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Sorting and logistics handling systems at Deutsche Post DHL

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JINGLONG YU (2 months ago)
We can supply elastic poly v belt 2/3PJ286/336 for roller conveyor transmission of sorting line, guarantee for 2 years. What’s app:+86-15967617228, Skype: tweedyu
1970opi (2 months ago)
Bermuda Dreieck - wo alles verschwindet. Eine schmutzige Stealth-Bande. Bermuda triangle - where everything disappears. A filthy stealth gang.
መሬም ስደተኛዋ (9 months ago)
ethopa ?
Bek D'Antignana (11 months ago)
Tu radi Ive Balansero ;)
DC9848 (3 years ago)
V2 should have automated 0.3m distance towards the pacakage wall in the truck