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FS2004 - Miracle Escape (Air France Flight 358)

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Please support this channel by following me on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/allecibay Air France Flight 358 was an Airbus A340-313E, registration F-GLZQ, on a scheduled international flight from Paris, France, to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. On August 2, 2005, just after landing at Toronto Pearson International Airport at 4:01 p.m. EDT, it crashed into nearby Etobicoke Creek, approximately 300 m (980 ft) beyond the end of the runway. All 309 passengers and crew aboard the Airbus A340 survived, with 12 people sustaining serious injuries. The accident highlighted the role played by highly trained flight attendants during an emergency. Credits go to Mayday (Air Crash Investigation, Air Emergency, Air Disasters in other places) for the video clips of the crash and aftermath! Watch the actual episode here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uy_0hhS5pw Music: Comedy Is Over Artist: Dalo Vian Listen to the entire music here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xno-_WagH34 Follow me on: https://www.facebook.com/allec.ibay https://twitter.com/joshandroma
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Text Comments (554)
Jibriltz (4 days ago)
Just FYI I don't fly the A430 but I know that on the A320 you can only select LO or MED autobrake settings, MAX can only be set on the ground for a rejected Take off. People are very quick to criticise and ask why they didn't go around. You have to remember that the decision to Go-around has to be made within seconds and it is not always the safest course of action. With the weather they had and the information available (i.e. weather radar display for the go around track), it may have seemed to be the best decision in the moment to continue the landing. In the US military the policy is to never judge soldiers for their action based upon hindsight but as they saw the situation in the moment. Why then do we protect soldiers when they've accidentally ended innocent lives but demonise pilots?
stickshaker101 (10 days ago)
Listen, I'm just an electrician. But from observing dozens of these videos, I've concluded that the vast majority of crashes are a result of the wheels sinking halfway into the runway/taxiway.
Nasrina Nasir (27 days ago)
I don't get it. They managed to evacuate before the plane caught by fire?
Tungsten Kid (1 month ago)
Bit slow on the thrust reversers...nanny will be cross...
Luiz Almeida (1 month ago)
The miracle right there is that the first officer wasn't fired.
Heart2HeartBooks (1 month ago)
So let me get this right? The captain didn't fly again because"Of his injuries" Not because he was a stupid fuck?!
Leonard Jackson (2 months ago)
Man I was all jacked up. I've been binge-watching these for the last two days and I still hadn't get one that followed another were both of them were happy endings. I was so happy even though the plane rolled off the edge of the runway. And then it showed it going down the hill and bursting into flames and I thought "oh fuck.." but it ended well huh? Good deal. Thanks for that.
deino117 (2 months ago)
I was working about half a mile from where this happened on that very day, and I left work about a minute before the crash. I think I must have driven through the same cell they hit, because I remember pulling over on the side of the road because the trees were bending over so much I thought they were going to fall on me. On the way home I remember listening to the radio and hearing about a crash at the airport. When I got home I turned on the TV and saw the pictures of the wrecked plane in flames and I said to myself "nobody got out of that alive." My son came home from school and he said "no, dad, everyone survived." I almost burst into tears. The only fault with this video is that the sim doesn't show the huge ravine just after the end of the runway. In the sim it looks flat but in real life there's a 50-60 foot deep ravine right there that the plane plunged into.
Earl Driskill (2 months ago)
Air France was very forgiving towards Naud, after wrecking a perfectly fine multi- million dollar aircraft and giving him just a 3 month suspension.
Jeff Rice (2 months ago)
Very sad the captain can no longer fly due to his injuries but thank god everybody survived
ScuttleFische (2 months ago)
cocktails in the cockpit
Me Me (2 months ago)
Reverse thrusters right away, could and should have been able to stop it. Imo. The weather was the reason they upped to NOT go around.
Peter Shaw (2 months ago)
Hi joshua could you possibly do the Manchester plane fire. Excellent work
Gavin Townsend (2 months ago)
Air France again. Mmm
CAN00192 (3 months ago)
17 fucking seconds...
Mike Loghry (3 months ago)
Everyone On Board Survives!? After seeing the Actual Wreckage. It's A MIRACLE GLORY TO GOD
MyKittyPercy (3 months ago)
Miracle is right, wow.
