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31 Examples of Dangerous Overtaking - Really Stupid Drivers !!!

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Text Comments (193)
Marie Pierre (2 days ago)
dance pleased sentence sweep beef crazy fairly criticism slow stem past medal.
Mr Rud (4 days ago)
La première vidéo est impressionnant !
Mark Weaver (5 days ago)
High performance vehicles and low performance drivers.
Cincy Guy (5 days ago)
Russia.... the only place in the world whose people have absolutely no concept that there are other people driving on the same road as they are.
Peter Longden (6 days ago)
Some deserve to be seriously injured, it's the poor innocent driver's who suffer in the end !
Steven Brown (6 days ago)
I hope the motorcycle guy with the death wish got his wish before he killed someone else.
Chev Chelios (6 days ago)
The way i see is like russians don't like roads, they are always passing on the shoulders but in the opposite direction
Oslith (6 days ago)
This is really one of the stupidest things yet it’s so common.
phil zer (7 days ago)
first clip at exactly 21 sec. down on the bottom right of the screen, is that all that's left of the car that tried the overtake. wow, if it is.
Jimson brown (7 days ago)
More Russian shit driving. And crappy music.
Jesper_117 (7 days ago)
Lol handled that accident like a gentlemen well that was fucking scary :D
Norman E Simms (8 days ago)
This is in the tone of some Indian guy...very very good driving skills buddy! At the end of the video! 👍😋
David Brockman (8 days ago)
Well I've come to one conclusion. I don't have it so bad driving in the United States. People in other countries are fucking ignorant drivers.
BAYERN MÜNCHEN (8 days ago)
Hahaha der Motorrad im Minute 7:20 scheiß komisch 😂😂😂
Ivan Nazarov (8 days ago)
ебучие идиоты
smit170 (8 days ago)
Не уверен - не обгоняй!
susan olson (9 days ago)
Gordon Aitchison (9 days ago)
What kind of moronic dickhead overtakes on a bend or the brow of a hill.
MrVolksbeetle (9 days ago)
Get a fair amount of satisfaction seeing some of these morons not make it to where ever it was they were in such a hurry to get to. It is genuinely unfortunate for the poor folks that get involved with these "people". Stupidity does not discriminate.
Donovan Campbell (9 days ago)
L Smith (9 days ago)
If riding that last bus was my only transportation, I think that I'd just stay home.
Jack Cade (9 days ago)
Speeding is so stupid. It doesn't do anything really, often times the speeder ends up one or two car lengths up, at best speeders get where they are going a minute or two early. But they do so by putting themselves and everyone else on the road at risk. They don't ask permission to put people at risk, they are assholes and don't care or are stupid and don't think about it.
Ray Der (9 days ago)
That first guys camera was on mushrooms or LSD.  You could see the road and sky all melting and coming in waves.
DRyceraid (9 days ago)
Brian Seas (9 days ago)
These are not accidents. Unsuccessful Overtakers ought to have their Drivers Licenses suspended until they pay restitution to victims. Amybody this stupid ought to be confined to work camps.
Brian Seas (9 days ago)
:56 - After watching you drive like a 10 yr old, guess Mommy's not buying you another car.
idiots guide (8 days ago)
That's a RH drive car, so he was on the proper side of the road. The other guy was passing on a curve.
The Manager (9 days ago)
Russians are such fucking asshole drivers. Hopefully they keep killing each other on the road.
Sara Williams (9 days ago)
Stupid reckless driving.
Chance H (9 days ago)
Liked it til the end and the last video was dumb.
mr bad example (9 days ago)
what's with them crazy fucking indian bus drivers?
Motley Stew (9 days ago)
So the people at 0:21 (pause it), bottom left, probably died because some a-hole wanted to 'save some time'?? :'(
Meh (9 days ago)
2:35 This must be REALLY far north. The time stamp shows it's nearly midnight in mid-June and it's still bright daylight out.
ELLIPSIS (9 days ago)
Many of these seem because the car is far too slow. This is why bigger more powerful engines are necessary. Crappy little 1.3L isn't going to be able to overtake effectively.
Richie Rich (9 days ago)
These morons don't drive fast enough!
Товарищ Сталин (10 days ago)
6:08 Господи да что за музяка?-под каждым видосом корябаю,а все жмутся чота.......Распознавалки выдают херь какую-то.
