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Communications and Signals:Then and Now

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Take a look at how Communications and Signals systems have evolved over the last 100 years and played a pivotal role in railroad operations.
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Charlie Persinger (4 days ago)
I remember taking form 19’s and 31’s by telephone and how tough it was the first time I handed up orders.
markgloverville (8 days ago)
How about improving the black zone between Augusta, GA and Columbia, SC?
Mathew Godfrey (12 days ago)
I always thought it had something to do with vibrations in the ground.
Bigmindcreator TenurSaxomophone (22 days ago)
3:35 Plot twist: NS as we know it today had always existed and the competition of the Norfolk & Western and the Southern Railways was a ruse.
Sven Frontin-Rollet (23 days ago)
grt vid.. i love everything about trains
Manning8 (29 days ago)
This was enjoyable to watch. Thanks NS!
George Nelson (29 days ago)
Very Fine N S ! It's my understanding that NS ultimately bought out the "Nickel Plate Line". (?)
RD's Scale-modeling channel (1 month ago)
Remote control train. Did I hear that right?
Joe Lee (1 month ago)
Hey I real nice video on trains I learned some stuff off of that I never knew before love looking at all your old videos keep them coming please thank you 👍
Scott Smith (1 month ago)
My maternal grandfather worked for C&NW as a gate operator prior to the automatic crossing grade gate systems. I remember the "hut" on stilts he had in a northwest suburb of Chicago, as I got to spend a night in it with him - he gated the last train into Chicago and had to stay there overnight! Huge (to me at that time) control board for two intersections having a two-track mainline. Labor-intensive, and of course subject to the gate operator falling asleep! Good times back in the 1950s.
Christopher Dibble (1 month ago)
The engineer's don't wave from the trains anymore; not like they did back in 1954, STOP LOOK LISTEN THAT IS WHAT I'LL ALWAYS REMEMBER.
RedOctober2011 (1 month ago)
Why is it that everyone who works for the rail road is size XXXL ?
John P (1 month ago)
what are interconnects? are hump yards gravity driven areas with interconnecting tracts to assemble and disassemble trains?
Helium Road (1 month ago)
Required manual placement prior to humping.
Colorado Cyber (1 month ago)
As with Norfolk Southern and most other railroads, they looked to and followed the greatest leader in railroad history... The Santa Fe Railroad.
Robert Davenport (1 month ago)
2:24 a weight restricted Lake Pontchartrain Bridge with timber bents and some concrete caps
judaspreistvlct (1 month ago)
Humping retards in the yard!!!
william ryder (1 month ago)
so was this the origin of the term high balling, and high ball drink?
BossSpringsteen69 (2 months ago)
6:50 Brighton Park as i knew it when i first started.
GeorgeJansen (2 months ago)
10:35. Early cellphones. Wow
GeorgeJansen (2 months ago)
5:56. 6:51..8:47, 12:00.And alot of lossed jobs 😕
godofwar0678 (2 months ago)
NYC's subway needs to improve a ton shit is falling apart
Buddy Long (2 months ago)
I have a few of those rr signals in my outbuilding.
PoorManRC (2 months ago)
It's great to know how thousands of Jobs have been ELIMINATED.... 😖
Peter Morettin (2 months ago)
Nosakhere Berry (2 months ago)
That was awesome,too watch ‼️ Thank you so much for the clarification on so many different aspects‼️ I have greatly been informed you don’t have no idear💡 thanks again for this exceptional video. 😳☺️
ragingcurrent (2 months ago)
I'm not knocking the "innovations and improvements", because it does make things safer and more efficient, but i can't help but see a lost job for every improvement
Nick Ehinger (2 months ago)
Noce video, but very little information or detail. Tell me more. about how it works.
Royce Faggotter (2 months ago)
Very good video, there were a few similarities between Australian trains and American, I was in Peterborough SA, including Train orders, semaphore signals, and on standard gauge, color light signals. Brought back a lot of memories to me, and I also recalled the staff exchange on the broad gauge line, between Terowie to Hamely bridge.
Bill Scott (2 months ago)
Whitefield NH still has a ball signal beside the tracks
LIRR 39 Steam Locomotive Productions (2 months ago)
I need you’re help everyone, i need support against CR366 CSX 909 because he is cyber bullying me and other YouTubers that did nothing wrong, and he said that he wants those channels to go in a downwards spiral and die because they broke his babyish rules, oh boo hoo! please unsubscribe and block him
Mikosch2 (2 months ago)
Anyone else read the title as "Communism and signals: Then and now"?
