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UPS Politically Incorrect Ad

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Watch the HD version here!!! http://www.youtube.com/user/EngeniusProduction Political Correctness hurts us all in this very funny UPS spot.
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Text Comments (91)
WykkedWaze (2 years ago)
What can brown... er, what can we do for you? LOL classic
Zyklon B (2 years ago)
He's that moon cricket hanging by the water fountain scamming on white wiminz.
OutKast (5 years ago)
Now this was funny!
alpha chick (5 years ago)
Chris Recklezz (5 years ago)
Dumbest commercial ever...
Adam O' Shea (5 years ago)
Africano(id) sound better; or the 'dark coffee skinned character' over there.
Marbles092593 (5 years ago)
You, sir, have just lost one internet. .-.
Bloop (5 years ago)
Don't Americans have to refer to black people as "African-Americans" ? I think here, it is not as bad (for now anyway...til they change it so we have to say African-British)
dimb9 (5 years ago)
Its even worse here in the UK.
jon882 (5 years ago)
White guilt........
Karol Wozniewski (6 years ago)
Best racist ad ever.
JSkunk22 (6 years ago)
Okay, this was great.
Just_Me02 (6 years ago)
If the guy is black, why would it be offensive to call him black? Answer: IT WOULDN'T!!
Your Hero (6 years ago)
I would've just said the afro-american XD
Engenius Productions (6 years ago)
Gondonr: You really are an idiot.
Grendon the Alien (6 years ago)
Stupid advert. He could have just said the short arse guy. Though I would have just said the BLACK GUY...and emphasised black so he definitely did not give it to someone else by mistake.
mj030383 (6 years ago)
how did this even get to a race discussion? lol
kaymon24 (6 years ago)
@firstgovs no problem. i love government facts. ;)
firstgovs (6 years ago)
@TwiliPri1 wow thanks man i didn't know that
kaymon24 (6 years ago)
@firstgovs well, i'm not sure about other countries, but i'm sure about it here in the US. did you know that if aanythign ever happened tho the US president, the vice president must also be a US natural citizen in order to take over? if the vice pesident cant take over, then the speaker of the house takes over if they qualify, and so on and so forth...
firstgovs (6 years ago)
@TwiliPri1 wow thats interesting even if they were born in that country and moved when they were still a kid? because the prime minister of Australia is born in wales and the best prime minister my country (New Zealand) ever had was an Australian
kaymon24 (6 years ago)
@firstgovs yup. that what it says in the Constitution. it was meant to avoid having political "setbacks". for example, if a citizen of another country became president, they might prioritize their attention to try to influence politics in their country and it might not be "the best thing" for this country. the founding fathers wanted the U.S. to be the priority of president, then everything else. it would be "threat on national security"
firstgovs (6 years ago)
@TwiliPri1 wait so your saying that the president can only be a natural citizen and not jst a regular citizen???? wtf?
nathan neo (6 years ago)
At first I thought this is one of the Madtv skit
kaymon24 (6 years ago)
@CiachoLover not possible. we'd have to be a US natural citizen. its in the constitution.
Gerald Reynolds (7 years ago)
@bobmarleyisgod1 Tell that to the "black man", I was told by my black friends in the 60s that they want to be called black men and women now. No biggie to me, I never thought about it anyway and would refer to a person by their name anyhow, not by their culture or race. I don't give a shit what color or pigment your melanin produces, one is still a human being. Unfortunately culture seems to be determinate on race or religion more than any other parameter.
CiachoLover (7 years ago)
I wouldn't mind if we had an African-American president, instead of just African. :p
Drastic Measures (7 years ago)
Well I'm a good old fashioned American Honky! So whatERver.....! lol
Chris Hurt (7 years ago)
@panther0567 The "African American" label was intended to be the PC way to refer to a person of color who was born of people with roots from Africa. Which also means that people who immigrate here from Africa and become U.S citizens could also mean they could adopt the "African American" moniker. There's a flaw in that logic in that not all Africans are black. For example, if Charlize Theron became a U.S. citizen, she could be considered an "African American." That is why the term is flawed.
ACDCisMYlyf (7 years ago)
@bobmarleyisgod1 i think that means more that there is no difference between a black man to a white man! we are all human! he didnt mean it literally! of course there is black people and white people you'd be a fuckin retard to honestly be that blind and say that we are all of the same race. i dont see anything wrong with saying the black guy or the white guy!! should you be ashamed to have black skin!? no!! so why treat it as if its a problem that shouldnt be talked about.
Hannu (7 years ago)
@Xmanics No, they wouldn't.
