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My Last Day at Full-Time UPS Package Handler: A Warning

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The job itself is super manageable and doable but poor communication combined with several workers who aren't willing to do overtime will force temps and hard workers to feel obligated to work longer. This was my last day at UPS as a full time temporary package handler. I was a sorter for both the night shift and the preload. I wanted to put this up mainly to wrap up a few more thoughts that weren't covered in my previous videos and also to add in a bit more content since I haven't been uploading much as late. My last week and a half at UPS was an uphill battle. I got used to the workload of the usual 9 hr per day with a 1 hr break in between and often a good amount of overtime everyday. That was doable. When my lunch was cut in due to the workload, that's when the work got tougher. The full one hour break was an ample amount of time for me to enjoy food and stretch out sore muscles. When cut to less than 30 minutes, I was always going into the second shift half awake and fatigued. On top of this, I noticed that the higher ups tried to keep me as long as possible by providing me with a paraphernalia of things to do. If one task was done past overtime, they'd go out of their way to search for another task even when my lunch was already cut to 20 minutes. All in all, make sure you be mindful about how hard you work here. If you are a part-timer and plan on staying here full-time, then put in just the right amount of effort to get the work done. The moment a higher-up catches you putting in extra work, they will take advantage of your mentality and also your physical capabilities. As for summer-temps, this will happen regardless of whether or not you have the working mentality. Just grind it out, work hard, and make the best out of it. The work is tough. The environment is tough. But, the benefits severely outweigh the work that is put in.
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LosAngeles.323 (5 days ago)
I was gonna submit my application to UPS. After this, I'll skip it lol
kyle reynolds (12 days ago)
Been preloading for 2 years. Hes right about not putting in full effort, they will expect more of athletic people. Nice part is after a year or so they will be nice since they dont want to lose a good worker to a seniority position. (I do have a good manager, some suck!)
InfoWars Recast (13 days ago)
You probably need Vitamin D supplementation. Any pain will become excruciatingly worse if you are deficient and you're over the adjustment phase of going to a physically demanding job. Many people of Asian ancestry (like me) have lower levels of Vitamin D anyway (it's genetic). If you have Chronic low D you are probably experiencing bone and tooth pain, maybe cracking your teeth. Low D sucks the calcium out of your bones & teeth, which in turn leads to many more chronic illnesses, especially cardiac since you have extra blood calcium. The fatigue is like nothing you have ever experienced.
andrew anderson (18 days ago)
In California from what I understand, You are supposed to get a 10 minute break every 2 hour's and 1/2 hour lunch in a 8 hour day, 5 day's a week. Is there some loopholes for certain type's of jobs like UPS?
Akemi (18 days ago)
You're supposed to but it becomes a grey area if there's too much workload for one shift to cover.
mercy pena (23 days ago)
Do you miss working at ups😭😢
mercy pena (23 days ago)
Akemi ok thank you for letting me I use to work at ups 😭
Akemi (23 days ago)
Not really. New job is much better
SkipBayless_logic (27 days ago)
Why does it look like he’s eating something sour?
SkipBayless_logic (27 days ago)
Okay I skipped the intro but still...
kos22us (1 month ago)
please use 3 points of contact to maintain balance and avoid slips & falls, have a safe day !
TheAnime Wolf119 (1 month ago)
I haven’t worked inside the building doing what you did an described in the video, I was a driver helper an I tell people the same thing about that job, you think it’s easy but sometimes it’s not this last season I ran an pushed myself too far to the point where I was using crutches to get up an go to the restroom for a two days, I had done this for the past five seasons winter seasons that is an normally I like it I run for my neighbor most of the time an other drivers if I am not too tired but yeah my driver says inside is both easy an hard like being a runner, my driver told me I had to much attitude to be a inside worker which is true I didn’t let anyone talk to me like I was worth less then them, not my driver, not a supervisor nor customers, but I tell all my friends try it once if you need work so you at least know what it took for your package to get to your door. Well I hope your channel becomes something you can do that will sustain a life for you everyone who has worked for those companies knows you fucking earned that kind of reward!👍🏾
Robert Spencer (1 month ago)
Put your big boy pants on and work like a man. Thats the way life works you crybaby.
ninjacheese303 (1 month ago)
I used to work there. Worked small sorts. Whenever we were done, they would force me to go to other areas and help out other teams. Problem was the managers would send their guys home and have me clean up their mess. one of the easier jobs to quit imo.