Sam Cusimano (2 months ago)
He was definitly reading off cue cards
Fred Blonder (2 months ago)
He was a zombie.
Sam Cusimano (2 months ago)
I like the music, sounds like Glenn Miller
Michael Johnson (2 months ago)
I was wondering about that too.
Joseph Leiper (2 months ago)
I could watch this over and over, forever. Mesmerizing, like a camp fire. Dynamic narration; non-stop action!
Michael Fairchild (2 months ago)
Does he blink?
Paul Wood (2 months ago)
I like trains and railroad technology and how it all operates, thanks for the great information on railroad technology of the past and present day.
DFW rider (2 months ago)
whats up with the guys face.
Geoffrey Lee (3 months ago)
Annoying music.
kingcalafia (3 months ago)
Are thosewhat those old timey looking utility poles next to RR tracks were for-communications? Notice a lot of them have been removed where I live.
bruchpilot747 (3 months ago)
4:04 wait what?
bruchpilot747 (2 months ago)
@jan fabian oh yeah okay, yeah I know these^^ It's kind of weird though to have one without any extra rail just in case of a minor overshoot...
SouthernRailFan (3 months ago)
Thanks NS
James Benedict (3 months ago)
Do not hump!
MAX'Z Railfilmz (3 months ago)
What is the first song called.
Crow T. Robot (3 months ago)
4:05 What the heck is that?! Those tracks look like a derailment waiting to happen. Intentional for runaways?
Robert Davenport (1 month ago)
Darren wondered why the switch didn't lead anywhere. You hit the nail on the head. Kenny also hit the nail on the head.
Crow T. Robot (3 months ago)
@Kenny Sper Thanks. You are indeed a man superior awareness.
Kenny Sper (3 months ago)
yup. tracks that will usually have standing cars on them are equipped with derails to keep said cars off the mainlines. Now back to the Satellite of Love with ya!
benm mbk (3 months ago)
Thousands of intelligent men, inventions made the railway MORE safe, comfortable, fast as we see them today. We pay our tribute to ALL of them. Salutations. Thanks for making OUR lives better. There are MANY others who did the SAME. Thank you ALL scientists, engineers, technicians and the much tortured Capitalists. For being intelligent AND useful to ALL.
demetrios kasabalis (3 months ago)
Why on earth do we need the background music in these videos? They are so distracting!
Colorado Strong (3 months ago)
At 14:16 and 14:25 there are some good screen shots of the display of what the operator sees.
Clyde Foofoofnik (3 months ago)
Informative but the background music is more stupid than my pseudonym.
Robert Davenport (1 month ago)
If my parents were alive they would disagree
Robert Gift (4 months ago)
Interesting video. 6:45 man lost his left hand?
Kilo Byte (4 months ago)
So many railroad jobs eliminated over the years as "labor intensive" infrastructure was replaced with modern equipment. What a shame but what can you do?
Robert Davenport (1 month ago)
@Kilo Byte Railroads weren't as safe as they are now and they weren't as efficient in manpower. Safety on Southern/Norfolk Southern was about 7 times better at the end of my career than at the beginning and when I started it was probably an improvement over the previous similar time frame. Office cubicle jobs have been reduced also. Everyone has a computer now so clerk/typist is a part of almost everyone's job description. Data entry people no longer have jobs because the employees that created data entry work are now doing that work themselves. Lots of work doesn't get done because it isn't missed or is a minor irritant i.e. economically efficient. Certain incidents were handled completely in days, now incident paperwork isn't even distributed in that period of time and often ignored when it does get there. Is that any way to run a railroad? It's unsatisfying but profitable. What absolutely needs to get done gets done otherwise it depends on who wants it done and manpower constraints. I think many jobs can be brainless, repetitive work that requires training not necessarily active thinking. Those jobs can be done better by those who use their brain. Where one person can follow instructions to create a product another can do that and change instructions to do it faster/better. And there are really smart people who can claim that improvement as their own.
Kilo Byte (1 month ago)
@Robert Davenport Not everyone is suited for an office cubicle. These weren't brainless manual labor jobs either. Many skilled crafts involved in running an efficient and safe railroad.
