . 😂😂😂
S S (2 months ago)
Nice location 😂😂😂😂 , poor media can't afford any hotels in India , leave this stupid job ...
Sourav Roy (3 months ago)
Fuck amazon and Walmart
Ashis C (3 months ago)
India = slum As per western media 👏
G Joeye (3 months ago)
we should BAN all western "media" especially br1itish "media" from india for the next 60 years. not one individual working for western "media" should GET VISA to india until 2080. these supremac1st b@stards should learn their lesson.
Abhishek Dev (3 months ago)
Ola > Uber
Abhishek Dev (3 months ago)
Reporting about Bangalore Based company......shows Old Delhi's Slums in Background. Next time. Talk about Tesla but shoot your videos in Detroit.
G Joeye (8 days ago)
@Akhil Vemula USE your eyes, chutiye, at 1:53, they are showing OLD DELHI. im working for flipkart so i know.
Abhishek Dev (1 month ago)
@Akhil Vemula Those are not slums then. Those are temporary settlements, in which the labourers from U.P. & Bihar who are working in those under construction buildings might be staying.
Akhil Vemula (1 month ago)
This is Flipkart office actually ... it is surrounded by under-construction buildings and slums :'(
K .H (3 months ago)
Abhishek Dev 😂😂😂😂
Bounty hunter (3 months ago)
Don't invest in India until new president of India was kicked off from India.Foreign investors beware from fraudsters in India.
Hattori Hanzo (4 months ago)
What is Flipkart? A Shi**y service who never deliver on time.
Abhishek Rathore (4 months ago)
Sry but Amazon is India's Amazon
balram sharan (4 months ago)
At 2:07 thinking what you chose that place to shoot?
Sanu Rawat (4 months ago)
Why always these asses tell the story infront of poor people..... To show the world that India is poor everywhere?
Shirley Diwert (4 months ago)
What we don't need, more billionaire to inflate global RE
Joel De Sá (4 months ago)
What was that “water please” moment? Weird
Fredy Rojas (4 months ago)
I think the west has been sleeping while the east has been quiet working
vansh prajapati (5 months ago)
Amazon is still biggest in india dude, very few people now shop flipkart
Sakshi Sharma (5 months ago)
🤣🤣🤣they always find slums to shoot
Krishna Sundar (5 months ago)
Next Video of CNBC What is Zoho Corporation in Chennai Standing Near A Slum...
Vishveshwara Gowda (5 months ago)
First shot looking at calm and cool banglore next shot your there in one of the dirtiest places in Delhi,why this obsession to show this imagery of INDIA
G Joeye (3 months ago)
they want to show indians as sub humans and india as a BACKWARD, BARBARIC FAILED STATE. they have been doing it since 1947.
Alen Paul (5 months ago)
A video against india. Dislike
BONUS MEMES (5 months ago)
At the start he literally just said what it is.
mino's finacé (5 months ago)
Oh God come on! That music really!???? We're so over it. Do you need to put that type of stereotype music to show that it's about India you are talking about?
Avinash Poojary (5 months ago)
Next on OYO on which Airbnb invested
Pooja Yadav (5 months ago)
Always showing slums of India . CNBC will have great loss from India . 1000 dislikes from me.
G Joeye (5 months ago)
they dont care. We should BAN all western "media" from india for the next 60 years.
Nost Radumbass (5 months ago)
"Water please".
Lokesh Lok (5 months ago)
As usual, these foreigners always pick the most Garbage places of India to portray it as a poor country😂 This propoganda has been on since 1960s and still going on...Hate these Bastards who do it. Only those who are smart will understand that companies invest in India since it's a huge market and people cab afford it easily. Always showing Slums in the Videos shows how much dirt they actually have in their own minds.
Himanshu Sirohi (5 months ago)
Flipkart is India's Flipkart Not India's Amazon. Flipkart doesn't need introduction by the name of Amazon. Why does whole world needs to be revolved around these Westners.
Aadarsha Subedi (5 months ago)
looking like transgender..lol.
Manish (6 months ago)
0:20 bhai brightness badhaa 😂
Đào Đức Thông (6 months ago)
I find his speech rhythmic.
Raden Altic (6 months ago)
Don’t know why people are angry seeing the reality and accepting it ?
G Joeye (5 months ago)
if this is how india is, then india would have been labelled as FAILED STATE, not "newly industrialized nation" only FEW POCKETS of india has these types of places. These supremac1st b@stards are doing the same sh1t since 1947. if u think nothing has changed since 1947, then u r a fool.
