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How Far Away Can You Get From Everybody Else?

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Sign up for a month's free trial at The Great Courses Plus: http://ow.ly/LKXN306Ggd9 Support RealLifeLore on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/RealLifeLore How far away can you possibly get from every other human on the planet? The answer is actually quite far, there are a lot of extremely remote places left in the world and some of them have actually yet to be reached by anybody in all of history. Music is by Ross Bugden, seriously if you haven't checked out his channel yet then you might want to reconsider that. Link to Ross Bugden: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQKGLOK2FqmVgVwYferltKQ Songs used are Flight Hymn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCr0bsng60Y Still: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=962VmrIh9vQ Plese Subscribe: http://bit.ly/2dB7VTO Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RealLifeLore/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/RealLifeLore1 Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/RealLifeLore/ Videos explaining things. Mostly over topics like history, geography, economics and science. We believe that the world is a wonderfully fascinating place, and you can find wonder anywhere you look. That is what our videos attempt to convey. Currently, we try our best to release one video every two weeks. Bear with us :) Business Email: thereallifelore@gmail.com
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Text Comments (16133)
Unknownymous Biatch (9 hours ago)
Your exact coordinates has a population of 1
*beeh* _roblox (17 hours ago)
My teacher showed me this while science
Fortnite Pro (18 hours ago)
Wanna joke Read More
qwerty uiop (19 hours ago)
The loneliest place a person ever came to is my heart.
Cindy Chan (20 hours ago)
Islam is the truth, spreasing peace thank you
Romisha Adhikari (20 hours ago)
finally u found me 😣!!!!!
Luxie the woof (21 hours ago)
The loneliest place on earth? My mind
sass boo (21 hours ago)
Loneliest place on Earth? *my heart*
Gacha Me-Chan (23 hours ago)
While that is the loneliest place on Earth...I'm the loneliest person on Earth!
Little tato (1 day ago)
*go to milkyway no one there*
Fabian Lopez (1 day ago)
I was expecting them to mention me.......
MrAzweya (1 day ago)
No click bait it’s dying
Lady Lion (1 day ago)
Tristan is a group of volcanic islands yeah be good place to live... He left that out.....
いバcinnamonroll (1 day ago)
14 year old mild depressed girls who take depression seriously:
SpoopyGamez (1 day ago)
first last (1 day ago)
stop leaking my home address
Dana Play time! (1 day ago)
Imma girl silly not a boy !😠👱🏻‍♀️👩🏼👩(brown hair)
Korak Khadgi (1 day ago)
Just go on the opposite side. I know its impossible because we can fall but no one will be there.
Justin Tan (1 day ago)
Loneliest person? . . . . . . . . Me :-:
Steffen Dingsør-Totland (1 day ago)
Norway have a base ther dummy
Hephen Stawking (1 day ago)
So... no Amazon Prime, then?
AC Tabs (2 days ago)
Perfect place for hide and seek
AC Tabs (2 days ago)
Ok thanks
Bendy and the ink machine (2 days ago)
Niall Taggart (2 days ago)
Guy: hey let’s play hide and seek Other guy : ok Guy : ok I’ll count you hide Other guy : hmmmmmmm * looks up this video*
Budgie Cute (3 days ago)
Reallifelore: How far away can u get from everyone Me: Antarctica
Denis Triton (3 days ago)
Отличный обзор. ))
Obnoxious Fish (3 days ago)
My bed...
Maurice (3 days ago)
not 'unknown' reason, if their are gas/oil fields around that tiny ice covered isleland then Norawy may claim those fields
Retro Spective (4 days ago)
Editsbybrihanna (4 days ago)
I need to go there
Sandra Sif Gunnarsdóttir (4 days ago)
Ok nice I am moving to Devon island
Still a piece of gArBaGe (4 days ago)
Loneliest place on earth? _The Janitor's Closet_
Still a piece of gArBaGe (4 days ago)
I'm not trying to be funny, just telling the truth :,3
Jordan Lunkenheimer (4 days ago)
Adamstown island has a population of 49 in 2013
America (5 days ago)
ur moms bedroom
Andrew Christiansen (5 days ago)
Saw Neil degrass tyson and KNEW this channel is garbage.
Andrew Christiansen (5 days ago)
So thats where Osama was.....
Andrew Christiansen (5 days ago)
Releases this video less than a month after Trumps election. Celebs saw this video after saying they'd leave the country.
Jeff Young (6 days ago)
It's that 37 minutes that's a bitch.
Chucky (6 days ago)
I was born on Tristan de cunha and still live here now its lit
Raneem Ghassan (6 days ago)
That spot is no longer a good far place
The Whimsical World of the Wonderful Worthywood (7 days ago)
R’lyeh, point Nemo and the bloop are all around the same area... I’m noticing a weird pattern here
Samuel Hackler (4 days ago)
LightningFletch (4 days ago)
The Whimsical World of the Wonderful Worthywood Hol up!
