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The Fairytale House Shaped Like A Shoe

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There was an old woman who lived in a shoe. That's how the story goes, but this tiny house is no fairytale. Constructed from ferrocement, this spectacular home has been crafted as a whimsical yet functional retreat space which is shaped like a boot. Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/livingbig The home is constructed as part of Jester House, a cafe and gardens which is located near Motueka, New Zealand. There, the owners have transformed 5 aces of land into a retreat filled with beautiful gardens and creative tiny homes. Read More: https://www.livingbiginatinyhouse.com/the-shoe-house/ Next to the boot, they have also constructed a natural small home out of light earth, and another experimental building which was constructed for only $1,000. Jester House: http://jesterhouse.co.nz Follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/livingbiginatinyhouse/ Follow us on Twitter: @TinyHouseNZ Follow us on Instagram: @livingbiginatinyhouse Please subscribe for more videos on tiny houses, DIY, design, and sustainable, off-grid living. Music in this video: http://www.youtube.com/brycelangston 'Living Big in a Tiny House' © 2018 Zyia Pictures Ltd
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Text Comments (1275)
Tenly Hardee (17 hours ago)
I want live in a tiny house
Joy Kim (1 day ago)
Please keep making this kind of videos. If there are no tiny houses left to cover, please just talk about houses. I don't want to suffer from withdrawal symptoms.
Angel Grace (1 day ago)
This is one lovely tiny home .... it felt like your in Disneyland forever. Well done !!!
•Daisy Owl’s• (1 day ago)
Imagine what it looks like on Christmas 😂❤️
Vallita Art (1 day ago)
Craziness. Watching this video and half way through i realise that this boot house is about a 30 minute drive from where i live. Crazy! Im definitely going to be taking my kids to see this
Anita M. (2 days ago)
First time I see him interviewing someone as tall as he is 😂
Mark Dave Orfano (2 days ago)
i wish i could live in the shoe.
Ida Wilcox (2 days ago)
That is totally beautiful
Kim G (3 days ago)
"Laid out the footprint".....lol
Barbara Mashburn (3 days ago)
Absolutely wonderful ❤️!
Aamima Gelle (3 days ago)
Ohhhh this place is relax place and it's just like a bout
Chris Mullan (4 days ago)
This would be wonderful to wake up Christmas morning in this wee shoe house, kind of like a real live dream.
Reeble Snarfle (4 days ago)
Adela Castillo (4 days ago)
Drop a like if you are scrolling threw the coments
Sara Lesperance (6 days ago)
I hope Vermont, in the US, can catch on to tiny living!
Princesa Michoacana (6 days ago)
My Dream House ❤️
chad martin (7 days ago)
so cool love katelyn
sherril henry (7 days ago)
Love 💕 it
Nini Plays (7 days ago)
Ok that’s soo cool how they live like this😲😲😲😲
Miss Sevenfold (8 days ago)
4:28 is the tour of the inside lol
d i (8 days ago)
There are three unique tinies in one. What a great couple. What a skilled pair of hands and creative mind that Steve has got.
Kaitlyn Jewell (10 days ago)
Why did the comments move
P L (10 days ago)
This is the cutest couple I’ve ever seen
Teresa Pappas (10 days ago)
What an intriguing home! So unique! I would want more windows though.
Silvia Scaffidi (11 days ago)
-Where do you live? -in a fairy-tale house - really, do you live in a castle? -no, I live in a shoe
Cordelia Hutchinson (11 days ago)
Just amazing 😍👍🏼
أم شروق (11 days ago)
The quality of the video is so good it makes think it's tv programme.
CuriousEarthMan (11 days ago)
The 'low-rise hovel' really drew me in, and the toe part of the boot and staircase...and chestnut lodge: beautiful inside. liked it all actually! but have wanted to build sort of a low rise hovel since I was kid! Thank you!
陳學儒 (13 days ago)
Rebecca Jones (14 days ago)
What a labor of love for them both.
Conceição Aparecida (15 days ago)
Boa tarde essa casa no formato de botas e linda parece coisa de filme desenho animado
wordscrafter (18 days ago)
Wow, how cool. Love this kind of thinking!
Samuel Silva (18 days ago)
Linda casa-botina,é bom vc se reeventar ... Gostei muito...
Kim Ullrich (19 days ago)
There once was a woman who lived in a shoe Her life tormented with nothing to do That over the years she would learn to hide Her every emotion taken in stride To run from feelings she knew were deep Would leave her alone in bitter defeat For there once was a woman who lived in a shoe Her life tormented by you.
Torchwood Pride (19 days ago)
This man finally explained why New Zealand was missing in Star Trek First Contact! Now everything makes sense!
Topanga Reyna (20 days ago)
The decorations were pretty bad!!
Rosemary Williams (20 days ago)
"Important to have a big bathroom" Best Line EVER! thank you for saying that. A lot of these tiny and custom homes think it's all about the cooking until your forced to live with a loved one who works from home LOL like sometimes you just can't go outside and bathroom is more than just for #1 & #2 LOL. ...That and a good bed space you can kneel or even stand in is also useful to have in any small home :)
Half Action vlog (21 days ago)
A dream house
PrissyTomboy (21 days ago)
I have zero interest in living in a tiny house, but I can’t stop watching these videos 🤷‍♀️
Laylla's Locker (21 days ago)
Shoshoshooshooooo people dumbadambadam. Shoshoshoshoooo peoplee
Lyric W. (22 days ago)
🤯❤️❤️❤️when you find out the story is REAL as an adult.... awesome 😊
RoxxiGirl (22 days ago)
I want this to live in. It’s small and cozy. I love it. I love the yard too
UTMOST (23 days ago)
Very unique not like any other tiny house
Blue Fox (24 days ago)
The old man who lives in a shoe
n lackey (24 days ago)
Awesome 💖
laken1804 (24 days ago)
Ingenious and fun house!
