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My Last Day at Full-Time UPS Package Handler: A Warning

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The job itself is super manageable and doable but poor communication combined with several workers who aren't willing to do overtime will force temps and hard workers to feel obligated to work longer. This was my last day at UPS as a full time temporary package handler. I was a sorter for both the night shift and the preload. I wanted to put this up mainly to wrap up a few more thoughts that weren't covered in my previous videos and also to add in a bit more content since I haven't been uploading much as late. My last week and a half at UPS was an uphill battle. I got used to the workload of the usual 9 hr per day with a 1 hr break in between and often a good amount of overtime everyday. That was doable. When my lunch was cut in due to the workload, that's when the work got tougher. The full one hour break was an ample amount of time for me to enjoy food and stretch out sore muscles. When cut to less than 30 minutes, I was always going into the second shift half awake and fatigued. On top of this, I noticed that the higher ups tried to keep me as long as possible by providing me with a paraphernalia of things to do. If one task was done past overtime, they'd go out of their way to search for another task even when my lunch was already cut to 20 minutes. All in all, make sure you be mindful about how hard you work here. If you are a part-timer and plan on staying here full-time, then put in just the right amount of effort to get the work done. The moment a higher-up catches you putting in extra work, they will take advantage of your mentality and also your physical capabilities. As for summer-temps, this will happen regardless of whether or not you have the working mentality. Just grind it out, work hard, and make the best out of it. The work is tough. The environment is tough. But, the benefits severely outweigh the work that is put in.
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Justin Martinez (2 days ago)
Number 1) you are guaranteed a 15 minute break on your shifts. Anywhere between the 2 or 3rd hour, you signed a waiver for this. You yourself made the sole choice of passing up on your breaks. Also, please dont discourage the teamster members to not work hard. We are here for the long run and we aren't temporary. The more you know, the better your situation is. You should have talked to your fellow employees and got a little more insight on things. As well as getting supervisors phone numbers to eliminate any of the run around. Simple solutions to real world problems.
Jimmey Mcgee (9 days ago)
sorry buy your young an your in pain because you drink an eat stuff you shouldnt meaning your probably depleated of all types of vitamins menerals making you feel like shit. You could get a job at taco bell? no over time there.
camelCase (9 days ago)
Your attitude, diet, and rest will make or break you.
Chris Roberts (11 days ago)
Same with USPS no communication, he right there, so true
Chris Roberts (11 days ago)
Stick it out your young,
Isaac Valdez (17 days ago)
Lol i was a unloader two years now im a supervisor. I didnt have a bad experience
UniqueGamer513 (17 days ago)
Dude your job at UPS sounds easier than mine. 1 hr break? Lmao. I get 2 15 min
The Jason Knight Fiasco Band (18 days ago)
I used to work as a loader from 11pm to 2am shift @ the Cerritos hub in California. I loved it for the first 18 months. Made a lot of friends, good pay, etc. Anyway, I went to HR to put myself on the drivers waiting list and she told me the wait time was 9 years. Yeah... thanks but no thanks.
Reaper (20 days ago)
I work 3am till 9am and only get a 10 min break bruh
masamu8287 (21 days ago)
Dude go to sleep!!
Wil Fredo (25 days ago)
You work sort aisle, as an ex pickoff we hate you all 😭😭😭 package handling is a shit job and takes months to really get used to. Especially since nothing ever works except the employees
Mirin Nen (27 days ago)
Thanks for sharing your experience. I'm not taking the job haha
Tomas Huerta (27 days ago)
How can Brown shit on you?
James Maggot (28 days ago)
You got an hour break for 9 hours? I got 10 minutes for that long and the union didn't do shit about it. Part time workers weren't allowed to leave after 5 hours either. They were threatened with being written up or fired for job abandonment.
