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How to Wake up Before 6am Every Day

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arunima goel (1 hour ago)
1. Find a 'why'. Make a to-do list. Write the 'why' in it. 2. Put the phone in the other corner of the room. Place a water of glass behind it at night. Drink it in the morning. 3. Motivate your partner/roommate to make change with you, only if they wanted to. 4. Sleep early, at least 8 hours. 5. Have a great sleep - close blinds, play rain sounds et cetera 6. Attack one habit at a time for better development in long run.
Ashley (1 hour ago)
I do similar things to keep a consistent wake up time.
Regnis Mada (5 hours ago)
"Playing rain songs by…."shut up bitch" 😂😂😂
francescadiana (5 hours ago)
I am binge-watching your videos right now and I am not only loving the value you're creating for your subscribers through spreading knowledge, but I am simultaneously insanely entertained by your sense of humor. Keep up the good work!
Diah Utari (9 hours ago)
As a mom I have to wake up 4.30 am everyday many jobs to do.. Hahaha
big bcTV (10 hours ago)
can you give Indonesian subtitles to all your videos, please
aim marie (10 hours ago)
Matt: "put a glass a water by your phone. It's wakes me up so I won't go back to bed. (Have something that makes you motivated to get out of bed.)" Me:Okay I got it!!! Thanks Matt! * puts glass of vodka by phone.* Mission accomplished.
Jessica Bautista (11 hours ago)
* wakes up at 4 am so has time to get to her class of seven bc she lives two hours away from her university *
Maha Mm (13 hours ago)
i cant do this because my community starts working at night from 8pm to 12am is where people thrives but then work and schools start at 6 because everyone is so obssesed with westren culture and its early habits then at 12 pm its so freaking hot no one can function so everyone just ends up napping until before sunset!! It sucks
DarkValkyrian (16 hours ago)
I'm gonna ask a female friend who also has trouble waking up early and see if she wants to commit to this challenge by sleeping a couple weeks by my side.
Neophema (17 hours ago)
I didn't know Alexa had an Australian accent.
Santa (18 hours ago)
I like your editing a lot :)
Monty G (19 hours ago)
Just use modafnil
He Gu (1 day ago)
I think that not eating later than 2 hours before my bedtime helps me get tired so that I can keep my routine.
Scott Petrucco (1 day ago)
Thank you so much dude your videos have helped me to now get up at 5 am to workout and am at the point were I can do 60 push-ups in a row these have really motivated me and have drastically changed my life
monkiram (1 day ago)
My real problem: how to sleep at a reasonable time that allows me to wake up this early. Even when I have to wake up early on weekdays, Friday nights I'll immediately revert back to sleeping super late. I think my body just doesn't get tired as early as other people :/
An Entity (1 day ago)
This is not applicable for surgeons/med students lol, you gotta be in the hospital at 6am.
first Impression (1 day ago)
The question is not how but why ?
Cool Dog (1 day ago)
Would ye be bothered like
????? ????? (1 day ago)
I used to go to sleep at like 6am when I had exams and stuff But now I've started getting up at 5 30am and manage to go to the gym for an hour before school, its great
Luis Luna (1 day ago)
Not to be a party pooper here but it’s kind of annoying to have these young kids give advice on “changing your life” and “get up early”. For heavens sake, you’re young, single and without kids just set the alarm and wake up!! Don’t need nobody to give you advice on it. Just do it. These kids act like they don’t have any time. You have all the time in the world. Stop with the advice giving and do the work. Also why don’t you talk to a single parent with a full time job how they wake up early to work on their side business and/or passion?
Kgomotso Kolokoto (1 day ago)
Love this channel...
Charles King (2 days ago)
Just found out about you from Matti H. I’m surprised I hadn’t seen your content before. 5 stars across the board! Great video message, cinematography, story telling, and call to action!
Paulokun7 (2 days ago)
Dang Matt, you already got another kettle? Now you have a matte black one..
Pass The Butter (2 days ago)
You actually made my Alexa play rain sounds lmao
Shannon Frost (2 days ago)
¡ ! (2 days ago)
I recommend cold showers! they make you feel amaizing and ready for the day
Querkoepfchen (2 days ago)
I used to hate getting up early and spend my weekends sleeping in until 12 or later. But then I started a job where I had to be at work at 6am so I had to get up early and got more and more used to it. At some point I realized that I actually quite enjoy to have some time to myself in the mornings. Nobody is texting you since everyone else is still asleep and my roommate is still asleep as well, so it’s the only time I’m truly alone. I didn’t want to have stressed mornings with getting to work barely on time, and I enjoy to have time for a relaxed cup of tea and a chapter of whichever book I’m currently reading, so I started to get up even earlier. Now I can get up before 4 am no problem. I just have to make sure to be in bed 8h beforehand because I do need a lot of sleep. Since I’m getting up so early and work all day I’ll be tired enough to fall asleep at night without a problem. Since Uni started I obviously only work one or two days a week, but I still enjoy getting up around 6 am, because having an relaxed start to my day just makes me feel a lot better overall. I still sleep in some weekends until 3pm tho 🤷🏼‍♀️. In short: what helped me get up early was to make sure I was physically tired the day before (usually I get around 20000 steps in at work) went to bed early enough and reminded myself how much peace a nice cup of tea or coffee in the morning gives me for the rest of the day. And eventually it gets easier and easier.
