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Formula One Is Trying To Woo Americans

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Formula One and the United States have had a rocky relationship for as long as the sport’s been around, but new American-led management is set on changing that once and for all. Since its founding, Formula One has been an international organization. The first world championship was held in 1950 at Silverstone in the United Kingdom. The winning driver, Italian racer Giuseppe Farina, drove a supercharged Alfa Romeo in front of 120,000 cheering spectators — including England’s reigning monarch, King George VI. That European race set the stage for Formula One’s global presence, excluding America. Headwinds in America Logistically, it’s hard to be a Formula One fan in America. Most of the races take place in Europe, so watching live events often means waking up at the crack of dawn. The U.S. also has its own motor sports to watch like IndyCar and NASCAR, which has been around since the 1940s. Peter Habicht is the founder of Formula One's largest fan group in America, located in San Francisco. The group has about 2,500 members. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Find CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC Formula One Is Trying To Woo Americans | CNBC
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james corvett (1 day ago)
F1 is state of the art driving in the world best performance race cars. Americans know nothing about either IMO! They'd rather watch nascar aimlessly drive in a circle over and over. you could prob train a monkey to do that. it was a drag sometimes waking up early , or staying up late, to watch F1 races, but i did it anyway for 25-30 yrs. its not what it used to be.
joneskimracing (10 days ago)
USA has arguably the largest and widest motorsports fans collectively in the world. It's just segmented from grass roots, Drift, NASCAR, Indy, etc. fans. F1 has the opportunity to transcend its appeal to everyone, a tremendous challenge no one has yet to achieve. One thing is for sure, F1's NOT gonna get it done by hosting its races in Texas or Florida. It's gotta happen in NYC or LA, and appeal to hardcore fans to periphery fans.
NathanZGreat888 (10 days ago)
I hate how most people assume that Nascar is supported/has crowds of only redneck and or unsophisticated people. America could join F1 and be just as good as some of the racers, but choose not to.
AZMike (12 days ago)
Question:  are some or all Formula One races held on blocked-off public streets/roads in Europe?  It appears they are, but I can't tell.
AZMike (9 days ago)
Thanks, Julinks.
Julinks (9 days ago)
Most F1 races are held on permanent race tracks, but you are right some are held on street circuits on public roads, the most famous one being of course Monaco. There are three other street circuits currently on the calendar: the Austrailian GP in Melbourne, Singapore and the Azerbaijan GP in Baku.
Pope Francis the great nonce III (12 days ago)
It’s all well and good promoting in America. But please this is a multi national sport. So don’t americanise the sport by turning it into a “super bowl event” otherwise the race will have a fucking break just for adverts. Keep the traditions and foundations around Europe not America.
Marisa Tamayo (13 days ago)
i like f1 and im from fliruda
Lee B (18 days ago)
If your an F1 fan what time you Watch it is irrelevant. The Australian GP is not exactly UK time zone friendly but millions in Europe still tune in. The f1 scene is also about tech no other form of motor sport pushes the tech envelope like F1 either engine or vehicle.
Mondorulezdood89 (20 days ago)
You don’t have to woo me, if Americans don’t want to witness some of the greatest drivers on earth like Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel that’s on them. I’m a huge F1 fan from CA I went to watch the British GP in 2017 and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. #TeamLH
Cory Chalker (20 days ago)
Well it’s working
PROGGAMINGDYT (22 days ago)
I attended one last year and it was a blast!!!!! The atmosphere was so great and the smell and the feel of the cars it was sooo amazing idk why americans hate F1 also Singapore is the best F1 track and race ever 2015 was da best
Lestervai Cayetano (22 days ago)
america is too dumb to scrutinize f1.
Art (24 days ago)
One of the reasons I find it hard for america and newcomers in general (sort of like myself) to find a liking for F1 would be that today, its far too technical, and in general Formula racing isn’t that popular in the states anyways, meaning the technical side to it would be new news to some people.
The Empire (24 days ago)
Why does you Think, The World is Spinning around you USA. Noone cares...
Jeremy (25 days ago)
This comment section is just full of snobs who won’t let people have their own interests and stereotype people together.
Paul Steven Garcia (28 days ago)
I like Formula 1 because of the action and the technology but I hate the money.
