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Ultimate Pumpkin Spicy Challenge

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One gets the pumpkin, the other gets the spice. GMM #1403 Watch today's GMMore: https://youtu.be/xa_Zok_DgnU Want more GMM? Watch this season from the start: http://bit.ly/GMM_S14 Pick up official GMM and Mythical merch at https://mythical.store and https://www.amazon.com/mythical Don’t miss our weekly podcast, Ear Biscuits: https://applepodcasts.com/earbiscuits Follow Rhett & Link:  Instagram: https://instagram.com/rhettandlink Facebook: https://facebook.com/rhettandlink Twitter: https://twitter.com/rhettandlink Website: https://mythical.com/ Check Out Our Other Mythical Channels: Good Mythical MORE: https://youtube.com/goodmythicalmore Rhett & Link: https://youtube.com/rhettandlink Mythical: https://youtube.com/thisismythical Want to send us something? https://mythical.com/contact Submit your Wheel of Mythicality intro video here: https://bit.ly/GMMWheelIntro Intro Animation by Digital Twigs: https://www.digitaltwigs.com Intro & Outro Music by Jeff Zeigler & Sarah Schimeneck https://www.jeffzeigler.com Supplemental Music from Extreme Production Music: https://www.extrememusic.com/ Mic: ‘The Mouse’ by Blue Microphones https://www.bluemic.com/mouse/
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Text Comments (1989)
Tara_vd_G (1 month ago)
So you could say he got the short end of the (cinnamon)stick?
Vu El (21 days ago)
Link is absolutely terrible at determining what stick is long
Scarlett Wright (24 days ago)
Tara_vd_G Julhkuhihilnhjhilb
luis fernandez (29 days ago)
Tara_vd_G hilarious
Deracada Venom (1 month ago)
Noofku Ultrasense (1 month ago)
Winner of the internet, Tara_vg_G
ella girard (1 day ago)
7:10 "I could play this like a flute!" Rhett *begins to try to play it like a recorder* lol oh poor Rhett don't know the difference between a flute and a recorder
Tatourice Reaver (1 day ago)
Anyone notice Rhett's clap at 7:15 makes a bell sound? Reminds me of their sneakiness with Link's sound they hid another video in a while back ;)
Hannah Yep (2 days ago)
Vindaloo curry had me in a daze after I ate it, so delicious, but so spicy, I had to just lie there til it passed haha
Hawnty 24 (4 days ago)
This is one of my fav episodes
Ariel McCarthy (5 days ago)
This was so funny from link picking all short sticks Rhett spinning table silly and mystery in dishes. I applaud this. Do it again!!!!!!
Spicy (6 days ago)
Is that like thigh food?
Parlan Deng (6 days ago)
Like a flute he says, that ain't a clarinet!
Nico Hart (6 days ago)
peanut butter chili time!
S Core (7 days ago)
I think Rhett figured all the thinner cinnamon sticks were also the longer ones. Probably cut in different lengths to keep the weight similar, so the thicker ones were cut shorter.
Cameron Bigley (10 days ago)
11:05 Please for the love of god make that a thing on the Mythical Store.
Shannon Butler (11 days ago)
*"Add a bean. Make me proud"* - Rhett 2018
Noah B.E. Church (12 days ago)
I love these power of choice episodes
Henry Snead (13 days ago)
Rhett has turned full on douche bag recently
Ikol23 (13 days ago)
Fate does *not* like Link in these games
Milo Rose (13 days ago)
Hi Rhett and Link I am probably your biggest fan and would love to get a shoutout in one of your videos. I am 10 years old. I have watched all of your vids. Every single one! Thank you! :-)
Brittany Doll (14 days ago)
Oh my god! It’s so awesome to see a childhood friend do a spin the wheel of mythicality video! ❤️❤️
Karissa Jensen (14 days ago)
Poor link 😂😂😂
Joey Morrison (14 days ago)
I disliked this because I'm a rebel. Just joking thumbs up
Tews Caleb James (15 days ago)
you should make a video of "Guess that Restaurant"
Fredrik Von Malmborg (15 days ago)
1 unskippable 2 minute comercial and 2x 40 seconds ones during this... come on youtube
Cetera Donaldson (15 days ago)
kumquats (15 days ago)
Throwback to when link chose all the long chilis lol
BMXGamer (16 days ago)
Hahaha chilli time for the big man👌
Grayson 22Price (17 days ago)
please do Will it Coffee :D
Holy Okamii (17 days ago)
Flandre Scarlet (17 days ago)
I love Rhett... but... I don't know how to feel about a cocky Rhett... It feels a little off putting to me.
