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New Invention Keeps Deep-Sea Creatures Alive at Surface | National Geographic

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A new pressurized chamber designed by the California Academy of Sciences and Monterey Bay Aquarium can now transport fish safely from the deep-sea to the surface. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta This is the Submersible Chamber of Ascending Specimen, or SubCAS for short. It’s a pressurized chamber designed to safely bring deep-sea fish to the surface. When deep-dwelling fish ascend several hundred feet, the change in pressure damages their swim bladders. The SubCAS works to correct this rapid change in pressure. Scientist will now be able to study these previously hard-to-reach fish in a controlled environment. Read more in "This Invention Helps Deep-Dwelling Fish Journey to the Surface" https://bit.ly/2Jm9QYs New Invention Keeps Deep-Sea Creatures Alive at Surface | National Geographic https://youtu.be/3cqIvIbKvvM National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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National Geographic (8 months ago)
Thanks to the SubCAS, deep-sea creatures can be studied at the water's surface while keeping them safe. What are your thoughts on this technology?
Trusty Tnoyc (8 months ago)
Ichigo Red how about check, test, observation and stuff like science.
Majyst m (8 months ago)
Do you release them soon, or just let them starve to death in their sealed tube?
Leigh Stevens (8 months ago)
Love MG but simply put - NO! STOP IT.
BluRey BluRey (8 months ago)
Rishi Raj NR (8 months ago)
Its the simplest idea 😂 Take a container deep which can withstand that pressure , put fish in it with only water and without air and tightly close the lid ... airtight. .. invention itsims😂 pressure stable , fish alive😂
Savana Marinelli (4 months ago)
This sounds dumb, but what could they possibly learn from ‘twilight zone fish’ that they already don’t know about regular fish? There doesn’t seem to be much a difference so I don’t really see the point of studying them.
Oleg (4 months ago)
having a deep sea aquarium in your house would probably be the dream of every one who keeps spiders, scorpions, mantises, ants or other insects. The thing that makes these small creatures fun to keep is the mystery in them. keeping weird creatures is so fun.
Brendan Richter (7 months ago)
I find the "We know more about the surface of the moon than the oceans" thing pretty dumb because if you think about it there isn't much to know about the surface of the moon. It isn't exactly the most interesting thing.
Trusty Tnoyc (8 months ago)
That's interesting way to make fish survive by pressure. I never thought about it.
Miss Marshall (8 months ago)
National Geographic - QUESTION - Did you guys figure a way to stop brush fires? Now that would be something worth applauding.
Angery Mechanic (8 months ago)
He didn't explain the device 🙁
Greg Herman (8 months ago)
But what if they hungry during the time they are being studied. And what about the trauma you are likely causing them.
Kevin Webster (8 months ago)
How about we not relocate these fish, not spend wasteful money on stupid stuff, and focus on helping humanity. Pointless research.... wasteful spending...
John Upchurch (8 months ago)
Amazing! I remember watching the nat geo show where divers are collecting these specimens and their voices are all squeaky from the helium. Its super cool we've come this far! What beautiful fish!
Jessica Anderson (8 months ago)
tip top
Rere West (8 months ago)
So once they consume the oxygen in that small tube...if you open tube , it's under pressure from whatever depth they were at , will they blow up ? Is this tube just to get them to the surface in one piece since for visual analysis...then they'll die ?
Historical Technology (8 months ago)
What about under the moon😏
uranfaggit (8 months ago)
Why would you do this... Let them be alone ffs. Stupid human.
DaKwan (8 months ago)
They're just taking a coupe animals and will probably eventually return them, calm down guys. This isn't like the old times where we ruined and studied everything without thinking about the impact
Uncommon Knome (8 months ago)
Aquariums are submarines for fish.
nefarious 8 (8 months ago)
leave them alone 😠
Christopher The Nerd (7 months ago)
nefarious 8 They are just exploring, usually marine scientist care very much about the ocean. They won't take enough to hurt the environment, plus most of the time scientists bring back the animals to their
Calvin Hodgson (8 months ago)
The millions of animals we slaughter each day and you're worried about the 0.000001% that are caught to be studied? What's your justification? Humans are curious. A few fish caught will not effect the ecosystem in a drastic way. Plus, if it does, they have live specimens to breed and put back into the ocean. Should we also stop owning dogs and cats?
