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Alan Greenspan: Bull market is beginning to fumble

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Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan speaks with CNN's Julia Chatterley about recent stock market volatility, interest rates, and stagflation.
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Chris Choir (1 month ago)
Greenspan is a total moron
highlights Bottle flip nbanflnhl (1 month ago)
A wise man once told me, when you see everyone running in one direction, follow along just long enough to figure out why they are all heading in the same direction. Then if they are running from a shadow. Turn around and run anywhere they are not, before they do the lemming dive.
Chartes (1 month ago)
Disgusting piece of shit! this guy is the representation of what is wrong with the global economy!
i am deacon (2 months ago)
Rabble Repository (2 months ago)
Fuck your stock market you oligarchs deserve much more than a pay cut https://youtu.be/4HJ54RRB7OU
Null (2 months ago)
just like your shitty fake career
ROBERT NARDONE (2 months ago)
Jail !!!! This guy is such a criminal
David Davis (2 months ago)
The news cycle market has fumbled off and on for ten years. Not surprising since we have never been in loose liquidity market such as this and some have never traded a normal market. Greenspan got behind the curb as I recall on raising; thus inflation got away from FED.
Abe Ybarra (2 months ago)
JEWS are the MOST EVIL AND DISGUSTING ANIMALS to ever walk the earth ! USS LIBERTY 1967 - Semper Fi !!!
funny men (2 months ago)
Subscribed for funny videos
robert a (2 months ago)
A telling interview saying it as it is ...….I also think Mr G wishing he was 50 years younger
Pedro Zaragoza (2 months ago)
Dr. Greenspan a true genius. Many blame him for the fact we spend too much because people, instead of being responsible and honest, seek to blame someone.
davidsbeast1 (2 months ago)
Sell everything run for the hills!
KING TRUMP (2 months ago)
Hey its Rothchilds footman. I thought you died you pos globalist. You can't keep HELL waiting much longer.
Menjesus (2 months ago)
It's your fault, Greenspan. You started the trend of cheap loans.
Nick Rangel (2 months ago)
Under globalist Obama, let's print trillions. Under anti globalist Trump let's stop and also raise rates. Weird.
mgb gt (2 months ago)
The Fed is clearly a political machine not working in the interest of President Trump or the American people. As a result of Fed policies Americans are being bound with massive interest payments on Obama debt for years to come. The Dow Jones shrank by 3,200 points since the Fed’s Jerome Powell’s insidious comments in early October to continue to increase interest rates. The DOW reached another all-time high on October 3rd reaching 26,829. It was up for the 103rd time since Donald Trump was elected President and 46% since the November 2016 election. This was clearly too much for the Fed’s Powell who then scared investors with his message that he will raise rates well into next year. On Monday after the president’s tweet the Fed announced it would likely raise rates — The Dow immediately dropped another 507 points. 1/8th of the US economy is gone thanks to the Federal Reserve. $4 Trillion in Wealth has been erased! On Tuesday Stephen Moore said if the Fed raises rates on Wednesday they should all be fired. Moore was right.
LUCY LOVE (2 months ago)
Democrats won the House What did you expect. .Before the election, I along with many of my friends told our liberal friends if Democrats win back the House or Senate or both The market will tank. Guess what?
lobo de la suerte (2 months ago)
alan the old jewish fraud.
R Mohr (3 months ago)
"Derivatives" is a, cause then those guys added Bitcoin and other Crap . ....that is, the detrimental mix.
Conscious (3 months ago)
Demise of the Petrodollar and the End of American Power Published on Nov 25, 2014 The Colder War by Marin Katusa Marin Katusa's blockbuster New York Times best-selling book, "The Colder War: How the Global Energy Trade Slipped from America's Grasp." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwGo80Jdmog
jonbyc (3 months ago)
Anyone else played that new stockbroker iPhone game called “Comish”?? Super fun and addicting
gman (3 months ago)
Mr Magoo has spoken.
Puma Puma (3 months ago)
He still alive?
Lightning (3 months ago)
His age reminded me what our stock market look like, "movvvve...." "I dont knowwwww...." so convinced it's the best time to put my 401k down on the stock. Obviously its gonna roll off the bed like he does....