EL Juice Man (1 month ago)
Still being a bitch ...
nothingxbutxpoison (2 months ago)
I worked for fedex when i was younger sounds the same as ups and it is hard work when i went i was weighing 180 pounds went down on weight to 160 pounds in 2 weeks
StandingAgainst TheEnemy (2 months ago)
28 years and still going... Do I like UPS? No Do they pay good? Not at first, had to work 2 jobs for nearly 10 years to get by... I didn't listen to your rant, but it sounds like you had a combo job (like I did) and it barely paid the bills... Now, I am a shifter (yard dog), I get driver pay and only work 8.5 a day/40 hours a week even during peak because at least my seniority counts for something... I could care less about UPS and most of the people that work here, but it pays the bills and I am comfortable... My back hurts, my knees hurt and sometimes my feet, so yes there is wear and tear on the body... The best way to survive UPS? Once you hit the parking lot, turn off your brain and get ready for the mind FUCK!
charles davis (2 months ago)
I understand what you say about exploiting those that work harder. It's easier on the supervisor. I have seen UPS drivers in the neighborhood and can tell they are under a lot of pressure. When I worked for an airline as a cargo handler, it was a lot less stress than at UPS, but people would exploit those that cared about doing a good job. If there was cooperation it would be easier, but the lazy always say, "It all pays the same". Hope you are going to school.
OhThem Reaction (2 months ago)
I have worked at ups for 5 years they have kids younger than me becoming supervisors which is crazy
OhThem Reaction (9 days ago)
Dennis Pluto 😂😂😂😂 the sad truth
Dennis Pluto (13 days ago)
OhThem Reaction you just need a button down shirt a tie and 20 hrs senority to be a supervisor
Heyzal America (2 months ago)
Is it necessary to communicate a lot with others there? I really want to switch jobs and am considering this one but I’m not much of a social person. I don’t mind lifting or doing any physical activity but I kinda want something where I just do my job and go home if you know what I mean.
King CrazyBones (2 months ago)
Hes soo right about them taking advantage of you once you show you're a hard worker. When I first started I was hired as seasonal with a chance to be hired on as a part timer. So of course after hearing about all of our benefits I wanted to stay there at ups. So I busted my ass to show I was worth keeping and after 2 in a half weeks they told me they were keeping me and to relax a little and let the other guys do more work so they could learn and earn their spot to stay, and it was all good until I got sent to help another belt. I impressed the supervisor from the other belt and he decided to get me switched over to his belt and every day he expects me to be 150% In some cases I'll be loading the truck with another guy and I'll be loading 2x faster than the other guy but only I get yelled at to load faster. On days where we have heavy flow i gotta cover 2 trailers by myself and help other trailers when they get backed up and help out with bulk (either really heavy items that cant be put on belts or super long boxes, normally 70lbs and up) while still keeping my 2 trailers clean. Its crazy and I'm only getting paid minimum wage . Dont get me wrong I love this type of work because it's a workout but sometimes they want too damn much. Most of the times they dont send anyone to help me out when I get backed and instead I get yelled at to pick up the pace, but as soon as some else gets backed up guess who has to help out, you guessed it, Me. Sometimes you even work 3=4hrs without any breaks. I strongly suggest you don't work at ups if you're not willing to put your body through an intense workout 5 days a week. A tip to keep you strong is just remember you're getting paid to workout, and keep checking yourself out in the mirror you start notice loss of weight and arms getting big
Hishtroy MemeQuez (2 months ago)
I've been working for 5 months (entering 6th month) and its not that bad as a part time loader
Michael Piatt (2 months ago)
Their are no summer temp jobs idiot. Only during the Christmas time so you are full of crap
Dave Sharkey (2 months ago)
Your experience at UPS all depends on how big the center you. work for is. If you work in a small center it's better for moving up. It also depends on if your managers want to move up as well cause they will be complete dicks to you. The people who are best suited for UPS are the level headed lazy workers. They will be the ones to retire. If your a quick temper or fast hard worker....you won't last. If your good they'll just keep piling the shit on you cause they know you'll make management look good. It's the most fucked up job you'll ever have. I worked everything night shift, preload, cover driver, regular driver, everything but management and if I could do it again I wouldn't. Learn HVAC or be a electrician and make 10 times what a ups person does. Shoot....just join the military and live a good life WHILE learning HVAC is what I would do if i could do it all over.