Mastros (8 months ago)
nefarious 8 why? If they find a fish that has a cure to cancer? What are you gonna say then?
Liam4100 (8 months ago)
I think we should put more effort into exploring our own planet before others I wanna know what’s in our ocean not what’s on the moon lol
Tyler's Reef (8 months ago)
Wow, they had nearly $1000 worth of fish in that one little container. A lineatus wrasse and 2 borbonius anthias, some of my favorite fish but so expensive. It must be amazing seeing these in nature.
The One Percent (8 months ago)
"we know more about the surface of the moon than the ocean" well thats only true because there isn't much on the moon like there is in the living ocean.
BluRey BluRey (8 months ago)
Vivek Booshan (8 months ago)
The amount of pressure required to sustain these fish is absolutely insane, and the fact that theyre able to do this in such a small amount space is amazing.
National Geographic (8 months ago)
It's so great that researchers were able to come up with the technology to study these creatures while keeping them safe. Hopefully we'll be able to learn even more about deep-sea life!
FatGuyonTheCouch (8 months ago)
It took them this long to build a pressure tube..... Wow.
Alucard Helsing (8 months ago)
Jonathan Lee (8 months ago)
Thats a 200 dollar anthias right there
Slender Man (8 months ago)
the deep sea is a scary but wonderful world full of mystery and amazing creatures. you will understand what i meant when u play a game called subnautica.
2216 (8 months ago)
Time to get that megalodon.
Exclusive Channel (8 months ago)
does anybody know the name of that ending music or outro?
James C. (8 months ago)
How do you keep them from bouncing off the sides until they die? That’s always been the real problems...
neon (8 months ago)
nop if it’s untouched just leave it alone you don’t have to do any study about anything why do humans have to destroy anything they see. just leave it alone
Gobble Turkey (8 months ago)
_Jamison_ (8 months ago)
Wow keep fish in a big pressurised jar? So innovative! 😂
elysa xT (8 months ago)
Good to explore. Mayb someday theres a cure for any disease that havent been discovered yet.
Trong Huoa (8 months ago)
So is it ok for some random alien scientists from outer space to take human. put into a tiny cage...simply just because they want to study and get better understanding about us... human? Guess noooot.....
Calvin Hodgson (8 months ago)
Miss Marshall, the fish likely have a better chance of survival in a tank than the ocean where they'll be eaten. We can't understand fish language, but I'm sure an alien race would erase your memory and let you go if you so desired. Fish are content so long as they are fed and have friends to hang out with. Not like there is much to see 500 meters down anyways.
Miss Marshall (8 months ago)
Mastros - I see all living things as our equal.
Mastros (8 months ago)
Trong Huoa do you compare a fish to a human? Xdd
Jason Auw (8 months ago)
swim away nemo
Abys Wolf (8 months ago)
Mom: Honey where have you been for the past 4 days? Fry: Uh mom I was adducted by aliens from the land.......
Namida (8 months ago)
I am still thinking this is maybe what alien abduction doing to us...
BluRey BluRey (8 months ago)
Aghnia Fauziah (8 months ago)
Suddenly thinking about Finding Nemo movie
Mike P (8 months ago)
What is the pressure inside the clear plastic tube at that dept? It looks sealed with a valve, what m I missing about pressure?
Oleg (4 months ago)
go search ab00t that on google friend
Mike Miklavic (8 months ago)
The fish look like they were of the Antia’s genus common in the saltwater aquarium hobby.
