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UPS tests drone deliveries in Florida

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UPS has taken another step towards using drones in residential package delivery.
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Text Comments (11)
Juston Johnson (3 years ago)
Do they drop the damn thing off in the yard and fly off like the drivers do?
Liam Hendricks (3 years ago)
This advert is bad ,save sooo much time by making a drone deliver a package 100 m down the road. Probably wasted more time having the vans roof open.
#Unpresidented #TacoTrucksOnEveryCorner (3 years ago)
the only thing i see here is.... innovation. the drone needs to be loaded and the waited to deploy and then wait for it to land so that is probably the same time the driver will take to do those deliveries. the drone itself and the truck will cost a hefty dollar and then... that money saved on man power will be the same. so... at the end is just attracting business .
jimmy keys (3 years ago)
superfisher28 (3 years ago)
One problem it's a robot doing union work. Not gonna fly with the teamsters. For every hour the robot moves packages the company should pay into the health and benefits package.
SoarkRoll • (3 years ago)
Wow this is cool
Prince Vince (3 years ago)
and how much will i have to pay for shooting one of this thing out of the sky???
Model RC (3 years ago)
prince vince probably 10k xD
Léon The Professional Procrastinator (3 years ago)
If only FedEx did this. I'm so fucking tired of FedEx not delivering my packages because of my dog. It's a fucking dog the size of a motherfucking Chihuahua ffs!!!!
Michael B B (3 years ago)
No reason for drones in this type of service
Upperpen Caregiver (3 years ago)
very cool but i couldn't be the first here?