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If it were not FILMED, no one would BELIEVE IT | Videos you will not believe

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Moments You Wouldn’t Believe if They Weren’t Recorded Subscríbe►http://bit.ly/1T4epcQ More Videos ► http://bit.ly/1Tvc4Ss *No copyright infringement intended. Video will be removed if requested by the copyright owner.
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Text Comments (7509)
Aeyen The Lobster (9 hours ago)
That thumbnail reminded me of infinity war
Austin Lowe (16 hours ago)
Amazing how birds can do what is happening at 5:17, but people have a hard time with a McDonald’s queue. 😂
Luis Vasquez (20 hours ago)
dylan petrou (23 hours ago)
Leave the sea lion alone
Swiss 002 (1 day ago)
5:09 amazing
Kimberly Gray (1 day ago)
That long snake tho
Piaoyun Moore (1 day ago)
:36 LOLL
Mortimer Brewster (1 day ago)
What was that thing at the end? I would love to know why that guy got his hand stuck in it.
Rodion Gerey (2 days ago)
пошел нахуй блять отсюда...........хахахаххаха
Jim Sachs (2 days ago)
The music sucks
Remya Jose (2 days ago)
what the hell
* * (2 days ago)
on ig in the thumbnail its like a joke its like (when the battlebuss flies over tilted) thing
Thea Bankz (2 days ago)
Most of theses videos are believable though 🤦🏻‍♀️
Christina Adams (2 days ago)
4:27 we all know who the real flash is now 🦃 (I know it's a turkey emoji but it's all I got 😂)
Kevin Caldwell (2 days ago)
I thought it was a waste of music and a waste of my time
iconic (2 days ago)
Me (2 days ago)
Wow, those birds are crazy....
Joshua Mgbo (2 days ago)
Shopkins Bestie (3 days ago)
Angela Reyes (3 days ago)
5:09 looks like the birds were dancing to praise God our creator..
FresnoCA93727 (3 days ago)
Why women shouldn't drive.
Whomst Boi (3 days ago)
Thumbnail: TUI i don't feel too good
1stfloorguy (3 days ago)
we really need to start saving our planet
Shinylemon (3 days ago)
The massive flock of birds 100%
Arian Toledo (3 days ago)
ChristianStraightEdge (3 days ago)
Was that a clam at the end?
AndreasMun (4 days ago)
5:50 best ever
Wellington Gitangu (4 days ago)
Horrible music
sally prayforme (4 days ago)
I can't believe everything I see because it could be a trick.
Ryan Wessel (4 days ago)
Can do without the fucking obnoxious music. Thank you very much.
Oh Lawd (4 days ago)
6:17 😂👌
DamMan (4 days ago)
Shitty music and some clips are just plain stupid. How are they unbelievable again?
Gaming Panda (4 days ago)
An ultimate procrastination video.
Barbara Stepien-foad (4 days ago)
Horrible to see the poor lion in a captivity, the crocodile was even worse kept I such a small space, awful....all for the sake of DUMB humans. Poor sealion he's confused after being snared, fucking bastard Russians poking that ooor fish. At least the flocks of birds were able to come together naturally....won't be watching any more of these crappy videos.
Francisco Alcantara (5 days ago)
It makes you wonder what what's going on with the birds and if they put some kind of disease or some sort in them or whatever kind of secret weapon or stuff that the military uses you know what I mean anybody understand this
Majkel Brejs (5 days ago)
Fucking retarded music
Down Wind & Dead Stick (5 days ago)
There are STUPID people everywhere. See and believe!
Jared Coven (5 days ago)
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Mister Jankins The reverse Grumpy Cat & Friends (5 days ago)
meow meow meeeeeow meeeeeooooow meow
Waw bagus nya burung - burung nya
Pavel the Fabulous (6 days ago)
Looks like Thanos is at it again.
ChantsWitty (6 days ago)
The thumnail gives me "Mr.stark, I don't feel so good" vibes
Alan Smojver (6 days ago)
stupid man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
VéńđéťťáĐøņ Brian (6 days ago)
VéńđéťťáĐøņ Brian (6 days ago)
Hey man
Pawan dhakal (6 days ago)
5:36 I think those birds were from another planet
Helena Borrás (6 days ago)
La parte de los estorninos es la mejor, lejos.
