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Delivering Holiday Packages

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WPBF News 25's Brian Albert finds out first hand how delivery service UPS is able to deliver all those holiday packages.
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Text Comments (10)
Zach Wachs (5 months ago)
Good job tucking your shirt in. I deliver for Amazon and im the only one that tucks in my shirt.
Robert Hershberger (2 years ago)
hello UPS driver this is Robert Hershberger how to be a UPS driver
Boanerges Manofthunder (3 years ago)
Mike Marquez (2 years ago)
FedEx drivers are slaves and underpaid
Teddy T. (4 years ago)
I always book my hotels for past 10 years through #Besttraveltrip .COM" and each time the reservation is dependable and prices good. Rooms allocated also very clean.
Gunnar Karlsson (4 years ago)
I'd pay big money to get a black man shouting at me while working, keeping my spirit up!
honeybun33 (4 years ago)
i did this driver helper with UPS and the job wasnt that bad, even tho they only pay 8.50hr my driver pretty much sat on his a$$ while he still made 32/hr !
RodThaBod (10 years ago)
250 packages during peak? Thats a normal day for me.
blackbird105 (10 years ago)
must be nice to be able to wear shorts during peak! not to mention drive an automatic truck with power steering!!!
PepWan (11 years ago)
Looks like to 2 supervisors! Who's filming this?