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Inside A Warehouse Where Thousands Of Robots Pack Groceries

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Ocado's new warehouse has thousands of robots zooming around a grid system to pack groceries. The thousands of robots can process 65,000 orders every week. They communicate on a 4G network to avoid bumping into each other. Is this the future of retail? See more from Ocado: Tech Insider tells you all you need to know about tech: gadgets, how-to's, gaming, science, digital culture, and more. Subscribe to our channel and visit us at: TI on Facebook: TI on Instagram: TI on Twitter:
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Text Comments (1627)
Souw Ooop (1 day ago)
Who's gonna make a robot that's spits on you're apples 🤣
Neil 000 (1 day ago)
Looks like CGI but it's not
Mark Benjamin (2 days ago)
I literally worked at this exact place its shit
RAUL FERNANDEZ (2 days ago)
A 3 minute “Tech insider” vídeo explaining nothing. God damn millenials!!!
theboy door (3 days ago)
i work for Ocado finance
anne neilsen (3 days ago)
Your doing a lot of people out if work if you do this by using robot instead of people no wonder there a lot of people out of work...
lol (3 days ago)
Unfortunately it's just a beginning. When AI will became better it will take even more people's jobs.Nothing we can do.We humans are like dinosaurs - we are backward and AI will replace us.
Hack man (3 days ago)
I would not want a robot touching my organic food...
Graeme Paddison (4 days ago)
This warehouse burnt down in February 2019 RIP robots
Rene (4 days ago)
they took our jobs!!!
19may0001 (4 days ago)
For all who saying how this works is simple, underneath the grids are baskets full off products, the Robert travels to a slot on the grid and picks up the product from below, different product have different weight, i.e so in other words a store will order just say 1 tuna tin which weighs 150grams, the Robert will picked this up into it self and move on to the next product on its list for that store, if the product is not picked for what ever reason the Robert will know due to its weight and will attempt to pick it later. For the Robert to do all this it has to be Manuel input in to the Robert system to know which slots to go to pick up products the store are out of stock off
InTouch Manufacturing Services (4 days ago)
Great video! Robotics are unstoppable in supply chain transformation. But up to 375 million displaced workers may need to switch jobs and learn new skills by 2030 as a result.
Weather Truther (5 days ago)
I guess this is supposed to be a good thing !!
lol (3 days ago)
Good for company,so they can make more profit,but bad for workers,which was replaced by machines.
David Ellis (5 days ago)
They took are jobs! 😝
Rafael Izukawa (5 days ago)
1 point for tech 0 point for unemployed people Sad....
chris jones (6 days ago)
65000 orders a week? What a waste of gas
zbudda (6 days ago)
I wonder how many mice get picked up in an item by the robots?
Ryan Corry Tree Solutions (7 days ago)
Putting lots of people out of a job?
zimisss does random shnozzle!!! (7 days ago)
this video clearly shows that in about 5 years people will struggle to find jobs in the retail or any other industry that's being made automated,
Malik Adeniji (7 days ago)
I work here 😅😅😅
Dr ranged (7 days ago)
Reiterate, This 'Was' ocado largest automated warehouse.
Dr ranged (7 days ago)
Suffered huge fire in Feb 2019. After winning a world wide award for best fire safety system :/.
NPC #128888890 (8 days ago)
MY brothers need to be free from this robot sweatshop.
loofers (8 days ago)
the box bottom mid left at 1:16: is that box supposed to be open/broken?
Munim Islam (8 days ago)
What is alternat if the system fails??
Frank Schäfer (9 days ago)
Zero Informationen
Capn Birdseye (9 days ago)
So more corporations use robots , so less people work to earn money. So who is going to able to purchase these corporations products?
John Jack (10 days ago)
That looked like CG at first. Yes quite brilliant technology from the brilliant minds out of Wakanda Africa if not mistaking.
Bill b (10 days ago)
Oh we dead.
Jawad Arif (10 days ago)
So don't be blameing immigrant for takeing your job when in fact it robot,
nightmare in action (11 days ago)
watch a sensor or plc error happen those things will crash it's happened to our shuttles the carry linen because of it losing position even with position magnets encoders and laser sensors
soul123 (11 days ago)
Looks like a nightmare to maintain or repair.
屋敷大和 (12 days ago)
Pete G (12 days ago)
Good bye warehouse jobs
actual (12 days ago)
A lot of jobs lost. It's coming....