Mico Carlo Adrian Ruiz (3 months ago)
🎶You can always Go Around🎶
ttgk (3 months ago)
17 seconds before reverse thrusters ... what we're they doing?! Taking a break?
Allec Joshua Ibay (3 months ago)
Suffering from stress
Nexus (3 months ago)
Amazing they all survived, thank God!
SonicTeam Hedgehog (3 months ago)
Are games 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Allec Joshua Ibay (3 months ago)
Pradeep Sharma (3 months ago)
It was both the pilot's fault instead of putting it down they could have easily aborted the landing gone around and landed back again especially when the threshold marker lines were crossed before touch down.
Jorge Callico (3 months ago)
First officer "Naud's" name sounds like a muslim. What else can you expect from one of these mindless animals? An incompetent fool who put the whole plane and passengers at risk. Never hire a muslim. For anything
J Stenberg (3 months ago)
I really wish Delta would kick out Air France from Skyteam and replace them with a safe airline. And the Paris airport is a nightmare to transfer through, the baggage handlers lose luggage on purpose as part of their semi permanent working strike.
GokuFievel32 (4 months ago)
I'm thinking about the whole time any second now that the plane was going to get struck by lightning. Simply ran out of runway...Hmm so simple.
Dragon Race (4 months ago)
Well you have wrong informations About survived nobody survived
4rustin (4 months ago)
Why didn't they divert to another airport??/Stupid!! So glad all made it.
Christian Jones (4 months ago)
Well they couldn't have fucked that up more if they'd tried. And do any pilots EVER get sacked?
Levine Levine (4 months ago)
This landing result is from a pilot with less than 5000 hour on the A340. He forced the plane down despite it being too high, too fast, and to compound his error he activated reverse thrust 17 seconds after landing gear touched pavement. Notice the Pilot ordered full-flap during the later stage of landing which probably prolonged or slightly lifted the A340 approach altitude. The novice pilot over relied on A340's automatic "Medium Braking" to bring the plane to a stop, instead of relying on his better judgement which came 17 seconds too late. As commercial passenger jet become increasing computerized and automated, too many airline pilots have become passive, lazy, or ignorant while hiding behind the technology.
Ray's Dad (4 months ago)
Shouldn't the Captain have taken over the landing when the FO was having trouble?
novola1972 (4 months ago)
Allec thanks a lot
tripleheshy (4 months ago)
Wow, I've watched and read about poor piloting but this takes the cake. Two fucking idiots these two are.
Scott Smith (4 months ago)
Yes I agree - go around or TOGO
FALCON S (5 months ago)
The pilots were not hung ???
Max Bormes (5 months ago)
They're told braking action is poor, and they took 17 seconds to activate reverse thrust, wow.
Scooby Carr (5 months ago)
The sad music is that the Air France Airbus A340 died. RIP Airbus A340.
Scooby Carr (5 months ago)
Does Air France still fly the Airbus A340? Just wondering ...
Michael Schroeder (6 months ago)
When you land halfway down the runway, doesn't the idea of going around and redoing the approach ever cross people's minds?
markissable (6 months ago)
I called it before the text came on the screen, the plane took too long to hit the runway! I knew they were doomed for sure, but at least they all survived!
Vincent Venturella (6 months ago)
was on a red eye coming into Lambert intnl in STL, heavy storms, came in nose down and fast ! we lived then applauded pilots crew !
Jon Davis (6 months ago)
I would never in my life sit on a plane that goes across the Atlantic Ocean
Jon Davis (6 months ago)
At least now if its a pilot error someone can beat the fuck outta the pilot as soon as he comes outta the plane
Jon Davis (6 months ago)
Finally a video that endsgood lol
whollyman (6 months ago)
This is very disappointing, because the title promises a miracle, but the video does not follow through! Nothing about the amazingly fast and disciplined evacuation in a record 90 seconds in spite of both rear slides inoperable due to fire, the mid left slide punctured by debris and deflated, one right slide malfunctioning and some passengers forced to jump for their lives, just before the plane burst into flames. THAT'S the miracle!
