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How to Build a $100 Million Satellite

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Text Comments (1087)
xerox3333 (1 day ago)
Building a satellite is easy, haven't you played Kerbal Space Program?
Marco A. Jiménez Potenza -MAJP- (3 days ago)
The video starts at 00:00 . You can thanks me later 👌
Cal South (5 days ago)
I think I’ll buy a Satellite today.
Shaun Gordon (6 days ago)
I really never appreciated how much work goes into these things and getting them up there
Raul Zizou (6 days ago)
If you wanna learn basic about orbits buy ksp
Leon (6 days ago)
Wow that was super interesting!
Michael Wentworth (7 days ago)
Wendover Productions wouldn't have made this video if the satellite wasn't transported to Florida in a plane.
M T (8 days ago)
I wonder if you could make a video about the small satelites. The 'CubeSat' which are 10x10x10 cm
FRANTIC ™ (10 days ago)
*4,708 satellites*
Ultrawide Benchmarks (10 days ago)
Hey Sam, would love to see a video about why China Post is cheap and takes 3 weeks or more to deliver a shipment. This should be interesting
Daniyal Adenwala (10 days ago)
make a video on the logistics of running a private jet
pranav mattapalli (11 days ago)
Do economics behind free co-working places
Street Lover (12 days ago)
They are right next to my house! There are like 20 ssl buildings right next to each other.
Henri-Eerik Reintal (12 days ago)
I first read how to build a satellite with 100$
Zaph F. Castillo (13 days ago)
biscuit boi5876 (15 days ago)
Step 1: have $100 million
Skies Gaming (15 days ago)
Please make more Airplane ✈️ or Spacecraft videos. Lol 😂 because I love them 😍, since I went to KSC (Kennedy Space Centre) Space Camp. (For Kids)! I love ❤️ your channel. Thanks a lot. I subbed and watched all Aircraft vids and some others.
Charles Cheesman (16 days ago)
You should do one on the economics of cruises!
Kʀʏᴘ2Nɪɢʜᴛ (18 days ago)
How to fix boredom: -Call SSL and ask them to build a satellite. Requirements: -Patience -$100+
D3 Fingerboards (18 days ago)
At 1:13 i thought the W was the win symbol for the cubs and then I saw the S
Blood Angel (18 days ago)
4:26 One person does some work, while ten people stand around with their hands in their pockets watching them. No wonder it costs so much.
Loris (19 days ago)
Is there a chance that you would reboot the "TWL"-series?
phil anthrop (19 days ago)
KSP taught me all about orbits!
Fiffles the Gay Dragon (20 days ago)
2:50 why is there a condom lying around
Umberto Fournier (20 days ago)
o wow
Patrick Astarita (20 days ago)
Include sources!
Flaming RD (20 days ago)
bend over productions
sameer rajput (20 days ago)
India did the whole mars orbitor mission in 74 million dollors ....they made satellite within the cost of 20 million dollors .....hmh
Lui_Boulevard (20 days ago)
Great ill need this video for when i need to build a $100M satellite
Keith 6042 (21 days ago)
Artillery only
Chris Murray (21 days ago)
It's got to be crushing being so careful making one of these, then seeing it explode on a failed launch.
bred (21 days ago)
Instruction’s not clear, dick got stuck neutron star
Kristian Kulev (21 days ago)
Sam, I would really enjoy if you create a video about big and unusual planes, like the An-225, the Beluga, etc. Keep up the great work! Greetings from Bulgaria!
Christian Kay Larsen (21 days ago)
bluecommie (21 days ago)
A R T I L L E R Y O N L Y!!!!!!!
Finn Rudebeck (21 days ago)
Just a video suggestion, you are one of my fav YouTubers and I really want you to make a video about the M/S Estonia sinking. You would be really good at it!
MoonAir N (22 days ago)
offtopic, useless fact about me: i watch half as interesting more than this channel
JulsePlay (22 days ago)
You meen 100 Billion
Roland Oz Traveller (22 days ago)
How come you talk american and yet you are from Scotland? :)
Am Pm (22 days ago)
And this is SSL advertisement . Click bait . Fcuk off
Ruben (6 days ago)
They don't need advertisements. There are only 3 Companies that could even build a satellite SSL, Lockheed Martian and Northrop... Most the time they all work as suppliers to each other.
Am Pm (22 days ago)
And SSL financed this vdo.
Zachary Perkins (23 days ago)
Thanks for the tutorial, I'm new to the game.
santinieve 1 (23 days ago)
“At least a MONTH before launch as there is still a lot of LAST minute prep to do” If the standards of last minute is a month for satellites 🛰 I can see why its so complicated haha.
Hi Jack (24 days ago)
Finally I can give some competition to SpaceX
Ken FireFlame (24 days ago)
Is that a mouse cursor 10:17, Space is fake The Universe is a lie, the earth is flat, the moon is made out of cheese. Illuminati is ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!! guys wish me luck that they don't track me down and hunt me.
Ken FireFlame (24 days ago)
Actually, I don't believe in luck so. ...
MallardDuck Aviation (24 days ago)
Can you make a video on how full service budget airlines like jet blue work?
StreetIrregular (24 days ago)
Hi, it would be really cool to see a video breaking down the elements of a modern Spaceport. Thanks!
Hallucinogenichusky (24 days ago)
Alleged satellites....
kingsofserbiangameplay 162 (24 days ago)
Why was I not informed by Google when this video was released?????
Zoltan Ercei (24 days ago)
AAAAAAAA but wait.. Earth is flat, why you show a globe ?
Mike Stone (24 days ago)
Great video, have always wondered what went into building a satellite.
Tim Hartley (25 days ago)
Who is on the hook in the event something goes wrong during launch? Are there special insurance policies for these?
