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Brake Checks Gone Wrong - Road Rage and Instant Karma #3

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Text Comments (578)
Archibald Bunker (21 hours ago)
8:20 car already had rear end damage. Must be a terrible driver.
Playcer (22 hours ago)
4:35 he fucking cut his lane
J. Stephen C. O. (1 day ago)
How satisfying this video is 😌😌😌😌
Kalahification (1 day ago)
This kind of thing must be insurance fraud, right? Geting your car "crashed" and then collect the insurance and buy a new car? But... some of these are really NICE cars.. so why do they want to be crashed into?
German Midget (2 days ago)
sorry but a brake check is always wrong and are never right soooooo yeah
Sped Kid (5 days ago)
bruh i wish they didnt stop recording as soon as they bouta get out the car thats so stupid
Leroy Greene (8 days ago)
Me and my brother got break check before and we kept missing him. I said fuck it im the passenger anyway im about to shoot at his car my brother was like go ahead an do it i let off two at his trunk he sped off and made a quick right turn a got out so we followed when he seen us pull up i shoot him and got out the look on his face when notice it was just a paintball gun with black and red ink
Xuemengde Cheng (8 days ago)
All these fucking bitches attempt to brake check semi trucks I find that stupid cause you destroying your own fucking car.
Morso6669 (11 days ago)
half of these aint no break check gone wrong at all, and if you brake to let walkers go over the road, thats not fucking break checking.
Fortnite_IPHONE ONLY (12 days ago)
Anybody want to give me money? I brake checked in front of a big rig and he didn’t stop! How dare him... please be willing to give me your money cause I didn’t do anything wrong
Tong L (12 days ago)
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
riedoa4 (12 days ago)
Can anybody in Europe Drive
Mz Heartless (13 days ago)
Why do it stop recording I want to see the looks on their face when they tell them that they have a dash cam
Raymond K (15 days ago)
always just a little more dramatic when also the back window gives way lol
Coletta Hughes (16 days ago)
Ass wipes that brake check should all die slow fiery deaths.
Interstate Eddie TV (17 days ago)
That Toyota Camry tho 😂😭 @0:19 people have money to throw away.
Laura Callender (18 days ago)
You start turning these cowardly pos in and they lose their licenses then we wouldn't have to deal with the fucktards on the road. Either that or start beating the shit out of the bastards. Weaselly punks.
YM3A77 s (19 days ago)
Its good we have cameras in cars now. These fraudulent claims are massive nowadays. Dirty very dirty minded people.
Jason Samfield (19 days ago)
What's the song at 9-10 minutes in?
Pipito Paerata (20 days ago)
Insurance scams...trucker within rights 2 smash these imbeciles
skyeram (20 days ago)
Anyone who brake checks someone else, deserves to see the bottom of the other guys oil pan.
kgbeezr75 (20 days ago)
How is messing up your own stuff a great way to "teach someone a lesson?"
Fredrik Lund (20 days ago)
ppl who tries this to me gets a hell. I just get their licenceplate number and check their phonenumber and spamcall them. Ofcourse with secret number.
Dirk Pitt (21 days ago)
All 4 wheelers must die.
gbuddy (21 days ago)
None of these stupid bastards was around when they passed out brains.
antos0000 (22 days ago)
do not restrain, push prostitutes out of the way
Joe Blow (23 days ago)
Shitty drivers 😆
elige brown (24 days ago)
It should be legal to drag them out of the car and stomp a mud hole in their ass
Deb Ehm (25 days ago)
Anyone break checking should lose their license indefinitely
Thomas Krüger (25 days ago)
Hallo 🤔🙄😏💣 Diese Drecksäcke würde ich weiterschieben, bis diese Trottel merken was Sie verkehrt gemacht haben !!!
Legends Always Die (26 days ago)
Break checking a semi can kill the driver
Пам ПаРам (27 days ago)
1х бет рекламируют пидрилы
rae yearnd (27 days ago)
after hours of watching these videos,, I still don't know how to say " oh shit" in russian
Omd austin (27 days ago)
0:36 he jus wanted u outta the left lane
Lauren Hyson (28 days ago)
alot of them deserved it
Zpintex (28 days ago)
Игорь Корохов (29 days ago)
Надо видео называть не педагоги... Петушня в есстественной среде обитания..
R.C.R.R PRODUCTIONS (30 days ago)
run em over
scott dyer (1 month ago)
A bunch of morons in vehicles. How has the human race come this far with idiocy such as this. Sigh
Tommy Jensen (1 month ago)
Keep distance
Jimc C (1 month ago)
Vraiment des trous du cul. .....