Electone_Guy (7 months ago)
You don't mess around with Southern Ontario thunderstorms. The high humidity air and cool breezes off of the Great Lakes make for nasty weather.
The Obsessed Gamer (7 months ago)
this crash was one of the most incredible miracles i have ever seen, because evacuating 309 passengers in less than 90 seconds? planes where put through this test by letting all the passengers escape the plane using half the emergency exits, but you think most people would be in panic and stand still. this was a real miracle
Mike12522 (7 months ago)
Four out of 8 exits on 358 could not be used. Despite that, the 10 flight attendants on 358 evacuated 297 passengers within 90 seconds. It was solely due to the flight attendants' skills, training, bravery, and haste that all survived. Fire trucks were on the scene in an astonishing time of just under one minute.
Constitution_89 (7 months ago)
I've now found myself to be the critique of the problems as I see them for the handling of ALL involved in these aircraft accidents. And for this one: Happy there were No fatalities. As for the Captain and First Officer? They should NEVER be permitted to be in control of ANY aircraft AGAIN EVER except for one they'd be flying by themselves with Nobody else aboard. And even then they should be severely scrutinized because of the possible victims on the ground should they again crash their own aircraft. Better to just ground them FOREVER!!!
can yo give me the plane link
Alison Clement (7 months ago)
umm, so I was actually on this flight. This isnt exactly what happened. We were forced to land because we ran out of gas
john gibson (7 months ago)
You should do a video on a flight where the auto pilot actually kills everyone ...coincidentally Air France also . " Auto pilot from hell ....Air France flight 296 " Incredible story
Philippe Morisson (8 months ago)
The pilot should have been fired regarding what his mistakes have cost to AF... Unions too powerful in France
DGJ P (8 months ago)
Mars on Earth (8 months ago)
Why the heck runways are not longer. A monster flying at 400 miles an hour deserves a longer runway. Stupid designs.
Terry George (8 months ago)
love ya video 📹 📹 📹 📹 📹 📹 📹 😀😜😜😜😜😜
Terry George (8 months ago)
and everyother video 😊😊😊😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀;-) thanks so much
Daniel Maverick (8 months ago)
Do about the airfrance-airbus who was tripping from paris to Brazil and explode in the air
Sulphurous (8 months ago)
You can always go around
mohamed hosni (9 months ago)
well, the weather makes it zero room for error by the pilot , so when he did one like the delay in reverse it resulted in an accident,,, but to tell in normal cases some pilots approach fast and some delay in reverse yet they still manage to compromise
kenjryker (9 months ago)
Hell of a lot of French bashing here from uninformed Americans.
Xeoun Alvarez (9 months ago)
They should’ve done a go-around, if the did that, they wouldn’t have crashed.
Me Here (9 months ago)
There was a similar one called "Racing the Storm"
little_monster _DadoL (9 months ago)
Love it :) miracle indeed
john harris (9 months ago)
Airbust and French pilots.
Tim Sullivan (9 months ago)
I'm in Toronto and recall the event but unfortunately CANNOT remember the details which is now frustrating because this video provides no helpful description of the rescue. This omission naturally begs the question: how were there NO fatalities considering not only the break-up the fuselage during the crash itself, but the poor chances of safely evacuating ALL 309 people, 46 of whom were INJURED, from the jagged remains of the trisected fuselage, up and out of the ravine's challenging terrain during a severe storm, and ALL OF THIS successfully accomplished BEFORE the plane was finally destroyed by the FIRE? The REAL story here is: How the HECK did they manage to do THAT?
GENO (9 months ago)
Dumb pilot decisions
Suzanne Ito (9 months ago)
Why is there no commentary on your videos? I don't like reading text and listening to your music. I'll have to ignore all your videos because of this.
Simanti Chakraborty (9 months ago)
In such horrible weather it’s a pity the more experienced Captain was not at the controls...Air France seems to have had a series of pilot error related crashes
Denny Mcfastlane (9 months ago)
Can You imagine what would have happened if the Air France President's son...was not on board?
Rick Shaw (9 months ago)
I remember this very well. One of our drivers at work radioed in and said a plane just went off the runway when he was passing buy. I saw i later. You could drive past the airport on the highway and see the plane down in the gully.
grabber168 (9 months ago)
What was the first officer doing flying the plane when the Captain was sitting there!!!