FiberMania (7 years ago)
@theonenamedjosh I dunno, but I think calling black people "niggers" is kind of dumb. Maybe you can go to Harlem on a nice warm Saturday evening during the summer and ask those nice folks there if they agree with me. I think the experience will be good for you. Let me know how it turns out ;)
DJXeroBeat (7 years ago)
@theonenamedjosh LMFAO! "There"
purplemonkeyelephant (7 years ago)
@panther0567 If you were to label me by my races I would be an Anglo-Indian-Scottish-Chinese-Italian--Portugese-Malay. Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue...
5544Gorman (7 years ago)
Our generation will be considered the pansies of the century. Over sensitive and crying to our mommies about everything.
FrioFrijoles (7 years ago)
I've got a friend, first generation American, son of Papuan immigrants and he constantly deals with p.c. dipshits referring to him as an "African American". It's lulz when attempting to be politically correct backfires on the user. xD (he prefers to be called black btw)
Jack Barnes (7 years ago)
Black win?!? ( I is white)
The Rogue Lion (7 years ago)
Every American could be considered African American if you go back far enough....
happiehtoast (7 years ago)
@mazakman1957 well that's not the definition I've got in my dictionary (which is not an American one, so I don't think that American liberals have anything to do with it)
happiehtoast (7 years ago)
@mazakman1957 a native is someone who's ancestors captured the land without fighting (since there was nobody already there who they could fight), right? like the australian aboriginals.. and the white people came from different states of europe (spain, england, france and so on), and fought the pre-columbian people that lived in America already for the land. this makes white people not natives in America, or did I get anything wrong?
CZroe (7 years ago)
@barnsleybornnbred Often, it's also more properly descriptive, such as when a black person is not American.
Comrade Zamnoy (7 years ago)
l o l
supahdupephimamy (7 years ago)
@LavaMountainKat - i was especially offended when he said 'right on' - he might have well said 'whats happenin' or 'hey hey hey'
lilltigger7 (7 years ago)
I'm a black women and i think its okay to be called black, also this is very funny,
JessHow (7 years ago)
Hahaha!! Oh man...
rotharr (7 years ago)
International action to back UPS workers Transport workers across the world are holding a day of action to ram home the message to UPS managers that the sacking of 157 workers in Turkey will not go unnoticed. The unionists are organising mass actions outside UPS operations and other locations around the world on 1 September, following a resolution pledging support for the dismissed workers, which was passed at the ITF congress in Mexico earlier this month.
Infinitehope6 (7 years ago)
Youtube comments have become funnier lately.
G (7 years ago)
its a joke guys.. thats all.
superbruce (7 years ago)
@JunkMaster83 Amen !...and to ALL a very merry CHRISTmas !...
Trey Trey McDubbins (7 years ago)
Ugh. I watch MSNBC for comedic purposes sometimes. That is LITERALLY ALL THEY FUCKING DO. Play the race card. Isn't THAT in itself racist? Why are the only ones complaining about race- pastey white people on Mainstream Media? Do they have SUCH a low opinion of blacks, they have to act as their "PC" police, and ensure they are always getting a fair shake? Couldn't an intellegent black person do that on their own? YES. STOP WATCHING MSM PEOPLE! unless for propaganda studying-
J R (7 years ago)
This made me laugh so hard. My cousin (half black) said they should air this jsut for kicks. Really, NO ONE gets offended, white or black or asian, if you identify them by their nationality or race. Its just wired into our brain. I wouldn't get offended if I asked a black guy for a person, and he said, "Oh, he's the ginger over their." Stupid PC...
Mirage (7 years ago)
mrsticky005 (7 years ago)
@mrsticky005 Well if this isn't a real ad then it's rather convincing.
mrsticky005 (7 years ago)
@RCandAC11 Most likely.
RipYourSpineOut (7 years ago)
He could've saved himself with "The guy with the navy blue shirt down the hall."
stanmick63 (7 years ago)
That was funny because it's true. Me.....Yes I'm Black
panther0567 (7 years ago)
Honestly, I think "african-american" is dumb. If someone is born in the U.S.A, they are an AMERICAN. Simple as that, no need to add a label to them.
