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UPS Whiteboard - China

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Shipping from China with UPS
Category: Entertainment
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Text Comments (13)
Onemonthone (7 years ago)
Looks more like a drone, than a plane. Uh oh.,
Nibblet (8 years ago)
0:15 i thought he was going to say "Big Brown Penis"
WhoaKaela (8 years ago)
Scizor16 (9 years ago)
why does the plane have a giant dick?
lefouenfeu (9 years ago)
Or a big brown bomb...
Brian Greene (9 years ago)
Why does he start every video with "Alright.." or "Okay.." so annoying
JT Brooks (9 years ago)
next time use fedex
JT Brooks (9 years ago)
i got one word for you....... FEDEX
GermanSniperBayArea (10 years ago)
its united parcel service.
Ruth R (10 years ago)
lmfaoo this dude looks like one of my teachers haaaa
ericgsant92 (11 years ago)
screw China and its communist 3 cents per pound of anything economy
b747dude (11 years ago)
Lets see you draw better. (owned)
magillionare (12 years ago)
the song is from the Postal service album: Give up, and the song is called "such great heights" this for those of you who care as much as i do!(though there may not be many) adtunes is where i found out! peace and enjoy!