RFI-Crypto Lab (3 months ago)
Money grubbing jews
Natty Bumppo (3 months ago)
cnn trots out this fuckup like he is the 2ed coming ,no cnn he is the guy that caused the past crash,Greenspan is a fuckup.who is mostly to blame for the biggest upheaval on Wall Street since the Great Crash?This mess is mostly a titanic failure of regulation. And the largest share of blame goes back to one man: Alan Greenspan. People mainly fault the former Fed chief, who once enjoyed a near-saintly reputation because of his reputed "feel" for market conditions, for ushering in an era of easy credit that accelerated the mortgage mania. But the much bigger problem was Greenspan's Ayn Randian passion for regulatory minimalism. Under the Home Ownership and Equity Protection Act enacted by Congress in 1994, the Fed was given the authority to oversee mortgage loans. But Greenspan kept putting off writing any rules. As late as April 2005, when things were seriously beginning to go wrong, he was saying that subprime lending would work out for the common good—without government interference. "Lenders are now able to quite efficiently judge the risk posed by individual applicants,"cnn screws the pooch again.
Crypto Master (3 months ago)
Yea, Mr. Greenspan it happened on your watch. You're the culprit.
SN2903 (3 months ago)
It went up like 8,000 points since Trump was elected. This is just a correction. The rate of growth may slow a little in 2019 and 2020 but a recession looks really unlikely to me.
donald clapper (3 months ago)
uncle fester has to go pu pu for ever bye bye scum man
Mega Mijit (3 months ago)
He’s soooo old
Steven David Stoffers (3 months ago)
so do tariffs help improve that stagFLATION all the way thru to 2020.. you know, in case Xi doesn't give Trumper a face saver?
Christianity Boxing Mafia (3 months ago)
This piece of shit should be in prison
Black Jack (3 months ago)
Federal Reserve wants to increase interest rates, "manually" crash the economy, and blame it ALL on Trump. All part of the (((establishment's))) plan to derail Trump.
Black Jack (3 months ago)
+hardcorevideogames That's what I'm implying about Trump.
hardcorevideogames (3 months ago)
He does a good enough job all by himself thank you very much
Carnivorus Sapiens (3 months ago)
What a gangster!
R K (3 months ago)
Time in the market beats timing the market. Buy every month, reinvest dividends and be patient.
Beth Clemensen (3 months ago)
Two weeks ago I moved my entire IRA into 1 year U.S. Treasury Bonds. I expect another Depression crash. In a year I'll be able to buy great stocks for pennies.
Fredo Sinsemilla (3 months ago)
Good for you if it happens, but I still hope you'll get robbed to death.
Martin Shrek (3 months ago)
Trump 2020
Cat Claws (3 months ago)
CNN in two years trump destroyed the market even though he has no control over the fed the guy even admitted the fed will be responsible. Not really trustworthy anyway he was around for the housing bubble
Duc2 (3 months ago)
How did he get out of the box, thought we got rid of him when W left
WhereThereDude (3 months ago)
jews are parasites
WhereThereDude (3 months ago)
good goy
Amr M (3 months ago)
WhereThereDude that’s racist
—————— (3 months ago)
WhereThereDude I’ll take a Jew over ones like you any day of the week!
Sinisa Jaksic (3 months ago)
trust fake news
granolabean1 (3 months ago)
Who should I listen to Warren Buffet or Alan Greenspan? Do we have a free press or is CNN owned by Warner Media - A multinational business.
Darren N (3 months ago)
Alan designed the computer program high frequency trading he designed it so it would eventually destroy itself and almost did in 2008 the next crash is coming and will dwarf 2008 there will be no bail out system will be destroyed Mission accomplished
Collective Consciousness (3 months ago)
Destroy the (((fed))) in general, it shouldn’t exist.
John Doe (3 months ago)
What an ugly (((chosen))). Literally like a caricature.
SashaXXY (3 months ago)
When 700 years old you will be, look as good you will not.
Jean-Pierre SIMONIN (3 months ago)
Nice to see Julia Chatterley (again) ! I hardly listened to AG...
Nigel Powers (3 months ago)
you cant be more jewish than this fucker.
Christopher Connolly (3 months ago)
I wish someone would ask Alan how he went from a Cellist to Head of the Federal Reserve. He never really explained that in any of his books.
