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Brake Checks Gone Wrong - Road Rage and Instant Karma #3

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Text Comments (417)
christopher krause (21 hours ago)
People are unstable sukas
SpongeBob (3 days ago)
why tf would you keep going fast if you see someone is trying to break check you
Tige9999 (3 days ago)
"Let me go faster than everybody else and break check this car just to prove a point. Or, get out of my car when I get hit and act like its their fault. Yeah that'll teach em!" What a bunch of cunts
christopher krause (21 hours ago)
I brake check tailgater cunts
olsharezee45 (7 days ago)
They are morons
Bryce Lowry (7 days ago)
Brake checkers are so fucking annoying, if I was in a truck I would fucking ram that bitch SO hard that they would die
rose smith (8 days ago)
alot of these look like insurance fraud, camaras are defintily needed in this day and age of dishonesty.
mynameisray (9 days ago)
1x Bet is for shit lord pussies
Александр Макеев (9 days ago)
Больше всех порадовали два последних ролика!!! Так их и надо долбить учителей странных, чтоб не ремонтировали а сразу меняли свои дрова!!! И мозги тоже!!!
MAT ZO (11 days ago)
Last one= oof x 100
Martin Irving (12 days ago)
Insurance fraud, stupidity?
G MONEY (12 days ago)
Why break stop n pull over smh
Marc Veldman (12 days ago)
If I had a big rig and some clown like that got cute with the intention to cause me harm I'd floor it and ram the fuckin sack of shit into the ditch. The way life is now I say to hell with the consequences cause if you're gonna end up in the slammer you may as well make it worth your while. No one has any right to intimidate you or endanger your life just cause they have no brain cells. If they wanna play then accept their invitation with the intention NOT TO LOSE.
Marc Veldman (12 days ago)
If I had a big rig and some clown like that got cute with the intention to cause me harm I'd floor into and ram the fuckin sack of shit in the nearest ditch. The way life is now I say to hell with the consequences cause if you're gonna end up in the slammer you may as well make it worth while.
Marc Veldman (13 days ago)
Funny how the only thing these dumb fucks know how to use is their hazard lights cause it certainly ain't their brains.
C B (14 days ago)
09:58 that one wasn't a brake check. It was totally deserved though, she was going for an illegal U-turn on the freeway with no planning ahead of time for people in that lane of travel. Dumb bitch.
C B (14 days ago)
There were quite a few in here that braked for legit reasons, and the camera holder was simply driving too close or not paying attention.
Ender (15 days ago)
The lesson here is, if you try really hard to get hit, you'll get hit.
Shelly Peek (15 days ago)
I See Lots Of Insurance Scammers
Mick Luff (15 days ago)
brake checkers should be prosecuted. criminal damage, assault. their insurance should not pay out for damage to their vehicle just their victims,
christopher krause (21 hours ago)
In ny state if someone pulls out and causes accident its your fault..it hapoened to me
moldova bz (15 days ago)
на последнем - я прям кончил
hiddensniper007 (15 days ago)
I wish they just ram them off the road
King Diamond (15 days ago)
@9:54 The most satisfying thing I’ve ever watched... Ignorant entitled idiot receiving immediate physical punishment. Watching this over and over LMAO!
max hardcore (15 days ago)
Here where I live in Australia we have road trains 3 trailer road trains 150tons fully loaded you break check one of those and you gunna get fucked up. Any cocksucker break check me I'll pull up jump out and punch on with the cunts. Win or lose I won't give a fuck.
No More Honor Killings (15 days ago)
Old people are especially bad about doing this
Dark King (16 days ago)
A law to be made: Brake-checkers for insurance shall be shot 15 times in the head Brake-checking for fun - 100k fine and 2 years driving ban
The App Channel (16 days ago)
The last one must have been done by a police officer because that was a beautifully executed PIT maneuver.
Karan Nathani (16 days ago)
BMW 9:23 is not a brake check. the driver stopped for a bit to give way to the pedestrians crossing the road.
sammy bubba (17 days ago)
9:55 - i have seen this video many times on many sites. and each time, i think the same thing. a dead on her feet nurse (most work 12 hour shifts without even time for a potty break) who missed her turn and unjudiciously decided to make a u-turn. she was definitely wrong, but i felt pity for her. bless all the great nurses.
DragonianEagle (18 days ago)
At 1:06 I thought that the truck was gonna brake check the driver with the dash cam lmao
зигизмунд пушкин (18 days ago)
фураводы пидары которые тошнят в левом надо сука башку проламывать
Walsop Furnard (18 days ago)
Those brake checkers should got hit really good but try to make sure they're not dead so they can feel the pain
august (18 days ago)
All you car driving morons who think it's a good idea to brake check an 80,000lb vehicle with your 3,000lb pussy car are complete assholes !!
