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2013 Aaron's 312 Reactions

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Probably my favorite of all the reaction videos that I've made that unfortunately got taken down off my main account so I'm re-uploading this here. -Monkeyball480
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Text Comments (11)
Gamer Vibez (3 months ago)
trevor phipps vlogs (2 years ago)
i miss 2 car tandem raceing wish thy would go back best raceing at superspeedway
InsideLine (3 years ago)
3 Years Later the exact same problem pops up again at Daytona
Geoffrey Toussaint (4 years ago)
This makes me want tandem racing back so bad.
Adam Shearer (4 years ago)
if your wondering why they threw the caution, it was because of how hard Landon Cassel  hit the wall.. he smashed it hard and nascar thought he was hurt so they through the caution
NASCAR 88 (7 months ago)
Landon Cassill was in the middle of the track and they needed to throw the yellow
Skyler Fleming (3 years ago)
+dyeawsome_33 Minecraft,Hockey,Nascar 200 yards... People aren't going to slow down with 200 yards left even if you threw the yeller
no (4 years ago)
I hate that Smith he didnt even won
no (3 years ago)
And you why comment on a 1 year comment?, I grow up quickly.
WaveyyboiRiv (3 years ago)
He was ahead when the caution came out
Sherif710 (5 years ago)
Nice vid