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Formula One Is Trying To Woo Americans | CNBC

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Formula One and the United States have had a rocky relationship for as long as the sport’s been around, but new American-led management is set on changing that once and for all. Since its founding, Formula One has been an international organization. The first world championship was held in 1950 at Silverstone in the United Kingdom. The winning driver, Italian racer Giuseppe Farina, drove a supercharged Alfa Romeo in front of 120,000 cheering spectators — including England’s reigning monarch, King George VI. That European race set the stage for Formula One’s global presence, excluding America. Headwinds in America Logistically, it’s hard to be a Formula One fan in America. Most of the races take place in Europe, so watching live events often means waking up at the crack of dawn. The U.S. also has its own motor sports to watch like IndyCar and NASCAR, which has been around since the 1940s. Peter Habicht is the founder of Formula One's largest fan group in America, located in San Francisco. The group has about 2,500 members. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Find CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC Formula One Is Trying To Woo Americans | CNBC
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RawLu (4 hours ago)
Edgar Schuermer (8 hours ago)
Indy should be added with the European teams building special cars just for the 500.
Ziggy Rotten (10 hours ago)
From USA NC loved NASCAR growing up because it was supposed to be *stock* car racing, but as they've gone further and further from that, and bastardized the idea more and more. Formula 1 is the most appealing Racing League in World at least to me, it sucks to have to get up at all hours of the day or night to watch a race, but its a small price to pay to see some of the most advanced technology in the world go head-to-head.
masterbrice (13 hours ago)
Nascar is dying
Danny (13 hours ago)
Stoner CNBC, does Haas Racing ring a bell here? You know, the American Formula 1 team? Hello?
Yank Nba (14 hours ago)
Good its much better than crap nascar
FAN DE UN EQUIPO CHICO (16 hours ago)
Theres mexican drivers in F1?
That Guy (19 hours ago)
How Americans feel about F1 "F1 FU A1" Translation "Formula 1 FU America first!
Fortnite Michael (19 hours ago)
They forgot to meantion that now there is an American team Racing
SabuPtolemy (1 day ago)
F1 is not gonna make inroads in America until there is an American driver in one of the top teams. And that's not gonna happen anytime soon.
Ryan Ramirez (1 day ago)
I am training mentally virtually and physically to become an FAI F1 Driver!!!! I am live broadcasting this Sunday’s f1 race looking for followers @ #ramxmotorsports
Ryan Ramirez (1 day ago)
Hey guys I am
Sam Peck (1 day ago)
5:28 but there is an American team
Sam Peck (1 day ago)
actually, in 2005, the drivers boycotted because of safety concerns, they wernt forced to withdrawl
Sam Peck (1 day ago)
talk about F1 but uses old film so fans dont wanna watch
André Vianna (1 day ago)
Isn't Kevin Magnusen American ?
SabuPtolemy (1 day ago)
He is Danish.
Joey Saunders (1 day ago)
Indycar is far superior to F1 and Americans have taken notice. If Fernando Alonso joins the series, Indycar's popularity will skyrocket both here and worldwide.
Jason B (1 day ago)
Ive been watch F1 last two seasons. Have not missed a race. Awesome experience and should not be missed. Team Red Bull !
Zorada (1 day ago)
Because everything has to conform to American audiences? Well we in Europe dont care for baseball, hockey and American Football so all is fair
Rob (1 day ago)
As an American, I love F1 racing, but theres alot wrong with it. For one, it doesn't cater to America. you have to get up at 5 or 6 a.m. just to catch the races live, because they set the race times to what makes Europeans happy. Second, there's no real completion. The top three teams have stayed the top three, basically forever. that should be an indicator that those teams have a clear advantage over everybody else, and something should be done. Third, there's no American anything in F1. Haas is an American team, but it's simply owned by an American and ran by foreigners with a Ferrari chassis. And they never win. there's almost nothing they can do to be competitive with the top three.
Christian Adrián Álvarez Báez (18 hours ago)
Haas is incredibly competitive for a new team. Older teams are below them, including mclaren and many times, Renault. If you really know f1, you should know that. If I were American, I would cheer them, no matter if they have an Italian motor. You can't be so nationalist on such an international sport as f1.
Hans Grueber (1 day ago)
F1 needs to race at Laguna Seca.
Zack Sanchez (1 day ago)
My dad was a senna fan from the beginning and I've been hooked ever since, and were from dallas tx
snipz127 (1 day ago)
American f1 fan right here
country drift (1 day ago)
We spent all that money to build Circuit of the Americas and they've only race there twice what was the point of even putting in the track? just to go to a track day there cost you over $1,500 just to drive for a day it was pointless
zolli21 (1 day ago)
F1 is awesome. And now that NASCAR is on deaths door, I guess they smell blood in the water. Purfect opportunity to promote themselves.
