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IBM: 120 million workers will need retraining due to robots

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IBM's Chief Human Resources Officer Diane Gherson says 120 million workers will need retraining within the next three years as artificial intelligence continues to take jobs. #CNNBusiness
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Text Comments (17)
David Heller (13 days ago)
Toyota robots to take over
C. Lincoln (1 month ago)
Be ready and you won't have to get ready.
Rowan Gontier (1 month ago)
The guest did not mean grades. She meant competence vs "importance". I think the interviewer decided before-hand that this was about EQ, not IQ.
Mark Castro (1 month ago)
Robots malfunction all the time . They’re overrated . Elon Musk regrets making a full automated warehouse and needs people to meet demand for his Tesla’s lol
David Heller (13 days ago)
Mark Castro Robots are faster and learn too! They get more advanced very quickly!
Muffin (1 month ago)
Basically just said a whole bunch of nothing/buzzwords lmao
Ryan (1 month ago)
There is a time coming in humanity where people won’t ask what you want to be when you grow up. They will ask what do you want to do with your time. The future is automation in virtually everything. 💯
David Heller (1 month ago)
Ryan Hell yes and for a better society
Mark Alzate (1 month ago)
So much lie
David Heller (1 month ago)
Mark Alzate How?
Mark Alzate (1 month ago)
David Heller I’m connected to an AI
David Heller (1 month ago)
Mark Alzate How so?
Bruce Villa (1 month ago)
Thanks for Uploading.
Jake Hunter (1 month ago)
More like 200Million humans will need some kinda of Universal Basic Income once the machines take over the working economy and everything else smh. #Jakehunter88
Dexter Morgan (1 month ago)
Trump 2020 bitches
#BuffEliza (1 month ago)
yang 2020 bitches
KMS (1 month ago)
oyeahyeah YEYEEE