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Brake Checks Gone Wrong - Road Rage and Instant Karma #3

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Text Comments (334)
My Lollipop (20 hours ago)
As you can see here, Russian's are highly intelligent
McCool's E-Bikes (4 days ago)
lol 3:30 3 6's on there plate bad omen
Omega Supreme (9 days ago)
Does anyone know the song (title + artist) that starts at 1:05? I think it is beautiful and would like to have it.
FROY (10 days ago)
This video sucks ass, some of these cars don't even make contact, go back and edit it
mirilion79 (11 days ago)
I never break check, that's insane. When a suicidal fucker is riding up my ass, I slow down to a relative crawl so that if we have an accident, it wouldn't be fatal. People who don't keep their distance should be executed on the spot. That said, I'm not suicidal either. If a truck is riding up my ass, I'd rather go off road and let it pass then play games with it. Don't want to die, after all.
william dohn (12 days ago)
While not impossible it would be tough. BUT. I would love to see the follow ups on all these vids to see just how bad the brake checkers get hammered when it is shown they are 100% at fault.
AlexisDkNo (13 days ago)
jtc1964x (13 days ago)
boring videos, where are the bangs?
B Diddy (14 days ago)
This video is a perfect example of why everybody should have a gun at all times
Roy Bontius (10 days ago)
must be an American to go straight to the gun. what kind of dickless fucktard would brandish a firearm in traffic?
bo_bo_deluxe (15 days ago)
Nice to know that the turd heads who manufacture these incidents against the dash cam owners will, most likely, NOT get away with it.
Its a Rome Thing Everyday (16 days ago)
I love seeing people that brake check get rammed off the road they deserve it
Sagitarioitc (16 days ago)
9:26 this one gave the way to pedestrians
Lars0n (18 days ago)
Those crazy russkies. Thumbs up from Finland 👍
FlaVa FlaV (18 days ago)
I hope the driver burn alive
FedoraDog13 (19 days ago)
They should make it legal to ram break checkers if you have it on camera, and make them pay for all damage. Other losses, too, if they check a vehicle that's on the job (like an 18-wheeler). That might smarten people up.
razztazz (24 days ago)
This is exactly why I bought a dash cam. Too many idiots & scammers on the road. And I carry for protection, just in case they try any shady chit after I pull over.
Dalayzie1 (25 days ago)
You know what? Not mad at the last one—stupid fucker deserved that pitt!!
SUNIL Patil (26 days ago)
Never ever brake check a truck
Greg Bumgardner (26 days ago)
Why the hell do they cut in front with a free road ahead then stop?? Insurance fraud? New car bribe? These ppl are beyond stupid.
OG Readmore (26 days ago)
This is how hindus drive. Like shit, just because their is pavement does not mean you can just drive there
DoNot Need (27 days ago)
You have to be a special kind of STUPID to cut off a 40 ton truck in your 2 ton car and then hit the brakes.
blue ocean (27 days ago)
nice video
Steven Sackett (27 days ago)
If you drive like this; Brake checking people, you deserve to be run off a bridge onto the roof of your vehicle.
Alwyn Dellow (28 days ago)
Still got me beat .. how a lot of them just stop in the middle of the road.
Damon Rebel (28 days ago)
Getting really tired of these 1XBET Clips they are annoying
VIZEGREOSE (28 days ago)
Diz za loxotron
Renee Hughes (28 days ago)
In Florida if you rear end someone you're automatically at fault. I now have front & rear dash cams. People will jump in front of you & cause an accident to scam insurance. Brake checking is dangerous & stupid. If someone wants in then let them in. If someone won't let you in then get over it. It's just not worth getting upset over.
aszi88 (28 days ago)
In many of these cases, the trucks deliberately hit the cars. They do not attempt to slow down, they just keep pushing, honk their horn and hit.
Jade B (28 days ago)
All old and stollen
ruth campbell (28 days ago)
I hope all the failed ones are reported to the insurance companies as extra proof.