Art Curious (8 months ago)
Mars is a dead planet riddled with toxic soil and at best only has simple organic compounds in its soil. On the other hand the Ocean is teeming with life and unknown species and yet we have only looked at 5% of it. We need to start funding more ocean research.
plnkfloydian (8 months ago)
Science is always propelling us forward ✌️❤️
National Geographic (8 months ago)
It's so exciting to think of all the things we can learn about the world as technology develops!
Sandeep Sinha (8 months ago)
Lots of nemo story started ;p
undeadhunt 10 (8 months ago)
Maybe it should be untouched cause everytime we find something beautiful we destroy it
undeadhunt 10 (8 months ago)
Calvin Hodgson i not iam just someone looking from the outside in you know but things alway go wrong when they discover something. That shoud be left untouch. There is no need to go explore. It. Or investigate just let it be and let it grow.
undeadhunt 10 (8 months ago)
Calvin Hodgson in a sense your explanation makes sense but common let ve realistic. They dicover and then someone else finds something rare or special and they go try to mine for it or eventually bring a species toward extiction.
Calvin Hodgson (8 months ago)
undeadhunt 10, these are people of science not CEOs and investment bankers. Scientists are careful not to disturb the local ecosystem. If a fish was going to be eaten by another bigger fish, they'd simply observe rather than intervene. 2 fish can be bred so that they won't have to keep diving for more.
Can we get to 1k subs while just posting Memes ? (8 months ago)
Wow Science is getting better every day
Fierag (8 months ago)
Those three fish at :28 sell for $300 each. Borbonius anthias.
Unoriginal (8 months ago)
Atharva Dighe (8 months ago)
fix audio
Ragnarok k (8 months ago)
Merlin : stay away form the edge Nemo Diver: come fishy fishy Merlin :Nemo nooooooo...
Tugba Korkmaz (8 months ago)
Not much space in those things for the fish
Brandon Evans (8 months ago)
We know more about the surface of the moon huh... What an ignorant statement
Steven (8 months ago)
I knew you'd ask that rather than explaining anything haha.
Brandon Evans (8 months ago)
Steven Le I'm not surprised you're asking what common sense is
Steven (8 months ago)
I wish you could elaborate on this common sense that you have going on, but I do not think you even know what this common sense is since you're not telling anyone anything as to why I shouldn't believe in some of the facts that I currently believe in.
Brandon Evans (8 months ago)
Steven Le I believe in common sense... You obviously don't
Steven (8 months ago)
Even IF the possibility of NASA lying is true, they are not the only source, nor the only source that I listed as an example. I have many more reasons to believe the many sources than to not believe them just because I personally think the statement was ignorant for no reason. Are you sure I am the sheep, and it is not you sheeping behind conspiracy theories? If you want people to believe you, provide some sources and/or proof to your claims that the ocean is better explored than the moon, rather than just calling us sheeps or claiming we believe in Santa Claus.
_Paws_ (8 months ago)
They should implement this to submersibles that are equipped to take specimens.
always ا love ل me م - Ali Imran Nikita Jouchims (8 months ago)
Bout time! 😄
Rakasiwiii fiddihaq (8 months ago)
"we knew more about moon than the sea" this qoute is lie to me Really? Do we know about the moon? Or we know about the the surface of moon?
Jay Kal (8 months ago)
Amazing! Commend those people
smile it's just a game (8 months ago)
Cool 🐙we are going to see so many new creatures and learn so much more.
Ahmed minhas (8 months ago)
there's NEMO inside
Jane Lin (8 months ago)
If those fish were to tell their friends about this, their story would sound exactly like an "alien abduction" encounter.
emma kai (8 months ago)
I'm surprised this is a new idea. People have been pressurized to go deep, this must have been done to bring creatures up at some point. Also, any depth that a human can dive w/o a pressured vessel, then it shouldn't be considered "deep-sea"
Glitches and Gameplay (8 months ago)
Now there going to find out how to harvest them for resturants...try our new deep sea fish sandwich🏃🏃
Oleg (4 months ago)
no, nobody would do that. scientists wouldn't do that for sure.