The Skull (3 months ago)
These disgusting Jews need to be rounded up and exterminated for their crimes. That day comes soon. We are in the Weimar period.
The Skull (3 months ago)
—————— The Jews are going to the furnaces for their crimes. This will happen.
—————— (3 months ago)
The Skull you are jealous of the productive and successful, how sad.
hardcorevideogames (3 months ago)
Round you people up and castrate you
d rockwell (3 months ago)
Oh gawd
Nicholas Nam (3 months ago)
Nicholas Nam (3 months ago)
The crash this year in stock market is very unusual it’s crashing and buying at the same time so there is no jackpot of short selling instead buying call is better while the market is crashing
John McFags (3 months ago)
This is one of those greedy Jew bankers that ruins the world economy you know the 2008 financial crisis was caused by Alan Greenspan the Jew banker
Andi S (3 months ago)
How much raise interest rate you need to see? That's easy, ONE more to go, tomorrow, Wed, Dec 19, 2018 will be the DOOM day, run for cover. He knows it but doesn't dare to say it, otherwise today up will be crashed in a few seconds.
Andi S (3 months ago)
Toxic asset? easy peasy, BITCOIN is the one, wait until it start to run for cover to zero, but this time, the government would not save it.
john smith (3 months ago)
Amazons trendy pay hike, and interest increases is going to be the start of a downward spiral. Someone needs to halt the hikes so the economy has a chance to gain momentum.
hardcorevideogames (3 months ago)
Bob Silver (3 months ago)
I hope you guys are buying silver right now! I buy from Provident Metals
Sagan Worshipper (3 months ago)
I usually get my shiny metals from APMEX. But I have bought from Provident too. I have been stackin for awhile now and I believe it's finally going to start paying off bigtime. Happy stacking to you Bob!
Electricos Cosmos (3 months ago)
The market is rolling over. The monthly and weekly charts look absolutely terrible. Good time to roll over into cash and sit it out for awhile, give it 2 months and make the S&P prove itself over 2800s. Support in the 2300s, heavy resistance in the 2800s. Weekly closes below 2300s then full on crash is underway. We should know in a few months. Maybe it bounces and holds up until February or so and rolls back over.
Kartik Bhatt (3 months ago)
Agree with your analysis. I think the bear run started in October. Check out forex knowledge academy on Instagram
james barton (3 months ago)
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SD 619 (3 months ago)
This man should be in prison.
Brian Crane (3 months ago)
Fed WILL RAISE! Just to say FU to P. Trump...US govt. won't be able to roll its debt, EM economies won't be able to pay principle on US dollar-denominated debt they issued... *defaults imminent...CRASH! to follow!*
dafttool (3 months ago)
Obama gave us 8 yrs of 9 of the longest bull stock market in history. Trump killed it in a year with his War on Global Trade, fought with tariffs & broken treaties, giving trillions to the wealthy while exploding the debt & deficit
ROBERT NARDONE (2 months ago)
0% interest rates and printing money 💵 that’s the problem also spending 9 trillion didn’t help !
~Ito~ (糸) (2 months ago)
+jack bran Is that why Trump cut their taxes?
Buy Free Canadian Pharmaceuticals (2 months ago)
+AMERICA FIRST Andrew Jackson did nothing wrong. We should never have created a central bank.
AMERICA FIRST (2 months ago)
Its common sense. The American Economy is GREAT but the Stock Market is going down in reaction to the Federal Reserve. The only way the Feds have been able to get away with controlling the American economy is due to political partisanship. They use the media to create a partisan narrative which cause's half the country to not see the obvious fact that every American Economic Collapse has been a reaction to the Federal Reserve raising rates. Even the 1920's depression was caused by the Feds. Go research for yourself.
BigTomInTheBasement (2 months ago)
+granolabean1 looks like we're going to get a humanity reset with this reset... war, famine and disease will likely kill a lot of us. if they follow it up with an EMP, it'll kill 90%
B H (3 months ago)
He's brilliant, where was this information before the drop?
B H (3 months ago)
+manictiger Somewhat like the modern day Meteorologists, can't predict the future weather very well, but are brilliant at letting you know it's raining outside.
manictiger (3 months ago)
Everyone's a genius when they "predict" things that just happened.