Nordic Wolf (28 days ago)
Everyone thinks they’re tough shit brake checking until I pull a gun. Wanna endanger my life? Have fun with the flashback of yours
Bearclaw Manipulator (28 days ago)
Low quality Muscovy vodka and cocaine.
The Dollar Guy (29 days ago)
It's only done right when the rear window pops.
matthew clark (29 days ago)
9:54 isn't a brake check. Lady cut across the entire highway to make a u turn at the cut out. I've seen that clip a lot.
iforgotmyboons (29 days ago)
Parent Award goes too....7:41 with the baby on board sticker. Classy.
whodeani Mania (29 days ago)
strange how people change,when behind a wheel of a vehicle..i mean say they are walking in a mall/shopping center and someone is walking to slow infront..do they walk fast past them then stop dead.. NO...or keep swerving infront of them..NO NO NO..we all want to get somewhere.. some like to do it safely..,some however,like to do it with no thought to any one else's safety.. just drive nice and be patient ...its not your road or right to do whatever..THINK...
Pavel Kurilo (29 days ago)
Все старое, бородатое......
benetton66 (29 days ago)
Why people get so angry over simple mistakes. Is like they forgot their medicine.
Proteus XL (1 month ago)
Pretty weak video where is the karma? Majority of the videos nothing happened
Derek Gill (1 month ago)
Иван Иванов (1 month ago)
Попался мне один раз такой урод,тормознул резко я и ударил,вышли несколько пообщаться ,я взял травмат,и проблема была решена в мою пользу,кстати пришлось им шины слегка спустить,снял у них номера и уехал,по пути выкинул,и все тип топ.
Yard Sale Dale (1 month ago)
0:01 had enough of your shit
dale younts (1 month ago)
There sure a lot of jerks out on the roads these days
Guy PV (1 month ago)
9:12 not a brake check : a bunch of people TOO careful and an asshole not careful enough 9:21 a dangerous overtaking ok but stopping for a pedestrian on a crossing is NOT a brake check
Guy PV (1 month ago)
7:40 "baby on board"... that's very true : he's behind the wheel
General Gaming (1 month ago)
Just so you know I’m pretty sure you can make the video 18+ so next time just do that instead of saying 18+.
MDC (1 month ago)
We should be aloud to shoot people for this, stop ur stupidity. ...
underwaterbubbles (1 month ago)
Brake checkers........................give them everything they deserve. There is no excuse for their actions.
ClemsonGirl8801 GoTigers (1 month ago)
These ppl think they can get fast cash off companies, or someone with a nice car!! The cameras don't lie!! They should have their licenses took from them!! Now they have to pay for their own cars lol!! I have cameras in all my cars, front, rear, and sides, and 1 on my speed!! So u so called brake checkers, will have to fix the other ppls cars, and u don't get crap lol!! Cameras r in a lot of cars, and company trucks now, and are u so stupid that u will take the chance with your life, and other ppls lifes when u take on a 18 wheeler??? STUPID!!!!
Mr. Rock (1 month ago)
5:45 видео с хондой. Там хонда правильно делал, что дрочил автора. Автор нихрена правил не знает да еще и умничает.
Bima Gaming (1 month ago)
LOL nice ending 😂😂😂
Ama C (1 month ago)
7:44 gotta love the complete moron driving dangerously & causing an accident with a 'baby on board' sticker in the rear window!!!
I'm Zoid (1 month ago)
2:09 The guy in front of him cut him off causing dark green car to brake hard js.
Brian Glass (1 month ago)
The last one was the best. That trucker finally had enough and thought to himself, "Fuck it, time to put an end to this crap!" Which he sure as hell did end it. That driver got what he deserved!! 😂😂
bikertime1 (1 month ago)
Wow,how can a russian drive?
Andizu1 (1 month ago)
But... WHY? What is the attraction of doing a brake check? Seems to me like you're only risking your car and your life, so why do it? Especially to a truck, are you dense?!
Frank Heuvelman (1 month ago)
03:52 >> Hi, I'm a stupid Russian and wanna fuck the insurance company without a license plate.
