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Photo of police officer consoling teen goes viral

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A photo taken of Charlotte police officer Tim Purdy consoling a teen goes viral.
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AmadTheGoat 1 (13 hours ago)
1:21 Nigga said “Westbrook”
ThakiddRyan 7 (17 hours ago)
He looks like Simon kowell
Alyvia Jewel (18 hours ago)
This is what a well trained police officer looks like
Lee Charles Prochazka (1 day ago)
We need nation wide attention on acts such as these... God bless all involved.
PlushieBlushie (1 day ago)
The Blind Side: Police Edition
qeazre (2 days ago)
my mum wouldve slapped me if i was on my phone while speaking to someone, but he does have autism so i guess..
Angel Simone (2 days ago)
Why couldn't I have this cop help me out and I am being attacked and I wish I had some help! Protection! Like Bikers, COPS Big tough bikers that would help me out since I am being gang stalked, bullied, and hated mocked and laughed at in Northern VA and I hate it here nobody cares!
Chris Allen (3 days ago)
But all police are racists right!!!My personal opinion is police in the United States have a far more difficult job then the police in Canada.Here we respect our police when being stopped,not questioning them and disrespecting them!!By the way you might have 1 police officer shot a year here...There are unfortunately racist white officer's,but there's also black,Hispanic, Asian police officer's that are the same with judging people by color!!!Not all police are bad
Graham Hancox (4 days ago)
Brick at 1:20
Kristian Gameplay (4 days ago)
that's the cop for medal, not like some cops that first shoot at an unarmed suspect and then ask a questions.
Best Crappie (4 days ago)
That's so sweet. Y'all keep up the good work focussed on saving our kids.
CEFS great (4 days ago)
Why is he still checking his phone.
Laveluvcrew (4 days ago)
Isn't it amazing how actually talking to someone helped more then escalating the situation. It sounds like the first cops on the scene were
gaming cat's (4 days ago)
His face at the end XD. Want fuck?
Samson Tewelde (4 days ago)
Give a big credit to this awesome 😎 cop 👮!
Anchor AK9 (4 days ago)
Bro you really about to make me cry?
nate bayone (5 days ago)
Great picture at the end
TacoError404 (6 days ago)
wow ive heard cops hating autistics peoples and being racist but this legend just helped a black person thats autistic im glad your not one of the bad cops your a legend
Mr Gaming (6 days ago)
This is so nice I wanted to cry 😭
Ginger Ninja (6 days ago)
The fact that this is noteworthy behaviour for a police officer says a great deal.
Marketing Lions (6 days ago)
Now that's what I call a police officer that this country needs everywhere my hats goes off to a great man
KingOf Darkness (7 days ago)
Awesome officer great job
alien guy from space (8 days ago)
2:07 that looks like Micheal from gta
Sara (8 days ago)
Police have the potential to be real Angels! Lovely to see
Tahitimotion (8 days ago)
America needs more cops like him 😔
AussieSheela (9 days ago)
A beautiful story with a great, safe ending. I would wish more police officers would have special training in these kind of situations. I also know, that some times things get out of hand very quick. Is it possible, the police officers could have training added that teaches them to, (1) STOP, (2) Look, (3) Listen.
Oi Lu (9 days ago)
Not all cops are bad
SaltyShapeerVessel 2.0 (10 days ago)
why the fuck is that fool staring at his phone like he doesn't give a shit?
IssaMillion (11 days ago)
Representing my home town! The queen city baby!! This isn't good but ive been arrested by that cop.... Only for a warrant though.
051 MattMann (11 days ago)
Indeed bro a hero we need more officers like that a true vet he deserve more then a badge he should move up in the rankings pure genius
Eifion Davies (12 days ago)
this is the type of officers we need,great job.
Bradley Whitaker (13 days ago)
I’m not just saying this BUT I WANT TO HANG OUT WITH THAT GUY
Angry Francis87 (13 days ago)
The cop killed that young man with kindness.