Dave Sobkowiak (2 months ago)
I have lasted at a UPS hub as a package car loader for eighteen years and I, kinda, liked the job most of the time when "logistics" were planned out well. The benefits were great but the management sucked because nobody has childhood dreams of becoming a UPS manager.
Ryan Bashaw (2 months ago)
I work at Costco and make $15 the benefits at costco are the best
K C (2 months ago)
4 month in and yeah ups is not good for hard workers period more of a social game if u wonna move up....but the peak season bonus is good....a lot of problems wit there equipment so try not to rage on the scanners cuz there has been times
Phu Hoang (2 months ago)
Go get a class A license with hazmat and doubles endorsement you will start off 17.00 an hour for 90 days then 18.50 . 2.00 raise every year till your 4th year which is 4.00 raise. Great benefits... dental , vision, medical , pension , 401k . You guys are just lazy or dont know any better and apply for these grunt position. Get to where you are operating the yard goat , forklift , truck . Try ups freight .
Scott Colegate (2 months ago)
I been working there 30 years and have done it all at UPS . IF you don't like it QUIT!!! No one keeps u there. Life is. All about choices!! Go work at Fed Ex ..who cares go somewhere u are happy.
Keith Peindl (2 months ago)
People bitch about being a package handler during holiday.... You do realize it's the lowest job on the ups totem pole. I don't get why people bitch about their jobs... You can change it at any point. Stop complaining and start doing what is needed to get the job you want.
Dcage Pcutta (2 months ago)
Thats exactly how ups makes you feel. Used up.
Dcage Pcutta (2 months ago)
Everybody is miserable at ups. I worked there as a second job. So it was an adventure for me.
Dronehighlights72 (2 months ago)
Sometimes my ass hurts from sitting in my feeder tractor waiting on a door, fingers hurt from playing on my phone during the wait!!!!!
bofkaycee (2 months ago)
Same situation thirty years ago Good advice
Cablelinenetwork (2 months ago)
UPS is a shitty job, unless you're a monkey with no skill sets, i don't recommend it.
millerman (2 months ago)
IT"s called work. Teamster for over 30 years retirement is great.
Maxwell Bryant (2 months ago)
I'm 4 months in. I feel so good! I am so much stronger now it's crazy. At 9 months I get benefits that rival government employees or better. And pack a lunch brother. Boom!
jdl 68 (2 months ago)
Maxwell Bryant shutup queer
majorlopez1992 (2 months ago)
Stop your breaking my heart
Hammer Sandoval (2 months ago)
Did you see craig from friday there?🤣🤣🤣
Shawn Connolly (2 months ago)
When my sons Aunt put in her retirement paperwork, they threw her a party on her last day as a delivery driver, handed her a soda , she drank it and after her 4th delivery, she had a heart attack & died in the UPS truck 🤔🤔 that retirement pay after 33years is a lot and they didn’t want to pay 💯
Shawn Connolly (2 months ago)
jdl 68 it’s not hilarious it’s a true story that happened the week before thanksgiving-almost 3 months ago
jdl 68 (2 months ago)
Shawn Connolly hilarious
D. C. (2 months ago)
It's gotten worse I see..I Worked as a Full time Cover Driver in early 2000's & Supervisors were Idiotic then also..wanted me to 💋 their buts & keep stops per hour which I didn't have to Commit to as a Cover Driver..They were Breaking tons of rules & Very Sneaky 😈..Pay was Only thing decent & Work was a Good Daily Workout👍...But Management Sucked 👎.Then I Resigned & Started at a City Job & Still here 😎
Andy Fam (2 months ago)
I "worked" at FedEx. After the week of training before going to work. I took the $400 paycheck and left. I drove out the parking lot blasting hustlin by Rick Ross ;)
Jose Rodriguez (2 months ago)
Buzz ard (2 months ago)
Yea I worked for them in the early 90's , United prick suckers. They only would give me 4 hours a day loading trucks, got to all the bad stuff from the drivers that where loading trucks because of to many tickets
j nutz (2 months ago)
What you have to understand is in a factory environment you never get paid extra for extra work you only do the extra work out of consideration the next guy after you might not want to have a shitty day
801 Bear (2 months ago)
2 months. Boi 6 years here.