Şahin ALTINTAŞ (6 days ago)
Follow me İnstagram: @eczsahin42
Şahin ALTINTAŞ (6 days ago)
Follow me : İnstagram: @eczsahin42
General mrdallas (6 days ago)
1:00 rip planes
Levi Lenoxx (6 days ago)
The music 🎶 it’s horrible
Fairly Vague (6 days ago)
09:38 that’s some creepy shit right there 🐟 👽 🐟 👽 🐟
Willie Gilligan (7 days ago)
WTF was the thing trying to eat the guys hand?
Val Stanford (7 days ago)
Click bait!
G33na Genesis (7 days ago)
patchris07 (7 days ago)
Those birds almost killed everyone on that jet. I wonder if they knew how close they came to dying. Their was not enough altitude to togo that takeoff.
Lunala-GX (7 days ago)
carol lee (7 days ago)
the train part the man was standing near to the train but not on the train track if he were standing on the train track when the train comes why you did not show ask? scammer
John Vilmer Reymundo (7 days ago)
Title of the song pls?
Billy Joseph Cabayan (7 days ago)
0:58 i don't feel so good.... :(
Billy Joseph Cabayan (7 days ago)
Thumbnail Picture: I dont feel so good
Jaide Lawson (7 days ago)
Dude I'm literally that seal xD
Afeisha Simon (7 days ago)
The birds were so cool
Tracy Smith (7 days ago)
conchetta M. (7 days ago)
wow..that train...damn
Kathy Tyler (7 days ago)
thats alot of bird poop
Leña y Fuego ORSA S de RL de CV (8 days ago)
The music is very good.
Zahra Yousufi (8 days ago)
I love the birds they are sooo pretty
James Darnell (8 days ago)
Those Starlings can wreak havoc.
Amy's mix - vlogging and more! (8 days ago)
That woman needs to learn to drive Jesus.
Lee Tauu (8 days ago)
Loved the music playing, i wonder what they are.
DFW Boxing is Back (9 days ago)
6:01 we get that here for about two weeks each year. Usually at dusk. The sight is amazing, but the sound is jaw dropping
Rainbow Black (9 days ago)
sharks will not hurt you as long as you not distract them loooool :\
sharon bartley (9 days ago)
What was the birds doing in the trucks??
sharon bartley (9 days ago)
That guy could have been killed by the train. Boy
Rainbow Black (9 days ago)
1:09 woahhhh nice
Andrew Davidson (9 days ago)
0:37 a drunk car
Tuirapanui (9 days ago)
Fucking idiots, STOP ROBBING THE OCEANS!!!
Veronica Bolanos (9 days ago)
Don't think i can do 10.00 mins of this most annoying music. vid stopped at 2.11
Turd Ball (9 days ago)
5:56 WUT!
Imnotdead YET (10 days ago)
1;05 holy...
Jordan Koskas (10 days ago)
The music is annoying
Anthony King (10 days ago)
What’s the first song!? The rest sucks.
Hero Acer (10 days ago)
Music is unnecessary, but thank you for the video
Melissa Deforest (10 days ago)
omg soo cool! :>
Alan H (11 days ago)
fail parking driver
Vegan nine (11 days ago)
bad for animals I hate it That is not okay!!
tiogah (11 days ago)
cyka blyat lol
Kyudo Kun (11 days ago)
1:53 the lion be like: Why can't I bite him?
torahouse2006 (11 days ago)
That fucking music ruins everything
Yatagarasu (11 days ago)
Fellow planes,I don't feel so good
proud to be christian (12 days ago)
1:19 wow
GaneshaSpeaks (12 days ago)
8:55 ... 2 min silence for this guy...😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ranks Productions (12 days ago)
Great video
Jason Miller (12 days ago)
Last video what in the world was that the officer had his hand caught in the mouth what was that?
Naznur 2619 (13 days ago)
Eddie Mahaffey (13 days ago)
I would have believed most of this without video evidence.
Formulka (13 days ago)
the huge flock of birds reminded me of the sentinel attack on Zion