Austin Vicenty (29 days ago)
I worked at UPS package handler from 1 am - 9am for mon-fri every week for seasonal around October 2015. I probably only lasted a month and a half. It was the hardest job I have ever had physically but it was a great challenge mentally and physically... but VERY stressful. I have to agree about the whole supervisor thing. Those guys are dicks and can be very up your ass on things. I can’t believe I got away with some of the disrespectful remarks I made to my supervisor for being a cunt... and I don’t regret telling him no. I ended up quitting because I didn’t want to work that hard of a job with someone who lingered around like that being the way he was. I was happy as hell to leave. Btw, the pay seems high but I’ll say right now it ain’t high enough and you will not be satisfied. Don’t waste your time at UPS... there’s better jobs out there, easier ones with good hours if you simply look.
The Oliver (1 month ago)
The warehouse feels similar to hell on earth at times. It’s not healthy. But no one forces us to work there and it pays. You may not have energy to live a life outside of work but if you are smart with your money and investments you may be able to have a significant retirement. I’m not sure if it’s worth it. It’s better than having no opportunies.
Wings of Redemption (1 month ago)
Just did 6 weeks at fedex pt package handler and im still sore every day lol but im getting used to it. im glad they only start you out part time and not ft.... i can go ft anytime i want to or pull a double shift whenever. my feet always hurt and i think i have a herniated disc lol. YOUR BETTER OFF GOING AND WORKING AT FEDEX WE HAVE A LOT OF PEOPLE COMING FROM UPS AND ITS BETTER THEY SAY.
Wings of Redemption (1 month ago)
also recommend staying well hydrated throughout the day and while working, get full 8 hours of sleep, and stretch. also eat good meals before going to work
William Lancaster (1 month ago)
My man is itching like he washed up with a poison ivy leaf
xo ox (1 month ago)
kylee jones (1 month ago)
I work for usps and I started out as a casual (another word for holiday employee) government employee right ? You would think they would treat you with a lot of respect - still got hazed, harassment, lied to about work or breaks you name it ! I stayed with my position and did get a year contract until I get moved to regular (fancy word for full time benefits regular employee) even though I work over 40+ hours since I’ve started working at usps.
su u (1 month ago)
Ups always loses my packages or delivers to wrong address.
timothy brown (1 month ago)
Now that I’ve listened to the half the video when I worked in the primaries when it was my break fuck a box sorry for all you customers I wouldn’t of touched a thing can you go and get the box from pink NO after I get back from break and no don’t set a precedent cause they will hold you to it and I don’t care how long you work there once you are known for something it will follow you you are definitely right don’t do the Superman thing
timothy brown (1 month ago)
20 years about 8 surgeries package car its not for everyone but salute for hanging in there this job takes a special breed and it pays excellent but you earn every dime good luck going forward
Chief of Demons. (1 month ago)
Hm, I've been at ups for a 1yr & a half. I love it, they have great benefits! It's fast paced which is extremely fun. Putting in hardwork at a job is good work ethic, you'll definitely get noticed for it. Don't be that guy who doesn't put in enough work. If you can't handle breaking a sweat then don't apply there. We talk shit about your lazy ass lol . Other than that the only downsides is the pay rate $15.50 & the hours, I get 4-5 hrs a day (part time) that still wouldn't cover life expenses whatsoever. Moral is you can test out the waters & see if you like the job.
Steve K (1 month ago)
True! Good video!! Good luck.
Tron 1 (1 month ago)
Ups packer is a shit job. Shit pay, lots of whip cracking, mundane, repetitive, body destroying work. (Wait till you turn 38-40 years) there's much better out there my dude.
King Reef (1 month ago)
Pussyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy pice of shit gook
King Reef (1 month ago)
I see a pussy
Nastya Bokhonko (1 month ago)
This sounds like hard work. I commend all the workers
Roderick Julius (1 month ago)
I work at ups and it's a bitch
stingray427man (1 month ago)
Back on in 2000 I worked at UPS for 4 days at a major city hub. If you go to work there as a package handler, make sure you join the union. If you don’t want to, this job is not for you. I decided not to join the union because my thought was why pay for representation seems an outdated way in today’s US workforce. Unions were created in the industrial revolution... Boy was I wrong, those union people will f you over. Lied about fans not working, leave you alone to unload/load an entire trailer w/o help, etc. They will make your life miserable to get you to either join or quit. UPS is definitely not a company I would recommend to work at, simply because they let that shit happen. Find a better job, they are out there. Thanks for sharing your experience there.