Shaun (28 days ago)
I think f1 is wasting its time. Needs more left turns to win Americans over.
c'est la Vie (1 month ago)
Lol, the time should never be an issue as the races are held from Australia to America which almost covers almost all the time zones.
jarryd Vermeulen (1 month ago)
American drivers are shat that's why
Rizki Akbar (1 month ago)
just pick some Nascar Driver to F1, that's all
Joe Slater (2 months ago)
Get Watkins Glen up as a track and you will have me as a fan.
Norm_Benning_Fan#6 (2 months ago)
Wait hold up, did they say Mario Andretti is American. He is Italian. Honestly
Norm_Benning_Fan#6 (2 months ago)
I’ve been “whooed” since 2010
Hot Wheels (2 months ago)
70 years?
Crank Lab Explosion - lab central (2 months ago)
Dumb Americans are just used to boxy cars going in a circle. F1 is for higher IQ Europeans who knows how to race.
Juan Medrano (2 months ago)
F1 is awesome! If u are a Real Car Guy. U watch F1 . From the Technological Enovations in Engine ,Aero, & chassis. & Racing around the worlds circuits . These cars are Engineered to the highest Level . Watching F1 u will actually learn something as well. NASCAR for example.. is just pathetic! Goin in circles??? Reallly??😑😑 stupid boring!
Mikael S-P (2 months ago)
Multi day races???
Rude Boy (2 months ago)
Liberty media, the worst thing to ever happen to F1. They’re turning the sport into something that’s trash and tacky which is alienting us, the longterm and hardcore fans just to grab a couple of dollars from america.
Toro Loco (2 months ago)
you're the kind of fan that is at the core of whats wrong with f1. bernie ecclestone had made f1 a farce. the change is refreshing and by 2021 when they tear up that bs concorde agreement it will only be better.
Sandeep Gaurav (2 months ago)
First race was at Silverstone, not championship
Ryan Dupont (2 months ago)
I live on the east coast USA and most races start around 8:30 in the morning which isn’t too early for me. Also, I don’t particularly care that there’s any American F1 drivers cause I’m a fan of Max Verstappen
Dmitriy Olesh (2 months ago)
Get ford to make an f1 team
Çhïčkēń Kèbáb (3 months ago)
Well let’s just hope the sport does not become Americanised
rhents24 (3 months ago)
F1 > nascar
ChiefSonic9 (4 months ago)
I just recently started watching F1 this season and I love it. I'm tired of NASCAR chase format and constant boring races
Prins van Oranje (4 months ago)
Honestly Indianapolis was a good race track compared to the Circuit of the Americas.
BlaizeV (4 months ago)
How old is the B Roll they use in this video haha, all the modern stuff they use is from almost a decade ago or more.
Rex Anderson (4 months ago)
formula 1/2 is not macho.
Paul anon (4 months ago)
Americans play games for the benefit of spectators, Europeans play sport for the benefit of the sportspeople. Americans don't like to play sports they don't win at, for them it is never about the participation only winning, they will cheat to achieve a win. They are the worst racists in the world and believe they are superior to other nations so when they lose their whole world falls apart.
MonoS ER1 (4 months ago)
F1 is boring just like Nascar this days. No thanks.
DON JOHNSON (4 months ago)
Road America in Wisconsin is the best layout for F1 in the states, but i's not up F1 standards.
HydraDanGaming (4 months ago)
Miami GP is not confirmed yet and alot of fans dont want another street circuit on the calender so it might not happen.
Formula One Fan (4 months ago)
Americans are too dumb to even understand F1.
John K (2 months ago)
Formula One Fan F1 is a complete joke, nascar is a complete joke, and Indy car is a complete joke racing cars round and round over and over again is not a sport if anything it’s a disgrace to actual sports.