C17H25N (3 months ago)
It was only a matter of time before ((( Greenspan))) came slithering out of hiding since 2008. Hopefully he'll be dead soon to join Bush, Nixon and Satan.
Collective Consciousness (3 months ago)
C17H25N FTW This.
Third stone from the sun (3 months ago)
Still winning!
End Thefed (3 months ago)
The illegal Federal Reserve and everything around it is crashing.
Ocean Pacific (3 months ago)
+C M. S. you dumb wage slave he's telling you the truth , so brainwashed you don't even know it
C M. S. (3 months ago)
You can always always tell a Fox News watcher . They spew the most ignorant garbled crap I have ever heard . They hear something on Fox , don't understand it , then race out to repeat it . Just like their Daddy Trump .
David Council (3 months ago)
Nov 6 - midterms - Dow Jones at 25,461 Democrats seize control of The House Dec 18 - Dow Jones is 23,675 A 1786 point drop (7%) SPEAKS FOR ITSELF
hardcorevideogames (3 months ago)
Some people don't know how to only post once.
Sagan Worshipper (3 months ago)
Trump is destroying everything he touches......exactly the way his entire life has been.
Third stone from the sun (3 months ago)
David Council Zzzzzzzzzzzzz
David Council (3 months ago)
+SD 619 Markets react to events IMMEDIATELY Everyone knows that ( well, almost everyone )
David Council (3 months ago)
+Third stone from the sun ... Markets react to events IMMEDIATELY Everyone knows that ( well, almost everyone )
Floyd Zepplin (3 months ago)
So markets go up and down Shocking
Brock Story (3 months ago)
It why they go up that's the problem
Chris Edward (3 months ago)
Floyd Zepplin Just like the climate.
monty royal (3 months ago)
monty royal (3 months ago)
GTFO with that FUD old man!
The Chosen One Illuminati (3 months ago)
Do away from money , and go back to bartering
Mahesh Bugnath (3 months ago)
The Age of Turbulence - one of the best books I read 🤘
C M. S. (3 months ago)
Study the Great Depression and one can see the similarities between then and now .Trumps economic policies are very similar to those at the time Taxes cuts for the Richest . A Market stimulated by Companies buying back stocks , AND a Trade War . It's coming unless a miracle happens. Given Trump's inability to understand how his actions affect the economy we're screwed .
kevinseveneleven (1 month ago)
+manictiger Of course I say "you guys". That offends you? How? You chose a side. You fell for it, now get back in your seat and wait for your turn.
manictiger (1 month ago)
+kevinseveneleven _"You guys"._ Yeah, you're totally not part of the problem.
kevinseveneleven (1 month ago)
+manictiger don't worry there's npc on the right too. You guys will get your turn to be triggered and crying in the street on the next cycle. In the meantime make sure to keep overspending and financing as much stuff as possible like a good little goyim sheep
kevinseveneleven (1 month ago)
+John McFags the unemployment numbers are fake
ivydude13 (2 months ago)
Ray Dalio of BridgeWater has a good paper on Deleveraging that his firm wrote a few years ago about referencing past economic cycles going back to the depression. Its a very very good read! Check it out! https://www.mauldineconomics.com/images/uploads/overmyshoulder/Bridgewater_-_an-in-depth-look-at-deleveragings--ray-dalio-bridgewater.pdf
huckle berry (3 months ago)
The network who cried wolf
GTW THREE (3 months ago)
This asshole should have been put to death for what he did to this country
Hans (3 months ago)
Who's still listening to this crook?
Yatukih001 (1 month ago)
I am so I can learn to avoid making economically unwise decisions - that is so if for example I am buying a sandwich which one is the best to buy so it will not have adverse effect on the economy...happy new year!!
卐 ϟ KKK ϟ 卍 (2 months ago)
+Thomas Headley stfu ur the most contridicting piece of s*** .. MAGA2020
Thomas Headley (2 months ago)
He stole from no one. We have borrowed ourselves into poverty. With help from uninformed & apathetic voters. Learn to listen past the pandering. Take responsibility & respect those who have died by being good citizens, instead of cry babies, like our President.
SashaXXY (3 months ago)
Why not? He's actually telling the truth for a change.