The Dummy (1 month ago)
Staying for more hours is good but not all the times bro so don’t be afraid to say I got to go or be honest an say I did my job now I want to go home or come up with an excuse sometimes like you got go do something like take a family member to an dr appointment an so on
Golden God (1 month ago)
Exactly. I was working on an assembly line for a very notable medical company. My hours were 6:30 am to 2:30 pm monday through friday. It was a Friday, and I was not so much asked to stay until 6 pm, but rather told that "we need you to stay for another three and a half or four hours." This shit was sprung on me at literally 1:45 PM. I was winding down for the day, and looking forward to getting off to go chill with my bros. I told my boss that I had plans already set and that I could not stay past 2:30. He was disappointed, but that shit was worth it.
The Dummy (1 month ago)
Wow this new generation is in trouble lol body aches bc can’t stand for 4 hours straight with an hour break then stand for another 4 hours lol I’ve been working since I was 14/15 an started out at a fucking fish house aka fish packing plant where I would unload boats an it would get boxed with ice lol I didn’t have no problems bc my generation was the last generation without the luxury of cellphones where if you wanted to hangout with a friend you call his house or walk or ride a bike over to the house.. I’m not trying to be mean but what I’m getting at is the new generation sits down way too much.. Growing up in late 80 an early 90s we would only be in the house playing our Nintendo when it was storming out or night time lol I remember me an my brother an our friends playing in the rain trying to make a mud bowl playing football an/or trying to play baseball in the rain by our parents would call us in bc of the Lightning.. All this technology got the new gen lazy I mean people making videos of their selves playing video games on YouTube lol that’s nuts it really is
Akemi (1 month ago)
It also doesn't help that these facilities are pushing towards more automation over workers for convenience and to save money. Bottom line is we as the consumers and the workers often don't have a choice but to succumb to corporate changes or get left behind in the dust. You make a super good point on the luxury part of the new generation. As I've noticed with walking down campuses and the metro, people are detached from the world around them and fixated deeply into their own lives and circles. Now many people can't form meaningful relationships. And even when these "friends" get together and hangout, they're still on their phones. The world is truly a scary place today.
The Dummy (1 month ago)
Also working at the fish house I would literally work 30 hours an get 2 to 4 hours of sleep an go back lol an never had luxury of hour break lol
Sam Fisher (1 month ago)
2 types of people: Illogical workers- completing on or above targets EVERYTIME, paid the same. Logical workers- work hard but send back inconsistency to the system when achieving targets. It reduces stress, expectation. Why do people work infinitely more for the same pay, more stress and physical work?
Nick _D (1 month ago)
I was a package handler and I worked liked 2hours a day. 15 min break.
Brian Kid (1 month ago)
I worked at ups and it was the worst job I'd ever had. Minimum wage, highly abusive boss, crackhead coworkers, and restrictions during breaks
Darren Belak (1 month ago)
You should work for fedex they are so much better
anthony encinas (1 month ago)
What hub were you at..... you're right about the warehouse work..... just get paid by the hour work safe and stand up for yourself..... dont let management push you around.... same crap now as a Driver now.... I been there done that warehouse now that iam a driver the money is good but you earn your pay that's for sure but worth it... stand up for yourself you have the union you can talk back to management but do it smart.
Noah Larive (1 month ago)
Yeah bro I was there for a year only thing that kept me going was opiates,pushups,cigarettes and coffee. In that order. Just kidding but not really. Also weed.
Woken Wolf (1 month ago)
Fuck working at those sweat shops. YOU choose to work at that shit hole. Go find another gig kid.