Caleb Gordon (1 day ago)
I like formula racing, i hope it replaces NASCAR
Mirza Ahmed (1 day ago)
I hope they don't make it like the Super Bowl.
Esteeven Cepeda (2 days ago)
New York street circuit and we’re good
SeaMonkey137 (2 days ago)
This video is primarily a marketing pitch for NBC's coverage of F1. For years I got up at 7AM on Sunday to watch the races on Speed Channel. I think fans will do what they have to do to watch unless you do something silly like spread the coverage across so many cable channels and start times that you give up trying to find it. Trying to chase fickle US fans at the expense of a solid fan base (and for F1, that current fan base is worldwide) is the same formula that killed NASCAR and is killing Indy Car.
Lazarus D (2 days ago)
Americans' have never followed international sports.
Adolfo Padilla Ureña (2 days ago)
joosepe farina XD
Eric Roethe (2 days ago)
I won't speak for anyone else, but as an American fan, I am loving the ESPN/Sky feed without commercials. So much better than NBC-SC or Speed.
Ian French (2 days ago)
It's ironic that CNBC create a video about F1 trying to woo Americans, yet they can't even get the tracks correct. AT 1:33 you include a pic of Indianapolis, ONLY...IT ISN'T INDY. You've just loaded a pic of Ontario Motor Speedway during construction in 1968/69. I will admit, it's easy to mix them up. It's the same shape and size track.
dragonblazer96 (2 days ago)
Used to watch F1 back when in the Schumacher days. Never knew the schedule, but would leave it on in the morning when I came across it. Always watched the Monaco GP as I knew it was on the same day as the Indy 500 and Coke 600. This year, I decided to watch F1's full schedule, as NASCAR isn't doing it for me anymore. This season has been much more exciting than NASCAR's and the drivers have great personality, something that has been missing from NASCAR. Indycar has had a great season as well. Guess I'm becoming more of an open wheel fan in recent years. Just hope NASCAR gets their act together... I'd love to continue following all these great series, but NASCAR is sinking quickly
Mica Ny (3 days ago)
F1 is pretty boring these years. Mercedes and ferrari always on the podium , their drivers are just lucky to drive with the fastest cars. Stopped watching it. They should all have the same engine, you would pretty surprised how many talents would reach the podium.
Judahgt3 M (3 days ago)
Very untrue, you can usually find that formula one races are on at 10am or 7pm on Sundays. A perfectly reasonable time. The only reason Americans don't watch f1 is because it's to sophisticated for most to bother to pay attention too.
Rich Eisgruber (3 days ago)
I gladly get up early or stay up late to watch F1! NBC networks had a dedicated following and gave up on F1. Now CNBC is back with a story about it? You guys blew it
miglePB (3 days ago)
Reason why attendance was down in the USGP from 2016 to 2017 is because in ‘16 they had Taylor Swift perform in her only concert that year. I was there and can honestly say that half of the people attending were dragged there by their daughters just to watch Taylor and decided to stay for the race. Last year I noticed more fans were there to watch the actual race and not the performers, maybe because it was JT🤔. This year with Bruno Mars and Britney Spears we’ll see what crowd shows up
DHLCupSeries (3 days ago)
The Miami GP isn’t on the calendar for 2019 because of contract deadlines. So that’s probably gonna happen in 2020.
Nick Hoffmann (3 days ago)
Because I like IndyCar better 🤷‍♂️
h31212 (3 days ago)
Pretty sure the american public would be confused seeing racing car being able to turn right...
empire (3 days ago)
Americans dont really care about open wheel racing. They'd rather watch the cars drive in a circle for 3 hours.
Ivan Bossi (3 days ago)
bring back the v12 or at least v8 and make them cars scream again and then you will catch america
TheMrgoodmanners (3 days ago)
Too many classless people her, too many rednecks and bottom feeders. F1 is a high class sport, wont make much traction here
monty1300 (4 days ago)
Of course it’s about the money. If you grow your audience you grow your wallet.
Zuze91 (4 days ago)
F1 is booring
Benjamin Navarro (4 days ago)
Please add a race in Southern California
jhovany o'brien (4 days ago)
That’s typical of an American, can’t enjoy a piece of entertainment unless there’s an America in it
Friction Prediction 2 (4 days ago)
I'm one of the only F1 fans since 2013.
Michael Decker (4 days ago)
I live in America most races are early morning. Not that i dont care lol make it not so early tf
Evan Marin (4 days ago)
They should switch the f1 cars with stock cars from nascar and stock cars with formula 1 cars and not tell the drivers and you would find something entertaining
Lucas Reehle (4 days ago)
It needs to be more accessible. I'm not paying a hundred bucks a year just to be able to stream a race I'm not super into yet. Formula drift streams free and its way more fun to watch and get involved in. Plus they go all over the US and tickets are cheap.
