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UPS Whiteboard - Visibility

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See the future with UPS's visibility.
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Text Comments (5)
K Buck (9 years ago)
lol at lady wig
rockstar6786 (9 years ago)
I like the fact that you can look up your shipments and see where they're going more accurately than USPS. I got to the UPS store and they tell me everything i need to know to tell my buyers on ebay. it helps alot. much better service then USPS. All i got was the crabby old ladies from USPS helping me and their service sucks.
Emmanuel Santana (9 years ago)
The band is called "Postal Service" which now they can all wear lady wigs at their show.
Supdude (10 years ago)
Steve Nash Haricut
mike jones (11 years ago)
extremely interesting......