FiveNine Limited (12 days ago)
How so? It takes humans to engineer, program, build, and maintain these robots. Jobs of labor is not the future. Jobs of intelligence and technology is. People need to adapt.
Mary Tandy (12 days ago)
Grid down coming and who pulls the orders them?
Mr. Interesting (12 days ago)
I'm not gonna lie... I did get a boner.
Ohm Udomvanich (13 days ago)
Swisslog is part of KUKA. KUKA is part of Midea.
Topiokalo (13 days ago)
Shame this burnt down, the smoke plumes were seen for miles around. I could still e it days later
中川裕紀 (13 days ago)
David Duke (13 days ago)
Clickbait bullshit!!
Haqi Sang Kautsar (13 days ago)
psycho-pass live action looks legit
Dan B (13 days ago)
if at some pont you had a pet mouse running in a wheel what would you think is it the future of retail
Pranav Jain (13 days ago)
Everything is being done by robots ,what will humans do in future...?
FiveNine Limited (6 days ago)
+Pranav Jain that's why it's important for children of today prepare for jobs of the future. You don't have a thing to worry about because people like you and I will be dead and gone before robots take over the labor force.
Pranav Jain (11 days ago)
+FiveNine Limited and most of the population works only as a labour, what will happen to them? Not everyone can become an engineer, and will we be able to give jobs to all the engineers ?
Pranav Jain (11 days ago)
+FiveNine Limited jobs of labour is being taken by these robots and with artificial intelligence, robots will be able to engineer, program, built and maintain other robots. Lol... What will be left then?
FiveNine Limited (12 days ago)
It takes humans to engineer, program, build, and maintain these robots. Jobs of labor is not the future. Jobs of intelligence and technology is. People need to adapt.
High Brass (13 days ago)
Die off probably. Sad but true.
Richard Cranium @ Dicks Inn (13 days ago)
They also pack fudge. Some call it progress, Others call it corporate greed.
sonofwilliamchris (13 days ago)
Minimum wage and compulsory pension contributions you say Prime Minister... We will comply... mwhahaha!!!!
RAGE (13 days ago)
Thats a weird way to write “how to get rich fast”
Fabrizio Herrera (13 days ago)
*Jeff Bezos wants to know your location*
justhays (13 days ago)
Still cant compete with 100 Mexicans and a conveyor system.
Acefish (13 days ago)
This reminds me of the Sibyl system from psycho pass accept with food instead of brains.
Ὅρα Μή· (13 days ago)
I will agree with the other 1,562 comments... a useless, not very informative video.
Education Fun Online (13 days ago)
The future is going to feel like the Jetsons. Elon Musk is coming out with self driving cars he says he is going to try and make affordable for everyone.
Jordan Brown (14 days ago)
Remember when people wanted $15 and hour?
John Russell (14 days ago)
Humans will be eating each other within 5 years.
Tuho (14 days ago)
This video was probably made by a robot as no human could suck this much.
358kasey (14 days ago)
Linus Tech Tips needs to explain this.
gregor marquardt (14 days ago)
This is the Future well we are fucked. All the People working in shops are getting fired and then the taxes have to go up to maybe 50 percent to care for all the jobless People. Nice one.
Teodorick (14 days ago)
And how this video is made? You know the answer
Рамазан Раджабов (14 days ago)
А Ино плонетяны видели э́то или нет
Frankerzed (14 days ago)
They are controlled by an air traffic control system ???? 😂😂😂
oyeahyeah (14 days ago)
Tech Insider? More like outsider Whoever edited / is behind this video should be fired and killed by fire asap
glorietta eroy (14 days ago)
Whole Food Plant-Based Man (15 days ago)
I'm not even listening to the audio in the video. Phone is muted. From these comments, there is actually no need to listen.
Cry Whit (13 days ago)
How's the leg treating you Greg?
karebu2 (15 days ago)
I can’t figure it out. At least say something like “oh the robots give birth to beer bottles”.
JesseEtzler (15 days ago)
Badly done video. Should of done some interviews with the people behind the scenes making this system work
Koon Jay (15 days ago)
Andrew Yang Gang where u at?
Mr. Joshua (15 days ago)
Dey turk er jerbs!!!!!!
Anrcs Mxms (15 days ago)
Cool system to watch in operation.