John Bonardi (18 days ago)
Who should be brake checked? TAILGATERS.
Phckng Goofy69 (20 days ago)
As a truck driver, all of these videos reinforce the fact that I am definitely asking Santa Claus for a Dash Camera for Christmas....because there are too many of these situations that I find myself in with no proof that it was started by some ASSHOLE looking to get paid @ my expense!!!!
SeekerOfTruth (22 days ago)
I love that last one.
Trucking Man (22 days ago)
I'm a trucker and I don't hit my brakes with brake checkers, they will die
Chris Childers (23 days ago)
Way more people should be eliminated
Kathy Smith (24 days ago)
All the brake checkers are assholes
James Norris (24 days ago)
I believe if someone pull this stupid it should be legal to get underneath them put them in the wall
Jamie Collins (24 days ago)
Some people do it on purpose just to try to get money off of it
DENNIS RARDIN (24 days ago)
9:55 that driver was trying to make that turn around....which is for emergency vehicles only.
N Grant (24 days ago)
There's no telling how many of these I've watched and there's ALWAYS one question I have...Why are people such assholes?
jj realtalk (25 days ago)
These are not break checkers More like insurance scams . Why would anyone break check on A park way or motorway . Me personally I'd just be tempted to ram u off the road then drive off . What these fools fail to understand someone could have their kids in the car with them. These people should be charged with attempted murder. You just don't play these kind of games With A vehicle that has the potential to kill .
Randy Powell (25 days ago)
I grin every time one of them idiots gets hit. If you have a dashcam? Hit them!
True Vegas (25 days ago)
I love the dumbasses who play Russian roulette with big ass trucks. You wanna play with fire, you'll get burnt. It's that simple. Karma's a bitch, and natural selection is a beautiful thing. These vids are great 👍🏼
Ricardo Carrera (26 days ago)
9:55 was not a break check
Andrew mcbride (26 days ago)
Labotomize all break checking arseholes!
Razors Max (26 days ago)
I hope all the persin do something like this die..
Perry (1 month ago)
Are Russians stupid? See the proof
Sergey Qeurkov (1 month ago)
В большинстве случаев видео обрывается на самом интересном месте. Вывод - того кто снимал видео петушнули и стыдно было показывать дальше
Roy Bontius (1 month ago)
Love the last one every time another channel rips it off. Nothing makes me happier than seen an SUV spin itself out.
Michael Canney (1 month ago)
I take it these morons have never seen the movie duel
Pat Lavigne (1 month ago)
When someone break check you break their arms they won't be driving for awhile
Brian Lobo (1 month ago)
What the music at 1:05?
Максим Корнев (1 month ago)
Я понять в этих ваших видосах не могу какого хуя бояца ебашить в жопу блять утебя все доказательства Я бы пиздякнул и Я прав буду а ещё и паеблу сездил
Guy Schellinck (1 month ago)
9:21 the overtaking is a bit aggressive but giving way to pedestrians on a pedestrian crossing is NOT a brake check
NZAnimeManga (1 month ago)
I need to get me a dash cam...
Сергей (1 month ago)
All teachers should be sent under the rink or bulldozer. They have nothing to do on the road if they have ambitions. except for 4:35, the receptionist clipped it himself.
Dennis Mcormack (1 month ago)
good for the fucktard in the Lexus...lol dumbass people
Mark Spencer (1 month ago)
Fastest way to get killed!!
Red-headed cat (1 month ago)
4:32 сам подрезал Тойоту ещё и выёбывается! И на 9:21 БМВ обогнал, пропустил пешеходов и уехал.
beaver boesl (1 month ago)
With idiot drivers that do stupid brake checks on other motorists and you wonder why vehicle insurance costs are FRICKING SO HIGH???FIGURE IT OUT PEOPLE!!!!!! does it really pay to cause road rage just to be in a hurry to get somewhere when that destination will still be there???
lily blu (1 month ago)
4:35 looks like they're in a spider web lol.
Gabriel Birn (1 month ago)
Казёл ! жопаподстовляльщики ! одни педики !
Norkotah (1 month ago)
I love the retard at 8:18. You can see the back of his car is already smashed up a bit. It was clearly an insurance scam to try to get it repaired for free. It sure is unfortunate for him that the driver had dashcam. Now his car is even more fucked up and he still doesn't get the money to have his car repaired. 😂🤣😂🤣👌
Sav Gre (1 month ago)
I hope some of these people got hurt
Minutes to 4.40,cause you took the road to that car
Toggymok (1 month ago)
i absolutely *LOVE* these video's. just wish i could learn what fines or road-rulings were handed out to the brake-checkers.
ghostdasquarian (1 month ago)
Brake check me, expect to have you car flipped. That’s just the way the cookie crumbles dawg... 🙂
Juan Tabares (1 month ago)
7:40 you must be a shitting parent to brake check with a baby on board....