Eric Zetterlund (1 month ago)
Some are just people driving. One guy just braked for people in a crosswalk.
DaLaaNi Bombina (1 month ago)
I would love to be a trucker for a day. So many people would shit out their hearts.
Rick S (1 month ago)
It's just Russian assholes.
Flop Studios (1 month ago)
Some people are just not smart
KatashiKatsu (1 month ago)
If you brake check, you have the intelligence of a mushroom
Flop Studios (1 month ago)
+Thermidor le vrai Why not. Knowing if you have traction is good. I'm not saying to brake check in front of people, only to make sure you can drive safely in the snow.
Thermidor le vrai (1 month ago)
+Flop Studios idiot brake checking not never a good idea
Flop Studios (1 month ago)
Depends on the situation. Brake checking is good when you need to check traction when it is snowy out.
Jeff Jankiewicz (1 month ago)
Just goes to show that there are idiots all over the world.
Jeff Jankiewicz (1 month ago)
Brake checking a big rig...wtf is wrong with these assholes. I have trucker friends who will smash them into a guard rail.
lyft slave (1 month ago)
I'm allowed 6 miles over the speed limit my vehicle is tracked through Budweiser I can't tell you how many vehicles brake check me cause I'm not doing 134 in a55 it's ridiculously dangerous my driving record great .but back in the day I had a 1988 Oldsmobile back in 1998 lol I also had a new vehicle ..but my Oldsmobile I got 25 bucks from friends dad I just got it to fuck around .in Boston I actually got brake checked an I didn't work out for the person tottaled his car went to the hospital I could care less I junked it. But that mother fuckers hope he has back issues for life giving me the finger driving erratic . Fuck him
kris hauenstein (1 month ago)
Yet another video that shows how stupid Russians are
LEFRANCOIS Jean Pierre (1 month ago)
l autre en sub qui emmerde le camion mais va sur circuit
LEFRANCOIS Jean Pierre (1 month ago)
vive la cash cam on voit bien les concon
LEFRANCOIS Jean Pierre (1 month ago)
quel trou du cum le mec en bagnole jaune
Siberia24ru (1 month ago)
А что без этих пидоров 1х бет ты бы блядь не смог спиздить ролики с других каналов?
Wesley Morais (1 month ago)
Se fosse no Brasil estava morto
Patrick Michael (1 month ago)
Tiny cars break checking Semi-trucks is suicidal.
Central Scrutinizer (1 month ago)
..........You want to use your car as a weapon?........you had better be able to defend yourself outside of your car as well....if you attack me...I will surely attack you. These people are taking a serious risk here..........you WILL eventually run into the right person.
Flop Studios (1 month ago)
This comment reminds me of an almost bad situation were a person was close to getting out of there car to attack someone they were mad at. The car that would have been attacked was occupied by 2 martial experts, several army bodyguards and a personal military defense dog trained to mess someone up real bad. Just reinforces that you should just stay calm on the road. Subscribe to Pewdiepie btw
DOGGNOSE (1 month ago)
Bully me with your brakes, Get the Pitt maneuver 😁
Codlot (1 month ago)
Some of these make no sense ?
猪又達也 (1 month ago)
Kopiraiter (1 month ago)
Кто перед фурой тормозит вы наверное люди в год кота родились, вас снесут, заново родитесь, у вас же девять жизней походу)))
Самигулла Сахабутдинов (1 month ago)
Вот бляди кто потставу делает пропустили запись увидели что потставу сделал срок давать надо за Это Он же сука жизнь поставляет твари.
D J (1 month ago)
Mostly insurance fraud
Максим Русских (1 month ago)
Млять, одни камрюхи, и несложно догадаться кто внутри....
ActsisMMLJ CorrectlyObeyed (1 month ago)
Brake checking makes sense if someone is following too closely and refuses to back off. Not just because they pissed you off. If they perpetrated the situation is one thing. Being the aggressor in revenge isn't smart.
Thermidor le vrai (1 month ago)
brake checkinf a semi truck is never a good idea it can't brake like a car
licmy2 (1 month ago)
I have an old cop car the last fool that tried that got a pit manuvor
Hovada Na Silnicích (1 month ago)
Coming to a full stop on the highway in order to stop another driver is attempted murder and should be charged as such, no exceptions. If you choose to willingly put someone in mortal danger just because of your road rage, then you deserve jail
Edgar Alex (1 month ago)
Why isn’t there a law if u get caught doing fraud ur done with insurance or at least get a year ban on ur license ?