LordSabo (1 month ago)
In most places in the US, the person who rear ends the person in front of them are typically held at fault. So the person doing the brake checking is probably doing it to get some insurance money or just because they are pissed off.
bcfad21 (1 month ago)
Brake checking should be considered a crime comparable to DUI, with similar penalties
SteverRob (1 month ago)
0:26 Waste of a good ST. Shame the driver is a tool.
浦川竜二 (1 month ago)
Smedley Butler (1 month ago)
A break check if properly executed, can get someone to stop tailgating you.... ask me how I know. No im not saying that you slam on your breaks and come to a complete or near complete stop, but if someone is following within 1-4 car distances on the highway, a quick little tap on the breaks (a fraction of a second) is usually enough to wake up the tailgater. I first try to use hand and arm signals to get them to back up, and then I'll use a quick tap if they don't listen.
ドラは何ペーナンチュン (1 month ago)
『当たり屋』=保険金詐欺 "ATARIYA"= insurance cheat
ドラは何ペーナンチュン (1 month ago)
ロシアだと思うが、こういう『当たり屋』が多いのか? I think it's Russia, but are there a lot of such "ATARIYA"?
The Boss (1 month ago)
Why dont the stupid truck drivers slow down instead of tailgating ?
Henry Rodgers (1 month ago)
I don't wish anyone harm, BUT... If you brake-check a truck, even a box van, you've made your choice. If your car is smashed like a pancake, or you're run off the road and die horrifically in a ditch... Shaving two minutes off your commute ceases to matter...
Kylian Dumas (1 month ago)
Ready welfare escape display entrance relationship handsome dry
Obongo Geddon (1 month ago)
This is a new and exciting intelligent sport that deals with heavy masses changing momentum rapidly. One contestant attempts to sneak up and slow the other opponent in a much bigger moving mass down without being hit. The governments make sure the roads are congested so you all get to raging and crashing with one another and more. Legalization of various intoxicants is helping fuel the rage and lack of common sense and sleep. This new sport is increasing revenue for insurance companies, attorney fees, legal fines, towing companies, auto repair companies, auto parts suppliers, emergency services, emergency room services and follow up healthcare. In addition, increases the need for police forces, drug testing facilities, coroner services, funeral services and burial plots. Cell phone use causing distracted driving is also a factor in this increase in revenue streams. At the same time humanity is sinking to new lows with this outrageous behavior. More people in general are getting angry faster. Their patients have decreased and they go wild and completely loose it. They start rioting and burning down neighborhoods. Causing the emergence of roof Koreans on the roof tops of convenience stores. This is why we need more diversity. We need more poison to help cure our society of its problems. The governments love this arrangement and syndrome as it will allow greater and greater control over the masses. Keep on raging and all will be fine as we will all be serfs again.
Thunderbyrd (1 month ago)
I like seeing brake-cheekers getting drilled !
William Vezzani (1 month ago)
There must be something in the Russian water that makes those apes want to fight.
Human-Powered/Electric/Hybrid-Car (1 month ago)
10:40 Jest like that! Run right over the top of them.
Barret Norcross (1 month ago)
razztazz (24 days ago)
Not if the other car suddenly gets in front of you then purposely slams on their breaks. You cannot always stop on a dime when someone rushes in front of you while driving at a higher rate of speed.
SLAY QUEEN (1 month ago)
What’s the point of a brake check?
The Sethioz Project (1 month ago)
that Subaru Impreza driver was worst moron .. if i was driving a car like that, i would never try and provoke someone to smash into me. i don't care who's at fault, i just wouldn't want to ruin my car.
Alex Angel (1 month ago)
The ending is just.... It gives me a warm and Fuzzy feeling. :)
B & A Talks (1 month ago)
lol why on earth brake check a fucking lorry? the fuckers cant stop! i mean why brake check at all, only utter cunts do it but a lorry!? you gunna get all 18 wheel up your arse
TemeryN (1 month ago)
I truly do NOT get ppl who care more about what some other car is doing/had done to them instead of caring about where ever it is they are on their way to. Once you're out in front why not keep going, get as far from the perceived "jerk" as possible instead of playing brake check games. You were so hot to be going X speed that you have to get out in front so why not keep going? Why slow yourself down? Why care so much about someone you don't know, that you'll never seen again? Boggles my mind. I also don't care how close someone is behind me, if you want to follow that close go ahead, I have insurance for that, no need to brake check tailgaters, they won't get the lesson and why care about them (and yes trying to "teach them a lesson" is caring!, you're caring to try to teach them something)? Why not care about yourself and getting to where you're going?