Robert Davenport (1 month ago)
Provide jobs that make use of people's intelligence and educating people so they are capable of doing more than just manual labor. Many laborers were capable of more but laboring jobs were the jobs that were available. One laborer per mile was standard at one time just to maintain the track.
bill slayton (4 months ago)
You can shut down all the trains within your vecinety on the tracks by wedging a steel bar between the tracks which shirts out the circus indicating a stationary train on the track.
Robert Davenport (1 month ago)
It's shorts out the circus not "shirts out the circus"
Art Stone (4 months ago)
I would like to know more about PTC. Maybe there is a newer video
pianoboy (5 months ago)
This video is bad for your health. While watching, the dance band music got me all a flow and I dragged the wife up to dance. The dog got jealous and bit me in the nuts resulting in me having to rest in bed for two days. So, watch by all means but if you're going to dance, don't do it in front of the dog.
Eileen Wysocki (5 months ago)
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Jeffrey Rupchak (5 months ago)
This video mind me old times of my dad working at company making stuff for the railroad. They call my dad company Union Switch & Signal.....
Owl Meat (5 months ago)
And I'm on of those 1960 Era microwave site maintainers. Love it.
Railfan Andy (6 months ago)
Good job Norfolk southern for showing a CSU train crash 🤣🤣🤣
Walker Bulldog (6 months ago)
CSU? What's that mean
James Rockford (7 months ago)
He looks like he ate A LOT of wayside signals...... what a fatass
Jason Babila (7 months ago)
After the introduction of narrow band by the FCC, communications between the section trucks, track inspectors, signal maintainers, trains, etc have gotten worse, we used to communicate and hear everybody clearly on wide band VHF from one end to the other end of a 2+ mile tunnel, now days we sometimes have to have the DS help relay our communications between the sections, track inspectors, and maintainers.
Nate's Trains (7 months ago)
3:44 NS shows video of rochelle Illinois, on the CNW track, back when it had Griswold signals. They also show more CNW at 5:19.
Big Thunder (8 months ago)
The nineteen forties music is got to go . who ever put the information thanks
Robert Jennings (8 months ago)
Somebody needed to lose some weight. Hope he made it.
Doc Brown (9 months ago)
Cool vid, I recall seeing a crossing bar manually cranked when I was a kid, mid 60s, can't recall where exactly but it was in south NJ.
Quinn Mattern (4 months ago)
TrainsForever 2020 (9 months ago)
Love how it shows the engines running around that are now heritage units and you can’t see them all the time now.
Stephen Williams (9 months ago)
Saw a long dead friend Mr ling . Used to see him inspecting rail side boxes, then put his seal on the door. Very good man tks Fer well made show and bit of nostalgia.
Bruh is in a jeep (9 months ago)
NS puts more other Railroads than there are there own
John Smith (2 months ago)
Официальный канал сайта Друзья (10 months ago)
Интересное видео, спасибо! Но субтитры читать просто невозможно!!! Ютуб не успевает за разговором. Постоянно надо паузу включать.
Jasmine Johnston (10 months ago)
Though it’s supposed to mean “Slow”, the word “Retarded” is used as another word for “Dumb” or “Stupid”
Buddy Brickhouse (10 months ago)
That was keww.
DeserT BoB (11 months ago)
Most of these systems were designed to eliminate jobs, not make service any better. Freight service via RR these days is worse than ever.
Mack Pines (11 months ago)
I remember the BNSF Fallbridge Subdivision had pole lines going out of Vancouver, WA until about 12 years ago. The Union Pacific still has some areas in Oregon with lines but they are slowly getting rid of them. Luckily, I found some glass insulators along the track and took them home.
Friendly Piranha (11 months ago)
Very interesting and comprehensive. Thank you for posting.
Railroad Institute of America (11 months ago)
I know I’m late but I have to say, wonderful narration! The music and all the audio is done perfectly. Beautiful piece!
newstart49 (1 year ago)
Wow- Slow down and explain more consistently and with a steady voice. I suggest the narrator watch old videos and practice those very clear and easy to follow speakers. I got only 1/2 of this info.
TJ of Someplace (1 year ago)
Huh those videos of snow covered mountains and people working on lines was from a Southern Pacific documentary my grandpa had. That brings me back to the late 90s.
