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Remove ALL Bloatware from any Android Smartphone without Root

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For those that aren't able to watch more than 10 seconds of a video before commenting: this method will permanently remove (you won't be able to recover what you delete) bloatware from all smartphones except non-rooted Samsung phones. If you're on a Samsung handset, the files will only be disabled. Every other device supports complete removal. Downloads for Mac: Debloater.v.x.xx.dmg - - New Android phones (Marshmallow or newer) need to use this method to install ADB instead of method mentioned in video - Downloads for Windows: Debloater.v.x.xx.exe - ADB for Windows - Android is a fantastic mobile operating system. While for many years I considered iOS to be the clear leader, the two platforms are closer than ever before-equally impressive-both with its own strengths and weaknesses. One of the annoyances with Android is the fact that most new phones come with lots of bloatware that cannot be uninstalled. Today, I will show you how to remove any and all bloatware from any Android smartphone without root permissions.
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Text Comments (2817)
Franks Footlong (1 hour ago)
thee fuck! you only disabling apps not uninstalling..
doesnt matter (2 days ago)
Step 1: Buy an iPhone. Done.
doesnt matter (2 days ago)
@Rosela B Oh yes. Google Apps are not pre-installed and so is Facebook and Instagram. Also not pre-installed. It's all in the App Store and if you delete these apps from the Store they're gone. Gmail, Google Maps, Google Drive, YouTube etc... everything. Google's tracking you. I do use social media and YouTube but i stick with Apple's own Maps app etc. On Android you can't remove, just disable or reset to the stock factory version and you have the updated version disabled.
Rosela B (2 days ago)
On iPhone you can remove YouTube and facebook and addictive apps that you cant on the s9?
Dizzy N (3 days ago)
There is a thing called Truecaller. It's the worst.
Prateek Raut (3 days ago)
At 6:52 refresh rate of phone screen is visible
The Undertaker (9 days ago)
"Use a computer" What if i dont have one, huh? Can i find one fucking video that helps ON THE PHONE.
Mustafa SH (10 days ago)
it doesn't work at the note 10 plus
Thomas Jefferson (11 days ago)
Will this work on the t mobil s7, i want to disable all samsung, and t mobil bloat along with knox, i do not care about the warranty as it is expired anyway. I would root this now piece of junk, but from what i read on xda forum this is a difficult process, and i have never rooted a phone, so i dont want to try, and if this method will disable the apps on my phone it should return to a fast good phone.
everyday learning (11 days ago)
PC required..& bloatware disabled, not removed
davidkuinov (16 days ago)
9:30 letting you know in the comment below (not the video description :). after clicking "read device packages" only got 2 lines (of base packages) - i think debloater program displays already disabled packages (in my case at least - samsung galaxy s6 with the latest android update)
Anthony Nelson (17 days ago)
That problem is solved if you install a Linux OS on the device. Otherwise you're stuck since Huawei is banned in the US right.
SMERKUZHEO G (17 days ago)
Chris Wilby (17 days ago)
What is Spotlight? and where is the applications folder under utilities, can't find any of this
J Carlos (23 days ago)
I want to know, if it is possible to create a shortcut from the application to open/run it. Once they are already disabled/blocked or hidden. I just want to find a way to launch the application, every time I need it! Because the system won't launch it! The LAUNCH APPLICATION MANAGER, won't allow it. Thanks
KarmaGunz (24 days ago)
Thank you, man.
T.Watcher (25 days ago)
it wont load you for windows
John Walker (28 days ago)
All apple are trash btw
John Walker (28 days ago)
mac and ios are both shit, reason because their software isn't open enough for me to even consider using them.
golfinguna (28 days ago)
2019 brand new Huawei J7 total internal storage 32GB... Available storage 19.19GB this equals almost13GB full of apps and junk.
S.L. S.L. (1 month ago)
Ok at 1:37 and im already lost😞
edmund zed (1 month ago)
How to find an app that supposely have different name then showed on the phone? My Kzoom has an app called "Internet" but that doesn't show up using the search filter. Another thing is that -Debloater- shows ROOT mode, my phone indeed is rooted but I do not want to brake anything ...
edmund zed (1 month ago)
ADB stuf is not working on my phone/OS combination. OS = Win 8 Phone is Samsung KZoom, yesterday I rooted my phone and I very much to like to try out debloating stuff before actually removing anything with root power. Suggestions are very much appreciated
edmund zed (1 month ago)
Ignore my post, it is solved by installing the right drivers
Ali Ates (1 month ago)
You can disable any app just in your phone settings. Remove a preinstalled apps my your carrier or manufacturer is different. You have to play with Rom settings or install a new Rom, and that's requires a bit of knowledge can not be done by a tutorial. The best is always buy unlocked phones. If you get a phone from a carrier then yes tons of stupid apps will come with it.
misslotus (1 month ago)
Hello. You can remove bloatwares using ADB commands via Windows. Google it and learn how to do it. Piece of cake.