Kendrick Reed (1 month ago)
Brake check me IAM killing kids and all u don't care about my family so eye for a eye
RICK petch (1 month ago)
SLOW DOWN, why is everybody in so much of a rush, watch out for dumb fuckers that change lane without indicating, let other cars get in front of you if they want too, you have the rest of your life to live then instead of having to walk everywhere because your car is smashed up just because you could not bear to let another driver get in front of you, just use your brains a little bit and be safe well when you get home instead of maybe staying a hospital with a load of broken bones and maybe a dead wife or children, just because you feel the need to rush about, bloody idiots.
Vixotica (1 month ago)
I'm over here yelling "SMASH THEM!" "HIT 'EM!"
My Lollipop (1 month ago)
As you can see here, Russian's are highly intelligent
McCool's E-Bikes (1 month ago)
lol 3:30 3 6's on there plate bad omen
Omega Supreme (2 months ago)
Does anyone know the song (title + artist) that starts at 1:05? I think it is beautiful and would like to have it.
FROY (2 months ago)
This video sucks ass, some of these cars don't even make contact, go back and edit it
mirilion79 (2 months ago)
I never break check, that's insane. When a suicidal fucker is riding up my ass, I slow down to a relative crawl so that if we have an accident, it wouldn't be fatal. People who don't keep their distance should be executed on the spot. That said, I'm not suicidal either. If a truck is riding up my ass, I'd rather go off road and let it pass then play games with it. Don't want to die, after all.
william dohn (2 months ago)
While not impossible it would be tough. BUT. I would love to see the follow ups on all these vids to see just how bad the brake checkers get hammered when it is shown they are 100% at fault.
AlexisDkNo (2 months ago)
jtc1964x (2 months ago)
boring videos, where are the bangs?
B Diddy (2 months ago)
This video is a perfect example of why everybody should have a gun at all times
Roy Bontius (2 months ago)
must be an American to go straight to the gun. what kind of dickless fucktard would brandish a firearm in traffic?
bo_bo_deluxe (2 months ago)
Nice to know that the turd heads who manufacture these incidents against the dash cam owners will, most likely, NOT get away with it.
Its a Rome Thing Everyday (2 months ago)
I love seeing people that brake check get rammed off the road they deserve it
Sagitarioitc (2 months ago)
9:26 this one gave the way to pedestrians
Lars0n (2 months ago)
Those crazy russkies. Thumbs up from Finland 👍
FlaVa FlaV (2 months ago)
I hope the driver burn alive
FedoraDog13 (2 months ago)
They should make it legal to ram break checkers if you have it on camera, and make them pay for all damage. Other losses, too, if they check a vehicle that's on the job (like an 18-wheeler). That might smarten people up.
razztazz (2 months ago)
This is exactly why I bought a dash cam. Too many idiots & scammers on the road. And I carry for protection, just in case they try any shady chit after I pull over.
Dalayzie1 (2 months ago)
You know what? Not mad at the last one—stupid fucker deserved that pitt!!
SUNIL Patil (2 months ago)
Never ever brake check a truck
Greg Bumgardner (2 months ago)
Why the hell do they cut in front with a free road ahead then stop?? Insurance fraud? New car bribe? These ppl are beyond stupid.
OG Readmore (2 months ago)
This is how hindus drive. Like shit, just because their is pavement does not mean you can just drive there
DoNot Need (2 months ago)
You have to be a special kind of STUPID to cut off a 40 ton truck in your 2 ton car and then hit the brakes.
blue ocean (2 months ago)
nice video
Steven Sackett (2 months ago)
If you drive like this; Brake checking people, you deserve to be run off a bridge onto the roof of your vehicle.
Alwyn Dellow (2 months ago)
Still got me beat .. how a lot of them just stop in the middle of the road.
Damon Rebel (2 months ago)
Getting really tired of these 1XBET Clips they are annoying
VIZEGREOSE (2 months ago)
Diz za loxotron
Renee Hughes (2 months ago)
In Florida if you rear end someone you're automatically at fault. I now have front & rear dash cams. People will jump in front of you & cause an accident to scam insurance. Brake checking is dangerous & stupid. If someone wants in then let them in. If someone won't let you in then get over it. It's just not worth getting upset over.