Techguy (15 days ago)
Literal grocery getters
Cyan (15 days ago)
Of this is the future of retail and logistics, I wouldn't have a problem with it. If anyone works in the field, you know it's hell.
Elias Aliaga (15 days ago)
How much do they make hourly ? Do they get medical benefits after a year ?
Airick Anderson (15 days ago)
I just long for the day that technology collapses in on itself!.... At the end of the day, when man has replaced humans with robots and devastated the lives of many families because there is no longer work for people to do, companies need to remember, that these damn machines need electricity & 4G signals to even function are they are no good to anyone!... We "Humans" make our own energy and can function perfectly fine without electricity, just sad to see many jobs going away because of "Technology"....
Kono Dutch (15 days ago)
How much money was spent on this? It does not seem logical.
Antonio Costa (15 days ago)
For the keen observer this is an interesting video. You can follow something otherwise seen as boring and draw conclusions on how the flow works. (15 days ago)
What a useless video. No editing thought at all. I was waiting to see how the packing was being done and didn’t see anything. Just rolling robots!
InfiniteRaver87 (15 days ago)
This already exists in most warehouses
DStri pem (15 days ago)
Cool and all but a team of 80 people can do that and twice the amount in 5 days. So this tech isnt there yet. But maybe in 50 years itll be better. But for now humans are the best for packsging.
ko52 ‘ (15 days ago)
This seems incredibly inefficient!
Brent Weeks (15 days ago)
First 5 seconds of the music and I’m done. Based on this video alone, how did you get this many subscribers? Baffled.
Arcsecant (16 days ago)
Not really robots.
UNSC INFINITY (16 days ago)
Look.. We're all gonna be killed by these one day, so stop complaining and enjoy the video while these things haven't been able to turn into *Stabby Stabby Machines* yet! 👍👍
Jim Taylor (16 days ago)
What a crappy video, must have been made by robots (everything they do sucks)
Steve Dannely (16 days ago)
yang 2020
Adrian Casanola (16 days ago)
However it works humans are boned
Peter Hall (16 days ago)
No Fancy Packaging required, many pluses.
Brandon E. Smith (16 days ago)
Don't let a dirty, disgruntled human being touch the food I'll eat. ❤️
Marcos Campos (16 days ago)
Andrew yang isn’t lying vote for him 2020!!!
Cry Whit (13 days ago)
Bernie 2020
David Mays (14 days ago)
PipenFalzy (16 days ago)
Looks computer generated.
Shloomth (16 days ago)
*Amazon wants to know your current location*
Shloomth (16 days ago)
The text on screen explained nothing of value and there were two bits of interesting footage and one if them was replayed over and over
Alex Amaya (16 days ago)
Wow , the future year 2019.
Hue Title (16 days ago)
Dahir Insaat finally sold an idea!
Hunter Haley (16 days ago)
50 years from now... Future Grandkid “Grandpa, is it true when you were my age, you used to have to leave your house?” Grandpa “yes, but we still had amazon”
Hunter Haley (16 days ago)
Kandi Klover Grandpa looks down at his soiled diapers that needs changing by the charmin quick wipe plus.
Kandi Klover (16 days ago)
"What's amazon? Is that like an ancient Alibaba?" *Whole conversation took place in chinese*
audiofunkdialect (16 days ago)
Reusable baskets and unpackaged goods will save everyone money and produce less garbage.
SHARON COCHRANE (16 days ago)
Really all this AI shite is doing good people out of jobs!😡
Juhstopaskinme Hwatmynameis (16 days ago)
Just wait til they turn on us.
Ras (16 days ago)
Why use batteries? Why not a wire ceiling and an antenna on every robot, just like those old bumper cars. Seems much cheaper.
# (16 days ago)
The robots are rolling on rails... They could have the x axis with positive and the y axis with negative dc power and no need for batteries
Josh (16 days ago)
Move along a grid system, battery operated.
Lbolting005 (16 days ago)
lol, definitely Fake & Gay! Basically, this video used computer generated animation at its finest to create these images! 🤖
Selwyn Padayao (16 days ago)
and 1 usb virus to hack the automated warehouse
cocosongo1 (16 days ago)
Billions more in big businesses pockets & even lesser employees : greed has entombed these guys completely.
Mark Maxwell (16 days ago)
Lolll Having worked in a car plant and a newspaper printing facility. Nothing exciting. Someone does have to repair and maintain all the equipment. I wonder who used to do that job ???? 😂😂😂😂😂