Gtrail Lot /Music (1 month ago)
Yo brotha, your instructions in this video are clear... (Up until a point)! Once you get to the part where you (Download The Android App) you are not being specific about... 1. Do you download it on your phone? 2. Do you download it on your PC? You just say "Download It" and thats it. Which makes me sceptical about your whole video is a BIG LIE!! You are a Lier like another person said/ Comment on your video, So i have to report your false doings so that anybody Watches this video will know NOT TO TRUST YOU!! Your information should be banned from YouTube!!!!!!
Gtrail Lot /Music (1 month ago)
@misslotus still you're not telling me something. You just say download the android. Zip. Then you say ADB On my computer. How do i get the Android adb on my computer? Or is that your phone showing that? I think your info is outdated and you need to still be more specific with your every move. Im looking at a page on top of a page. You are confusing the whole thing. How are you pulling up a page that says Android at the top? Where does that come from?
misslotus (1 month ago)
You can remove bloatwares using ADB commands via Windows.
zUltra (1 month ago)
It's useless because it still clogs up your storage.
misslotus (1 month ago)
You can remove bloatwares using ADB commands via Windows. Google it and learn how to do it. Piece of cake.
OMG BeCkY (1 month ago)
Debloater won't fucking open on my MBP. I can't believe it's this fucking complicated to get some goddamn useless SHIT off of my phone.
misslotus (1 month ago)
You can remove bloatwares using ADB commands via Windows. Google it and learn how to do it. Piece of cake.
Barney Patrick (1 month ago)
another fucking scam just give us help without offereing shit. cunt
misslotus (1 month ago)
You can remove bloatwares using ADB commands via Windows. Google it and learn how to do it. It's easy.
Jan Ludwik (1 month ago)
misslotus (1 month ago)
You can remove bloatwares using ADB commands via Windows. Google it and learn how to do it. It's easy.
Bob Dan (1 month ago)
I have personal hatred of Android with all of the problem I have had with it.
Bob Dan (1 month ago)
Lastest problem the play store being very slow about updating apps and all of the posted solutions not working. Or patches and updates when the manufacturers or carriers feel like it.
FrankieBoi (1 month ago)
Like what
Daka (1 month ago)
Shit video, why even include android when its just gonna disable it, no need to give hope just to crush it. Disliked the video
Doug Plumb (1 month ago)
What version of Android is Marshmallow? I guess we need to look that up...
J. H. (1 month ago)
I watched your whole video 3 time the shit dont work
misslotus (1 month ago)
You can remove bloatwares using ADB commands via Windows. Google it and learn how to do it. Piece of cake.
biocybernaut (1 month ago)
Update for 2019 ?
misslotus (1 month ago)
You can remove bloatwares using ADB commands via Windows. Google it and learn how to do it. Piece of cake.
Toledo (1 month ago)
When does the "remove" part come in?
Movie Server (1 month ago)
Oh so I guess I can't do this then because I have a superior OS - Linux? Lol what a joke. You don't need OSX or Windows.
Dabunny Rabbit (1 month ago)
snazzy stache.
shane lauer (1 month ago)
How do you speed up non namebrand phones like UMX and Alcatel?
shane lauer (1 month ago)
When you download hacked apps the word bloatware has a brand new totally different meaning. Something like bloated hack/spyware with thief friendly data theft technology!
Lawrence Lentini (1 month ago)
F*** Samsung
Svarcik Chalturcik (1 month ago)
Just root phone and instal LineageOS :) 100% remove Bloatware
Phillip Lue (1 month ago)
Just use ios instead.
R!OT GAMING (1 month ago)
I installed the debloater but i cant find it
Taina gamer :3 (1 month ago)
Mine says com.qualcomm.crilmsgtunnel stopped working and dont stops :c
bobby noob (1 month ago)
you could just disable an app in apps on setting you know that right Mr.clickbait
Adrian Linares (1 month ago)
Thats very different
Ask Shadow Bolt Moon (1 month ago)
Vid start at 1:40
Daniel Ramos (1 month ago)
Just report the video as spam or misleading. This video title is misleading!
George Zerv (2 months ago)
Hello. Can we delete better or disable blotware with this method or with adb commands for Samsung Galaxy S10 without root?
Skank Hunt42 (2 months ago)
Go app manager dumbass do it all from your phone also change title your disabling it not removing
Pierre M (2 months ago)
Patrick Richardson (2 months ago)
Did Not work for galaxy S7
Trevor Philips (2 months ago)
disable and uninstall are two different things. reported for misleading
Re Kouda (2 months ago)
my debloater only show 1 program.. did i do something wrong?