Chris Reed (1 year ago)
Great video..My father worked for the railroad for over 32 years starting in Wva with Chessie System L&N , then SCL...(Seaboard Coastline) then CSX took over SCL..Always love to see a train go way to move goods in my opinion but then again coming from a railroad family I'm partial!!
Hadley Scott McIntyre (1 year ago)
I like th9s commerce teach8ng
PoorManRC (1 year ago)
This was very informative, but highlights how over the past 100 Years, Technology has been instrumental in ELIMINATING Human Jobs! Was all of it worth it?
Tommy Truth (1 year ago)
Good question.
WARPHEAD (1 year ago)
I managed at a place that rented cranes. One day some guy at the railroad called me inquiring about renting a crane to remove two old crossing signals so they could be replaced with the larger crossing signal lamps. I had always wanted a railroad crossing signal so I struck up a deal with him. He stopped by my workplace and he told me that he would give me the crossing signal but I was going to have to take some other stuff. It was inventory time and the railroad head honchos wanted a bunch of old stuff gone so it wouldn't count on the upcoming inventory. Long story short I wound up getting three full tractor trailer loads of lights, crossings, cabinets, signs, cantilevers, cast iron crossing signs, old glass relays and about a hundred other things that I can't even remember. Over the last thirty years I have given away about 99% of the stuff.
WARPHEAD (1 year ago)
When I was a teenager I found a railroad torpedo lying on the railroad tracks. None of my buddies even knew what it was. They understood the purpose after I threw a large brick on it. I sure wish I had kept it. I doubt if they even make the things anymore.
Joe Turner (1 year ago)
I was a guard (conductor) and a driver (engineer) in the UK for 35 years and I found this very interesting. It is fascinating to see how we do some things differently and some things the same.
terry wheatley (1 year ago)
working for the railroads must have been a great job, average age looks around 80!
Mike Kotowski (14 days ago)
Haha...funny how people looked older back in the day. I worked for the Denver & Rio Grande Western RR starting back in 1970. I was a signalman so this video was interesting to me. The D&RG was the mainline thru the Rocky Mountains. It ran from Denver, Colorado to Salt Lake City Utah. It was a short railroad by most standards but it went thru the Rocky Mountains instead of around them which made it a much shorter route east to west thru the country and that made it a very profitable route. The D&RG went thru the 7 mile Moffat Tunnel which went under the continental divide. The canyons in many places were so deep, wide and rocky we put up slide fence signals to stop a train in the event of a major rock slide. It was a beautiful but awesome railroad going thru rough mountains. There were bridges, trussels and tunnels very few other railroads had on the D&RG. Thanx for listening to my story friend. Take care!
WA9KZY (1 year ago)
Wow! I have loved trains (from afar) ever since I was a child in the 50s, but I had no idea how complex the support systems were. Loved this video. Thanks.
Charlie Bosch (1 year ago)
TelePrompter placement important ! I raised my arm and snapped my fingers .........” up here ......up here ! “ Of course ......if I were a woman with large breasts ........I’d be USED to no eye contact ....... lol
David Urban (1 year ago)
Very interesting video there was a few scenes from videos I already have. Have a happy, safe and prosperous new year e everyone
Kodachrome45 (1 year ago)
what is the title of the music
Jack D. Ripper (1 year ago)
Call me old school. But I miss those wayside pole lines.
Robert Davenport (1 month ago)
Do you like inferior phone service on those old school bare copper wires?
daveslow84 (1 year ago)
The hump yard :D
Ethan Anderson (1 year ago)
This for my Career I'm working on the rails
DieselDucy (1 year ago)
This is a very fascinating video! As a locomotive engineer for NS. I really love working here!
Tom R (1 year ago)
Why did it say toys r us at 4.00?
Robert Bryant Lock (1 year ago)
Very interesting bit of history.
jamesthemaniac (1 year ago)
8:45 the shade of showing a CSX train derailing.
J. Pikoulis (1 year ago)
Keen on a COLD BOX
Mike 1958 (1 year ago)
Blink from time to time and look up!
Mike 1958 (1 year ago)
Nice move showing CSX derailing not NS.
Bruno Martinengo (1 year ago)
good filmated and good video
William W. Campbell-Shepherd IX (1 year ago)
It's odd we don't have trunked microwave systems for rail radio here in Connecticut for metro North or for that matter in NY either
Frank and Dana Snyder (1 year ago)
Need to make eye contact!