Rob Ferrell (1 month ago)
You must be work at a hub... Cuz I work for UPS for 11 years before I quit... And we will only guarantee as a part-time employee three and a half hours we can work over three and a half hours but they wanted to take us off the clock at three and a half hours we were gone and the reason you work about 5 and you can leave because that's when the overtime comes in
Lila Polite (1 month ago)
Power to you, my brother. Package handling is the worst job EVER! FedEx is no better. Trust. I loaded the trailers. Multiple ones. Worked the belt. Helped in other areas. Worked smalls. They worked the shit out of me and all the folks that worked hard. Busted my hand and it’s permanently jacked up because they handled the incident poorly. The lack of communication must be in their training manual as a right of passage! The dehydration is real. Comes from touching the boxes and you have to drink water! You sweat in the summer and worse in the winter because you have on two layers of clothes in those brutally cold warehouses. Pat downs, security scans, shoes off, hats off to enter and leave. Dummies for managers. Nasty asses. Drunk and high folks who don’t show up on Saturday because they got paid on Friday. No regard for the job and the job has no love for you. Unsafe conditions. Folks getting robbed, attacked and violated in the parking lot. Supervisors with the brain power of a fly flexing on folks old enough to be their mother/father...Just all parts of fuckery for the sake of greed. And don’t you dare question anything even in the most professional manner. For a lousy $200 a week, if that. Your body, brain and soul take a beating. 4am always got here too quickly. I would not recommend this shit to my worst enemy. But, if you go in with blinders on and not think about the bs, get your little change and go. Perfect for college students and a second gig to pay off a bill. Thanks for letting me rant. Good luck to you!
rado vr6 (1 month ago)
paper mill. swing shifts. guys get fired or quit then work 7 days a week for MONTHS. cover vacations. work 7 days a week. guy calls out you're working 12. the other guy doesn't come in you're working 16. go home. go right back. lunch on the run. 114 degrees. everything can kill you. that's tired. I gotta go to work
Rolando Motta (1 month ago)
Under Paying Scammers
Luis Lopez (1 month ago)
Which hub?
HHz Tryx (1 month ago)
The pretty painted trucks and super awesome UPS drivers don’t represent this company for what it truly is. I quit 6 months ago and could not be happier. Best of luck to you in your future career decisions.
GamersUnitedGaming (1 month ago)
Man I got lucky then! I work at UPS that is in the airport. I work in the Ramp and its the easiest job I have ever had. 4-5 Hours, the pay now due to the new Contract is 13/h which is great for my state. Except for pallets that weight 4-10k pounds, the rest are easy to push due to rollers. I have my college paid, and recently there was an influx of young high schoolers-first time college hires like me which makes the day go faster with socializing. Great job! but when we randomly get pick for HUB DUTY! Hell that is literally hell.
Kade Markoux (1 month ago)
Dang man, that sucks and thanks for the warning. I've got an interview tomorrow because I need a job and havent found much else lately since I normally do freelance work online but, this is kinda making me wonder if I shouldn't bother to go through with it.
Kade Markoux (1 month ago)
Akemi so after getting the job I can agree 100% that this job is pretty much a joke in my area. I was told by a few people they’re desperate for people to work such an early morning shift but it seems otherwise. I received a call last Friday telling me I would start on Saturday so I went in at 3:30am only to sit there for about an hour doing absolutely nothing until the manager on duty came and got me and some other guy then all we did was watch videos for the next two hours and got sent home afterwards. During that time I heard two employees getting yelled at for stupid stuff that made no sense when all they were doing was informing the manager about some problems at hand and he just said make it work pretty much ignored the situation. What a huge lack of communication and organization as far as I can tell. There was also no clock-in system to track employees coming into and leaving work and I think that’s bad too. The manager took down our information and said he would call by Tuesday to let me know what’s going on and I never heard anything so I went in this morning at 4:30am and found everyone working already. I then saw a supervisor I recognized from the first time and asked him if the manager was around. He said no he’s at training and said I could go home they don’t need me and he too took down my number. This is turning into a huge waste of my time so I am going to look for a better job in the meantime. It’s becoming very apparent that working here sucks and will lead to nothing but more stress and drama..
