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Funny UPS Commercial February 2003

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A UPS commercial that got me laughing from 2003. The expression on Jarretts face says it all lol
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18VigoroChevy (5 years ago)
@Blizfam I think he did in around 04 at Daytona?
DragonRanger1990 (6 years ago)
Jarretts looking at it like, well forget you guys, LOL!!!!!
SoulGlowActivater01 (7 years ago)
I wish jarrett didnt retier
redracer1985 (8 years ago)
Vincent Giacalone (8 years ago)
@texacobigred42 -- That would be epic if they did that for the commercials.
Matthew Kotarski (9 years ago)
i bet if jackie drove in nascar he would not be a good result
Sheri Malik (9 years ago)
@TheRooster94 who's Jackie Stewart?
Ruby Acosta (10 years ago)
Dale Jarret is made of epic WIN.
TheRooster94 (10 years ago)
The funny thing is Jackie Stewart made F1 safe. Now he's wrecking NASCAR. xD
JimmyDean404 (10 years ago)
now they have the maximum driver. I mean its okay but I don't get it
ralphiemayphan (10 years ago)
Dang you Brown Truck!!
Matt Embury (11 years ago)
Jackie Stewart, the voice of reason! No wonder Dale eventually said yes
MrZiggy29 (11 years ago)
I can see why it got you to laugh. That was really funny! I'm going to miss these DJ commercials
Balto Racing (11 years ago)
The look on Dale Jarrett's face at the end is just priceless!
nascar88ford (11 years ago)
The BEST ONE EVER. My friend was a Mark Martin fan and that little wreck at Richmond caused many arguments. Then this commercial came out! Classic.
Lladro M. (11 years ago)
sixflags48 (11 years ago)
OWfan (12 years ago)