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Buying Every Advertisement I See! (NOT CLICKBAIT)

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I decided to click on every AD that I see online and buy whatever the product is....I ended up spending OVER $1000 in an hour UNBOXING VIDEO: https://youtu.be/F0SEbh4jXI8 Buying Every Advertisement I See TWO!! https://youtu.be/IBKqTJUcmgU StopAd is the first AI-powered software for blocking ads on a system level. Once installed, StopAd blocks all ads in all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Edge, Opera and more) and applications, like Skype, Facebook, YouTube. Currently, StopAd operates on Windows, Android, and iOS, with MacOS coming soon. Download here: https://stopad.io/y/dc FOLLOW ME: Twitter: @TheDanocracy Instagram: @Danocracy Facebook: LIKE "The Danocracy" Snapchat: @Danocracy
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TheDanocracy (11 months ago)
Just to let all of you know, I will be doing a review and unboxing of all these products. It'll take a couple of weeks to get them all in so make sure you have notifications turned on when I do upload it!
BlueGusetTheBest (13 hours ago)
I saw your order number it’s ###11 I would not put it out like that
Toxic Green (2 days ago)
Order #89211
therogers33 (11 days ago)
TheDanocracy how much money do you have!?
sonic speed 2/4/7 (1 month ago)
TheDanocracy just watch a cda video
Brooby Jones (1 month ago)
TheDanocracy I
Kindall & Noah’s Fortnite dance remakes! (1 hour ago)
Bro the first ad that he buys he blacked out the order number, but you can clearley see that at the end the number is 89211
Celpro (19 hours ago)
Weird flex but ok
Wilder825 Tic Tok (1 day ago)
Sees a one year subscription to pornhub....
HÖÖLMÖ hölmölä (1 day ago)
NOT clickbait... Yeah but you sound like a clickbait youtuber
Kyle_TheSavage (2 days ago)
at 1:16 you can see his number #89211 if you pause it
IDachi (2 days ago)
when he bought the first item the number was cencored the number was #892 if u relly need here thank me later :D
Toxic Green (2 days ago)
Order #89211
Troll Sphere (3 days ago)
Harvey Coombes (3 days ago)
For a few frames you can see the order codes
AriZSaM (3 days ago)
I would’ve bought the gravity blanket
TheFireLord 17 (3 days ago)
1:20 I see you black ops 2
Matt Films (3 days ago)
I bet he cancelled all his orders
lewis delaney (3 days ago)
You did not buy every thing
O.G Swamper223 (3 days ago)
The number on the first product is 89211
Kronos Studios (4 days ago)
shayan taghonaki (4 days ago)
Another mr.beast
every one the order is #89211
Gofu Editz (5 days ago)
ORDER 8921
Joey Pereira (5 days ago)
I subbed
coolgames9292 nex (6 days ago)
You copyed Mr.Beast
Finnthedestroyer YT (6 days ago)
My long time ago grandpa berried one in 1762 and we tried to find it and we did
Mr. Ligma BOY (6 days ago)
The very first thing order number is 89211.
Auden Cook (9 days ago)
*very clickbait
funniray 10 (10 days ago)
An ad about stopping ads... Seems right
DesiredNoodles (10 days ago)
this was uploaded on my bday :D
my name is jeff 321 is the dinosaur 118 (11 days ago)
His first order was #8921
Nadir Bäst (12 days ago)
fORtNuT mEMz (13 days ago)
Kotis Creeport (16 days ago)
what a nice click bait
Joel Curtlin (16 days ago)
What website is the anti theft backpack from
Road to Challenger (17 days ago)
I tought his gonna fuck up real bad when he saw a car ad
Organ Productions (18 days ago)
Windows XP Install disk (19 days ago)
i found the proof this youtuber lies to his fans/viewers/random people who get lied to using clickbait he didn't buy any ad to advertise [insert something you can advertise here]. yeah, that's one way to become a PaySafeCard also known as the PayTheScammersToOwnAFakeCard employee
Saif Jadallah (22 days ago)
*sees condom add* *Doesn't hesitate*
Patricia amor Palacio (23 days ago)
Buy deep web mystery box
Amber Newell (23 days ago)
My dad actually MADE a retro pie for like 30 bucks
Einshine Goku (24 days ago)
“Not Clickbait” means clickbait in YT community
Camo King (24 days ago)
Kaiden Mcmahon (27 days ago)
Paesthedic (28 days ago)
2:56 This look so comfortably aesthetic
WeirdThingz (28 days ago)
if jeff bezos did this then the video would be called "Buying the company of Every Advertisment I See! (NOT CLICKBAIT)
CeeNaaYe 2 (29 days ago)
Well you did buy every ad you saw, but you only checked Facebook. It would have been more interesting if you just went throughout the day like normal
M Wer (29 days ago)
Space Pickle (29 days ago)
When he buys the smart lock thing sees a video WHY YOU SHOULDN'T BUY A SMART LOCK... Alright
sheldon crowell (30 days ago)
Knee Grow (30 days ago)
This video started a trend Congratulations!👏👏👏👍👍☝😀😀😀
Pearl Escobar (1 month ago)
That star map looked cool :)
Johannes khoi (1 month ago)
If you don`t want it you Can donate it to me
Lego Bus (1 month ago)
*8591* was your code on the water bottle
NC Playz (1 month ago)
That map is dope
Andrew Mitchell (1 month ago)
cute dog
Jessie Love (1 month ago)
Omg I was jus thinking what if a pregnancy test comes up
Fortpeanuts Battle Royale (1 month ago)
£70 for a blanket. Daylight robbery...