Freddy Lopez (2 months ago)
I worked in my 20s really liked it did from loading and unloading then small sort then a training mannager...money was ok then. But I think everyone should get paid way more
Chuck Marquart (2 months ago)
You want to do what I do , I drive local dump truck..... I've worked as much as 22 hours straight no breaks..... Don't be a pussy
STR8 DAPPER (2 months ago)
Why is this considered hard work kids a puss try building roads or a house go install some a/c do some roofing then bitch about sorting boxes on a conveyor belt whinny ass kids
the jackel (2 months ago)
Speaking of Fingers, did you give them "The Finger " ?...
Ali YOU. (2 months ago)
Hard job can be get used to it it plus lack of communication is murder. I can see how tired you are
Jason Vue (2 months ago)
Never work toooo hard. That dream is dead.
NAYARIT31 (2 months ago)
Mannnn Fuck UPS, Fucking delivery drivers be acting like they the shit. Fuck u.
Rob Richardson (2 months ago)
I will never work here how can they pay you so low and work you so hard?
Overated Power (2 months ago)
a few weeks ago i saw i ups employee delivering packages in a u-haul moving truck....i was like wtf?
Ross Best (2 months ago)
*Most UPS supervisors & elders talked to the new employees like trash. Sayin things like "Do your F'in job" "If you want this job your gonna have to work faster" - at only $11 🤣*
Ross Best (2 months ago)
*UPS cant even write a schedule..They lied about the rate of pay by $2 to get them in the door & by saying drivers make $49.50/hr. when asked 5 drivers the only made $17-26*
Vex Shoemaker (1 month ago)
Ross Best actually, the new contract that passed states that Top Rate pay for drivers is $41/hr. Not sure where you got $49.50?? I currently make $32/hr. And will make $41/hr next year...
L Johnson (2 months ago)
Doesnt this trash job pay like 9hr?
jdl 68 (2 months ago)
L Johnson 11 here i was promised 13 or 14 in august and have yet to get my raise or backpay which im sure is in the 1k range.im gonna go in tomorrow and talk to HR and leave. Unless they can transfer me to the much closer hub or put me in a easier spot then that unload trash im gone. The union are thieves
Barano (2 months ago)
I worked for UPS and FedEx. The experience of working like a donkey nonstop for an extended period of time was enough to send me off to college and get an education.
noTuniQue9 (2 months ago)
What u doin now?
Curious George (2 months ago)
Did they Anal probe ya too like they SHOULD to those THEY DONT in authoritaaaiiiiyyyy.....
Curious George (2 months ago)
Corporate speak....indentured servitude. ... reality.... slavery.... sign your rights away or you'll not be hired. App is centimeter plus thick....scrooge was an angel by comparison
THIS IS #MAGA COUNTRY (2 months ago)
Waaaaahhhhh, UPS bad
TossMuhSalad (2 months ago)
I’m 18 and weld, things don’t always align like they’re suppose to and I end up spending a lot of extra time that could be used for welding, to grind back or correct issues with fitment that wasn’t my fault, and can still end up with a fairly large gap to fill which also takes more time and I don’t cut the stuff out. The gist of what I’m saying is do what you can on your part, and shit sucks sometimes so just suck it up and do what needs to be done.