Rubén Andrés (4 days ago)
F1 should focus on Central and Latin America first. Mexico GP Brazil GP Argentina GP Test the waters with similar timelines.
Mathew Ceron (4 days ago)
I watch f1 here in america, but I have to wake up at 7 in the morning every Sunday to watch. So worth it.
Grae Hall (4 days ago)
F1 is interesting to me, because it represents a bunch of advanced motorsports engineering, coupled with incredibly talented athletes, throwing themselves around at major g-forces through challenging tracks of fast corners, slow corners, all of that buzz. As far as the peak of 4 wheeled motorsports on tarmac goes with the vehicles and drivers to match, F1 is where it's at. It just sucks that some years, far too many years recently, it's a procession of people in the sameish positions the whole time. There's not that jostling and challenging and charging for position there has been in the past.
Bunny B (4 days ago)
engine noise and difficulty for cars to follow closely 😞
teddywoods72 (4 days ago)
Except you forgot about IndyCar’s rising popularity and how non-competitive F1 is in comparison.
Essence of Racing (4 days ago)
Ford has our back! The already have converted a few country boys into the v6 turbo era! Give it 5 years
ryryguy321 (4 days ago)
It's already Woo'd me these past two years, and I don't plan on giving it up.
ray mrdredz (4 days ago)
Nobody's talking about the New Jersey circuit anymore and now Miami
brett bowers (4 days ago)
Fake News,Nascar is fine
African Cracker (4 days ago)
Good thing NBC dropped the sport and kept NASCAR, right? What a great decision
Felipe Modesto (4 days ago)
you only have to wake up at 5am if you're on the west coast
Colin Noble (4 days ago)
I'm an F1 fan in America and whenever I bring it up in a conversation people usually say something like "Oh yeah, they drive in circles right?"
BoberMcBoberson (4 days ago)
Bring F1 back to Watkins Glen !!
Ratt Pack (4 days ago)
Well they better get more competitive. I’m a fan but there has to be more competitive for the wins and title.
Carlton Banks (4 days ago)
We need F1 drivers From the United States
Mr. D (4 days ago)
It all begins with the players. With NFL, all most all players are born in the US. F1, zero players are American. Good luck trying to market a foreign sport to Americans. Go search and watch that Michael Schumacher down talking about American Indy. Lost all respect for him after shaming American circuit racing. F1 is for snotty high nose funsanoons that spend their sissy summertimes in Monaco, hahaha! Here in America, it's NFL, NBA MLB, NHRA, No Prep Racing and NRA guns blazing!
joseph humphrey (4 days ago)
I'm American & I think F1 is the coolest sport of all. It combines cutting edge technology, sophisticated strategy, precision teamwork and world class athletes. Yes, the drivers are athletes, fighting against 5G forces while executing surgically precise movements and making nearly instant decisions. Wish I had time and money to go to Austin.
Shmaiden Entertainment (4 days ago)
NBC one of two broadcasters that shows NASCAR saying it’s struggling even though they are the ones that need it to succeed
Javier Acosta (4 days ago)
Miami is a TERRIBLE place to have a Grand Prix. Miami is a serious Hot Bed for credit card fraud and stolen CC numbers. Odds are, if you use your credit or debit card in Miami, your information WILL be compromised.
JERACERX (4 days ago)
>Complains about being an F1 fan in the US being lonely Meanwhile the sportscar racing fans worlwide...
xXanthonyXx54 (4 days ago)
Being an F1 fan in America, but also in Alabama where everything bleeds Nascar and Open Wheel is Blasphemy, is definitely a lonely time. But When you find those very few people sporting a shirt in some random restaurant, you have to go make conversation. It makes it that much better.
shnatko (4 days ago)
dvr is a godsend for f1 fans in the US
kingofda (4 days ago)
CNBC would have been a more interesting video if you mentioned #HAAS Formula 1 race team is American owned and currently competing in mid-field and Miamia F1 track plans started poorly by missing 1st important deadline on july 1
CraftCrusaders (4 days ago)
Drift Rai (4 days ago)
The issue with the American GP is that it’s in Texas. Sure it’s near Austin and Houston but putting the track in Florida or Southern California would gain attention from serious motorsports fans that don’t just want to watch NASCAR or Indycar.
Wilco Muurling (4 days ago)
yet they banned grid girls and still think americans will watch? what about cheerleaders at the US football? bring back grid girls and tv ratings will go up. those kids are cute and all, and they can stay, but bring back the flare the sport used to have.
cjayx (4 days ago)
It's not going to catch. All motorsports are on the decline.