Kade Markoux (1 month ago)
thanks man, i do appreciate the video and advice, its very helpful
Akemi (1 month ago)
Kade Markoux for freelancing if you work at ups you'll be getting full time benefits for part time work. So if you endure it's not too bad.
Ian Hopkins (1 month ago)
Yoooo I was a sorter for a year there. Hated it, but I was in the best shape of my life.
Chris Elliott (1 month ago)
I worked for preload for 3 years. Had 1 of the worst supervisors in the facility, went to my home town to be a driver and it was way worse. No union protection cost me the job pretty much, as the union stewart could care less because he was close to retirement.
GANGSTER THANG (1 month ago)
I worked ups for 9 years I advise anyone to stay outta that place
Darryl Parks (1 month ago)
Ppl will always let u do most or all the work then shit on you later
Darryl Parks (1 month ago)
You jusy explained everywork place not just ups
Rocky Dennis MVP (1 month ago)
Here's some real advice. You don't start at UPS as a full time employee. You start off as a part-timer, working 4 hours making $8-$9 an hour. You start off in loading or unloading. Loading is HELL, and I mean HELL on your back. You have to load two 18-wheeler sized trucks from front to back, top to bottom with no gaps. Imagine Tetris, but bigger real life pieces. Not all pieces are nice square boxes. Not all boxes are light, some are heavy filled with bolts, nails, these boxes go on the bottom and serve as the base. Sounds easy right? Then you get shit like horse saddles, or boxes shaped like a bowling ball and 25 chairs. All must be packed perfectly in the the truck. You spend most of the shift bent over, and your back just BURNS. By the time you get off, you are soaking wet, head to toe. There is no A/C, just a fan all the way at the back of the truck on the dock. If this is what you are looking for, this is PERFECT.
Mattx (1 month ago)
your lucky you only have a one hour break. the itching is dust mites. ups has an infestation.
BassBreath100 (1 month ago)
Julian (1 month ago)
That job is a joke. I rather work doordash amazon flex uber lyft
craig bryan (1 month ago)
Preload is the hardest job, physically next to delivery. I'm a delivery driver , and thank god its my last year. UPS is a meat grinder. Take care of yourself buddy.
anthony sanchez (1 month ago)
Where do they let you double shift?
Carlitos GM (1 month ago)
anthony sanchez fuck ups, the place is hazardous and can't file a law suit because they make u watch videos and answer questions.
khmaiaznboi89 (1 month ago)
I've been there 10 years as a part time employee, learn the contract language and tell them to EFF OFF when they violate them. Also I only work hard for managers/supervisors who have earned my respect everyone else gets a box every 3 seconds. I'm also a part time driver I frequently have to tell part time supervisors when they are about to violate dot/labor laws.
Domenico Massaro (1 month ago)
5 years in , welcome to the club : yes you work your butt off but the benefits especially if you have a family and kids is a huge Plus
John Smith (1 month ago)
wtf I have been here 30 years It is not that hard it is a great job you just have to commit to It just like the military but like You ,you can leave when you had enough 2 Homes 3 kids through college no debt Have over a million liquidity Will retire next year try and find that out there
World Hunter 300 (20 days ago)
That sounds like a horrible fucking life lmao.
Tae Kim (1 month ago)
That’s a sad life
Mark Stench (1 month ago)
John Smith I worked there 31 yrs retired with good pension,....your correct good job
VF1100rider (1 month ago)
sounds likes it very disorganized and it's bad that they don't appreciate efficient workers but it was the same where I worked and that was government.
Mac Neoh (1 month ago)
This is almost every labor job in the United States. Shit hours, pay and work. Women working, automation and NAFTA have given us a surplus of labor and you are very expendable. There really isn't a reason to pay or treat someone good anymore. As for as loyalty...there is none. You are there until the second they don't need you. My advice is to pick up a trade or a skill like HVAC, plumbing or mechanic, somthing a robot can't do (for now), a woman won't do, and the work can't be shipped to a Mexico. Fuck college, its a money trap too unless you go for somthing in STEM. Anyways hang in there. You are at the bottom, and the only way for you to move is up.
ray ray miles (1 month ago)
Thanks for your video Akemi
IndieFlick Jim (1 month ago)
if you're not happy at your job... You're fucked
vito (1 month ago)
fucking globalization and fucking united europe, here in italy it's not different. once it was not like that, there was more respect ! i wish you the best.
