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What the jobs report says about the US economy

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The US economy added 164,000 jobs in July, in line with expectations and the rate of growth over the last quarter. That's a healthy number, considering the economy has been expanding for more than a decade. The unemployment rate remained at 3.7%, which marks the 17th straight month that it's been at or below 4.0%. The pace of hiring has slowed to an average of 140,000 new jobs per month over the past three months, down from a 187,000-per-month rate over the past year. The report matched forecasts exactly. CNN's Christine Romans reports. #CNNBusiness #Jobs #Economy
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Text Comments (33)
Ralphie (4 months ago)
I wonder when the economy will ever get better.
Mark Alzate (6 months ago)
Recession has already begun!!!
Mark Alzate (6 months ago)
Pretty good rate, but pretty high violators and property infringement
me huss (6 months ago)
You just put out an article to deceive Americans about the economy saying that the economy is doing great and you are wondering why people are not buying houses even though rates are low. Are you an idiot CNN ??? We are headed towards a bad recession and all your infos about the economy is bullshit. Tell the world the truth. People are struggling to pay rent let alone buying a house.
mrmichaelmw (6 months ago)
3.7 % buahahahaha :) look up how the usa counts employment
Ernesto Ybarra (6 months ago)
CNN Business: Coca-Cola featured gay couples kissing in a Hungarian ad. People are furious! As they should ... good for the Hungarian people! 😲
Mary Stuart (6 months ago)
"Slave" jobs at "slave" wages.
Mary Stuart (6 months ago)
The Boa constrictors at the top are constricting the life out of Seniors and savers... What's the point in saving if it can't outpace inflation?
W L (6 months ago)
Question: 164,000 jobs added in July. How many people retired in the United States in that month from their jobs. Do they track that figure? So these new jobs; are some of these jobs just replacing out going retired workers. ?????
Franklin Sharp (6 months ago)
It must really busy CNN's bubble to have to report on Trump's economy doing GREAT!
aknod1 (6 months ago)
Cnn is fake news.
Jay M (6 months ago)
Why have US Treasury rates inverted since beginning of the year?
Jay M (6 months ago)
If things are so good, why is the Fed pumping more printed money into the economy by lowering interest rates?
Trump 2020🇺🇸 (6 months ago)
To destroy trump's economy
WTB pro rally (6 months ago)
Are we talking just jobs are actual jobs that people actually have a life?
cekcek rokrok (6 months ago)
I guess no especially manufacturing, 24/7
Carol Jacob (6 months ago)
I have a question? The local people we elect state by state are also to blame. Governer's and Mayor's are also reponsible for Wage growth as well as bringing in new business to their states! So, Trump is not the only one to blame!!! And under Obama with the ACA going into effect people's hours got cut! With that being said I want The ACA Improved on.. I am not for Medicare for all or single payer! Back the Jobs Growth I think it is this President along with former presidents and local Elected officials are to blame. But, under Trump our GDP Did reach 3.7 growth!!! Just my opinion!!👍🙂🙋
Skeptic Clam (6 months ago)
Fake news
HemiHead664 (6 months ago)
What, a 2 trillion tax cut that was supposed to spur investment and manufacturing and the economy is sputtering out? Say it isn't so.
Roberto Giménez (6 months ago)
The lower the unemployment, the harder it is to reduce the it. From 4.7 to 9.1 there's a reduction of 48%. From 4.7 to 3.7 there's a reduction of 21%. Having that said, the jobs created are mostly low-paying ones because the minimum wage is low in many states. Overall, people are still struggling to make ends meet, because things like low wages, terrible healthcare, lack of education, credit sharks, deregulation, etc. prevent them to reach a good standard of living. You can reach 0% unemployment by having slaves. At 7.25$/hr...
Walter Black (6 months ago)
Manufacturing, agriculture, and even oil production is about to fall off a cliff, while there's a sudden burst in minimum wage jobs. Something strange is happening and it could be really, really bad.
Nikki B (6 months ago)
What happened to manufacturing orange liar.
Ms Taylor (6 months ago)
Omg that lady economist from that firm :0 ❤️
G.A.B.E 708 (6 months ago)
Unemployment was 4.7 percent when trump took office, now its 3.7%. A percent drop in 2 and half years. What has trump been doing? He said jibs were supposed to be flowing back but Obama made jobs comeback after ending a recession. From the highest 9.1 percent to 4.7 percent. Tell trump to face it Jobs flooded in through Obama not the Cheeto.
G.A.B.E 708 (6 months ago)
@Roberto Giménez point to me to which points were not valid.
Roberto Giménez (6 months ago)
@G.A.B.E 708 Make your point with more valid statements to reach more people.
G.A.B.E 708 (6 months ago)
@Roberto Giménez to touch on the point about the economy I know once you see a such high growth and begins to slow. But my point was that trump has done nothing to raise the economy yet he continues to praise the economic rise. Your explanation was stated clearly and I believe to be effectively but I think you missed my entire point.
Officer Orange cheetolini (6 months ago)
Temp services....gtfoh with this bull💩
Shawn Afshar (6 months ago)
This is all irrelevant the jobs are low paying and suck do not meet the price of living.
Scotti Pimpin (6 months ago)
Then find a higher paying job bruh
G.A.B.E 708 (6 months ago)
Well they are being paid quite a bit depending on your position but it can't keep up with inflation and his trade wars.
Comrade20 (6 months ago)
Only cause trump didn't fuck up things with china