Donna Johnson (25 days ago)
I wish they'd make something like that around here
snehal nangare (25 days ago)
So beautiful 😍
snehal nangare (25 days ago)
So beautiful 😍
Doreen Watson-read (26 days ago)
I would happily live there and sit and talk with them. What an interesting couple .
coco jiang (26 days ago)
This one is really difficult to hear
Courtney Johnson (26 days ago)
This is inspiring! I would absolutely love to live here. What a gorgeous property.
Atik Thapa (27 days ago)
Crystal Lindberg (27 days ago)
Absolutely Amazingly Fantastic 😎
Alyson Bentz (27 days ago)
Frances Armstrong (27 days ago)
Love this house.
Sandy Mac (27 days ago)
I could use that very talented man here in Ireland..brilliant well done to him 👍👍👍
Prexplorer (27 days ago)
This will never resell for a profit.
Catherine Rouse (30 days ago)
Deiman Kapi (30 days ago)
When someone tells you put yourself in my shoes take that person to steve big boot
Miss Molly (1 month ago)
I hope he does the crooked house next.
Miss Molly (1 month ago)
What a fun couple. 😆 I think they were drunk the whole time. 😆 I love it!
Kimora (1 month ago)
Looks like my favourite boot
Errick Finley (1 month ago)
Nice for "Boot" camp! But seriously, that's a real nice boot house.👍👞
GREEN LIGHT (1 month ago)
I like you smile.
Judy S (1 month ago)
Looking forward to seeing the crooked house!
Linda Divon (1 month ago)
👑🌍💍💄👠💋: awesome!
Island Life (1 month ago)
Never thought i would live in a boot but i would live in this one for sure
Sun Flower (1 month ago)
Milan Siddique (1 month ago)
It's amazing 😍
estelle patella (1 month ago)
Old Mother Hubbard's house. "Old Mother Hubbard lived in a shoe, she had so many children she didn't know what to do." So terrifying, I vowed to not have kids.
Rhonda H. (1 month ago)
The only thing about the second tiny home up on the hill is that it would suck to have to walk up and down said hill each day since it's walking access only.
Rhonda H. (1 month ago)
Bryce: "I'm inpressed with the way you've laid out everything in its footprint". Literally it's footprint.
Princess Israel (1 month ago)
Coolest house ever!
marysia furman (1 month ago)
Your bathroom is literally bigger than your kitchen
Concepcion Resendiz Basurto (1 month ago)
Que belleza felicidades
Leticia Bankston (1 month ago)
Love it! ❤
Lit' AHSr. (1 month ago)
Wow kinda like a fairy take book that is so cool 2 thumbs up and a bag of chips 😂😍😉 Winner is GOLD 🥇also beautiful land
Penny Piper (1 month ago)
This is real art.
Veronica Jackson (1 month ago)
The stairs are amazing... Great play on the story ...
Mj Overocker (1 month ago)
Love this ❤️
vale73antinea (1 month ago)
Eric Wilson (1 month ago)
Fairy tails is for people who still believe in love Santa n Easter bunny.mostly wahmen
Mihaela Gabor (1 month ago)
Case de vis si liniste .Frumos Totul
CassieNicole (1 month ago)
I was today years old when discovering a boot house 🤣🤣💕💥
Joanne Sgrignoli (1 month ago)
How fun & whimsical! I love them all. I suggest a Swiss Family Robinson tree house.
Prerna Sharma (1 month ago)
Lovely house. I wish i could have house like this one day 🤞
Mark S (1 month ago)
so no mention of mother hubbard?
Hxhxhks Nzjsnnd (1 month ago)
Tati ana (1 month ago)
Where are u from? In shoe.
Alizé Smith (1 month ago)
6:35 "layed out everything in its footprint" shoe footprint
Lucille (1 month ago)
I'm ready to move!
Toyosi Adeleye (1 month ago)
These houses in the bushes and secluded areas, isn't there a danger of snakes?
Tagi Doll (1 month ago)
If NZ is anythinglike Australia, there is danger of snakes in the suburbs. No rural living needed for that privilege.
Salkis Re (1 month ago)
I don't know why I binge watch these tiny home vids but it just makes me feel so cozy and childlike!
Band Plop (1 month ago)
Yvette Mason (1 month ago)
Awesome place and, as a person who grew up on fairy tales and became an English major, what an unearthly find. Magical. I want to go and spend a weekend!
Amestrian (1 month ago)
So my question is for the archetects out there: if you were to make a tiny home via Geodome home out of aircrete, would that stand up against the cold snow-filled winters? that's what's running through my head while watching these tiny homes too. They look fantastic in the spring/summer/fall or whenever this is filmed but would it stand the test of winter?
Turtle Dove (1 month ago)
Who’s the guys who’s presenting ?
Pema Rabgay (1 month ago)
The only downside of this channel is, they talk a lot.