FastFoxx 99 (5 months ago)
Its easy now that Nascar is in the selling hole Plus F1 is getting less political and more interesting
Mondorulezdood89 (5 months ago)
I’m American and I love F1. I started watching in 2014 the same year I bought my first Mercedes. One day I was flipping channels and I caught the end of the Bahrain Gp and I instantly became a Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes supporter. 5 years and 4 champions later I’ve been to two races Abu Dhabi GP 2015 and British GP 2017 it’s been an amazing journey that I will continue for the rest of my life. #Mercedes #TeamLH
F-14A Tomcat Tobar (5 months ago)
And thus lead the end of F1 on nbc contract, also I'm a American I knew this sport was a thing since the early 2000s
Myles Dunne (5 months ago)
5am? European races this year have been 8am from the east coast of America.
F-14A Tomcat Tobar (5 months ago)
Exactly sometimes even 9 am
Still I Rise4485 (5 months ago)
From Detroit, saw Senna when I was 2 and when I was 3 years old. I faintly remember a lot of my early childhood, but I'll never forget the first time I heard open wheel cars screaming. Been a fan forever it seems...but I really started devoting time to F1 in 2007. Im a fan of other motorsports as well, but F1 just takes the cake.
Bill McLay (5 months ago)
F1 is getting a lot of things right where NASCAR is getting a lot of things wrong. When I hear "life at the speed of F1" for example... That coincides with our current society, fast pace, connected, the world is one big place online, internationalism, races all over the globe... All parts of the spirit and image of F1. Then there is NASCAR.. the racing stages, 3+ hour events, caution after caution "playoffs" which are an obvious far reach at getting more viewers interested because people can relate to the connection with ball sports. NASCAR is a joke and I hate that I say it because I grew up watching with my family. NASCAR doesn't care about me.
Daniel Grutta (5 months ago)
I love how this video only focuses on the US..What about Canada. Everyone always forgets us..
Fuh Q (5 months ago)
Typical US Whole world plays and watches football - Americans invent their own 'football' played with their hands and an egg shaped ball. Whole world watches F1 - Americans make their own open wheeler series and don't care about F1. It's like they don't want to compete against the rest of the world.
An ordinary Alabaman (5 months ago)
Altough there is no driver to cheer, but there is a team to cheer. It's haas f1 team
Noah F1 Fan (5 months ago)
I have been watching f1 since 2014 Spain. Good video but most Americans don't care about f1 also IndyCar isn't all American because look at how much drivers there are outside of the U.S.
S C (5 months ago)
Until F1 can figure out how to be more competitive and not the most un competitive boring racing in the world, no American interest ever. Who wants to watch a league where the same two teams and drivers win 98% of the races? Not Americans. Watching Nascar is still way more exciting and it's gotten horribly boring as well. F1 is a sham that only euro snob f1 fans will try to defend.
AJW10 (2 months ago)
It's not that difficult to counter your arguments since you just made stuff up very unrealistically because you're biased. There are plenty of European idiots in this comment section, but you're on the same level it seems.
Anuj Chitale (4 months ago)
Watching cars go in circles is more entertaining than actual circuits. Sure buddy, live in your American bubble.
Calvin Cooley (5 months ago)
The problem is that there is no American team, car and driver. Think Dan Gurney All American Racers style.
AJW10 (2 months ago)
Haas F1. Or do you mean the whole package?
Bad Gumby (5 months ago)
Americans don't like F1 for the same reasons they don't like Soccer.
MonoS ER1 (4 months ago)
I rather watch a boring soccer game than a F1 race. I am not American
F-14A Tomcat Tobar (5 months ago)
I'm American I would watch F1 > Soccer (Futbol) there's more action and I can prove it
Ben Ward (5 months ago)
There's a reason why: F1 is controlled (nowadays) by Liberty Media, an American company. Of course, the '05 US race was not conducive to creating fans in America.
Matthew Roalkvam (5 months ago)
Actually they go on at 7:00 pm ET
Thecool Element (5 months ago)
Well if there would be more Americans in formula 1 there millions and millions will be watching but of course there’s indycar. Maybe retired indycar drivers that are Americans and American manufacturers can go to f1 to at least represent the country.
Glen Mallory (5 months ago)
No mention of the great Watkins Glen race track and it’s still strong historical connection to formula one. Build a hotel at The Glen. Upgrade the track and bring F one back to WAtkins.