Duckguy Guyduck (1 month ago)
“ buying every ad I see (not clickbait)” Then doesn’t buy everyone he sees 😑
Matthew Hemburrow (1 month ago)
order number 89211
Dave Thompson (1 month ago)
This just makes you a simpleton
clout chasers365 (1 month ago)
Order #882
ForceAndCPVegas, Happy Halloween! (1 month ago)
He bought every ad he $ee$ now he$ broke wow$ers
iamxerbear (1 month ago)
XTS Ycaca1 (1 month ago)
Lamborghini Commercial
Grace Deng (1 month ago)
Idk why but I was hoping u would get penis enlargement ads or lingerie
Merty Qwerty (1 month ago)
Uses ad-blocker
tim knight (1 month ago)
11:06 ok now ur channel is dead because no ads
lovegrove (1 month ago)
"Buying every ad i see" > adblock enabled
Tristan Durow (1 month ago)
Plz can have it
Jaden Epic (1 month ago)
I’m smart :)
Zych (1 month ago)
lmao what if u see a car ad
SoupKing05 (1 month ago)
Order #89211
Dorki Corgi (1 month ago)
77 dollars for a blanket?
Itsyeboy Damon (1 month ago)
Dan the order number is 89211 for the water bottle lol
ANTONIO JELIC (1 month ago)
1:20 Call OF Duty Black Ops 2
OneSavior 7 (1 month ago)
*wallet has left the server*
wolf treetruck (1 month ago)
my mom loves gravity blankets
Omar Castaños (1 month ago)
9:17 "What a stupid ass code" Brother you just spend 50 bucks on a backpack, if anything, they're geniuses
BroCraft (1 month ago)
I cant belive they shut down his credit card
Abdul Wahab (1 month ago)
Alex Turčáni (1 month ago)
while i want to buy an apple, you're doing this
Brayden Windsor (1 month ago)
god im scared to wach/search anthying
Brayden Windsor (1 month ago)
it only has games that you get bored of and the just have games then the exact games
Brayden Windsor (1 month ago)
you will that helps with like my foot the back really hurts sometimes so I wish I had that:(
Oussama Chouati (1 month ago)
You would never do "donating in every fund raising link i found" would you?
Mailson Wei (1 month ago)
Phishing! Not fishing! Yes!
boom 350 (1 month ago)
since I did not have a adblocker, he convinced me to get stopAd😂
Usha Singh (1 month ago)
First product is product no.89211
Fame Arcane (1 month ago)
What if its a dildo
Goran Arapovic (1 month ago)
Dan in 1:15 in slow mo you can see tat number
Loay Ahmed (1 month ago)
Peter Parker (1 month ago)
This is just stupid and a waste of money
Aimen D (1 month ago)
maybe you can give away some of this
Br33p3r (1 month ago)
(CLICKBAIT) why do you need to add not clickbait hmmmm????!!?!!?!
luccathegreat (1 month ago)
Click bait u didn't buy Everything!
Savy (1 month ago)
When he's talking about a 100$ smart lock and this video appears: DO NOT buy this 100$ Smart Lock...
wolfiegamestv amazing possibilities (1 month ago)
you look like post malone
lest time you will see me (1 month ago)
Buying every ad?....hmm..... *gets ad* I AIN'T GOT NO MONEY AND I AIN'T TRYING TO BE FUNNY TODAY
EricNelsonVlogs (1 month ago)
You bought a fake Nintendo NES
Zohair Khan (1 month ago)
R.I.P bank account (NVM) he said he would only use $1000 bucks)
Fjord (1 month ago)
Fjord (1 month ago)
try and do a netter job censoring your personal info, I paused it and the order number for the water bottle came up. just wanna let you know, it could be bad in the future if it got into the wrong hands. just a warning, thanks!
cov 124 (1 month ago)