Rena Freedenberg (8 months ago)
Glitches and Gameplay Unlikely. Deep sea fish have been found to live for hundreds of years and they take a very long time to replace themselves with the next generation so there would be extinct species long before they would be able to be eaten by that many people
ThePILFside (8 months ago)
noooooooo nemo
الحسون المقنين (8 months ago)
My friends if you are a fan of goldfinch I welcome you to my channel
Anton P (8 months ago)
Because we can always find novel ways to take from our oceans.
Carl Keller (8 months ago)
It's like being abducted by aliens and whisked into space.
MEL GAMING (8 months ago)
Carl Keller sub to sub
Jack Leó (8 months ago)
I want an aquarium of that and have a pet angler fish.
Nicklas Jensen (8 months ago)
D’meach da peach (8 months ago)
Maria da Luz Moutinho (8 months ago)
As tecnologias são úteis quando estão ao serviço dos Oceanos logo estão ao serviço dos humanos e de todo o meio...Isso é mais que bom é superlativo (b)óptimo!!! A ciência nos oceanos peca por tardia ...a gratificação I espacial imediata é mais lucrativa...será?? Ou a exploração oceânica e mais dispendiosa e mais tenebrosa?? Os mistérios são tantos ...e acho que existe maus do que uma Twilight zone...Estes cientistas são o Júlio Verne modernos visionarios!!
Echa (8 months ago)
how are their ears do not popped in that depth? is there any wetsuit / mask that can help protect our ears in deep waters?
MEL GAMING (8 months ago)
Echa sub to sub
maroonroon (8 months ago)
Echa to put it simple, its because you dive too quick your body couldnt fast enough adapting the pressure. If u decent slowly, youll be fine..
John Merces (8 months ago)
As long as the descent was slow and any other hazards were mitigated, humans can equalize pressure behind their ear drums at some pretty impressive depths. Lots of divers regularly dive down 40m, some even deeper without any equipment protecting them from ocean pressure. The mesopelagic zone is 200m down... While this is the most extreme end of human tolerance, divers working in oil rigs, military operations or science missions sometimes make it close to these depths (or even rarely - beyond it) without dying or using a hard suit. So basically it's possible but incredibly dangerous to go to the depths the divers in the video have gone to
Rakasiwiii fiddihaq (8 months ago)
John Merces i think human only can do that not in deep sea, only some meters
John Merces (8 months ago)
Huh, I don't know why that might be
Amber Nishad (8 months ago)
Simple invention to solve complex problems...... Deep thinking of inventor.
National Geographic (8 months ago)
We're excited to see what new information on deep-sea creatures this technology will bring to the surface! If you'd like to learn more, read on: https://bit.ly/2Jm9QYs
TK Baha (8 months ago)
human beings act as god again.
Oleg (4 months ago)
well if they keep these animals alive, make more natural aquariums and let them breed, that would be awesome. which is probably what scientists want to do.
CMZ neu (8 months ago)
I would hardly call it a new invention, it's just transparent tank that can hold internal pressure, everybody already knew that deep sea creatures died because of the pressure they just didn't get around to making this till now.
erjam macatangay (8 months ago)
Why don’t they just go full Subnautica and build a base under the sea? Gotta watch out for reapers though.
John Lemon (8 months ago)
erjam macatangay government loves investing in guns and moon explorations rather than the ocean .... n its true..
LagiNaLangAko23 (8 months ago)
Monterey Bay Aquarium have a great channel.
J9 Beatbox (8 months ago)
You will learn more about a creature studying it in its natural environment, then you ever will in a lab...
John Merces (8 months ago)
This deep in the ocean, it is incredibly dangerous to send divers, and it would be too unsafe to have divers spend too much time underwater. Divers can only stay for as long as they're not too cold, they're able to equalize pressure, they have air, they have not dissolved dangerous quantities of inert gases. It is preferable to study animals in their native habitats, but this habitat is just too dangerous to keep humans swimming around in for long :(
Jordan Tyhiyo (8 months ago)
not true
Shi Womino (8 months ago)
Lol... moon, sure.
