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SNL short spoof on UPS " What can Brown do for you?"
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iranwarcom (7 years ago)
LOL, Wannabe Mr. Rogers
maxharmon98 (7 years ago)
thats so funny. hahaha
FiberMania (7 years ago)
Firemedic89 (8 years ago)
@CoolioTalia Hulu has it
CoolioTalia (8 years ago)
i love this video so much lol!! but this was the only one i could find!!
SomeNewGuy (8 years ago)
Haha. Bill Hader is hilarious! "Looks like this King has 3 hot ladies. I'm gonna have sex with them." ROFL
Tom Glander (8 years ago)
Yea, from my TV with the iPhone and uploaded to YouTube, it's jitter city.
Steppawolf (8 years ago)
Where's the actual commercial that this one is spoofing? I can't find it. =(