Daveyboy _ (1 month ago)
worked there for a few yrs , Slave labour, but. You have to know how to play the game. Whats the game you ask ? You're in the strongest fukin' union in the country. So when they bring u into the office to reprimand you or whatever. Dont sign shit. They will tell you. "You have to " and then u tell them . " no i dont" . This guy did ramble on but what he says at the end is spot on. The harder u work , the harder they will drive you. Do the minimal, its all about seniority let the 'new schmucks' do it.
IndieFlick Jim (1 month ago)
they should not have started you full-time right away, you got to work into that man, that's crazy
trickyhero (1 month ago)
Holy shit working both loads? You are absolutely crazy man, the 5 hour part time shifts are already to much man.
trickyhero (1 month ago)
Daveyboy _ damn anyone that does that I'm impressed. That must be brutal on your back
Daveyboy _ (1 month ago)
trickyhero yeah but part timers get paid OT after 5 hrs. so he's playin' the system
kyle price (1 month ago)
If you work preload then that shouldn't be shit trust me because i would double shift. Night depending if Twilight shift didnt finish their shit u gotta clean up their mess along with yours. Amazon Prime day psssh Volume gonna be higher
362chop (1 month ago)
Did that job many years ago. Didn’t quite last the 6 months but nevertheless a HORRIBLE job, truth.
MttChd (1 month ago)
I worked with you last summer on the night shift. I hope you're doing well.
Keep it Real ! (1 month ago)
I worked nite sort for 4 years , didn’t even blink when I left , it’s a good experience but not for everyone!
Ilwu 13 (1 month ago)
UPS is union and you should of ask your shop steward
Claude Benford (1 month ago)
Ups is physical work, but if you have the DNA to handle it you get free college,decent pay and a workout.
Adolfo Mendiola (1 month ago)
View it as a workout and you'll do just fine.
Steve Jayvion JARED Leslie and Afsheen! (1 month ago)
Claude Benford I worked at Ontrac that Job got me physically fit and mentally.
Dorian Gonzalez (1 month ago)
I'm 41 years old I have a tour schedule for UPS as a package handler what are your recommendations? I've worked at Target backroom for 3 years and I know what it feels to unload a truck with a conveyor belt I just wanted to know if do you have any advice
Oliver Medina (1 month ago)
I bet you your supervisors are Certified Six Sigma Holder! 😂 I feel for you!
nj cowboysfan (1 month ago)
Being a part timer for preload is trash. Pay is trash. Most people just stay for benefits. If you're not trying to become a driver its pretty much pointless and even the drivers are fed up and threatening to strike again
SammyB212 (1 month ago)
So true I worked there in my area where I live and after a month I left . I unloaded the freight trucks andThey didn't care about you at all or the fact that sometimes everything that's bulk (70#s or more or 5ft 6ft in length) that had to go down a separate chute not on the regular conveyor would weigh sometimes twice my own weight (162). They also would lay me off for at least a day a week never had a full week. Not to mention everyone was fucking miserable.
August Rules (1 month ago)
I thought this only happens at the hub I work at and this gentleman is right they do take advantage of the good workers and UPS is not PRO ACTIVE and does not COMMUNICATE well at all!
Rob Douglass (1 month ago)
Ups sucks cock I was a twilight supervisor and it’s trash as fuck
Alan Lee (1 month ago)
You have to push yourself and get your body in shape and the work is easy. A man has to be able to do physical work, it's the way nature intended but society has taken the pressure off of us. Believe me, this work is not hard. You think an Olympic marathoner was born that fast for that long? There's guys out there that do this and work a second job. My buddy is 20 years part time and he makes a decent living with his job at the fire dept and is going to have 2 pensions. Once you get to that level, then make a judgement about ups.