Steven Jones (13 days ago)
Funny how whites only say something good about blacks when cops aren't shooting us they always putting on fronts saying how these cops are great but never do they mention shit when it comes to the bad 1s . White people don't celebrate when you see this but stay silent when it's the other way around.
Aidan Sherwood (13 days ago)
The best cop in the world
Malcolm clark (13 days ago)
I thought I was listening to the pacer test when the video first started 😂😂
SoleDontPanik tinifu (11 days ago)
I havent heard "pacer test" in too long lol
C H A R G E (15 days ago)
Yeah officer appreciate your service , but let me send that police car robbery joke to my friend😂
Wolter Siegers (15 days ago)
Stil a fucking pig !!!
Hunter Charles (15 days ago)
I don’t like CNN so I’m not going to like the video but nice video
Nate Barngrover (17 days ago)
I’m crying 😭
T.A .G (17 days ago)
Finally a good cop.
Jeff L (17 days ago)
WhEthin (18 days ago)
Buh buh, all cops are bad
One Eye Eric (17 days ago)
kys bicth ass just bc yo daddy got shot bc he shot at cops mean shit
john doe (19 days ago)
I wanna be his friend!!
Jd Sexton (19 days ago)
Guy just stares at his phone greeting him, wow
Red Redmon (19 days ago)
Now CNN wants cops to die... oh how times have changed
Aiden Baxter (19 days ago)
SmileyGaming459 (20 days ago)
Did anyone else notice the kid was on his phone the whole time
C. David VanArsdale (20 days ago)
Bullshit. Propaganda. Cops are thugs.
One Eye Eric (17 days ago)
kys bicth ass just bc yo daddy got shot bc he shot at cops mean shit
WhEthin (18 days ago)
I KNEW I would find one of you guys. You guys always give me a good laugh.
Shauna Storms (21 days ago)
This is cool. Shows you what some cops are capable of
Guest 455518 (21 days ago)
He had his life saved by this cop and when he finally gets to meet him, he’s on his phone
Gavin Dewayne (21 days ago)
Pshh had to put on a show for the cameras.ain't believing you officer
R Robin (21 days ago)
Love the good cops now just speak up against the bad police and all will be right in the world.
Presence (21 days ago)
Wait... I thought all police we're racist and pieces of scum, aren't they?
Presence (16 days ago)
+One Eye Eric funny, hasn't responded, what a fucking pussy. This is a pure example of those bitches who act hard behind a screen.
One Eye Eric (17 days ago)
​+Presence niger a country and track me i dare you oh wait you cant loli aint triggerd oh im not being tough im a being weak bc i dont act bs behind a key board and using bs my dad died on 9/11 you cunt and if you come near me you will be popped
Presence (17 days ago)
+One Eye Eric wow nice grammar, you know nothing about police and about spelling... Nice!
One Eye Eric (17 days ago)
bicth ass dem
Brian Velez (22 days ago)
This is the type of stories media should make more post about!
Cataclysm (22 days ago)
Woah, he didnt shoot him
One Eye Eric (17 days ago)
fuck off
Antonio Perez (22 days ago)
People putting thumbs down like if is a bad thing
Type 2Ligma (22 days ago)
1:19 brick
YaBoyDaniel (22 days ago)
Undead Leo (22 days ago)
That dudes jumper is better than mine
131 131 (23 days ago)
I wish most cops were like this. 🤧
One Eye Eric (17 days ago)
they are bitch
Analyze Perspective (23 days ago)
When a Caucasian actually doesn't care about the color of someone's skin...
Dan K (23 days ago)
You would be surprised that in most situations people just need someone to listen for a min.
EAustin (23 days ago)
Awesome story.
Da Beast (23 days ago)
Idk y, but the guy reminds me a little bit of Lil Yachty.
Rabid Farmer (23 days ago)
it is not about black or white. but wether you want to be a good human being or not. and people should just stop with racist baiting....that war ended 200 years ago, let go.