Alien Abductor (10 days ago)
Perfect examples of what NOT to do.
Adam Schroeder (10 days ago)
How does Russia stay populated with so many idiots dying?
Amzar Nacht (10 days ago)
Yeah, that first clip... why the *fuck* swerve, and cause greater damage than flattening the oncoming car? Had a motorbike blow past me last week, doing probably 70mph in a residential (25mph) zone. A couple miles later I saw him pulled over by a cop, so I stopped and asked the cop 'What'd you clock him at?' The cop replied 50 in a 30. I asked if he wanted to see the guy doing 70 in a 25, and proceeded to show him my dashcam footage. He arrested the guy, and asked for the dashcam footage for the hearing.
adam ben (10 days ago)
russia = big fucking ZOO
book1 30 (10 days ago)
no wonder why Trump hates russians, fckn stupids
invisiblekid99 (11 days ago)
8:16 is surely death.
Sliverbane (11 days ago)
Don't pass on a hill or blind curve..wtf people!
Iva Bigbody (11 days ago)
Many of these are people overtaking on a curve, or at an incline where you can't see ahead so it's just guessing. That's Insanity and completely irresponsible.
Dan Koning (11 days ago)
I can't believe theres that many Indians considering the way they drive in the last clip.
shaleknight 62 (10 days ago)
Dan Koning I THINK the reason is that more of them overload the trains & busses then as deaths occur more OF them go back to driving again, THEN the cycle starts again. ad sarcasm
Lyle Waller (11 days ago)
Cultural Talmudism on wheels!
Master Shockz (11 days ago)
All I takes is one impatient dumbass to ruin someone’s day
Eugene Tiffany (11 days ago)
So many morons!
Mr_LiRiK קיריל (11 days ago)
4:40 прям под песню
Tuhina Holt (11 days ago)
It just beggars belief that there are so many incredibly stupid drivers out there who are really so selfish to think that the roads are just for them and sod everyone else on them. Because of their blatant disregard for road etiquette the drivers who are abiding by the rules sadly become the victims. :-(
shaleknight 62 (10 days ago)
Tuhina Holt it happens here as well i.e. DUI etc
anima play (11 days ago)
индуци блять шумахеры
anima play (11 days ago)
8 18 матацикл получил по заслугам
anima play (11 days ago)
ебать твоююю доску
The Car Crazy Guy (11 days ago)
These people risk their lives and others on the road driving like this. WTH is wrong with these people???
Grankof (11 days ago)
как говорит моя знакомая: "Спеши - не спеша"
Miro Max (11 days ago)
Они не спешат, просто они пидарасы!
Junior Punk (11 days ago)
No mames yo pense que solo aki en méxico se peleaban los micros por el pasaje pero veo que tambien en la India.
ーダルケンーLAT (11 days ago)
Cyka blyat
David Whitney (11 days ago)
all these assclowns needs to be hit repeatedly in the crotch with a board full of nails
Retro Gaming 2018 (11 days ago)
Who was at fault at 5:50 the BMW or the Skoda? The BMW sure was going stupidly fast but I think the Skoda was in opposite direction
stickloaf (11 days ago)
i have figured out after analyzing thousands of hours of Russian dash cam crashes that the reason is this... no dui check points...voodka is the number one cause of all wreck in russia
Android Man (11 days ago)
What's the Music at 6:32?????
_FuntimeFoxySL_ (11 days ago)
I was playing BeamNG Drive while playing this. I look over at the video for 5 secs, look back at the computer and my Ibishu Dove ( Mod Car ) Was flipped over scrapping downhill on the Southern California Highway Map ( Mod Map ) IT IS DANGEROUS TO SEE CC TUBE AND DRIVE!!!
Tamerlane (Timur) (11 days ago)
Well, now can you imagine bcuz of you some people dead. Live with it for rest of your life.
Mahesh Odedra (11 days ago)
Wow it's Amazing
Get Schwifty (11 days ago)
Panic causes most of these crashes, after the STUPID overtaking.
Don Pablo (11 days ago)
The level of stupid is on a whole another level with these people. The bus drivers in that last clip, made me pucker up!
skinnypigs1 (11 days ago)
I want to slap so many of these people in the face. Wake up and stop risking people's lives because you need to go a little faster.
timaclubus (8 days ago)
It's two-lane road because of. There are forcing people to overtake.
me999 (9 days ago)
Entitlement and impatience. Twin culprits in many collisions.