Lord-Commander Savage (1 month ago)
You have no fucking clue what you're talking about. Get a job at UPS then render judgment. You have no idea what that shit is like.
Jason B (1 month ago)
UPS is awesome!!! Work hard and ask questions. That’s how you get promoted quicker. If that is your last day and want to come back. Tell them you always wanted to be with UPS and it’s something that is great for you and your family. They will also help with school if you decide too. Not many people have a chance at ups but you do need to have a diploma and can not drive until you are 21yrs old. Remember at UPS cross your T’s and dot your i’s. Be honest and don’t steal. Cause they are always watching when you least expect
Luciano (1 month ago)
Funny , yet true.
Emmanuel Archie (1 month ago)
You just lazy As hell
Carlitos GM (1 month ago)
Emmanuel Archie man fuck you and fk ups they want you to work as slaves and hurt yourself, ur just a fk tart that works like an ant.
Brian 88 (2 months ago)
My dude I've been doing this crap for 12 years at UPS and my body still isn't used to it.
World Hunter 300 (20 days ago)
+Kyle Brawner lol u too
World Hunter 300 (20 days ago)
Lol ur life sucks.
Jared Thomas (20 days ago)
Brian 88 I work as a driver at FedEx. I left that. It wasn't for me. They aspect so much out of you. But they pay you your worth. To be picking up all that heavy stuff man. I would come home sore every day. Man I guess ups is the same way.
Kyle Brawner (1 month ago)
Brian 88 10 years here. Never gets any easier
Steve Jayvion JARED Leslie and Afsheen! (1 month ago)
Brian 88 What? You must have bad bone structure. To be honest I have big bones so it a given to me and also I lift with proper form.
ivan d (2 months ago)
Fil-am Family (2 months ago)
I have interview on Tuesday! It says part time package handler only 4 hours a night which is good for me since Im only looking for part time job for summer anyway..
Akemi (2 months ago)
Good luck! I'm sure you got it
Circle, Triangle, Circle (2 months ago)
The way you look in this video compared to the way you look in the first is so different. The transformation!
Lisa Dasher (3 months ago)
I used to work at Amazon
Lisa Dasher (3 months ago)
Amazon is worst
AWeebleWobble (2 months ago)
So which is it? You made this comment a week ago on another video "I have a easy job at Amazon" if its so easy why is it the worst?
Lisa Dasher (3 months ago)
I'm going to be working from 5:00 o'clock pm until 10:00 o'clock pm I'm going to love it
Jared Paulin (3 months ago)
***UPSER EXPERIENCE*** I work at Worldport in Kentucky. I was a union employee for 5 years before I decided to get promoted. I gained a lot of communication and leadership skills. I also got to know a lot of sups really well and learned a lot about the operation. Getting promoted was the best thing I ever did. From a management standpoint, we’re not picking on the hard workers or whatnot. We’re relying on the best people we have to get the job done with the best quality work. All the while we should be working with the employees that need more training and try to make them the go to people for when shit needs to get done. Not every sup does that but a lot do or at least try their damnedest. It does seem like you guys do things different at the smaller gateways like letting people leave before the sort is really done and using all the employees efficiently. Your supervisor should expect the best from you and you should expect the best from your supervisor. Hell expect the best from your fellow hourly employees. The better everyone works the better the easier the job is. I speak from experience.
Dragongst (3 months ago)
I started package handling for UPS a year ago. I was 41 years old looking for an opportunity to change careers from middle management in retail to the shipping side of retail. Last year I was old, out of shape and wanted to quit every day during my shift. I'm now in the driver training program and will be making over 100k/year. Did you ever consider that the doors you load or unload are not as heavy as the doors you have to help others with? The job is hard, it will beat you down. It will make you want to either quit, or push yourself harder than you have ever been pushed both mentally and physically in your life. I'm now in the best shape of my life with muscles and a sixpack for the first time ever! At 41 almost 42 years old even! I'm about to make a six figure income for the first time in my life. I'm sorry you had to quit because of school, an education is very valuable! UPS is one of the few companies I know where having only a HS diploma still gives you an opportunity to make that kind of income. It's not the job that makes you quit, it's your motivations. Financial freedom was motivation to not quit. My mentality was to go to work and kick ass, not get my ass kicked!
