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Thanks UPS, but that is not how you deliver a package

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Ferris (1 month ago)
What the fuck are you even bitching about. Someone might want to explain to me what he did wrong?
Jerec (12 days ago)
FerrisAirsoft wow, you must be a complete tool to not see whats wrong with this
5150Murph (2 months ago)
Sorry ups hurt your feelings. We'll ship you out a case of kleenex. And next time go get it yourself at the store.
NiteXp (5 days ago)
5150Murph Doesn't matter, you shouldn't just throw someone's package at the door because what if the guy wasn't home?? Hm? You just leave it at the door not toss it around
borrimami22 (2 months ago)
wow LOL
UPS (2 months ago)
I am sorry your package was treated like that. Our team would like to get this addressed with our local team. Please e-mail the tracking number, address, and your telephone number to help@ups.com. ^TV
lilkid88 (2 months ago)
The uploader clearly posts random videos from elsewhere and the footage is dated almost 3 years ago, but nice attempt at damage control I guess.
lilkid88 (2 months ago)
Ha. Wait until you see how packages are handled in the warehouses...
babybluex (2 months ago)
lilkid88 exactly! my ex bf worked for UPS and DHL and he would say the exact same thing.
celtics201000 (2 months ago)
It actually is
ace yagami (2 months ago)
Tim Maxville (2 months ago)
Cristopher Montero (2 months ago)
Cristopher Montero (2 months ago)
Joel Appleby (2 months ago)
Lori Davila (2 months ago)