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FSX UPS: We ♥ Logistics Commercial

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UPS: We ♥ Logistics Add me on Google Plus: http://gplus.to/GprimeJ I know you have seen the new UPS ads on TV heres a little something I managed to make in a couple of days. Music: Nadia Ackerman - That's logistics AfterEffects Magix X2.5 FSX Thanks to UPS and Nadia Ackerman. Twitter: http://twitter.com/primeclipsvids Facebook:http://t.co/YbsNoy6 ============================================= Do you have Xfire and like to play Sim and Shooting games join our group. http://www.xfire.com/communities/fsimf/ myrandomspaces primeclipsvids
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Text Comments (8)
carsxt (6 years ago)
Were did you get you UPS airplanes and add on for the k loader and the can on the 757.:)
TheJimbovision (6 years ago)
nice job there!
Lewis Wake (8 years ago)
you should e-mail this to UPS!!!
Lewis Wake (8 years ago)
cool vid
vex (8 years ago)
This should have more views!
Joluqa Malta (8 years ago)
Well done*****
ateh1 (8 years ago)
great idea... and very well done..!
jajawockeez (8 years ago)
well done!