Akemi (3 months ago)
This comment is very well written and constructive! It's true that there are times where quitting feels like an easy way out but putting in the work and dedication with a focused goal in mind will push you far in this job. I mention a little bit about this on one of my newer videos that discusses some of the benefits I've gained while working at UPS for the short time that I did. You're very correct that this is one of the few jobs (besides freelancing) that can net over 100k with benefits with just a HS diploma for sure. Congratulations for reaching financial freedom! You've earned it =)
Fernando (3 months ago)
Hey i just have a quick question, did you ever work holiday's. Such as 4th of July, thanksgivings or Christmas?
Fernando (3 months ago)
Akemi yeah i would like to see a video like that, especially because i dont plan on staying at ups forever
Akemi (3 months ago)
I just graduated from college with an OIM degree! But I'm currently pursuing freelancing with a hobby I picked up while at school and now I'm in a financially stable position. I will make a video about this on this channel if people are curious about it!
Fernando (3 months ago)
Akemi oh ok im doing the day shift. If you dont mind me asking what job do you have now?
Akemi (3 months ago)
I didn't work holidays. I had a weird schedule with the 4th of July though. Since I didn't work on the 4th of July, I worked the night shift on the 3rd of July and worked the preload shift on the 5th of July.
OG Krillin (3 months ago)
Damn dude you look miserable
MAFIAMAN (1 month ago)
OG Krillin yup thats how it is the manger doesn't give a fuck if your body hurts he wants you to go faster there was times were i almost blacked out and he still wanted me to speed it up
OG Krillin (1 month ago)
MAFIAMAN I was just a package handler at fed ex just last month before I quitted within a week and a half of being there. During orientation they said our hours would stay consistent from 4am-9am, they would txt me every night before to come in at 5am then around 8am they’ll send me home. So I was only there for 3 hours everyday plus they moved me from unloading trailers to lifting huge boxes over 70 pounds I think they called them high C’s or icees I may have spelt that wrong but whatever overall it was the worst job I’ve ever had. I even asked the Manager If I can switch back to unloading because my back was killing me and he laughed and told me to tough it out so I ended up quitting right there.
MAFIAMAN (1 month ago)
OG Krillin that's life as a package handler its hell those boxes will become your nightmare they keep coming and the managers and supervisors yell at you to go faster being a package handler should be your last choice trust me I am not lieing
Jesus Gil Galindo (2 months ago)
Lol not one of these comments ever mentioned it haha!
Michael Knabusch (3 months ago)
lol that's why you become union when I pre loaded I walked away from sups before I am/was a yes guy but bro your just a pussy glad you left ups
Conscious Music (3 months ago)
i have an interview tomorrow gonna be doing a 4-9 what job should i do? Do they let me choose what job i want to do?
theforce iscalling (3 months ago)
I spent a year and a half at fedex. In that time i was a package handler, switcher, and ops administrator. I left the warehouse to be a driver. What this guy says is true. You show youre a hard worker your managers will exploit that and work you harder. Theyll send the lazy slow people home and keep the hard workers to pick up the slack. Dont get me wrong it was a fun job but its not for everyone. My first day i didnt even wanna come back for my 2nd.
liwi (8 days ago)
I was thinking about becoming a switcher but I smoke weed. Do they drug test when promoting switchers? I know they do for management.
MAFIAMAN (1 month ago)
Spencer Burton true its our sad society but lets keep pushing brothers I now work as a shitty dishwasher its sort of like package handler but on easy mode and yes they do take advantage of you in any part time job
Spencer Burton (1 month ago)
Yeah, but that's basically every job though.
MAFIAMAN (1 month ago)
theforce iscalling exactly they took advantage of me !!