Xmanics (8 years ago)
I wonder if the white people who come from southern africa would demand to be called african american while living in america. lol
A86 (8 years ago)
Actually the term was invented by the Nixon Administration. I'm black and I usually refer to myself as a "black person" if I'm asked what my "race" is. "African-American" sounds like a sappy, convoluted way to not be perceived as offensive. When I hear a white person say "black guy" or "black woman" I don't find it offensive.
crashkadara (8 years ago)
Sweetie, I'm still not fully connecting by what you mean by Ripping. I originally thought you meant rape but now I'm just plain confused. Love; Birdie
schizoafekt (8 years ago)
but You know, there is that in white man culture, or asian culture rippers are perverts. For black and muslim they are normal, or even hero (like in Pakistan, where rip is official punishment - "do it on Allah cost" said pakis judge)
crashkadara (8 years ago)
Rip? I don't want to be Ripped by a black man. No. No I do not. Nor do I want to be ripped by a white man. Nor ripped by an asian man. No, I do not wish to be ripped at all. Love; Birdie.
barnsleybornnbred (8 years ago)
well, making people and even sometimes getting people locked up because they aren't politically correct is rather fascist in a way. Like you've seen in the advert, blacks aren't bothered if they get called black,if you're black then you're black, its not like its an offensive word. It's the government that is making people say words like "african american" they're abusing thier power to treat us like robots.
schizoafekt (8 years ago)
no, fascism is not connected with our history. you mistaken notion of fascism and Nazism. and I don't describe myself as fascist. As i wrote, I'm not a fascist conservative or even conservative-liberal. But what can I do when they call me that? only laugh at their stupidity
schizoafekt (8 years ago)
ask red bastards, if you are a fascist. they called me e.g. homophobic, because I don't think that homosexual delusions are good things. I like to be called fascist because then I know, that they are idiots, who do not know what meaning of the term "fascist"
schizoafekt (8 years ago)
so you are fascist, like me:D fu@#$ck the political correctness until black mens murder and rip white womans
schizoafekt (8 years ago)
dobra, jesteś z Polski? jak tak, to 30000 to spore miasto. I słuchaj (czytaj), czeczeni porwali wietnamczyka, więc w ostrołęce policja zabrania rozmawiać o wietnamie, bo to obraża tych brudasów (for english users - Chechen are dirty bastards)
schizoafekt (8 years ago)
Belorussians, Ukrainians and Vietnamese came to work, the rest came to beg and to steal, so do not generalize. I am kidding, of course, because Heda's husband (the Chechens), came to the carpenter and said "she is a strong, can bear the boards' So Chechen women can work, only their husbands are somewhat disable
schizoafekt (8 years ago)
now Sweden want to move emigrants to all UE countries equally. I'm very happy that Poland is too poor to attract immigrants.
schizoafekt (8 years ago)
how you can be a racist? it is stupid calling peoples worse because of color of their skin. For example my friend was called white bitch by the afrobritish, and almost ripped by the Araboenglish. they call it "multikulti". eurosocialist tollerance
NOLA EMT (8 years ago)
Im surprise the NAACP didnt bitch about this
Dantinus (8 years ago)
I usually say the human male of African American descent.
CelticKraut (8 years ago)
So many whites have no balls these days. What a pussy.
Washu234 (8 years ago)
That's cause teamsters is shit
rechitsapivo (8 years ago)
brown is also the color of shit
barnsleybornnbred (8 years ago)
"yer, hes the blac...blu blerr" ahaha ...."/ you mean the black guy? + on a note, i think people who say black instead of "african american" just feel its easier, not racist
HKK91 (8 years ago)
That reminds me, when a friend told this black person that he was an african american, the black guy told him he was Jamacian. :D
TbirdSpur2010 (8 years ago)
I'm black (or African American......or "a person of color".....or whatever's PC to call ourselves these days), and I thought this was hilarious! :)
phongbong (9 years ago)
Bull shit!
GermanSniperBayArea (9 years ago)
Dr. No (9 years ago)
I Agree, I'm Down Wit This Shit!!
Aaron Rodgers (9 years ago)
Fuck UPS and the crooked Union. Glad i quit 8 years ago and got into construction where u are paid for how hard u work and have benefits with insurance. union protects lazy assholes, i dont know why, and UPS hasnt raised starting pay of 8.00 or 8.50 for over twentyfive years. Both suck each other off. What about Ron Carey and the strike fun disappearing back in 96? Blow me assholes...
Stealthcola (9 years ago)
He's the guy in the black shirt
Jose DeJesus (9 years ago)
LOL, HA-larious!
Jose DeJesus (9 years ago)
No shit it's fake
Craig Robertson (9 years ago)
Brilliant stuff, Political correctness in a nutshell.
LovelyYTRocks (10 years ago)
"He's the blah---uh, the guy witht he plaided pants."
lemuelbecc (10 years ago)
Precisely, great video.
Nick Puga (10 years ago)
nice job jason! funny!
Morten Harper (10 years ago)
just sign for the f.... box and let the man get on with his day
Donald Moran (11 years ago)
lmfao omg