Daniel Andre Bunckenburg (2 days ago)
two words ... Philips Hue and google clock with spotify addon!! Google it and use it! very helpfull too! :) :)
matyi202 (2 days ago)
Yes i know how to wake up, cuz i work in 3 shift... And if i have morning shift i have to wake up at 4am😅
Harry Nguyễn (2 days ago)
I personally use the app Sleep Cycle which help you wake up by the end of your REM sleep cycle avoiding feeling tired and cranky when you wake up. Give it a try 👍
Otonye Ben Jack (2 days ago)
What the paint colour of your walls?
ProBasket Check (2 days ago)
Mon-Fry Wakes up 6am, Weekend Goes to sleep 6am
Wallace Lo (2 days ago)
can you make a personal video on how to build a business from the ground up? thanks i really hope you reply this message.
The Truth (3 days ago)
I freaking hate sleep. Its such a waste of life.
Usman Shah (3 days ago)
i like this dudes way of thinking, subscribed.
Evan Nolan (3 days ago)
Dane Rossenrode (3 days ago)
Try this: Go to bed early enough that you don't need an alarm clock. The rest of the advice is great though!
Александр (3 days ago)
The sooner you go to sleep the sooner you wake up. That isn't rocket science, folks. Been there, done that. Thank you for such a great video, Matt. Nicely done!
flaxen Rdn (4 days ago)
Good thing I had to pray every morning...so automatically I will wake up around 5.30am. I'm still trying to wake up around 3a.m because it's good to bath cold shower around that time...but the problem is I still had issues to sleep early...
EndlessMagic 〈7 (5 days ago)
My problem is not waking up.. it's sleeping. I CAN'T SLEEP if I think of waking up early. Sometimes I'll even be up till 5am -.-
Over Lit (5 days ago)
Great video. I've never understood the snooze button though. Absolutely zero times in my life has an extra 10 minutes made me feel any more ready to go.
Morgan Brooke (6 days ago)
Watching this at 4:22 am
Wendhy Rodríguez Maldonado (6 days ago)
Awesome, thank you so much!!
Andrew Wright (6 days ago)
A 24% increased risk of death? I’m pretty sure we all have a 100% risk of death.
Dipto (7 days ago)
U talk n look like Casey 😅
Volcano Wonder™ (7 days ago)
no thankyou (7 days ago)
Why am I watching this? I've always woken up at 5 a.m. naturally.
Rigu MG (7 days ago)
One advice buddy, cover that glass, the water is full of germs if you leave it overnight.
daMoonSon (7 days ago)
How do you hear alarm if you use ear plugs?
Travis Patton (8 days ago)
You are the greatest YouTube on this site
Kederen (8 days ago)
How to wake up before 6am every day: Step 1) Set an alarm, or a few alarms Step 2) Get up when alarm(s) go off. Wow, that was hard. Thanks for the Youtube tutorial.
Rina Quartz (8 days ago)
I don't care when I wake up, as long as its before 11am. I'm so sick of staying up until 6am and waking up at 4pm. I've been doing pretty ok for the past several weeks though!
Jack Frost (8 days ago)
It's easy get roosters as a pet.
J K (9 days ago)
That Patreon hook was dang good.
Darth Zorne (9 days ago)
1:20 am in Brazil... :(
Milton M. (9 days ago)
Penguin suit!
D H (9 days ago)
BUT what about when you working in shifts? 😑
Putri Widi (10 days ago)
But i start to watch this video now (at 1 am) :') i have to wakeup tomorrow at 5 am :(
Putri Widi (10 days ago)
Less sleep more stress :(
JbtSveZauzeto1 (10 days ago)
How can you have your risk of death increased by 24% though? I'm pretty sure it's fixed at 100% for all of us xD
JAY OVERRIDE (11 days ago)
I like these tips but my sleepy ass would knock the water over and then boom. Fully woke. Phone ruined😂😂
A. Stone (11 days ago)
I use to love waking up at 5 am every morning, I'd run eat read write get a ton of work done all before noon. Now I'm a truck driver and dont have a sleep schedule. Sometimes I have to go pick something up at 9 am one day, then the next day have it delivered at 1 am, you get up when they tell you and sleep when you can.