Mireya Monjaras (23 days ago)
I have 3 kids, all with ASD. There's not a day that goes by that I don't worry for them. As with any child; you have to gain their trust, confidence & acceptance. This officer did what common sense dictated, & also paid attention to what problems this child has. Autistic kids are very strong & strong-willed as well, mine proved that at 2 weeks old. They won't understand a person coming up to them & wrestling them for any reason. This man did an amazing thing: he got to THEIR LEVEL, that's all it takes. I'm a nurse. I didn't know the spectrum. I was never a patient person, thanks to my babies I've learned that & so much more!! Hope & wish that more people understood this disorder, I didn't, I still learn more every day. It took me awhile to bear the news, but we're doing good. One day at a time...
will anderson (23 days ago)
Need more cops like this future policeman watch this please
CON FUSION (23 days ago)
This i like
Isac Rivera (23 days ago)
Now i want to meet this guy.
Hello (23 days ago)
Just goes to show its okay to be a good human being once in a while
Autistic Vlog (23 days ago)
This shouldn’t be so crazy. This should be a regular thing. We’re all growing into horrible people. But just like them; there are still good people of course
olivia Treubig (23 days ago)
Awww that’s so sweet my parents are cops and they don’t really do that’s stuff
slayin thots (23 days ago)
We love this cop period
Youngwil (24 days ago)
Jmaxboom (24 days ago)
Good man. Thank you. We all need love, more love. NOW
Miguel (24 days ago)
He should’ve just shot him
Gordian Not (24 days ago)
hawk0187ify (24 days ago)
Much respect
brian lovelady (24 days ago)
Good move.. policing smart not out of hate or fear...thumbs up
GabzitoHD (24 days ago)
_it went VIRAL_ *has less than a thousand likes*
MrDenaun Porter (24 days ago)
I completely understand why this went viral and I give this man all the respect in the World but these things shouldn't need to go viral. For people wearing a badge this should be an everyday occurrence, if you willingly take the position to Serve & Protect then please do your job that's what the people pay you for!
MrDenaun Porter (24 days ago)
+Earth Patel 🈷 that depends on where you're located, every race has dumb people who categorize things as a whole based on either hearsay or a personal experience when in reality they're not all the same.
Earth Patel 🈷 (24 days ago)
Its because dumb blacks like to belive that all police officers are bad. This shows that its not true
D White (24 days ago)
Bless this man, he treated the autistic child like a child. It hurts that more cops refuse to do the same.
the dude (24 days ago)
No eye contact , my dads a cop he has no time for me he has sabotaged my life purposely because i had adhd as a kid so he said i was a shit of a kid and hated me I have named him the devil
ALI Aliraqi (24 days ago)
I hope black people appreciate this
Kristy Martin (24 days ago)
Its great but wheres the rest of the video want to watch more.
americanfusionllc (24 days ago)
Great human being police. Big hug to him.
Intisam Al-Hussein (24 days ago)
There are some goood ppl in this world❤️I hope they duplicate‼️💗
Intisam Al-Hussein (24 days ago)
There are some goood ppl in this world❤️I hope they duplicate‼️💗
YOUNG STONER (24 days ago)
A big salutte to u officer..... A good cop is wat i wnt 2 see Seen mny crooks hiding behind dat uniform but u chnged ma mind
Brent Harris (24 days ago)
And people say they hate cop no only hate certain cops
tony the tiger (24 days ago)
So we gon sit here and act like cnn didn't post nothing good about the police
ZodiacVEVO (24 days ago)
That man clanked so hard tho
Matthew Van Overen (24 days ago)
Am I the only one who died at 1:17 😂
TheRealNate (20 days ago)
Matthew Van Overen when you hear it hit the hoop 😂
Samuel Couch (24 days ago)
Of course sucky cnn with a impeach trump add
CyberTiger 45 (24 days ago)
Why was he on his phone when saying hi the entire time He didn’t even look up, it felt so awkward what was he even doing that was so important
Calebboi (20 days ago)
He's autistic
BigmacGOD 5 (24 days ago)
Your a hero
Juan Bolova (24 days ago)
Good person.
Christopher Linares (24 days ago)
Where's the video that the cop beat the shit out of the suicidal guy at the hospital
banh mi (24 days ago)
blue lives matter y’all