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Thanks UPS, but that is not how you deliver a package

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Prevan Warrior Princess (24 days ago)
I'm more concerned about the fact that he missed the first time..like dude how did you miss that hahahaha... Truth be told I've worked for companies as a package handler for a huge company and they go through so much worse than this. Dropped..stepped on thrown multiple times.....etc..and the whole time the supervisor is screaming GO GO GO!!!
Caleb Knyht (28 days ago)
Well, regardless, the UPS man stuck around that long with knocking and waiting - usually, here, any other package handler will not even knock. They'll lay the package on our front porch and take off.
UmbrellaUnit (28 days ago)
Make a wish date for your package and be home. Simple as that. People always order every shit and dont care if they are home or not. They dont realise how much extra work they create for these people if they are not at home.
cholomackdaddy (1 month ago)
UPS lost my $500 package. Fuck those guys.
Brown Lauder (1 month ago)
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tc1uscg (1 month ago)
Maybe this guy is now working for amzon.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_v93yas533o
PreciousMuffins MSP (2 months ago)
Sad thing is I missed my package and now I’m sad because I waiting for my iPad cover and the mortal instruments books now I’m got to wait again
Enid Clarky (2 months ago)
He was making sure it was secure. 😆
gokinsmen (2 months ago)
This video is fake. A UPS driver actually knocking on the door and making an effort?!?! Bullshit. Never happened.
UmbrellaUnit (28 days ago)
gokinsmen Maybe you should try their job if you think its so easy.
JK W (3 months ago)
He knock and waited. You never open the door. He can not go inside your property so his only choice is to toss the packages over the fence to a safe place so porch pirate can not steal it. I would have thank the delivery guy for taking the time and not just leave it at the front door for everyone walking by to see it and take it.
21 Sammich (21 days ago)
It's also not peoples fault when dumbass UPS throws it or leaves it where it CAN be stolen. Not our faults you bitches hate your jobs.
jeffw1267 (1 month ago)
At USPS, we just leave it on the porch. That's what we're told. Of course then the customer calls and complains when the parcel gets jacked. We're not responsible for what happens after we leave the parcel. In fact, we're told to leave the Amazon parcels no matter what the situation.
ryan wagner (3 months ago)
shit gets thrown worse all day long. your crap isnt important its just more stops on their stress.
Miriam Mejia (3 months ago)
Abunai One (4 months ago)
At least he knocked on your door and placed it in a more secure place than the door step. My UPS delivery person does that too and I appreciate it a lot! I have a small sign on my front door and ask that deliveries be placed in the patio just next to the door. The USPS is the only one that cannot read or comprehend that message.
Charlie Holmes (4 months ago)
What the fuck you get your ass kicked dude
Gabby Garner (5 months ago)
Better than what they do here. He knocks on the door twice and leaves on the front door step for somebody to grab. We have a screen door and I never order anything to big that it won’t fit he never puts it there. At least he put it in a fenced in area well threw it lol
KETO Uber (5 months ago)
maybe next time he will leave it in front so someone steals it,,, people who post videos seem to be crying alot lately,, get a tissue,, cry babies
MJ (5 months ago)
There is no way whatever was in that box would of been damaged from that!!! And if it was than it wasn't packaged properly!!! Boxes are tossed around like that thru transit everyday, regardless of the company. Also this could be staged for the purpose of this video. That's just my opinion. If he actually did throw it like that, i do agree it could of been done with more care, but still like i said nothing would of been broken, but if it was, then it wasn't packaged properly. PERIOD! I always tell all my customers to package it up like its going thru hell and back.
34stzoo (5 months ago)
I don't have an issue with the way he delivered your package. He knocked twice, waited, and then took upon himself to drop off your package so it wouldn't be stolen It's not like a 50" tv, it was a small package. Either be home when he comes, or get over yourself!
21 Sammich (21 days ago)
The world doesn't revolve around dumbass UPS. Maybe that person had an emergency and couldn't be there to deliver and that isn't their fault. There's actually a million reasons someone couldn't have been home to receive their package. But there is NO reason to THROW someone's because of it. If you can't handle people not being home EVERY time then get a new FUCKING job and get over YOURSELF.
34stzoo (3 months ago)
Pull over! it's da popo's! (cool name by the way) - I truly understand you point of view. But there's been a rash of packages stolen off peoples porches, and who really get's the heat for that is UPS. He was in a catch 22, no matter what he did, he would be in the wrong. He went around the house to deliver the package to the homeowners by tossing it on to the deck. He wasn't being lazy he took the extra step. Please keep in mind I'm only talking about this driver. I've seen UPS, Fed Ex, and USPS carriers do some horrible things to deliver a package that was a clear sign of being lazy! I'm not defending UPS, but I think this driver tried. Normally package with liquid or sensitive items would be label as such. I ddin't see any orange label on that package. PS if you listen you can tell that front door was in plan view of the sidewalk/street. It would had been seen by anyone walking.
Pull over! it's da popo's! (3 months ago)
34stzoo yeah but morally it's disrespectful. And I've seen many people who've had spilled items when they open their packages. You don't know what's in the package so u shouldn't throw it. Not everything is bubble wrap proof
34stzoo (3 months ago)
Pull over! it's da popo's! - Here's the thing we received packages from UPS and I guarantee that package had 4X more bubble wrap then needed. It's a small package. This next statement is for the homeowner, not you... That homeowner needs to stop being so anal!
Pull over! it's da popo's! (3 months ago)
34stzoo you shouldn't throw people's shit. UPS does not expect u to be home all the time.
croc huntas (5 months ago)
It didn't show him tossing the package. Looked fake to me.