Alice Fantoni (11 days ago)
I usually don't leave comments on the videos, but I really love how u do your thing, keep going, you're amazing :)
Kala Mees (11 days ago)
sick. I have to wake up before 5
Kid Sundance (12 days ago)
The past 8 years I've been waking up before 6 am. The problem is I'm awake for two hours watching try not to laugh challenge videos and I go back to sleep until 4, 5 or 8 p.m.
Avinash Yein (12 days ago)
Alexa is a bitch!😂😂
Assia Latreche (12 days ago)
You're really great my first time commenting
Leo Isco (12 days ago)
How to Wake up Before 6am Every Day? set alarm for 5:55am boom mind blown
RenetViva (12 days ago)
Love your videos! Thanks for another great one
Casual Gamer (12 days ago)
"If you don't have a friend..." 😔
Stephen Dallas Drawing Show (12 days ago)
Do all minimalists own a penguin jumper?
Horacio Herrera (12 days ago)
Awesome video! I started my habit with something really simple. I love socks, so I commit myself to take a picture of the socks I use every day. this helped me to develop now a run habit every day and more to come! thanks again for the advices!!
J. Dacs (12 days ago)
Finding videos waking up 4 AM And then this video come up.
Sharice Jackson (13 days ago)
Matt: tries to put his pants on smoothly...... *fail* Me: relatable.
Krytan Photography (13 days ago)
I didn't realize this but I've been waking up at 5am during the week tbefore work at 9am to edit videos I shot during the Weeknd. Usually I would wake up an hour before work and rush. Now I ease into my mornings and definitely feel better overall
Carla N (13 days ago)
I LOVE YOUR YOUTUBE! You have such a great personality and you’re a delight to watch.
marshalhunter (13 days ago)
When you need to be at work at 7 sleeping past 6am is a luxury
Francesco Paggiaro (13 days ago)
Man so strange to see Italian title and then all the ordinary Matt in english hahaha, youtube joking me with the traduction of the title :)
montysmithtyler (13 days ago)
Set my goddamn damn Alexa off motherfucka
Au 7 (13 days ago)
Also to anyone that has an apple watch or a smart watch set an alarm on it and wear it while your sleeping, it has changed my life because it basically forces you to wake up as it vibrates on your wrist in a weird pattern
Au 7 (13 days ago)
I should probably get more than 3-4 hours of sleep everyday cuz falling asleep in class is getting me in more trouble everyday
Mikołaj Losz (13 days ago)
What is your alarm ringtone?
Peter Lockwood (13 days ago)
Hello, Sir. I just subscribed to your channel. I just want to say thank you for making these kind of videos, it's helpful and life-changing. Keep on making contents like this and sure everyone will notice your purpose. (Plus the quality of your work is outstanding!) God bless you!
Bart Roger (14 days ago)
Wht I don’t get is the dislikes whyyyyyyyy🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
ShadyXV (14 days ago)
So you just go to bed with your phone not plugged in?
Антон Литвин (14 days ago)
You are so amazing good in making video I wouldn't notice any ads. Very interesting to watch! Not only this, but the things you say really work. Special txanks for a glass of water trick I didn't know about. :)
Gg Great (14 days ago)
just put your alarm at 5:59am
bin to (14 days ago)
Our body alarm mech...just say to ourselves that we are gonna wake up at 6 and that we need to....high chances that we will wake even without alarm
Daniel Barde (14 days ago)
For no damn reason I feel Alpha M watches this channel.
Kris Backhouse (14 days ago)
How to wake up before 6am everyday. 1) Set your alarm for 5.59am. 2) Wake up when alarm clock goes on. Done!
Wiktor Kozik-Buragiel (14 days ago)
Lol set up a clock and wake up ? I do this every morning
Hugo Canales (14 days ago)
te lo siko wei
HEARTIST 25 (15 days ago)
step 1: have a baby
Camilo Ferreira (15 days ago)
a minimalist has a penguin costume, just one
Ihab Shoully (15 days ago)
If you're watching this at 2am, just make sure to woke up before 8am! 😂
Szaniszló Dani (15 days ago)
What if I have a nightout with my friends? I can break the habit or what your advice?
andyygoesham (15 days ago)
Easy. Have a child.
Ballin Balgruuf (15 days ago)
well i get off of work at 530 am then sleep so.... what's it for me?
Martin Jönsson (15 days ago)
MAKE A FRIEND, Go to Grindr 😁👍🏻
CeleBait (15 days ago)
I dunno why, but this guys face and atitude are just so punchable SMH