Iced Crystal (2 months ago)
same... using Xiaomi btw
Unbolted TV (2 months ago)
Just download adb and go to command prompt, type pm uninstall --user 0 (app name. For e.g com.facebook.pie
Elizabeth Ferrier (2 months ago)
I'm an old girl with a samsung phone. There are more rubbish apps than any I've added. I've disabled what I can. Why do we have to put up with this sxxt.?
blackneos940 (2 months ago)
No mention of ADB on Linux for Laptops or Desktops...?
Michael Staschke (2 months ago)
it only shows me things and wont let me touch them
Alejandro Olivas (2 months ago)
You said REMOVE ALL BLOATED APPS, " my dreams have been crushed" YOU LIIIEEEED!!!
Nguyên Khang (7 days ago)
Just flash a U1 rom and it will remove all ATT bloatware, btw Samsung apps is not bad if u use it
Brahmaji rao Yedidi (1 month ago)
u can remove as well...there is method
A D (2 months ago)
Click ait video the title is misleading. He talks about "disabling" NOT REMOVING!
Goran Milovanovic (2 months ago)
Misleading title, probably on purpose. Title says "any" android Smartphone. So Samsung must be in that category because it is an Android smartphone and on Samsung you can only disable bloatware.
Random Gaming CH (2 months ago)
Why In My Debloater Is Just Showing 2 Package?
Ashvin Ragman (6 days ago)
kakudmi (20 days ago)
Nigel Rodriguez (1 month ago)
lennykk (1 month ago)
Sand-witcher (3 months ago)
i dont have terminal
G SAU (3 months ago)
Nice video. I like your style of presentation. So much so that I subscribed. Hope to see more good videos.
Snazzy Labs (3 months ago)
Rheaah Sunshyn (3 months ago)
the debloater loads but does not recognize my device LG model, the adb program just loads the window really quickly and dissappears, please assist.
よしださき (3 months ago)
Hey do you know how to remove DAbrower?
Saleem Saifi (3 months ago)
i have samsung
Luthfi Zain (3 months ago)
Hi, thanks for the video. I'd like to ask, my debloater only shows 1 package. Any idea how to show all of them?
D Thomas (3 months ago)
the links dont work anymore :(
Dirk Anderson (3 months ago)
From brief scan of these reviews I'm not going to waste my time watching if it's that stupid. Even if these apps especially Facebook are disabled they are still in the background using up storage etc in their earlier version. This is a new phone, in my other phone Facebook was constantly updating versions via sms apparently? disabled or not. Facebook is like a damn cancer.
Maxi Mal (3 months ago)
I Control My Fate (3 months ago)
This didnt work for me. Only showed 2 apk.
Prajjwal Sharma (3 months ago)
Or it is removed permanently
Prajjwal Sharma (3 months ago)
Hey dude i just have a question that after doing this all things and blotware get removed then if after some time i need to format the phone then after formatting will the bloatware come again ?
William Lloyd-Roberts (3 months ago)
I note you have the CCleaner app on that phone. Why?
AMPERE MAN (3 months ago)
nothing you're saying in this video works for mac
Gamecock 38 (3 months ago)
My dumb ass didn't read the comment before I dowloaded this stupid asses bullshit programs onto my computer. I hate these misleading names. If youtube wants to silence some users they should silence ignorant ass people like this who mislead the hell out of you just to hear their irritating ass voice on the computer. Shit pisses me off. I wish the worse of luck to you. God Bless everyone in comments.
peregrinegrace (3 months ago)
Easyer and cheaper buy a phone for 20 pounds that is just a phone.
Hawkeye0918 (3 months ago)
Waiting for someone to feed the troll...
Katie L (3 months ago)
Hopefully you'll still respond to comments on this video seeing as it's over 3 years old. I have a moto e4 plus currently running Android 7.1.1. Everyone thinks I'm crazy but my phone came with apps pre-installed that I don't want but can't remove via Play store. No, these are not apps pertaining to operating systems on my phone. I'm talking about Amazon, Amazon Kindle, Amazon music, Audible, Prime videos, Instagram, and Prime Videos. Sounds crazy right? Or maybe you know this by now. If not, I am dead serious that I didn't install these apps and cannot uninstall them. I've no doubt that Amazon pays cell phone makers/developers (whatever) to do this but I don't think, as a consumer purchasing any phone, should have to deal with this since I'm also paying for the same device. Or, maybe it's a way for companies to provide cheaper smart phones to people, like myself, can't afford to purchase models like Samsung Galaxy or iPhones. I suppose I shouldn't assume. I will want these apps gone though, if possible. So, what I'm wondering is will this method completely remove these apps from my device or is there possibly another way I can do this? I've got them all disabled and made sure they can't run in the background but I know they're still taking up memory and this drives me insane. I appreciate any help or resources you can provide me with. Thanks so much for your time.