Bee (8 months ago)
these sea creatures must be thinking aliens have abducted them when they see what's above the surface of the water
Calvin Hodgson (8 months ago)
Fish don't hold very long memories generally speaking.
MEL GAMING (8 months ago)
Bee sub to sub
Radioactive Panda (8 months ago)
So, there’s still a chance that mermaids exist?
New Message (8 months ago)
All this technology, and they still haven't learned how to make those Styrofoam heads return to normal size after going down to those depths, and return to productive lives as hat models.
grougrou HH (8 months ago)
this looks just like a pressurized aquarium , not so much like a big invention. However the idea is cool.
Alopias Superciliosus (8 months ago)
CMZ neu So anything that uses a wheel isn't a new invention but only a modification? Am I doing this right?
lilelbee423 (8 months ago)
CMZ neu You could say that about any new invention. There are very few purely original products these days, everything is a remix or iteration of something pre-existing.
CMZ neu (8 months ago)
Still not a new invention, it's just a modification of existing concepts.
Traceur Snow (8 months ago)
Big for ocean studies good sir. Sure pressurized aquariums exist, but not travel sized ones
Beliye Kolgotki (8 months ago)
chalinoahuesoduro (8 months ago)
And there we go. Human civilization trying to explore and conquer in name of science only to end up exploiting and destroying natural habitats.
BountyHunter 756 (8 months ago)
Boks Mixed systems. ^-^
Vas Saus (8 months ago)
chalinoahuesoduro shut up
Revi M Fadli (8 months ago)
How is that gonna destroy those habitats?
Revi M Fadli (8 months ago)
Boks as if there isn't a better alternative to capitalism
Boks (8 months ago)
Umar Ali as if there's a better alternative to capitalism.
iheartme914 (8 months ago)
I have mixed feelings about this. I mean we humans are super curious and just want to explore. A side of me wants to know what is dwelling in deep waters. Another side of me just wants it to be left alone. Just let the creatures be...
HowdyImHowdy (7 months ago)
i don't think so, it's literally so they can study them alive, which we can agree is better than dead, and they'res not much to worry considering that fish don't really have the capacity to feel pain the same way other vertebrates do
Miss Marshall (8 months ago)
BountyHunter 756 - The world is disgustingly overpopulated (by humans) maybe it’s time we let these creatures catch up and cut our losses.
BountyHunter 756 (8 months ago)
iheartme914 Potential research for humanity and technology》》》》one fishy. All these items you enjoy, vaccines, operations, resources and things you take for granted...All of these came from research and sacrifices. Although from a moral standard, all life is valuable but it is us or them.
iheartme914 (8 months ago)
Primalxbeast of course I understand that. Humans have done a lot of damage in the process of doing their studies or damage to biodiversity in general. I know some of these studies will help in the long run as he stated in the video. Hence, I have mixed feelings about this.
Umar Ali (8 months ago)
Funny, you live on a country built on the genocide of natives and slavery of Africans and your heart bleeds for a tiny fishy. Hmm.
Kzee Lewis (8 months ago)
Bread Winning Biscuit (8 months ago)
Finding Nemo
brokenredflag (8 months ago)
Mayby the cure to cancer is down their 0o0!!
Unknown (8 months ago)
GrowingDownUnder (8 months ago)
Didn't they watch finding nemo? my mother used to say you can look but you can't touch, why is it hard to study and record data of these animals without capturing them? if you need to do biological studies i'm sure there's a few dead species which wash up on the beach or surface of the water
Revi M Fadli (8 months ago)
GrowingDownUnder how do you want to study them? By putting robots that might not be able to keep up with them, and lose them if they went out of sight? In captivity they won't flee Also nemo was taken to be a dentist's luxurious show-off collection that he carelessly gave to his fish-killing niece later, while these guys were taken so we can learn more about life in the depths, potentially learning how not to harm them later on
Ximon Whhatt (8 months ago)
I was gonna make a nemo joke but you already did.
