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Potato Cake Recipe

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Text Comments (6)
Sandeep PS (10 days ago)
nice. Thankyou
spice Brooks (24 days ago)
Must try😍 looks good
Sukumaran Sundram (25 days ago)
So many type of cakes If you put anything it become so Potato =potato cake Coffee = coffee cake Choclat = choclat cake LOL if you put chilli powder it becomes hot and spicy cake
moto gee (27 days ago)
too much fat...butter + eggs + cheese
Edie Boudreau (27 days ago)
Savory cake. Hmmm. I would use zucchini instead of mushrooms as I'm allergic. I would also use coconut flour instead of breadcrumbs as can't have those either.
Truth Hurtz (27 days ago)
Wow !! I never liked cake...…..UNTIL NOW !!!!!! Thank you !! Endless ideas of what to put in the center......Sausage gravy...….Cheese sauce.....!!!