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I didn't deserve this... (My Lamborghini is RUINED)

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Yup.. that really happened. My car was parked outside last night, and it got vandalized. You won't believe who did it.. I DON'T THINK I DESERVED THAT. • OFFICIAL RUG MERCH ► https://rugwear.com/ • SUBSCRIBE IF YOU'RE NEW ► http://bit.ly/SubToRug GO SUB TO MY MOM & DAD: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbP35Xg465Vok5XAbd__DHg Follow me on my Social Media to stay connected! Twitter ► https://twitter.com/FaZeRug Instagram ► https://instagram.com/rugfaze Snapchat ► "thefazerug" (Add me to see how I live my daily life) :D If you read this far down the description I love you
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Text Comments (17504)
FaZe Rug (3 months ago)
GunsAndClips (8 days ago)
You did
Cinnamon Mitchell (10 days ago)
FaZe Rug Phase rug and your biggest fan and I know your real name is Brian and my name is Candle Call
Djdogs 4 lyfe (17 days ago)
hahahahahahaha looks like u deserved
Big balls Little Dick (3 months ago)
ii hackbo2 (3 months ago)
Aaron David (3 hours ago)
Sally Lemon (3 hours ago)
what is he doing for living? what does his father do then
Daniel Ventura (4 hours ago)
Yall fuked up
Nunov Yobeeswax (4 hours ago)
If you really wanna prank, give me all of your family's money so I can live like y'all, and y'all can live like me!
Xkonvictxx10 Ninja is the best (7 hours ago)
That tops every prank that you done
Star Pillars (21 hours ago)
Nice excuse to simply flash your cash...pity! nice car though, well at least once the spray paint is off it.
CHRIS198490 (21 hours ago)
rich arabs
Joe Joe (22 hours ago)
Spoiled rich fucks make me sick.
crimson crusher (1 day ago)
yep thay win
อุทัย จันทร์เพ็ง (1 day ago)
อุทัย จันทร์เพ็ง (1 day ago)
China Traffic Daily Accidents (1 day ago)
lol, so funny, specially the Dad!
Elskamp Inc. (1 day ago)
Did anyone watch the video even 2 minutes in? The paint is washable FFS...
Pandasm (1 day ago)
USUK.... US x UK (hetalia anyone?)
AJ Smalls (1 day ago)
rich people things....
Christopher Dosin (1 day ago)
They don't care, they have enough money 😂
Sanuda Sethuhewa (1 day ago)
This wasn’t even a prank and if it was it was crap.
Smegma Poppins (1 day ago)
Looking at the kid, I guess he was mostly upset because he needs the car to get laid.
Chris Ralph (1 day ago)
And yes u did lol
Chris Ralph (1 day ago)
They got U bro
Asim Khan (1 day ago)
Believe they are Arabs But seems cool parents
mye webb (1 day ago)
Cool parents.
Mario Van den Eede (1 day ago)
So you gonna ruin a lambo on purpose? And what you gonna do next? Repaint the whole car? That's throwing money down the gutter! Better give it to the poor then!
Cuong Nguyen (1 day ago)
What kind of wrap is that?
pema tsultrim (1 day ago)
you talk too much
phatrides222000 (1 day ago)
I feel like it's your parents car. nobody owns a car that expensive and lives with their parents.
luis portillo (1 day ago)
Set up
Jupp Mandl (1 day ago)
Spencer Lim (1 day ago)
Did you direct your own prank video?
lynchfourtwenty (1 day ago)
fuck the lambo i think the real prank is them eyebrows
mentalpatientMp (2 days ago)
This guy is able to afford a lambo from making stupid lil youtube vids. Incredible.
Scott D (2 days ago)
Are you all drug dealers?
Philipp Dauer (2 days ago)
Dislike cause fortnite on background and like whore
Hasan Alowaidi (2 days ago)
your parents are an idiots
cayman r 671wc (2 days ago)
fuck you all
조으다 조은 Joeun.K 게임 리뷰 (2 days ago)
RandomDude27 (2 days ago)
Rug you can make a livery for your lambo like FaZe Rug Is The Best
Jay S (2 days ago)
emond67 (2 days ago)
if i could afford a lamborgini i wouldnt still be living with mommy and daddy. their reality is something i cant even imagine
so ho (2 days ago)
They asked for it next time they will regret this prank and pay back is a bitch !
Celeste Rinonos (2 days ago)
Gosh! Really loved ur parents! They are super funny and cute! Hahaha
Juris Vorobjovs (2 days ago)
Богатые бесятся по своему
mac daddy (2 days ago)
Yep, the kid is a future tranny with that voice and the constant 'stress' on the last word of each sentence.
gupey 69 (2 days ago)
wkwkwkw i'ts funny... good day, good moment. best prank with family...
Civilian X (2 days ago)
This acting is worse than a soap opera..
Lisa Kakazu (2 days ago)
honestly looks pretty good.
hobi of all the world (2 days ago)
cole goolsby (2 days ago)
Spoiled. Lmfao. That was great.