The Jim Reaper™ (1 month ago)
You can tell most of these guys *Love taking it from behind* Brake checking is for retards with small cocks who are angry about having such a pathetic excuse for a penis... That's why they prefer getting blasted from behind by a *SEMI*
Falcon (1 month ago)
9:08 is not a brake check but a stupid trucker not paying attention and getting lucky he didn't kill someone.
Davel Foote (1 month ago)
I still argue that anyone who "targets" others intentionally trying to cause an accident is potentially committing assault/murder given the inherited dangers/injuries/death potential of using their vehicle as a weapon. Such charges could be a deterrent.
matt m (1 month ago)
The last one is the best
Bikes & Bugs Switzerland (1 month ago)
Russian people, be usefull, buy brains rather than cars! You'll see, it's quite great what you can do with!
Louie Villa (19 days ago)
You should be able to shoot someone that goes and deliberately Rams their car in to you whether by driving forward or by breaking in front of you that is an act of violence and should be answered with a fatal self-defense move Justified killing for the simple fact that they could actually get you killed by breaking in front of you
Kellie Leger (1 month ago)
Yea great idea to do it front of a highway patrol officer 😂😂😂 so he’s sees how much of an idiot you are
Kim Whitehead (1 month ago)
Apparently dash cams don’t mean a thing. 8 years, and even more brake checks. Are people not being allowed to present dash cam for evidence of reckless driving?
fah Q (1 month ago)
Russia desperately needs Driving Schools. Your Idiots, stop coming to Canada immediately
Stoney's Dashcam (1 month ago)
To be fair many of these were caused by insane tailgating manouevres by large heavy vehicles. Stupid driving by everyone involved.
Stoney's Dashcam (1 month ago)
@7:40 has baby on board; decides to unsafely overtake and brake-check large vehicle with large momentum... **FACEPALM**
The Ragabash (1 month ago)
Gay music and long license plates- not interested.
Vhs Vcr (1 month ago)
i just don't get it
Leighton Samms (1 month ago)
Vhs Vcr most of those RUSSIANSare drunk, have you seen how many just run off the road, & crash !
Cajost Leganiets (1 month ago)
It sucked
Dee Dee (1 month ago)
Stupid drivers gosh why hit the break ? Never done in front of the truck.
Tri Duong (1 month ago)
why do people brake check against trucks / buses and vehicles twice size of their cars ? They wanna prove rear window is tougher than other's front bumper ? Not to mention everyone got a dash cam nowadays.
janet ruggles (1 month ago)
I'd good I don't drive anymore, I Don't Plat Chicken!!
RacinGIRL911 (1 month ago)
LMAO!!! The brake checker at 3:26 had a license plate that was pretty accurate-666! LOL!!!
Francisco Carranza (1 month ago)
Y por qué carajos se frenan así? Cuál es la razón pues?
Sánchez Sánchez (1 month ago)
Lo que ignoran es que muchos trokes traen camara y pos ya no funciona el truco
Sánchez Sánchez (1 month ago)
Dinero compadre,lo que no piensan los que hacen eso es que ponen en peligro a todo mundo solo por querer sacar dinero a la millonaria poliza de seguro de un vehiculo comercial
Icecreamday Catlin (1 month ago)
why do people do this shit. like "oh im an angry fuckstick so im gonna go out of my way to make more problems for myself and others by causing damages to both parties vehicles!"
Lori Taylor (1 month ago)
People who do that shit deserve death!
Одни подставы.
Ryan Hall (1 month ago)
these videos make me wanna beat the shit outta all of the brake checkers