Alex The Great (5 months ago)
There are no American drivers though there is 1 team which is Haas and NASCAR is struggling
slippery doorknob (5 months ago)
And I'm pretty sure Indycar is taking back the American racing market. They've added courses from the past that hadn't seen the calendar for a long time. The cars are looking cooler and the records are breaking for road/street courses. The only thing left to do is deregulate oval configurations so we can see 240+ mph super speedway speeds again.
Voice of Reason (5 months ago)
The sport is so watered down...bring back the v10. People don't care about 6 cylinder F1 cars...just expensive go carts.
Anuj Chitale (4 months ago)
Actually, ppl do care about V6, KERS and DRS. F1 was never about sound of the engine. It has always been about maximising performance within the rules set.
Gambler (5 months ago)
american's dont like f1 because its late? and there is no american drivers to cheer for? well im not german.. i am not finnish either.. not italian also.. i love seb and kimi.. and i really LOVE ferrari.. so that means 'i shouldnt like f1' Maybe f1 must promise to build walls about to make americans like the sport. OH they call football as Soccer.. Americans are weird.. i was suprised they exist at the first place. they do everything weirdly.
Trevor Kincy (5 months ago)
Laguna Seca anyone?
sula S (5 months ago)
What a strange article, almost all of the images and video of the modern cars were NOT F1 cars. Was that just sloppy use of stock footage without checking what it was?
4A orange (5 months ago)
You are wrong because almost all of the images and videos ARE F1 cars, but being mostly recorded in early 1950's and 2000's. Even a car on the "stock" footages seems to be Jordan EJ12 built for 2002 F1 season, but with a different livery.
FieryWolf 39820 (5 months ago)
They say no American drivers whilst showing a picture of an American team
F-14A Tomcat Tobar (4 months ago)
A W (6 months ago)
Motorsports Manager brought me here.
elwingy (6 months ago)
Americans dont like complicated things, just give them an oval race and some junk running round and round, fill them with beer and hotdogs, add some michael bay type explosions and you won them for life.
Ink Bold (6 months ago)
PB&Jrunr (6 months ago)
Bring back the v10s then we can talk 😁
F-14A Tomcat Tobar (5 months ago)
Yes I miss those engine as well as the v8
Xxx Xxx (6 months ago)
Benjamin Haube (6 months ago)
I'm an American, and I have moved away from NASCAR and toward F1. To be frank F1 is just a lot more exciting to watch.
Dalton Bauman (6 months ago)
NASCAR > Formula One Change my mind
AJW10 (2 months ago)
Well, your opinion. Why would someone try to change your mind?
F-14A Tomcat Tobar (5 months ago)
I like both tbh
The Fast Lane Racing Station (5 months ago)
Dalton Bauman why not both?
spike001ton (6 months ago)
Doubt it will catch on Americans are losing there love for NASCAR due to the increased safety and extra rules f1 is even worse I mean that if you made a no rules racing league maybe limit money to lower the playing field and make more teams even
Julio Acceus (6 months ago)
I've been keeping my eye on HAAS every race. No luck so far. It would be a miracle for P5 Position.
SHERMAN YOUNG (6 months ago)
I'd rather watch paint dry..😂😂😂😂
SHERMAN YOUNG (6 months ago)
One word boreing ,boreing , boreing,,,,if I want to see a race or even be in a race , for free I just jump on interstate 75🤣🤣🤣🤣
476 Anno Domini (6 months ago)
Hambone (6 months ago)
Only because Americans now own the sport, they seem quite determined to grow it in America.
santachickens (6 months ago)
Shouldn't have had a 6 car race in 2005..
Casperankinen (6 months ago)
Why include footage of computer sims and non-F1 cars? But really the issue all motorsport has to face is the drop in it as being an aspiration. Countries have falling driver rates as the whole world urbanizes so really F1 should be more focused on emerging markets that still aspire to drive. Also there’s so much more competition for eyes now. Most motorsport events are pretty boring (you can only see part of the track at a time so it rare to see more than a single file of cars speeding past) and difficult to reach (tracks are quite far from major urban centres with little public transport). Online gaming and video is eroding sport across the board. I feel that whilst this video gets the spin of the marketers right it doesn’t get to the core issues facing F1 and global sport.