Taariq Bovell (4 days ago)
im an f1 fan and i live in charlotte
Taariq Bovell (4 days ago)
Pj Neethling (4 days ago)
America deserve that upset in 2005. In the 2004 US Gran Prix, Ralf Schumacher had an horrific accident. Since there was an accident the other drivers were told to slow down so the marshals could help him. Not one marshal was seen near him. He was unconscious in his car for several minutes before receiving any help.
elwulfo666 (4 days ago)
Well there are 9 Grand Prix' in Europe, 7 in Asia and 4 in the Americas. As a European I don't mind getting up early for the Asian races and Amercans could watch the Japanese round at 10 pm on a Saturday evening. I mean how awesome would that be? Let's be honest: Americans don't watch F1 because it's based around Europe. They don't like that it's not centered around them like American Hand Egg. It's the same as Football. 'Muricans can't stand to be beaten nationally so they make their own series and stick to it.
daxhua (4 days ago)
I enjoy Nascar, indy and I love F1 BUT I'm not paying for overly priced tickets to sit on the grass in the HOT texas sun. I can't imagine how expensive ticket prices will be for Miami.
ari jahjolli (4 days ago)
EU >>> US Keep those guys watching NasCar. LEL
Issaias Torres (4 days ago)
I hope F1 becomes bigger here , Get rid of NASCAR , it’s trash .
mako zero (4 days ago)
Formula 1 needs two things to get a grip in the US. 1st, F1 need the two best young US drivers on an all american team with an US engine, US chassis and famous US sponsors. Haas is OK, but F1 need Penske and/or Ganassi. 2nd, there must be a race on US soil every season and it must be a classic race. Laguna Seca, Long Beach, Daytona, Indianapolis, Sebring, Road America, Sonoma and Watkins Glen are the great US tracks who are also well known by the European fans and F1 must race there. Btw. i am from Europe and i'm a fan of the Indycar series and NASCAR.
Alex Lamas (4 days ago)
F1 in the US can happen, NASCAR is loosing it's appeal and Indy, although the 500 is big, the rest of the races are not was well known. Indy is not as big in the US as F1 is around the world. The Montreal GP had almost 300,000 attendees. F1 and Liberty need to develop American drivers, Haas, the only American team, is doing pretty well so far and have the potential to be champions in a few years if they keep developing at the same rate.
Peter McM (4 days ago)
Racism? The only race i need is nascar
Vivid Paradox13 (4 days ago)
That Miami track layout is atrocious. What a boring race that would be.
ncal08 (4 days ago)
I don't care about the lack of US nationality in F1. It's just a tough market in the US.
Freshman (5 days ago)
Just tell them there’s oil involved
doublestrokeroll (5 days ago)
All auto racing is boring. You just don't realize it yet.
Bin Mucker47 (5 days ago)
I have no idea why Americans watch NASCAR and Indy Car. Such useless competitions.
blindwatchman0722 (5 days ago)
I mean, the headass in charge of the thing is trying to ban gridgirls. I’m pretty sure that, at least with my fifteen years of experience, Americans like women and fast cars
Celsian (5 days ago)
I get up at 5 AM to watch races, so thank God. Any grand prix that starts before midnight or after 7am is alright in my book!
Vectro666 (5 days ago)
American’s just arent intelligent enough to fully appreciate F1. Its way too sophisticated for them. Just let it be what it is, and dont change things that only scare away viewers like pit babes and the halo!
Aravind Raj (5 days ago)
As usual it’s Americans complaining of things which they have got nothing to do with. I see comments about HAAS, lol it’s no big contribution by that team. At least people should not keep calling it America as there’s always a GP held in North America & South America, Montreal & Brazil respectively. The sole purpose of Formula 1 will be testing technology and research. European & Asian cars now have smaller efficient engines producing more power than any mammoth American V8 engines. I would say USA’s car market neglected their interest in engine development and that’s why the involvement in Formula 1 is close to zero. There’s nothing a Car manufactures can learn from racing which is going around in ovals (NASCAR & Indycar). I’m not dissing a particular motorsport but just trying to highlight the importance and purpose of Formula 1.
Thomas Youngjohns (5 days ago)
0:57 You know it really can't be catching on in the US when they confuse a "world championship" with one race...
Sam Mattox (5 days ago)
I’m a huge NASCAR fan, but I love me some F1. To me, it’s not F1’s fault that they can’t garner an American following. Given NASCAR’s decline, I get the impression that American motorsport culture just isn’t that of F1’s European following. The number of Americans who care about cars and racing just isn’t as high as it was in the past, and is continuing to decline, given NASCAR’s current situation
Hynea (5 days ago)
Trying to woo Americans but they don’t have the sense to put the speedometer in mph smh