hamdish2004 (17 days ago)
I could play this like a flute *proceeds to play like recorder*
Gymnast Till The End (18 days ago)
Rhett “I could play this like the flute” yet you play a flute holding it to the side not in the front
Faith Hoendorf (18 days ago)
The skinnier sticks are longer!
Madilyn (18 days ago)
Mika Magnol (19 days ago)
I kept choosing the sticks that Rhett ended up picking, yet was hoping it'd be the one Link chose because he kept choosing the shorter stick! xD Poor Link. You must learn to harness the sight of the cinnamon stick gods.
DrReagge (19 days ago)
Blind guess different beer brands!!
Helena M (19 days ago)
The music in the who should deicide part though
ChristianGirl20 (19 days ago)
Link, "Chill time for the big Man!" Rhett, "You want a bib that says that??" 😂😂😂
Ragoh Whiteclaw (21 days ago)
Pumpkin spice belongs nowhere near a cup of coffee. Unless you're having pumpkin pie for breakfast
Dana (21 days ago)
omfg it was so funny when Rhett pulled the extra long cinnamon stick >.< i cracked the f up!! lol
Luke Winsor (21 days ago)
Chad Ellis (21 days ago)
Just two guys in a room casually blowing each other
Jordan Hout (22 days ago)
6:11 when you have to pick between two guys, but after you pick your mans, you find out hes married
Piano Games (22 days ago)
a (22 days ago)
The skinnier the cinnamon stick the longer it is 😂😂
Sydney Reynard (23 days ago)
Okay I’m sorry but what on earth is on links shirt
Shinji Itoi (23 days ago)
Wow, poor Link lost every single time for the stick thing. XD
Shinji Itoi (23 days ago)
Pumpkin spicy? o.o Oh right, last year I had this stupid pumpkin salsa. :p It wasn't too good, but it was hot. XD Some spicy stuff is pretty normal to me too. :p
kenny mustard (23 days ago)
I just died laughing seeing rhett take the longest stick every time. Way to funny
Hope J (24 days ago)
*Looks like link got the short end of the stick on this one* 😏
mylobage (24 days ago)
Link won round 3, follow the sticks when Rhett has both of them. Poor Link was robbed!
cheesepuffia (24 days ago)
If it looks safe don’t trust it rett
cheesepuffia (24 days ago)
Robert Michaels (24 days ago)
Was I the only one annoyed when Rhett took a bite out of Link’s bagel
PhoenixTrooper (24 days ago)
its my birthday so can i please have some likes?
Pedro Lenzi (24 days ago)
I remember as a kid, I once took a bite out of an anise star... I still can't even smell it without gagging
Jeremy Law (24 days ago)
link is an idiot its not dumb luck the more skinny ones were the longer one its not that hard to notice
grndragon7777777 (25 days ago)
Rhett knew the long stick by the thickness of it. skinny=long, fat=short
Solana Warren (25 days ago)
Oh that's nice. No it's not.
jinyoung'seyecrinklessavedmylife (25 days ago)
am I the only one who saw that the girl Alyssa at the end looks EXACTLY like josh
jaybull (26 days ago)
Good Mythical Morning!! #GMM
Magnus Lutro Allison (26 days ago)
Do someone know where Link bought that awesome tee?
Cameron Goode (26 days ago)
The gods favor Rhett.
Ranger of Redmont (27 days ago)
"I can play it like the flute" *proceeds to attempt playing a cinnamon clarinet*
desireee (27 days ago)
Allie Dos Santos (27 days ago)
"Christmas came early into my mouth" YA know sometimes that happens man
Serene Addicoat-Bower (27 days ago)
I remember when he got that bin from a fan of the show
Discordia Wonders (27 days ago)
I cast my fates to the gods. And they gave me yogurt.