DrSparky Piper (2 months ago)
This folks is total crap. So UPS is not for you move on.....plenty of jobs around.(stop bitching and go find a different path) I dont understand snowflakes....do you think everyone should cater to you? Then that's not a job bro.
Anthony Harvey (2 months ago)
Being 34 years old, I would rather get the job done and go home than take a break. I would rather not be at work longer than want.
Caustic Cactus (2 months ago)
I love everyone bitching in the comments who are drivers. Last I saw (friends father is a driver) you lot get paid very very well. Communication issues? Fix them, it is part of your job. People have gotten so lazy they will complain about any job that isnt as simple as sit there and push a button. Grow up and realize that you do work to get paid, if you dont like the work, quit. Eberything else, shush and Grow up
LuusMa Rodriguez (2 months ago)
My man work is work “there is no crying in baseball” go find your self a job that’s going to pay you 100k pls without a college degree plus health benefits and paid vacation. Don’t missed lead the young ones that are looking for a great opportunity without a school degree.
Jason Abbott (2 months ago)
It's called work for a reason
dave lopez (2 months ago)
bro,i work at fed ex n do the same,my body is breaking down only after 2 months.. these places don't care about u.ups,fed ex..all bs jobs..
gtcstorm40 (2 months ago)
Society wants obedient workers, not critical thinkers - George Carlin
gtcstorm40 (2 months ago)
I interviewed with UPS and got a bad vibe. Seems like a terrible corporate culture, long hours, micro management etc
TheRealisticPoint (2 months ago)
Flammable 281 (2 months ago)
This sounds like a government operation.
Jake hager (2 months ago)
Go take car of Mamacita and live in the slums then. Stop bitching about work. Your ass needs to be in El Paso starving
javier salinas (2 months ago)
You’re just a pussy and whoever agrees with you is a pussy as well. My mother has been with the ups warehouse 30+ YEARS!
ANGRY COLLECTOR701 (2 months ago)
Fuck these cheap ass companies
Valeria Seymore (2 months ago)
Ups fucking sucks
Darius Sudler (2 months ago)
Different for me
Jesse K (2 months ago)
The supervisor only gets my respect from him/her actually putting in work to help. Not by running people around like crazy. O only a few good people work here. Your time is better being put towards something you really want
MrDasilva8383 (2 months ago)
I worked as a driver helper for the holidays. My driver twice left me waiting for his ass and I get t fired
James Tucker (2 months ago)
Well im a machine so this makes me want to work there..the pay is good im applying
PATRIOT MAN (2 months ago)
You know UPS is a hard job when you apply there. Eat healthy build up your body and use the workout to make you stronger.
Robbit Bobbit (2 months ago)
Wow, this guy is a soft little crybaby. Yes the job is physical, but the pay is decent and the benefits very good. All full time drivers are hired from within, based on seniority. That is if you can stick it out and you're not a pathetic whiner like this wimp. I started out in the preload. I then worked the preload combined with delivering air packages afterwards for a full time shift. I then did air driving solely, and moved to a full time delivery driver. I've since left, and some days were so hard I don't know how I made it, especially the preload at Xmas time, but I never cried like this cream puff. It's sad how soft weak young people are becoming. I'm 5'4, 125 lbs, and I had no problems. Women do the job with complaining as well. The soreness goes away when your body becomes accustomed. Again though, only if you're not a pathetic weakling. Grow up, loser.
Robbit Bobbit (2 months ago)
jdl 68, are you seriously this stupid? Deer lick? Or as you say "fuckong dearlick" Trust me moron, that's an insult that's only used in your little backwoods community. You simply sound like an idiot to the rest of the world. As for the decent pay, I think it's pretty clear I was referring to full time driver pay, if you can stick out, provided you're not a pussy. I'm certain you are, however.
jdl 68 (2 months ago)
Robbit Bobbit 230 a week isnt decent you fuckong dearlick
Irishunlawful (2 months ago)
So this video is about you complaining about your job?