Katie L (3 months ago)
Additionally, sorry for all the stupid people out there who refuse to watch a video or read the info you've provided before making dick headed comments. You're already providing information and spending your valuable time make videos such as these so screw what you decided to title it right?
matthew mcmillin (3 months ago)
Jonathan June Delima (3 months ago)
Can this be done on Android 9?
Marcos Rodrigues (3 months ago)
How can I do all this in my moto g5s plus? Debloater terminal shows only AttPhoneExt.apk in the list.
Russell Hank (3 months ago)
Disable is less permanent then remove. Although the title is misleading and should be changed, calling it "disable" instead of "remove" would require that the word "permanently" or a more accurate phrase indicating that it might be permanent be used in conjunction with the word "disable". This could be the poster's reason for not trying to be more accurate. Of course, deception is a valuable tool that may have been employed to bring more views. Considering the fact that, as my writing, 90.66666666666667% of viewers who liked/disliked were favorable, the video seems to have been extremely beneficial to the Youtube community. For those who can't tell, I don't use Grammarly.
ThePumpkinBoat MC (3 months ago)
Intentionally misleading title. "Removing" is different from "disabling."
Dawson Barrott (3 months ago)
my phone is only showing 2 packages on the debloater app. there definitely should be a lot more
Abdul Ricardo Martinez (3 months ago)
How will I know if the bloatware is important for phone performance?
Lindeman (3 months ago)
my phone came with docomo, something that seems to be a OS almost. I want to get rid of it. can i following theses steps?
Micio Spaventato (3 months ago)
Thank you incel. Now pull your mac up your ass.
James Lister (3 months ago)
Like most of the People said all the software does is hide it. You might want to update the file. I know on my moto x4 it just shows one google file.
Darren Rockwell (3 months ago)
Buy a Motorola or Pixel phone, no bloat
James Lister (3 months ago)
@Darren Rockwell I purchased it from eBay but Amazon sells it as a discount on there site because of the apps.
Darren Rockwell (3 months ago)
@James Lister who did you buy it from? It wasn't put on there by Motorola, and apps aren't the only type of bloatware. Motorola/Lenovo keeps their phones close to stock Android. My Z3 runs faster than my S9 plus
James Lister (3 months ago)
I have a Motorola Moto x4 it has the amazon prime bloatware.
Gruuvin1 (3 months ago)
Showing how to do something on both Mac and Windows is like saying, "we play both styles of music; Country and Western!"
Cyclondo360Thunder_Bold (3 months ago)
mohican19831 (4 months ago)
why is it so motherfucking hard to have an uninstall next to the app I don't want to see there corporate crap
TubeDupe (4 months ago)
I'm an idiot and you called me a pro. Thanks.
I Am Not Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev (4 months ago)
The title of this video is extremely misleading. No where in the video do you teach how to remove apps without root; you're teaching how to disable apps. They are not the same thing.
ThePumpkinBoat MC (3 months ago)
@Wardon It also doesn't change the fact you defended him without reading the fucking title.
Wardon (3 months ago)
@ThePumpkinBoat MC Doesn't change the fact that you wrote this comment without paying attention to the video.
ThePumpkinBoat MC (3 months ago)
@Wardon well, considering Samsung phones make up a huge percentage of the market share, he intentionally misled viewers. And for the fact he fucking said ANY Android phone in all caps in the title.
Wardon (4 months ago)
Watch the video like a human being and you'll see that he states this gets PERMENANTLY deleted on all phones EXCEPT Samsung phones that don't support deletion and only disabling. its ridiculous how many of you comment shit like this it just proves you can't watch a video for more than 10 seconds.
Rofay Mishaguyas (4 months ago)
None of the software seems to work. I can manually go in and disable the undesired software without the garbage software....sorry.
Joshua Stagnitto (4 months ago)
says theres a problem with android, names the only 2 places apps can come OTHER than from android... you do realize that samsung and carrier arent android right? and when you buy a pure android phone like the nexus series etc, it is android the way it was created to be? and when you buy android from any other manufacturer it is that manufacturers bloat and the carriers bloat. NOT androids.. if youre gonna make videos about any subject then you should get the information right that youre spreading to other people. if you want to remove bloatware on ANY android phone, Root your phone and uninstall any app you dont want.. its as simple as that.
k. o (4 months ago)
Deleting and disabling is not the same thing.your video gave me info I ALREADY KNEW. You should change the title of the video
Danielle Furry (4 months ago)
where is terminal or " spotlight " none of that is findable with windows 10 ?
MajorEasley (4 months ago)
Phenomenal tutorial techniques used in this video. You should be on television.
Princern Prince (4 months ago)
What the hell is terminal I don't use this apple crap
hamza aharrouch (4 months ago)
Samsung j5 pro 2017 only shows 2 packages ?