Campbell Sadeghy (8 months ago)
Didn’t take long to find a comment like this lol
John Merces (8 months ago)
The deep sea environment renders it impossible to learn everything about these animals by studying them natively. Using a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) is expensive and impractical, usually not justifiable in the twilight zone of the ocean. To make matters worse, animals react to ROVs, so you cannot study their natural behaviour well using one. Yet this area of the ocean is also too deep to safely and continually send divers down without risking their lives, making laboratory study of animals in controlled conditions the best way to study the animals cost effectively, at low risk to the animals or to human lives. The proposal to study dead specimens is a good one, and has been useful for a lot of species in the early history of maritime biology - just look at whales and giant squids! But for these critters, they're unfortunately too small and too deep to ever make it to shores without being devoured by scavengers, while research on dead critters doesn't tell you how they behave, reproduce, hunt e.t.c.
Tragoudistros.MPH (8 months ago)
Also, consider that very few highly trained individuals are collecting these living specimens, so it's less damaging than a 'tragedy of the commons' situation. At this depth, they usually sink, rather than get washed up, and they are likely eaten if they ascend. If there's funding for underwater labs and better robotics, they can totally look and not touch, while learning a lot!
Jeffrey Koelewijn (8 months ago)
Nice !
wolvenar (8 months ago)
While it still might be true there is a lot of unknown in our oceans, that saying is very quickly going to be obsolete. Although it's an ever evolving ecosystem, we are mapping and discovering the rest of this world at an exponentially increasing speed. By 2025, maybe sooner, it is very likely that phrase saying "We know more about * than our oceans." will no longer be true.
zx45zx (8 months ago)
I could be wrong, but those fish just look like a wrasse and a couple Blotched Anthias......... not super rare deep see fish from an unexplored area of the sea. You can buy those things online lol. what kinda snake oil video is this Nat Geo?
geedizzy (8 months ago)
maybe the video is a sort of test drive to practice the technique of deep sea fish harvesting
Cody Ramirez (8 months ago)
John Lemon how does that correlate to the conversation....
John Lemon (8 months ago)
there is a difference in studying them alive and studying them dead.
Cody Ramirez (8 months ago)
Primalxbeast they have always been able to bring those fish up to the surface at that depth, it typically takes longer however due to the fish needing to acclimate to the change in pressure which is done by bringing them up very slowly this device will probably see a huge popularity in the marine ornamental collection industry
Primalxbeast (8 months ago)
They aren't deep sea fish. That was explained in the video. They are fish that live between the surface and the deep sea, but still deep enough not to be able to survive being brought to the surface unprotected. But I'm sure that your internet Marine Biology degree is much more valid than the knowledge of the scientists doing these studies.
David Lape (8 months ago)
MEL GAMING (8 months ago)
David Lape sub to sub
Fruitarian (8 months ago)
And then? Howd you gonna feed them when they reach your lab?
Kagiza400 (8 months ago)
Fruitarian Not really. There is a way to keep the pressure there the same. I think it's used in submarines too.
Fruitarian (8 months ago)
Cody Ramirez thanks
Cody Ramirez (8 months ago)
Fruitarian your a genius
Fruitarian (8 months ago)
Kagiza400 dude those poor fish will die once they open that bottle
Cody Ramirez (8 months ago)
Is this a joke....?
ellis ellis (8 months ago)
M Outdoors (8 months ago)
Very nice and interesting. Thank you! :))
National Geographic (8 months ago)
We're glad you enjoyed watching! If you'd like to learn more, read on: https://bit.ly/2Jm9QYs
Team epiphany Art (8 months ago)
LETHAL BACON (8 months ago)
GOOD GOD (8 months ago)
MEL GAMING (8 months ago)
GOOD GOD sub to sub
All In (8 months ago)
Now that’s a leap!