MrCapi55 (9 months ago)
Too long spaces without signs. No photos of the actual airplane/model at the end of video.
Allec Joshua Ibay (9 months ago)
MrCapi55 check at 6:28. I showed the photo of the aircraft
Charlotte Schreffler (9 months ago)
That's a shame . Glad everyone lived, but some pilot error there. Sometimes the first officer wants to do something the pilot doesn't. Hope the ones hurt are ok now. may God Bless
Usha Rungta (10 months ago)
Joe Jordan (10 months ago)
I suspect these Pilots were overtired or they were drinking or on drugs
sephirotic87 (10 months ago)
Sever audio compression artifacts on your videos, You should increase bitrate of your audio capture, maybe even capture in PCM before editing.
William Volkmann (10 months ago)
another case of tec assisted pilot error, neither pilot was out of the old school way of thinking.
CL's Sales (10 months ago)
A burned out hulk of an Airbus, about the only way to make an Airbus really safe.
Quad8track (10 months ago)
Can anyone explain the logic in delaying the deployment of thrust reversers? I've been on flights when pilots do this but in dry conditions. Seems like the thrust reversers would stop the plane better - especially in wet conditions like this.
Norman Jaquemot (10 months ago)
ATOL wasn't working at Pearson's?
greg oscar (11 months ago)
Shades of Delta FL 191 almost 20 years before that, except those people were not lucky at all.
NoName (11 months ago)
Iv seen the whole series of these accidents and this is the first one that everyone survivess but the captains dont get medal
Unctious (11 months ago)
Stupid Frogs dunno how to fly.
Brock Landers (11 months ago)
The Airbus A340 is my favorite current aircraft. It looks like a modern day 707/DC-8.
Kornami (11 months ago)
Why didn't the aircraft commander tell the pilot you blew the landing , now take it around and try it again, instead of allowing him to proceed when he had to have know it was a botched landing.
Paul Villamor (11 months ago)
That's very sad. And these were trained pilots. A bad combination of foul weather and pilot error. I suppose even autopilot wasn't possible to land this plane automatic
desiguy55 (11 months ago)
should have called this "runway flyer". they were flying over half the runway.
Mike M (11 months ago)
How could the pilots not know they were so far off the mark? Half way down the runway and going to fast? With all the automatic warnings I usually hear on these big jets, airbus tells them nothing? I won't be climbing on any of these Euro jets again. The hidden joystick control in the co-pilot seat isn't very smart either. Stay away from Airbus. Fly Boeing.
M. S. L. (11 months ago)
Suspended for three months? Don't think that covers the losses.
Chris L (11 months ago)
good that pilot shouldn't be flying cause he doesn't know his fucking job.
Ihsan Mahyuddin (11 months ago)
Why sad music, even this is happy ending episode. Nope, nope, nope i'm so sorry
IVoidwarrantys (11 months ago)
Suspended as punishment or medical reasons?
Rob Hill (11 months ago)
They let someone sit in the cockpit just because he's the son of an employee of the airline?
permacultured and free (11 months ago)
How did two pilots manage a rookie mistake?
MIke Fox (11 months ago)
the white font is hard to read
skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo (11 months ago)
Oh my god, so this plane landed in extreme weather, I rode a JetBlue flight to fort lauduradale
skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo (11 months ago)
it was TOO HIGH
The Sarge (11 months ago)
skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo and?
John T (11 months ago)
Off topic, but does anyone know the name of the piano music during the solemn ending...?
The Goahead Mpire (11 months ago)
Lucky child who gets to have a free cockpit ride
Dana McGinnis (11 months ago)
I just watch this episode on the show Air Disasters.
rvnmedic1968 (11 months ago)
Can't watch the actual episode on the link above - "This video contains content from ole (Film/TV), who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds." I'm in the USA.
rvnmedic1968 (11 months ago)
"Coming in too high and too fast". Why didn't Approach Control mention this to the pilots?
Steven Juris (9 months ago)
rvnmedic1968 how is ATC going to know? They don’t have that kind of data and are responsible for more then 1 airplane.