Tommy Cease (3 months ago)
The trump administration has seen market volatility sharp increases and decreases massive growth and massive losses. Those are never good signs.
Tommy Cease (3 months ago)
But where in Eastern Europe? Ukraine is lovely but putin has called dibs and you don't want to be stuck in an economy based in rubles. The Baltic countries for the most part use euros Romania isn't too bad though I guess or Slovakia. Poland is also too expensive. But 90k usd isn't enough. 50k for a decent home. Maybe 500k USD as long as the exchange rates don't get too fucked.
Cat Claws (3 months ago)
Because trump has control of the fed right their doing this intentionally. Get your money move to eastern Europe and live like a king with 90k for 50 years. If you stay here taxes rent and utilities and mortgage will rise
Linda Minton (3 months ago)
Its because of the Fed interfering by raising interest rates.
hardcorevideogames (3 months ago)
I've read how they frequently pretend to be two different people and then agree in the end.
hardcorevideogames (3 months ago)
I dunno Linda looks like the stock market if down a bit for the year. Maybe if Trump hadn't of intervened it would be doing better. Starting a trade war and subsidizing farmers 12b isn't a free market is socialism.
hardcorevideogames (3 months ago)
Not true, I looked it up and see three rate hikes and several periods and most of his admin was over 0. The economy is doing good right? If so you can't keep interest rates low you'll get inflation. Or is it the economy isn't all that great in real life and that's why they shouldn't have raised the rates?
hardcorevideogames (3 months ago)
You just make up stuff
hardcorevideogames (3 months ago)
Clinton gets free rent in your brain.
bngr bngr (3 months ago)
The Fed needs to decrease interest rates and increase the money supply. Its better to have some inflation and higher growth.
Chris Gouger (3 months ago)
thanks to this guys policies of kicking the can down the road, we won't be able to spend our way out of the coming recession with lower rates and QE(stock buy backs). It's going to be a rough one.
BigTomInTheBasement (2 months ago)
+Thomas Headley Congress was told there would be martial law in 24 hours if they don't vote to allow the Fed to do whatever they wanted to.
Thomas Headley (2 months ago)
Congress has had a hand in doing the kicking. Congress punted the ball to the Fed, & they ran with it.
Dan White (3 months ago)
Chris Gouger we are going to be able to through currency expansion and that’s when the stagflation starts. Get hedged.
#DISTRICT TV (3 months ago)
That's MSLSD's Andrea Mitchell s DEEPSTATE HUSBAND👈😄🇺🇸
Charles W R (3 months ago)
Trump supporting idiots deserve to be ridiculed at. They don't deserve to live in this country. Actually Trump supporting idiots with maggot-filled brains deserve no fresh air. They belong in prison. You #DISTRICT TV moron too.
#DISTRICT TV (3 months ago)
+Charles W R I'm convinced LEFTIST are 🐑 SHEEPLE. MEDIA says SUCK D!%K and the LOW IQ says for how long👈😄🇺🇸
Linda Minton (3 months ago)
+Charles W R I never said Alan Greenspan was stupid, I said he validated President Trumps claims of the Fed raising interest rates is the cause of the current market chaos, as evidenced today when Powell announced another hike and the Dow dropped 770 in 1 hour.
Charles W R (3 months ago)
@#DISTRICT TV You must be working for Russian disinformation campaign. Russian disinformation bots are everywhere.
Charles W R (3 months ago)
Oh a Nobel laureate is stupid? Who are you Linda Minton? Have you ever heard of that? You must be another FoxNews water who spreads their Russian disinformation nonstop around the clock.
ivydude13 (3 months ago)
This guy here; the degree of financial catastrophe this man is responsible for is mind-boggling! And he's pushing a book too, -this guy,
I.O.U. (2 months ago)
?:? true..Before buying our home, we were renting a house in Las Vegas 2010. The owner of the house had brought a million dollars down from Detroit in 2009 and purchased 10 homes @ 100,000 each and put a property management to handled them, I looked on Zillow and it’s Zestimate now is 250,000 now that the Vegas market bounced back... it’s a good plan you got👍 he cleaned up! just got to pick the right place/time..good luck
? ?: (2 months ago)
+I.O.U. perhaps, macroeconomics is above my pay grade. But as the rich are buying up more properties, land, hard assets, one might see the uncertainty people have in the current economy. Multiple streams of ongoing income, branding yourself is a great way to weather the economic storm. I love great depressions. Hope we finally get to see a global housing market recession again. Properties will be cheap to buy again!!! patiently waiting with a ton of cash to buy up foreclosed homes in upper middle class neighborhoods, then flip em and turn em into AirBnB. my rant is over, sorry.