Chloe Ward (27 days ago)
“Chili time for the big man!”
Jacob Schaumann (27 days ago)
I wanna see who is behind the female voice. Voice is very lovely.
Sacred Howland (27 days ago)
"I could play this like a flute!" Proceeds to play it like a freaking clarinet
Pizzle mah fizzle (27 days ago)
I wish it was always CHILI TIME FOR THE BIG MAN time
Artzy Fartzy (27 days ago)
I really liked the little sound effect tunes they added to this episode😉it added a little spookiness and suspense🤣 and of course Rhett and link were hilarious as always😂😂
Martin marty (27 days ago)
Kevin Schultz (27 days ago)
Link: "I think my tounge's gone numb. Can you feel it?" Rhett: pretty sure numbness doesn't work that way.
OreoTheTea10 (27 days ago)
Rhett made a dad noise at the end... God please save the innocent children.
Pariza Meer (27 days ago)
Looking for puns? 🎃I’m the pun-king!🎃
Jeremy Montes (15 days ago)
Too bad you are the Unicorn Queen
The Greatest Huntress (21 days ago)
That was pretty bad
Pariza Meer (27 days ago)
I was trying to be punny
Lego lil pump (27 days ago)
+Pariza Meer yeah
Pariza Meer (27 days ago)
Get it?
CalypsoRaz (27 days ago)
Best Pumpkin Spice ice cream is Umpqua.
YeetGeetSkrrt (28 days ago)
Pumpkin spicecream
Fortnutted Gaming (28 days ago)
Why is yalls background not themed for Halloween
Shannon M. (28 days ago)
I tried a pumpkin spiced latte the other day and hated it. I already don't like pumpkin, so y'all can have it.
Marc-Antoine Gagné (28 days ago)
My dog's name is Bagel. Literally the bagel that bites back.
Skylar McMeans (28 days ago)
Rhett: i could play this like a flute! Me, an intellectual: that's a clarinet, but okay
Ahron Burke (28 days ago)
This for some reason wants me to try some pumpkin spice products, just me?
Treshaun McKnight (28 days ago)
Treshaun McKnight (28 days ago)
i wonder what it's like be a part of the crew.
Rman Nayr (28 days ago)
saumari alpaca (28 days ago)
Frank Costello (28 days ago)
"Chile time...😊 For the Big Man" Possible GMM Merch idea? Could be a big seller if you put LINK'S face on it. Edit: They look so HAPPY at the end there to be trying the ghost pepper challenge... Those poor, stupid souls.
Jenny VanderPas (28 days ago)
I absolutely love Link's slow loris shirt!
b43-t (28 days ago)
i missed these kind of lazy susan type of challenges
Nick B (28 days ago)
Big boy got him some pumpkin spice chili lol
Rob M (28 days ago)
that's not how you play a flute
Thoughts and Good Wishes (29 days ago)
Madeline Scheitlin (29 days ago)
For some reason, I always start laughing my head off when Rhett talks in the voice he did at 2:23 and 2:52.
Nolan Weiman (29 days ago)
Where did Rhett get that shirt?
TheDankEngine (29 days ago)
Why y’all make this nice food but they only take an bite
21 Røses Tøday (29 days ago)
Will it waffle?
Snowshark (29 days ago)
Rhett: Mine's a little bit longerrrrrrr
Totallymady (29 days ago)
"Let me wash it down with some bagel"
Ayame Panduh (29 days ago)
Would be lose loser for either side, not a pumpkin spice fan at all that stuff is god awful to me
koreanese (29 days ago)
szechuan peppers feel so weird. i accidentally put powder in my mouth and it literally had a huge tingle numbness for like 20 minutes
Joseph DAgostino (29 days ago)
I LOVE Vindaloo. Not on my pancakes though.
Kristopher Wilson (29 days ago)
That Extra long stick was freaking hilarious when Rhett pulled it out. The looks were awesome. Lmao.