Garfield (7 days ago)
Finally, now I can take the Hide and Seek world record from Anne Frank
Caffeinated Emo (7 days ago)
You are wrong, the loneliest place on earth is my bedroom
Kathy S (7 days ago)
What does it say about us that 13 million people have watched this?? 🤣 😉 🤣 😉
Stormzy init (7 days ago)
LaUgHs In AuStRaLiAn
[Vrtx] Actor (8 days ago)
Let me get my boat to go for that perfect Quiet land
I, Nimakokaaz (8 days ago)
pro tip: it's not REMOTE if it's got people. YOU are located far from THEM. your boats take a long time to get to THEM. they're at home. why center your perspective on their place? SEE ALSO: indigenous territories are not "remote" or "wilderness" cos Indigenous people have been on the land for tens of thousands of years. it's our backyard, and we have been to ALL of it, and shaped it to our needs. we belong to the land and the land knows us. the only "remote" locations in this video are Antarctica and the Trench. the pacific is not remote, it is pasifika traditional territory! like Turtle Island is for for anishinaabek, if you belong it isn't lonely. let's please leave colonial chauvinist perspectives on "distance" and "remoteness" behind in 2019. 😩✨
Lucina (8 days ago)
Me, the reclusive kid: I have found the key to salvation
Yorha Lolibot (9 days ago)
Who watching this video from Uranus?
Ben Buckley (9 days ago)
The iss is far enough away
Nico Husky (10 days ago)
Pitcairn Island middle of Pacific Ocean only 68 residents at last count ???
Brian Shriver (10 days ago)
not on globe
Brian Shriver (10 days ago)
point nemo isn`t even an place
deXter (10 days ago)
Im from Croatia xD
RIPZYEE (10 days ago)
Bland Grad
Abdul Arshad (11 days ago)
Seaplane rather than boat
Quit YouTube (12 days ago)
HailyGirlSlay Vlogs (12 days ago)
0:03 Flat earth Theory
the random minecrafter (12 days ago)
introverts ight ima head to point nemo
11: 11 (13 days ago)
5:37 how to meet the easter bunny
August504 (13 days ago)
Why does his voice sound different in every video?
Alphawolf 655 (13 days ago)
R’lyeh? What’s R’lyeh?
if i was at chernobyl i could've stopped it (13 days ago)
Basically a horror story version of Atlantis. A city sunken under water due to the stars shifting.
Chris Trudell (14 days ago)
My mind can de lonely at times if I shut it down for a spell.
Kat Ferguson (14 days ago)
I do not like how the measures kilometers and meters are used as standard. Other than that I like the video.
DerEchteEdi (14 days ago)
I like how he used a boat from Starbound when he talked about Point Nemo.
emiley (14 days ago)
dEvOn iSlAnD- 0 population Me: Perfect is there WiFi?
Kawaii Verse owo (14 days ago)
Mom: give me your phone. Me: *opens youtube*
Patrick Shank (15 days ago)
In 2020 anyone who calls earth a planet or illustrates earth as a globe loses all credibility. There's no excuse for you still being asleep.
Iwalkiz (16 days ago)
I was on island
Graham Clayton (16 days ago)
2:48 - the most isolated statue in the world?
Joe Kaye (16 days ago)
As far as cities are concerned, I say Perth, Australia.
AxcE Dash (16 days ago)
Not anymore.... I’m gonna go there when a teleporter comes out
Niara Playz (17 days ago)
If you traveled there ain't more coming back
Mickey McGowan (17 days ago)
I bet all people who encounter this YouTube guy wanna escape to a remote location...
Cinnamony Pasteline (17 days ago)
just go to Nebraska smh
Absolute GamerT (17 days ago)
"Why is this in my recommended!" - a lonely guy
Ahmed Abushagur (18 days ago)
The loneliest place in the world is the movie theater when they were playing the emoji movie
Fran Minu (18 days ago)
*me and the boys on the way to nemo* Oh wait... just me
JaCo VlOgS (18 days ago)
Introverts: yes
Ur bae 69x (18 days ago)
the lonlest place on earth is my party
pitPata Leilani (18 days ago)
here coz im msuicidal.. yeay
BloatedBlitz (20 days ago)
This is what I think my little cousins imagine me being when they can't find me in Hide 'n Seek
Harry And Larry Adventures (20 days ago)
Me: *taps video, goes to comment section and types the following, 'space'. This is my brain cell amount after I posted: *199999 million brain cells*
fooksie1 (20 days ago)
““ wow this is a good video “
Justice Comics (20 days ago)
14-year-old girls be like:
Some Buddy (21 days ago)
No matter how far you go to get away from people, you're going to be there. 🙄
sondre terjesen (21 days ago)
my friends dad have been om bouvet island.🇳🇴
edvaira6891 (21 days ago)
How about Pitcairn Island?
Mariana Correia (21 days ago)
My name is Mariana
RoxGold (21 days ago)
2016:nope 2017:HECK NAH 2018:SHUT UP 2019: IMMA PUT THIS IN DA RECEMANDATION i live in norway so let meh go to that lonley place when im already sooo
Erik Yan (22 days ago)
2:34 good that you showed the true shape of uk
jordyn grove (22 days ago)
to make it short: my bedroom
robloxian jimy (22 days ago)
Loneliest place? Definitely the back of the fridge in my house
bon fere (23 days ago)
North korea
RejuvenatedHope (23 days ago)
New Vsauce, but no "What if"
Lucky13squad (24 days ago)
Kid gets to an island that people where going to see in 2020 to 2021: Everyone: welp that kid is going to over take the world... Me: WE'RE FUCKED!
Em Em (24 days ago)
*mentions getting to land from point Nemo is like going half way across the USA* Mr beast: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHA NOOOOOOOOOOOB
Anks 1 (24 days ago)
Bouvest Island: Zapdos Easter island: Moltres Artic Island: Articuno
bordlol (25 days ago)
depressed people: ight ima head out