Caden Casarez (2 days ago)
Jay R (2 days ago)
click baiting flexing d bags.. sit the fuck down and be humble.
imran zafar (2 days ago)
Fuck you and your show off arabic ass
bret mccormick (2 days ago)
I'd still ride the hell out of it
josh brock (2 days ago)
i hope you all know the car is vinyl wrapped. they were probably planning on getting a different color anyway. ad money pays for the service or at least some of it. pretty smart actually
Maxxwell Maxxwell (2 days ago)
Filthy Arabs
playhouserage (2 days ago)
The worst acting ever but you still got the views :D LOL
brandon sheffeld (3 days ago)
Whars faze rug
Stealth Customs (3 days ago)
you should drive that around as is all day to see what people do. the repsonse will be price less!
Abdul Yussef (3 days ago)
Fritz Tyrone Orpiano (3 days ago)
its cool tho ... try to ride it for a day
king 100 (3 days ago)
Anita Mirshahi (3 days ago)
You have cute parents!
Sqlim (3 days ago)
I swear his mom is hilarious some times
Sqlim (3 days ago)
This does not at all hurt me cause I do not like supercars lmao
Tomi Tecco (3 days ago)
Se re fueron de onda wacho
andrew long (3 days ago)
you deserved it 9.999.999.999.999.999.999.999.999.999.999.999 prcent
Reign Of Anger (4 days ago)
Not bad, the car looks more beautiful, really not bad Your parents surely love you very much ..
Bazuzeus (4 days ago)
Fuck all morons from "More Money than Brains Club" You all are just dicks... You'll never be happy and you'll die like shits PS : I own a few sports cars, don't be fooled, I'm not jealous
Tim Gary (4 days ago)
This was hilarious! Loved it!
Poots MuhGoots (4 days ago)
If you can afford to have a Lamborghini and the upkeep that goes with it, I'm pretty sure you can afford a paint job for it.
Marrycat7218 (4 days ago)
imho it looks better.
Omair Ibn Jafar (4 days ago)
00:20 You always put it on me! 😂😂😂
FBI (4 days ago)
Lamborghinis are like Hondas both are lawnmowers
Trent Wade (4 days ago)
Love ya Faze!
joe derp (4 days ago)
JJ Kirkman (4 days ago)
You wanna write bitch or no?
lissette salgado (4 days ago)
Y he duckin like he trasspassin his house hahahaha i love it poor baby
depecheddurand (4 days ago)
too much time on their hands wtf is this ?
Frickitall (4 days ago)
looks better
MeIsNooshi - (5 days ago)
Me: NUUUUUUU DONT RUIN THE FUCKIN LAMBORGHINI Mom: YEH BABY RUIN IT ps mom is not a hater she actually loves u guys but she hates sport cars
Aranya Saensra (5 days ago)
R. I. P. huracan
Nathan Tiffen (5 days ago)
I always hate it when my parents ruin my super cars, rascals :P
UPNorthRanger (5 days ago)
You are right, you do not deserve a Lambo. First honest words muttered from a boobtube star.
Jason JJ Cruz (5 days ago)
Brain love your content I was like no way not my favorite car the Lamborghin it's my dream car
Verine Medical Officer (5 days ago)
This is something that irritates me and I love my Lambos. It just makes me cringe, no hate on your parents.
Marina Mirkina (5 days ago)
I have a aventodor for real
christopher espinosa (5 days ago)
Not the lambo tho😭😭😭
Webster Giles Smith (5 days ago)
This kid is such a fucking asshole.
scar vs moofaasaa (5 days ago)
It doesn’t even fuckin matter it fuckin wrapped! Bet this shit was pre planned anyway!
bobby o (5 days ago)
even parents hate dushe bag lambo drivers, im sure his boy friend likes the car lol
bobby o (5 days ago)
even real spray paint will wipe off with gas, or zy;ene
EpicShorty (5 days ago)
This is literally me, when I park ALL my lamborghini's outside xD
Jking (5 days ago)
when your parents sound so monotone and chill you can never tell if its a prank
ramsjapan (6 days ago)
Great video, made my day. Tell your parents thanks!!
Lê Văn Bòn (6 days ago)
Hammond Think (6 days ago)
Woow acting so welll wooow so natural them reactions... 😐😑
mangiaracinaRR (6 days ago)
next time use real spray paint
Izion (6 days ago)
aww my heart breaks for this rich kid... not
iiLostStar RBX (3 days ago)
yo nigga brat how you doing?
iiLostStar RBX (3 days ago)
yo nigga brat how you doing?
Fredo Montana (3 days ago)
Izion he wasn't born rich he worked hard to get rich
Endri Lara (4 days ago)
hey borat, how u doin'
Chief Goose (6 days ago)
He didn’t act too upset because he knows his parents would just buy him another one, probably buy him two just for the fun of it. Must be nice
Lyric Johnson (6 days ago)
Shout out to Peyton and Miles I helped raise money for a charity I love your videos