I.O.U. (2 months ago)
?:? I could see a treasury secretary guaranteeing all U.S. treasury bills that the Fed holds on their books, and all the treasury bills other people and nations hold...but I don’t know why the The U.S. treasury would be on the hook for the other debt that was created in the banking sectors that has no treasury bill backing to it.... But what the hell do I know...it just looks to me that the Fed and it’s member banks are nothing more than a US Credit card 💳 and the real money has to come from the treasury only...
? ?: (2 months ago)
+I.O.U. In that scenario, Timothy Geithner, 75th U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, said he would guarantee the debt. not sure what that means.
Black man with a plan (2 months ago)
+? ?: Silver much cheaper than gold right now. Gold to silver ratio has been floating in the low 80s. Not bad once you factor in the historical 16:1 ratio; not to mention the 9:1 it comes out of the ground at.
Joel Farmer (3 months ago)
US market's down 3.5 trillion - smart money is already OUT!
Charles W R (2 months ago)
@BigTomInTheBasement, " bring us back to an honest money system" Like what? You must be very smart and a money genius, calling everyone a fool but yourself. You must be smart but very poor to live in a Basement. Tell me more about your 'honest money system.'
BigTomInTheBasement (2 months ago)
+Charles W R If you think that economic depression wasn't already inbound, you're a fool. President Trump is just playing his part as the fool. Maybe he'll even bust up the Federal Reserve System bring us back to an honest money system.
BigTomInTheBasement (2 months ago)
+C M. S. The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic form of government, not a Democracy. Stop accepting the re-programming from those who would be our masters. When you see your "leaders" deliberately creating situations where masses of your fellow people will be starving and the whole country will be clamoring for communism bc the government should DO something.
SC TONY (3 months ago)
If i were to pull 6 months ago i'd been smarter
Lorenzo Reyes (3 months ago)
Let's be honest... not smart money...just the insiders that dont lose ...
Midnight Toker (3 months ago)
Dear Zionist Alan, what is a credit default swap?? What is a housing bubble??? Moron
SG Surge (2 months ago)
Natty Bumppo greenspan is a jew look at the roots of judaism bud the youll understand go back to sleep
Ocean Pacific (3 months ago)
+Natty Bumppo goyim you better wake up to what's really going on In this world , you are cattle to these people , especially if you believe In the whole left right paradigm
Natty Bumppo (3 months ago)
why Zionist ,you must be a racist democrat.
randolph vazquez (3 months ago)
mumble man...
Phoenix Force (3 months ago)
Such a genius
Selangor Maju (3 months ago)
It just paper currency, just print it
millertoyal (3 months ago)
+Cris LeRose 🤣😂😂
ikeshia1981 (3 months ago)
+Cris LeRose 😂😂😂
Cris LeRose (3 months ago)
+Dan White stealing......
Dan White (3 months ago)
That’s what will happen of course. Get ready for stagflation and try to find the best hedge. Gold is only partially correlated. Anyone else know what has the highest correlation?
Rhonnie Allan (3 months ago)
+JJoe You guys missed his point. He was mocking Allan Preentspan
Joe (3 months ago)
Run for cover
Rhonnie Allan (3 months ago)
Run to Bitcoin
California Bobby (3 months ago)
Buy Bitcoin.
KyleTVProductions (3 months ago)
I love bitcoin
Sagan Worshipper (3 months ago)
Bob knows.
Sagan Worshipper (3 months ago)
You misspelled *Silver*
Bob Silver (3 months ago)
Buy physical Silver
dafttool (3 months ago)
Serenia 9 Agreed. Bitcoin & the like are just gimmicks made for suckers
varelaable photography (3 months ago)
This man is one of the so many culprits of the 2008 financial crisis don’t trust him watch the documentary film “inside job” This is the full film on YouTube https://youtu.be/-h4V3kVh0do