Rupali Pandey (6 months ago)
Flipkart is NOT India's Amazon Flipkart is Flipkart.
Mohan Madakari (3 months ago)
Salute to your Pride. Positive thinking. Great.
Mr.Gulla (6 months ago)
The reality is .. you people are racist and have poor and a very much biased stereotypical thinking about my country. Ps. Get over it and finish this poor stereotypical mentality. 🖕🏼
UNIVERSAL FATHER (6 months ago)
I want to ban on online shopping app bcs many people were unemployed
param rabari (7 months ago)
the white people check again. I feel like punching western media.
D. A. (7 months ago)
To any Indians offended by the music and shots of slum. As an American I think it looks exotic and incredibly diverse, not anything awful, though I agree it could've been chosen better.
G Joeye (5 months ago)
then meth filled GHETTO, teenage pregnant, GANG FIGHTS, school shooting look exotic to indians? u freaks call this exotic? instead of temples, ancient places etc.?
Sagar Rao (7 months ago)
Butt-hurt commenters: this is the reality of India. Multi-Billion dollar companies co-exist with slums and street dogs. Deal with it.
G Joeye (7 months ago)
no chutiye, india is not SLUMHUBS. india comes under "NEWLY INDUSTRIALIZED NATION" . they portray india worse than somalia. Low iq fool, do they show vietnam in the same manner?
Kamal Kumar (7 months ago)
How could u find that slum looking area in Bangalore
G Joeye (5 months ago)
its from OLD DELHI. and they will do like this
Kamal Kumar (7 months ago)
What about T SERIES
Sharad Majumdar (7 months ago)
Please, for the love of God, invest in a tripod...
G Joeye (7 months ago)
indian government SHOULD BAN ALL WESTERN " MEDIA" from india until 2060. Please MODI do this job
thehoneydeev (7 months ago)
Hey CNBC, I applaud the quality of the content, but please DO NOT pollute your hard work with biases that should be addressed in your internal teams. When you go to foreign developing countries, do not be complacent by immediately going to the poorest areas unless it has a direct connection with your messaging. Act with the same level of RESPECT that you give to Western nations by going to places that represent the PRIDE of these countries. If you go to Paris, you wouldn’t film from Château Rouge, you would film from the Heifer tower. In LA, you wouldn’t film from Compton. Alright??? Upgrade your journalistic code of ethics and stop being a conduent for promoting bias in developing nations and a false sense of superiority in Western nations. I’m not even Indian, and trust me I support your program so my criticism is coming from a loving place. Thanks
Paul Pinto (7 months ago)
Bunny Bansal was wrongly ousted. FACT
ik ki (7 months ago)
I seriously can't believe why these indians are complaining about showing their poverty areas. Don't people live in them? Aren't they part of your india ? Be moderate atleast they are showing your countries. Indians literally have to learn about ethics.
G Joeye (7 months ago)
ik ki (7 months ago)
All bc of those billions of people who are grow like cockroaches 1 to 2 2 to 4 These people are actually competing or improving bc of their population. 😂
Akash Dobhal (7 months ago)
Talking about E Commerce and showing slums ❤❤
The Fourth Lens (8 months ago)
Western recipe for making videos about Indian subcontinent countries below Video about IT -slum background Culture -slum background Industrial -slum background Falana dhimkana- slum background Now perfect cooked video
shahid k (8 months ago)
Again with using undeveloped part of city as background and that awful classical track, don't cover Indian sub continent if you can't get over your obsession with showing downtrodden image of our country...
Revanth Krishna (8 months ago)
Why did they sell to walmart?
Ayush Gupta (8 months ago)
Amazon is India's Amazon! Not Flipkart Amazon's service is way more better than Flipkart and Amazon is best in product authenticity as well. That's why Amazon is at top of all the e-commerce firms in India.
Aslam Khan (2 months ago)
For your kind information.. Flipkart is number 1 in india not amazon.
Satya P (8 months ago)
Why these western media bastrds shows only Indian slums all the time . They never shows developed parts to outside world.
TANEX (8 months ago)
People's complaining about poor side of india. While there's no rich side of India
G Joeye (7 months ago)
u have never been to india. Im not talking about "RICH" side, im talking about AVERAGE middle class lifestyle who form about 1 BILLION PEOPLE. india's poor is 49 million, as per UN. Dont just blindly believe your PROPAGANDA MOUTHPIECE, WHICH HAS STARTED WARS, GENOCIDE stc. google "world poverty clock"