Naveed Ahmed (2 months ago)
Unfortunately you will complain about every job i feel. You description is not bad its what should have expected and you get paid for it when you are pacing or slowing down intentionally you are dishonest to your job and slacking you are on paid time you sound like u expected handout more then wages work a construction job to man you up before ur next proper job. Appologies for being blunt
Brian Paquin (2 months ago)
Whah! You sound like a little bitch! I've been working 10-12 hrs a day or more 6 days a week the last 27 years! STFU! And Wtf is a lunch break?
katelynn767 (2 months ago)
"Don't work too hard, the supervisor will use you." So true as a parttime package Handler. It's frustrating.
DJ Crazy Jimmy (3 months ago)
I worked at ups for awhile. As a unloader. It was hard work. I drank more water than you can imagine because i sweat so much. I kinda miss working so hard that i was exhausted when coming home.
Bulletcore (3 months ago)
So you have to work to earn money? What a concept. 🤨
DJ Tech12zz (3 months ago)
I just got outta prison for murder 2. Can u get me a job there broski?
Successful Mindz (3 months ago)
I work at UPS now and I became a part time Supervisor within my first two months and yeah I worked my ass off but not harder than other jobs I had before and they never even promoted me at all people it depends on what your going there for everyone don't have the same experience tbh you have to have a strong mind working here point blank and besides I only use this as a second job to earn 💰 and you should never head in a job not knowing what your getting yourself into no matter where you go to work ...
00steward (3 months ago)
Jesus what whining as kid. Union dude. Been there 25 years. Go in at 3am until 830am then go to my full time job from 9am to 5pm. Shut up
SC 03 (3 months ago)
Dude don't drink energy drink! My coworker drank 3 cans monster drink every breaks every days. He got stomach cancer now he's dead. No jokes..I'm not doing it.
Dewayne Marion (3 months ago)
Your very close to 1000 subs so you can monetize. I subbed to help if you want to.
Nicholas Terry (3 months ago)
I'm a driver for a rental company. I work 12-14 hours a day with a 30 min lunch break. Sometimes it gets so busy I can't even take a lunch for the whole day. I think being a driver for any company is a pain in the fuckin ass
Bill005 (3 months ago)
Damn! You want some cheese to go with that whine? Your body hurts from doing manual labor? Boo whooo! You’re. It “contracted” to work 5 or 8 hours dipshit. You are guaranteed 3.5 hrs as a part timer with anything over 5 being time and a half, and 8 hrs as a full timer with anything over 8 being OT. Don’t think you are educated enough to give an informed opinion. If you work hard then you get more hours and more money. Stupid millennials think things should be easy and handed to them. People like this make me hate looking at the workers of the future. They don’t want to work.
Thomas Harley (3 months ago)
is there any communication about UPS flying Syrian refugees into airports at night?
George Mulligan (3 months ago)
I worked my way up to management and retired at 40 years old 15 years ago with a very nice pension and excellent. Work hard plus a little smarts equals promotion s.
Casey Shiretzki (3 months ago)
It's called work man, get use to it life isn't easy, u call it a rant I call it bitching, don't be soft,
Cameron (3 months ago)
Welcome to the workforce kid.
Jason Hopkins (3 months ago)
Heart shaped box?
Mr Briceno (3 months ago)
I did driver helper and jc penny I was lookin the same exact way! I also got injured a few times
Very Danger Man (3 months ago)
I worked for FedEx for five years and I was miserable. Eventually I was promoted to doing QA, which I liked. I was in the running to become a manager, but they choose someone who was irresponsible, and that pissed me off. The person they choose to be a manager was eventually fired for coming to work on meth. After the meth head was fired, they chose her sister to be a manager who was just as irresponsible. I was done. I ended up quitting and found a much better job. Also, I agree with you. Working harder gets you nowhere if you work for FedEx. I'd be the one who would always show up, no matter how hard it snowed or how bad the weather was. I never missed a day of work while I was there and was the one who stayed later to help drivers. It was all for nothing. The lazy and irresponsible workers get promoted while the hard workers are used and abused if you work for FedEx or UPS.