Tryhard Gaming (6 months ago)
I worked at the ups I was a truck loader.. trust me the drivers get fucked in the ass everyday with 250+ stops they don’t got all day to wait for you ass at the door.. if you don’t answer in 2 min they gone to next location. Now if he left the shit there someone can walk and get your next iPhone x.. (1500) bucks value so no I would not recommend him to do that... now if he didn’t attempt to deliver and not even left a note or not knocked then shit is real.. you pay for your shit to be delivered... this companies don’t care about your shit only on their numbers... they bite more than they can chew.. just like the dogs... can never feed to satisfy hunger ever... people need to boycott them and have amazon taking care of their shipping by themselves once and for all
Dave Gahan (7 months ago)
he knocked the door twice poor sweaty driver , you never came out what did you expect? that he is gonna stay all day? for your shit , the throwing of the box look so fake, lier
Yamma Eden (8 months ago)
I only wish UPS can assust me trace my certificate which was posted from boulder Colorado they manhandled my very important documents badly, the recepients said it was squeezed inside the mailbox, not even signed for, when it was a registered mail. my birth certificate got missing, for some reason it was posted to Canada but the envelope arrived in a very deplorable condition. they completely roughandled my hard earned degree Certificate, and lost my birth certificate which was to be used in a school admission. their reply was that I need to show them a receipt before they can pay me for my missing document which I feel they think it has no value, but my birth certificate has been with me since my birth and the only thing I use in remembering my roots, now they want to return 20$ to my brother who did the posting, who does that? an original like a birth certificate from my country is irreplaceable, the cost of flying to my birth city alone in West Africa to start the long search is something else I don't need compensation, if they can only take responsibility for their carelessness and try to trace my Birth certificate, I would really be grateful.
StonyGamer 420 (8 months ago)
Maybe you should start answering your door😂
Brandy Wagoner (21 days ago)
Atleast he knocked. So many of them just sit the package down and leave
21 Sammich (21 days ago)
Lol this dude trying to say that there's a motha FUCKING excuse to throw or toss somebody's god damn mail? Get the fuck outta here. It ain't those peoples fault because ups workers hate their damn job enough to throw their damn package cause they are pissed. It's their j9b to deliver and if I wanna be FUCKING away from home when my package arrives then that's what I'll FUCKING do. Maybe they should work somewhere else not "maybe you should answer the door"?
Star Gazing (30 days ago)
Maybe they weren't home...
Ferris (10 months ago)
What the fuck are you even bitching about. Someone might want to explain to me what he did wrong?
Evian x (6 months ago)
true those packages get thrown 10x that hard in the warehouse, the guy didnt hurt it at all he did the better thing (though kinda creepy imo)
42luke roblox (6 months ago)
Jerec THEN WHAT? Leave it on the front porch to get stolen? This guy SAVED his package!
Jerec (9 months ago)
FerrisAirsoft wow, you must be a complete tool to not see whats wrong with this
5150Murph (11 months ago)
Sorry ups hurt your feelings. We'll ship you out a case of kleenex. And next time go get it yourself at the store.
21 Sammich (21 days ago)
Lol go get it yourself? Like your implying that they're lazy? Maybe it wasn't at a nearby store ever thought of that dumb fuck? I guess everyone who has ever ordered offline is lazy then lol. That must be why they made Amazon and shot because of lazy people. Seriously die in a FUCKING fire. People like you don't deserve to live coz you're that FUCKING stupid.
Blazidog (7 months ago)
NiteXp yeah true that package could have gotten damaged too.
NiteXp (9 months ago)
5150Murph Doesn't matter, you shouldn't just throw someone's package at the door because what if the guy wasn't home?? Hm? You just leave it at the door not toss it around
borrimami22 (11 months ago)
wow LOL
UPS (11 months ago)
I am sorry your package was treated like that. Our team would like to get this addressed with our local team. Please e-mail the tracking number, address, and your telephone number to help@ups.com. ^TV
Cory Guffey (6 days ago)
You guys lost my package to You guys really need to step your game up
ferrari2k (26 days ago)
Well no offense, but who sends original documents via mail? I would only send a copy, never the original as it may always be lost.
The Winston Double (2 months ago)
Super Saiyan Rose Gogeta Black The person drops it off at a UPS customer center within 24 hours. Then it gets sorted into a can in the airdock trailer then gets sorted somewhere else. Then gets put on a plane, then gets sorted into a semi trailer or into a package car then gets delivered.
finest sacrcasm (3 months ago)
UPS shit just got real
Keith Brier (3 months ago)
simplisticandcomplex thats right they SUCK!
lilkid88 (11 months ago)
Ha. Wait until you see how packages are handled in the warehouses...
ZAFAR KHAN (3 months ago)
lilkid88 and
Wa Vang (3 months ago)
Lmao. People who have never worked in distribution centers have no clue.
Pull over! it's da popo's! (3 months ago)
Lmao I went to a UPS interview and they took us on a tour of the warehouse and they were like "Here at UPS we take very good care of everyone's packages" lmao then right after the lady said that the men in the truck was throwing packages hard as fuck. She even threw a big ass package because it was in the middle of the walkway. She took the package and threw it on the other side of the room. I was like gosh darn.
babybluex (11 months ago)
lilkid88 exactly! my ex bf worked for UPS and DHL and he would say the exact same thing.
celtics201000 (11 months ago)
It actually is
ace yagami (11 months ago)
Tim Maxville (11 months ago)
Cristopher Montero (11 months ago)
Cristopher Montero (11 months ago)
Joel Appleby (11 months ago)
Lori Davila (11 months ago)