Julian Janczyk (9 days ago)
Slap? They deserve to beat the shit out of them. Couple of times in a row^^
invisiblekid99 (11 days ago)
Agree with Barbara Ann. its not even a case of needing to go faster, just wanting.
Barbara Ann (11 days ago)
skinnypigs1 not need, it’s want, unfortunately.
UNdashcamNRW (11 days ago)
*_NICE VIDMIX CCT_* ... ^^ LIKE #283 :)
hatoru9 (11 days ago)
God I hate how the person who caused the accidents get to drive away Scott free! I bet the person in the first video just kept going and never got charged. The people in that silver car surely died.
TheVehicularGamer (11 days ago)
“Well that was fucking scary”- the typical British bloke after a major rollover accident
Don Pablo (9 days ago)
Barbara Ann Most definitely a cup of tea.
TheVehicularGamer (10 days ago)
Don Pablo I would be like “Tilly ho I crashed old chap”
Barbara Ann (11 days ago)
Don Pablo and stop for a pint or maybe some tea?
Don Pablo (11 days ago)
As a typical Brit - Yep! =D I say Binky, that was most frightful.
kissfan7 (11 days ago)
Someone please tell me the country where the last clip is located, because I never want to be on those roads ever.
alex b. (9 days ago)
Do a youtube search for bus races india those videos will make you hold onto your seat.
Amzar Nacht (10 days ago)
India - no traffic laws whatsoever. Just 'suggestions'
Tuhina Holt (11 days ago)
From what I can tell from the writing on the bus it is in India or thereabouts - good decision to stay the hell away from there - talking from experience you are extremely lucky to survive a bus journey!!
Wayne Bolton (11 days ago)
all these russian crashes & bad driving videos are getting boring. Seems like a normal way of life there.
Thomas Polzin (11 days ago)
The road in clip three was in Magical Mystery tour i have the movie
Guille (11 days ago)
4:25 people on the recording car surely died because of an asshole made the wrong decision n hes still alive... they were at the wrong place in the wrong moment...
Aleksander Moniewski (11 days ago)
first clip without railings will be safer than with them because silver car could do nothing ;(
Matthew Higgins (11 days ago)
No reason for these jackasses to be driving like this. Use common sense, you fucks.
Canal do LaG (11 days ago)
Wow, the last one is like a roller coaster
Christofer Wall (11 days ago)
I don't wish death upon people in most situations, but I REALLY do hope that the people who overtakes like this and causes an accident learn from it and never fucking does it again.
Tuhina Holt (10 days ago)
I very much doubt it Christofer Wall - they are so wrapped up in their own bubble of self-righteousness and totally oblivious to the carnage they leave behind. The only was they don't do it again is to actually die themselves.
Mr. Smith (11 days ago)
The driver in the first clip should get man slaughter.
H32r0n (11 days ago)
do the drivers think they have a restart button???!!! its lives they are playing with 4 crying out loud!
El Rey (10 days ago)
Yeah imagine watching your death screeching towards you, and knowing it was all because some absolute moron was trying to shave 5 seconds off their commute.
gumanoid is here (11 days ago)
6:05 встретились два барана на дороге ))) бабы наверное за рулями
PANKI_7 (11 days ago)
0:38 so that plonker get away and good people went in ditch :(
gumanoid is here (11 days ago)
1:08, ну ты же видишь что будет авария, почему не сбрасываешь за 100 метров скорость, а только за 20-30 после случившегося, что за люди ?
Rachel Sampson (11 days ago)
If you're gonna be a douche pass on the shoulder, at least that way you won't kill someone in a head on collision
hawkseye (11 days ago)
Most of these morons need to die a slow and lonely death. How irresponsible to overtake in a dangerous situation and causing pain to others...
MrCreomaker (11 days ago)
Тормози, Вова!!! 18 марта 2018-го!
Emil Peter (9 days ago)
Навальный - за законность - так? Закон не позволяет допускать на выборы людей с судимостью - надо было допустить его , нарушив закон? Ну как же так получается - Навальный вроде бы за закон, но он сам и его сторонники за то, чтобы закон нарушить.
Константин Филиппов (9 days ago)
MrCreomaker епт,не смеши .