Justin Grant (6 months ago)
This was a great video. I would love to see something like this for the decline of sailing in the US, particularly in the America's Cup
Carlson Gracie Team Montreal (6 months ago)
The tame sound of the V6 is the reason I've stopped watching.
Dale Bee (6 months ago)
..exactly..that sound of a screaming F1 car was awesome..now they sound like they are on slow warm-up laps
Blake Chico (6 months ago)
F1 in Austin, TX is the shiznit! Great race and great city equal a blast.
Max Chavelev (6 months ago)
Just forgot to mention Haas... a US team
just tim (6 months ago)
F1 sucks. I watched it for a few years but it seemed to me the majority of the time the driver who had the pole position usually won. The only thing I can say about F1 is they will race in the rain, and that's the only time it's fun to watch. And if that guy with the handle bar mustache is running the show---well I guess he's a legend in his own mind. Good luck, this sport is for the rich and the lame. Bring back the stock car races from the 50's and 60's---well we know that won't happen.
just tim (2 months ago)
+AJW10 My guess is your IQ is probably 15 point less than your age.
AJW10 (2 months ago)
Seems like you just don't have a high enough IQ
just tim (3 months ago)
Lets see, that 5 out of many races in about 7 years. As I said before this sport is for the rich and lame. I'll that the guys like Sterling Moss, you can have these new pansy's.
Mukita12 (4 months ago)
"but it seemed to me the majority of the time the driver who had the pole position usually won." **Flasback Redbull 2010 Turkey GP** **Flashback 2010 Korean GP** **Flashback Singapore 2017 GP** **Flashback 2016 Spanish GP** **Flashback Many race that the pole sitter did not win**
cloud (6 months ago)
Americans dont care about something if it doesn't revolve around them.
Bronson Black (6 months ago)
Well. Maybe if the racing was anywhere interesting after the first 3 turns, maybe.
Golden Squatch (6 months ago)
I live on Bruce McLaren road. :p
paul beecham (6 months ago)
I have been watching F1 since 1988. I have seen many things come in to improve the racing. some good some bad. F1 needs to improve the show but I am worried about liberty media trying to implement too much americana. last years austin gp had the drivers coming out 1 by 1 and that was good but having the 2 championship protagonists standing face to face like a boxing match was wrong!. grid kids???? what are americans??? peados??? I thinknot!!!! bring back grid girls and bring in grid boys for the girls and some boys. F1 does not need a superbowl show, F1 does not need a big show it needs to improve the racing
Craig Dore (6 months ago)
Now you F1 fans in the USA now how Australias feel with the start times when you have races in the Americas
Matty ander (6 months ago)
Americans just like watching cars go round in circles
Boats (6 months ago)
Bring back f2004 then boom f1 will thrive again
Boats (6 months ago)
Get rid of those halos too
Nic_Beast121 (6 months ago)
5am to get up that’s nothing try and stay up till mid night or even 1am try that in aus
Brian Brown (6 months ago)
Why do they care so much about american drivers? and no mention of HAAS, the most successful American team to date?
Tyler Brooks (6 months ago)
I’m. A formula one fan love Charles Leclerc and Mercedes team wish I could go to a Grand Prix race
TomZeBomb (6 months ago)
No mention of Haas at all, which even though there are no American drivers on that team, it has entertained me to watch the hometown crowd. They were what kind of brought me into following F1, even though I don't catch all the races. It also helps that they are doing really well as a team, they are the highest performing mid-pack team behind Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull.
Habu12 (6 months ago)
As a Mexican-American follower of F1, I hope it doesn't grow much more in the US. I like the exclusivity. And I can't stand IndyCar or NASCRAP.
suzuki400boi (6 months ago)
Since Dale Jr. Jeff Gordon, Tony Stewart all retired in Nascar, that's pretty much %60 of the fan base right there gone. One thing for Formula 1 in America is the racing just isn't exciting enough, too many rules, too many penalties etc. The cars aren't exciting enough, especially now with the Awful V6 sound. F1 will have to change a lot if it ever wants to catch on big in America. Not just get a couple American drivers..
Doug Brady (6 months ago)
I'm American. Got into F1 last year. Love it. DVR has made it possible to be a fan.
Wade Davis (6 months ago)
IMSA is better than F1 by a whole lot.