Pat McCaffery (1 month ago)
So satisfying to see these brake checkers getting their cars smashed to fuck..!!
Роман Кокшаров (1 month ago)
Пидары жопы подставляют)))
Владимир К (1 month ago)
Долбодятлы которые учат фуры ! Хотят чтобы укатали в асфальт!
high1voltage1rules (1 month ago)
# whats the point of naming road rage, when you cut out all the best bits, like when the drivers interact?? your videos are not road rage when the humans out the picture!! come on?? stop cutting the best bits out!! it just gets good when the drivers stop and the car door opens and its right to the next video!!! pointless!!!
Janne Rahkamaa (1 month ago)
I love when they just ram those dumpfucks
Wonder Woman (1 month ago)
Are there even road rules in Russia? They all have dash cams. What's the point of break checking?
oilcan1000 (1 month ago)
One valid reason for brake-check a semi: they've committed a crime, and you're the police. Four idiotic reasons to brake-check a semi: 1) Insurance fraud. 2) Accident, and you're too goddamned impatient to wait for them to pull over or the police to show up. Calm down Skippy. 3) The back-end of your car needs a new look. 4) You're angry and fucking stupid.
Thermidor le vrai (1 month ago)
its never a good reason
Laura Wykoff (1 month ago)
I say hit them and keep hitting them. They want to commit insurance fraud maybe pay out life insurance.
CheezyPig (1 month ago)
they deserve to be hit, but only by people with dashcams so they dont get insurance paying out >:)
mattlad 69 (1 month ago)
The WHOLE world basically knows that dashcams are (as good as) standard issue in Russia so why do they do it?
Mad Katt (1 month ago)
Why do ppl insisting brake checking large vehicles ? I would shove their rear ends up they're rear ends . 🤣
internetpolification Noseygoò (1 month ago)
Why am I watching yet more Russian ‘karma’ driving dashcams? They’re usually drunk. Same old expostualtions from the dashcam drivers. Boring!
You You (1 month ago)
Good way to get a bullet in the back of your head.
Dmitriy Po (1 month ago)
Можно бесконечно смотреть как дольаёбам жопу поправляют!
The other cracker (1 month ago)
Sagirah AKA EVILbunny22 (1 month ago)
Why do people with nice cars think they won't get their car destroyed your car is not Invincible because it cost a lot of money if anything that's why it's not invincible
Радион Радионыч (1 month ago)
водятлы тазиков вы долбоебы лезть под фуры у вас мозгов ноль
Bike Dude (1 month ago)
In Canada, the accident is also their fault. Dash cams are great.
Max Brazil (1 month ago)
Some people should be beaten so badly it requires a month in the hospital to recover.
Christopher Wright (1 month ago)
These people are fucking assholes!😠😠😠
rascally rabbit (1 month ago)
Damn My friend Billy, had a 10-foot Willy,   and showed it to the Girl Next Door,  she thought it was a snake,  and hit it with a rake, and now it's only five foot four.
Armin Mekić (1 month ago)
Why stupid drivers are so dumb that they think dashcam could not record all that their dumb shit
SynthCrystal _ (1 month ago)
*some dude brake checks* Semi truck driver: *BLYAT*
Borislav Bessonov (1 month ago)
Подставы, просто затупили, а где педагоги?
Markus Npunkt (1 month ago)
U see the truck..? U see the lights in the night..coming closer..? So and then u think the truck will quick - stop for u idiots of brake - checkers? Not one single time.. I fu try to brake - check me.. I only push u - out of my way without sympathy from me, even if u land in hospital or anywhere.
Herbin' Avenger (1 month ago)
It should be legal to shoot assholes who do this shit.
jimmyfly (1 month ago)
The last one was satisfying
Levi Langershank (1 month ago)
Damian DeLapp (1 month ago)
If you’ve seen you seen a million drunken Russian vids
slippery j (1 month ago)
If you don't think it's an angry world out there, just get in your car and go for a drive!
Jim Hill (1 month ago)
It must be very rich people who do this. They have to realize that the person behind them may not be able to stop and they are going to end up with damage.
Micah Watson (2 months ago)
8:20 - this guy is a "professional" insurance scammer. His back end is already wrecked from the last time he pulled this. He should be thrown in jail for a couple years.