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Taylor Swift - Look What You Made Me Do

7112509 ratings | 833192221 views
Get Taylor Swift’s new album, reputation, including “Look What You Made Me Do,” here: http://smarturl.it/reputationTS http://vevo.ly/MOlgkR
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Text Comments (747317)
ResimX TV FAN (14 minutes ago)
msp tatlı bayan (21 minutes ago)
It was scary and interesting!
Helen Re-Beyn (35 minutes ago)
Самая лучшая песня
Zain Malik (50 minutes ago)
Good Song btw
Aligirl 1234 (57 minutes ago)
Yo i feel like this wouldnt reach 1B views bc the view counts are getting smaller over time whdkksdns
Almaha Qatar - (1 hour ago)
Omg I love the song ❤️
friend ship forever (1 hour ago)
phuong ngoc (1 hour ago)
i'm a big fan of Taylor, love Tay.
Diva Daniswara (1 hour ago)
DarkDarwish (1 hour ago)
Lol nice ending
牧場 OK (1 hour ago)
The song which is sung by Taylor is very good!! I'm sorry.I don't speak English well.
thanh le (1 hour ago)
View View im trying 1M
Berre Sozcu (1 hour ago)
Roberto Quinteros (1 hour ago)
I love you
king gab pro (2 hours ago)
No se xk los mexicanos le sigen lambiendo él culo a esta mujer
Hierrin ;v (2 hours ago)
Милена Шеффер (2 hours ago)
2018? 💕
Blue Diamond (2 hours ago)
Whi else noticed taylors face was kinda monsteric when they were all piled on top of each other
NaNa Trần (2 hours ago)
Mobifone Ninh Thuan (3 hours ago)
i love you taylor 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘💝💝💝💝💟💟💟💕💕💕💖💖💖💖😘😘😘😘😘
Taffy YT (3 hours ago)
"I don't trust nobody but nobody trusts me" Describes me perfectly because no one in my class is telling secrets to me anymore even though I will not tell. I don't trust anyone because one of my friends secrets got spilled and I don't want that to happen to me
Babita Biswas (3 hours ago)
I love you Taylor
Darnell Brown (3 hours ago)
This Song deserves a Grammy❤
homora chann (3 hours ago)
Wooh!,muy buena cancion
Fan de Karolista (3 hours ago)
Roast yourself Amara que linda...
Akylai goldy (3 hours ago)
Wa Zers (3 hours ago)
1M Unlike ?
Shary De La Hoz (4 hours ago)
I do not know why but sometimes i feel like this is a roast your self challenge from T.S
Sophia Pacheco (4 hours ago)
❤The Song is Very Good❤
shalini mishra (4 hours ago)
Looks like 883M people looked What it made u do
ruksana sultana (4 hours ago)
Why did that have 1m unlikes???
divyanshu Saini (4 hours ago)
Who is here before 900 Million views ????
Sensay Awsome (4 hours ago)
Why is this on the hated list
Luis Escobar (4 hours ago)
like si eres mexicano (a) y odias.alos gringos
Richard Martinez Jr (4 hours ago)
my friend name Eva loves this song and she sings this song in school
Pericles Sisniega (4 hours ago)
Se copio de amara que linda >:v
lucia rodriguez (4 hours ago)
Juan Pablo Jaramillo y amara que linda me trajeron aquí esta buena la canción
Naveen S (3 hours ago)
lucia rodriguez I'm sad 😔
Brian Spencer (5 hours ago)
I luv ur song but mostly this song and u belong with me
かのえ (5 hours ago)
BLΛƆKPIИK (5 hours ago)
Look What You Made Me Do
Abigail Harry (5 hours ago)
i hate the start
carmen Meza (5 hours ago)
La mejor cancion 🎵
Fake Facebook (5 hours ago)
amara que linda i sealt the idea
Fake Facebook (5 hours ago)
just like the choreography
Jennifer L. Auld (5 hours ago)
I’m 44 and love this music! It’s genius! Haters are jealous of her popularity and talent. Plus like me she’s not just tall and skinny she’s filled out just enough and has a hour glass figure but remaining slender and healthy. She probably as a fast metabolism like I did. I was 20 before I bloomed out. But I’m not beautiful like her. Lol I wish.