TheOnlyEthan (25 days ago)
Artillery Only
Taiga Clarke (25 days ago)
>Space >Imperial System Biatch pls
Adam Schwertfeger (25 days ago)
I work for a small company and we have a small machine shop and 2 lasers that do hermetic welding for SSL housings. I personally have do drive their finished housings to a gate that is between SSL buildings 2 and 3, right next to the sign that you feature in your video. SSL wants us to deliver the parts personal because by the time a housing has been hermetically sealed they are worth close to $100,000 a piece and are wrapped in so much anti static packaging that if an EMP went off for example the electronics inside the parts would not be affected. Cool stuff and great video as always.
Jordan Youkhana (25 days ago)
An excellent concept for my next expenture.
Chef Sweaty (25 days ago)
Why does everyone gotta be smarter than me? I mean seriously, how does someone come up with this shit?
yOyO (25 days ago)
How to build a 123x193.23 square foot solar-powered radio satellite: Listen vury carefully.
Hue Gass (25 days ago)
A R T I L L E R Y. O N L Y
shahid k (25 days ago)
Is there any international satellite registry that launch companies consult/register to know if the targeted orbit is available ? Who monitors it ?
Grade Z Under Z (25 days ago)
Notified 3 days late, I rang the bell youtube, what do I need to do?
Svish85 (25 days ago)
Actually, if you really want to learn how orbits work, you should play Kerbal Space Program. 👍
John Caruthers (25 days ago)
Have some of the satellites built by SSL had nuclear fuel?
rai x (25 days ago)
can a Chinese or N Korean buy a satellite from SSL? requirements - be enough to spy America from space
Jente Waart (25 days ago)
I don't comment on your videos often but everytime I watch one of your video's I'm genuinely so impressed with how good and interesting your video's are. Thanks for all your video's and keep up the amazing work!
Mads Madsen (25 days ago)
If you give me $100 million I'll shoot a fucking tennis ball into space, call it a sattelite and pocket the rest.
Scott Barwick (26 days ago)
"You know.... 10 to the minus five Torr"
Shift (26 days ago)
How to build a $100 Million note block nicely.
Xy 24 (26 days ago)
So if I have money, I can just make a quick call to SSL and have a satellite built? Nice!
Brandon Wu (26 days ago)
If only I watched this video before my previous satellite launches...smh.
Nolanderish (26 days ago)
Hey I live in Palo Alto Reeeeeeeeeeee
Agham101 Gaming (26 days ago)
Is the launch cost not included?
Ruben (6 days ago)
Nope, launch is extra. SpaceX has prices on their site. Its about $62 million per launch.
Esburrito (26 days ago)
Me and my friends saw this satellite launch in person, pretty interesting to see how it was made!
Gabe Catalfo (26 days ago)
A bit clickbaity but a good video!
Alecia Carpenter (26 days ago)
I didn't know Tom Bosley was still with us?! Wow, he looks great for how old he is! ;)
Chris Oakley (26 days ago)
The videos here just get better and more professional. Really impressive
Dover (26 days ago)
earth is fat
Kye (26 days ago)
How does air traffic control change around the time of launch? It seems like an interesting topic to explore maybe on here or HAI. Just wondering bc I'm sure you can't exactly have planes flying over or around the launch pads.
Kye (6 days ago)
+Ruben ahh ok thanks that makes sense. I thought they would do something along those lines
Ruben (6 days ago)
They put a TFR over the launch area. Sometimes at as large as 45nm from the launch site. Cape Canaveral points out into the water so it doesn't affect the Daytona, Orlando, or Fort Lauderdale airports
Omarino99 (26 days ago)
I really like what you create. You have talent!
Malapropify (26 days ago)
Ok, built it. What do I do now?
Joseph Gordon Reddit (26 days ago)
marry me wendover
MBisonYes (26 days ago)
Do you have a tutorial on making a 45 dollar sattelite? That’s a little closer to my budget.
Barkli (26 days ago)
thats a hell of a pressure cooker. You could make a whole lot of rice in that
Vince Pale (26 days ago)
I pressed a button. I can't say which.
Nick Rajaie (26 days ago)
im halfway through but im having a couple issues, can you help?
MECH MASTER (26 days ago)
Brought to you by how to make everything
Priya Paul (26 days ago)
I love wendover production videos you have expanded so much
b1dover (26 days ago)
Step 1: collect 100 million
DJ Nekkid (27 days ago)
to understand orbital mechanics, start playing Kerbal Space Program :D
Hungry for Growth (27 days ago)
I thought this was going to be a DIY tutorial....
Joshua Hall (27 days ago)
Wendover Productions should totally do a collab with this guy called Half as Interesting. They feel so similar to me. Like if you agree!
wenhamschloff (27 days ago)
Could you please do a video of the artillery only challenge
Captain Decade (26 days ago)
Common Cool Channel (27 days ago)
How to build a $100M satellite: place 36 Pagani Huayra BC's into it.
Ray Perkins (27 days ago)
At 7:08, that's a radio-frequency anechoic chamber, not an audio one.
Mushtaq Ali Attarwala (27 days ago)
Brilliant will teach you to build your own satellites
동동동 (27 days ago)
Wendover, no one really cares about your logo. :)
Bryan Jay Mangabang (27 days ago)
more space related videos please! NASA, Space Station, Astronauts, etc
sgradone (27 days ago)
What kind of cleanroom is that were you don't need a mask and can point at ESD sensitive devices which have paper taped to them?
NANGY LOL (27 days ago)
4:15 I live in South Australia, wtf Wendover? I thought we were friends...
starvalentinobeatz (27 days ago)
Do they test it before launching it?