MrCreomaker (9 days ago)
Emil Peter я же не предлагаю запретить путина... хотя и считаю его конченным. А конкурент реальный у него один - Навальный. И Навального не допустили до выборов
Emil Peter (9 days ago)
Давай запретим американской сборной по баскетболу выступать на олимпийских играх - они же, блин, доминируют уже столько лет, у них просто нет конкуренции! Если у Путина нет конкурентов реальных - не значит, что выборы - фарс. Если сомневаешься - стань наблюдателем на выборах - все увидишь своими глазами. Но если народ выберет именно Путина - это ведь и есть демократия - выбор большинством народа.
MrCreomaker (9 days ago)
Emil Peter выбрать не из кого, "выборы" - фарс. Поэтому я не пойду обеспечивать явку на перевыборах диктатора
aintnunbutapenut (11 days ago)
Jesus, they’re people carriers but they drive them like they’re mopeds, fuckn idiots.
Mulley Mike (11 days ago)
Never see a sign in Russia if your holding up 5 cars pull over Like in WA, OR, CA
twitchster77 (11 days ago)
Well, that was fucking scary!
Ottoman (6 days ago)
That guy was speeding himself and recording it with a head cam it seems.
Oslith (6 days ago)
I love the extended video cause the guy is so chill about it all
T G (10 days ago)
The most british reaction to a car accident
Kevill (11 days ago)
Lmfao Guy has a fantastic attitude for even when life shits all over him.
Night Falls (11 days ago)
Seems like some ppl dont realy care if they die or not!
Pavel (11 days ago)
This is a comment on the first video. I am trucker my self, and this is exactly why I would never turn to dodge an idiot that for example overtakes insanely dangerously. I would hit him square on. I would break, but I would continue straight. Look what had happened. At the end of the video, you can see the totalled car, most like everybody that was travelling in it is dead. That is 1-5 innocent people dead. The trucker (possible also his partner if he had one) is seriously injured, or dead. And the cunt that caused the accident is driving away. Could be that he was never identified. I just want to point out, I am not criticizing the truck driver. He is not responsible for the accident in any way. He tried what he felt like would be the best course of action. Everybody would react the same unless he would be prepared to react in the way I suggest beforehand.
Jimson brown (7 days ago)
Couldn't have said it better. Always get a piece of the idiot who caused it. Otherwise they'll just drive away.
Daniel Mores (9 days ago)
Nope. I don't know how I searched it but there was a really long video about this incident. All the compilations that featured it cut the accident short and I was really concerned about the passengers of that squished car. The long video is gruesome, and it goes on to explain the outcome. So ... always stay in your lane, people.
alphons bretagne (10 days ago)
Daniel Mores R U f'n kidding me?!
positron underVolt (10 days ago)
Harsh, but fair. Some would even say justice.
Tomas Saiowitz (11 days ago)
Yeah... go fuck svoyu mat' before overtaking. Debils.
Jo Ann S (11 days ago)
Pisses me off that most who caused the accident get away
Jo Ann S (11 days ago)
Why do people take those chances
ASPIRE45A (11 days ago)
Пидоров,создающих аварийные ситуации на дорогах,надо вытаскивать из машин и учить монтировкой по башне...
Richard (11 days ago)
Most of these people got exactly what they deserved.
siggy dee09 (11 days ago)
0:52 well that was fu**ing scary. Yeah! Ya think!? Lol!
Mandy L. (11 days ago)
That's right.,..turn the camera TOWARDS YOU.......so we can see what a MORON looks like... IN ACTION!!! LOL. "Heeerree's your sign"!!
MrBananaSlice (12 days ago)
how is the last guy still alive?
Bacek 108 (12 days ago)
Я в индии не был, но вижу как они в этом видио в последнем сюжете катаются, таких видосов много. Ты может не видел как чёрные маршрутчики по нашим городам людей возят? Потом все остальные аварии тоже все наши номера машин. Хохлов там нет. Да и я сам к хохлам и хохляндии отношения не имею, к великой радости.
Noise (12 days ago)
Can someone explain to me what russians have to do to pass their drivers tests? Im guessing you could just bribe the government in order to attain one.
Jimson brown (7 days ago)
Noise ; what test.
John T. DiFool (11 days ago)
Money will buy you virtually everything, sad but true. The tests meanwhile are sufficiently demanding, anything learnt there will be superseded by the madness outside, though. I happen to have experience in driving through either country... i'll just say, neither of you will know the sweet joy of returning home onto the Autobahn.