TRONKO YT (5 hours ago)
Es el roast de amara
Fake Facebook (5 hours ago)
i love music taylor swifts
Chance P (5 hours ago)
:-D Remember rather doesn't for fan do during FYI
Anton Volk (5 hours ago)
Дикий клипец))
Melissa divierte (5 hours ago)
Denis Bastidas (5 hours ago)
Like si te gusto la canción la letra y el vídeo
FilledSilhoutte ! (5 hours ago)
Johana Abril Cruz Sanchez (5 hours ago)
Like is cool
Cheese Lover Girl (5 hours ago)
"I rise up from the dead I do it all the time" while Taylor is placed around a lot of women who looks almost exactly the same and looking Bionic...does this mean she is a clone? I'm telling you that line doesn't mean you know she's going almost forgotten in the world to next second being highly known because if she actually meant that she would be place around 'fans' in the video
Raul Ortiz (5 hours ago)
drama drama
MICHELL ZEA (5 hours ago)
Mario Loredo (5 hours ago)
This is probably her worst song.
EDM Sound (6 hours ago)
who listen 2018
serames123 (6 hours ago)
look what you made me write
Caroline van der Have (6 hours ago)
hoi ik blow niet, vandaar
Harsha Pala (6 hours ago)
So r u sponsored by Ramen Noodels or...
Lily's Slimes (6 hours ago)
where is my banana (6 hours ago)
Alguien más vino aquí por "Amara que linda"?
JC (6 hours ago)
I guess garbage is still the style
Dila (6 hours ago)
Talor Swift is killing it!!! Yas Queen!!! Work It!!!
yoyoymasyo (6 hours ago)
Llegue aqui por amaraquelinda 😂😂😂
raissa beatriz Nascimento (6 hours ago)
Amo essa música
Elaine Radford (7 hours ago)
hi im jacob
jhessi mujica (7 hours ago)
feo 😝😝😝😝
Johnnie Howery (7 hours ago)
Karolina Muniz (7 hours ago)
Naveen S (3 hours ago)
Karolina Muniz I'm feeling sad 😔
Guilherme Cruz (7 hours ago)
I love teylo
hippy hippy (7 hours ago)
Team việt nam 😘😘
Andres Martin Royo (7 hours ago)
They change always the video or it's me?
DRMAJOR I (7 hours ago)
This is what you call Thug Life😎
Arantza Padilla (8 hours ago)
Like anyone cares if u changed all ur outfits and style i just call it trying to get attention
Kaitlin Robinson (8 hours ago)
I Love it
Fernanda Arroyo (8 hours ago)
Ay ola as???? 😒 ✋
Catalinda catalinda (8 hours ago)
Ui perdón
Kayla Norris (8 hours ago)
ok........................ that was disturbing
Evleen Satah (8 hours ago)
I love music 😄😄😄
Judi Vandever (8 hours ago)
I think, from Taylor Swift's updated Hollywood musical diary, that she no longer cares to be a positive influence for young ladies.
Mandie Eaton (8 hours ago)
La amooo
kelly romero (8 hours ago)
Eres mi cantante favorita :)
eyup saruhan (8 hours ago)
Gaia Gut (9 hours ago)
Sara Miranda (9 hours ago)
TS & KP♡
Sara Miranda (9 hours ago)
Brasileiro? ?
Monserrat Rodriguez cornejo (9 hours ago)
Taylor ya deja de ser iluminati por fa astas hemosa para ser eso rompecesto ya
Rosa Benito (9 hours ago)
Q linda la canción me encanta
Frida Alejandra Cabrera De La Madrid (9 hours ago)
Karla Mena (9 hours ago)
I loved it, it's super cool, this is one of my favorite Taylor Swift songs, please keep making songs like this
Kathy Game (9 hours ago)
Soy la única que viene por Amara Que Linda?
anasianperson (9 hours ago)
LWYMMD and Wildest Dreams have that loud sound. Your welcome.
Nekojin Nation (9 hours ago)
y'all prepare yourselves its an EXTRA ANGRY BREAKUP SONG xD jk jk
Candela Torrico (9 hours ago)
Amara que linda amara que linda!!🎶🎶🎶
vickyッ (9 hours ago)
el roast yourself de taylor
2puputeers (9 hours ago)
Damn, Taylor is going dark.....
George Camacho (10 hours ago)
I like when you bite that necklace kinda wanna put my thing in her you know what