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Friday APP-LIVE!!

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Welcome to a special LIVE stream inside the Mentour Aviation app. If you have the PREMIUM membership, you will be able to ask questions but everybody are welcome to watch and participate! I do about 3 app-Live streams each week so make sure you have the app!! 👇👇 📲 https://mentourpilot.com/apps/
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Frank64 (1 month ago)
Captain Joe made a video about the possibility of a passenger landing a plane some time ago.
Wazze Mazze (1 month ago)
Why are you trying to force people in to your app? For just a little bit of extra income? Is YouTube's cut really that steep that you have to go down that route?
Nimit Gupta (1 month ago)
@Frank64 Sorry, but there is a very thin line of difference between joke and satire; Unfortunately, it was a satire; I've no issues; Youtube is a free platform to express; but we all should try not to degrade it at the level of facebook.
Frank64 (1 month ago)
@Nimit Gupta it was a joke, it's called having a sense of humour. You should try it sometime!
Wazze Mazze (1 month ago)
@Nimit Gupta Okay, fair enough, but then don't force me to consume media content from small mobile screen. I like to watch my entertainment from large TV. Unfortunately, Mentour doesn't have an app for smart TV's. YouTube is an established and reliable platform that is readily available for him to use and is widely supported across plethora of devices. As far as I can see the only reason for him to lock us in to his ecosystem is monetary.
Nimit Gupta (1 month ago)
@Frank64 No worries! But be humble and respectful to others on social media.
Nimit Gupta (1 month ago)
Don't be rude mate!
Roy C Horton (1 month ago)
Captain Mentour Pilot : What happens if the First Officer spots something the Captain has overlooked or doing wrong for example an Instrument Approach done incorrectly and the Captain tells the First Officer to "Shut Up! I know what I am doing ! I have been a Captain since you were in nappies !" Can a First Officer over rule a Captain for safety or potential emergency reasons ?
DirectorOfFun (1 month ago)
Wait... you have an app?? 🤦‍♂️
Frank64 (1 month ago)
Yes, but he hardly ever mentions it! 🤣
walmartdog1142 (1 month ago)
If a emergency door is opened and the slide is deployed, how much time and money does it take to put everything back together for another flight?
Scott Collins (1 month ago)
IDK, I imagine if you open it they'll send you the bill, and then you'll know.
Young Anthony (1 month ago)
Wandering whiskers on ya boat race mmmm.
simon daughtry (1 month ago)
Not sure if you have ever covered this ....... what are the primary reasons for pilots getting reprimanded?
theAessaya (1 month ago)
App-solutely Fantastic!
Mentour Pilot (1 month ago)
Great! See you in the app!
Sam Sen (1 month ago)
Like the location. I think you're fully ready for a flight. That is only after one more shot!
Peter The Pilot (1 month ago)
Peter The Pilot (1 month ago)
Should be FlightSafety, There lays the clue👨‍✈️
Peter The Pilot (1 month ago)
What is your opinion about FightSafety? I have a very interesting story to tell
manu nayar (1 month ago)
Are on live now
Friend Me (1 month ago)
I am student pilot and I have hard time to control my crosswind landing. Any tips will help on my cross wind landing?
Roy C Horton (1 month ago)
@Friend Me: you didn't mention that you were side slipping which is a different technique ! Get your Instructor to go through this with you as side slipping is meant only for losing height (if you are say too high) rapidly ! I am well aware some Pilots use it for crosswind landings even at correct approach but it is uncomfortable for your (future passengers). On Finals DO NOT point the aircraft nose to the runway centreline but watch the TRACK or LOCUS of the aircraft which should be bang on the centreline although your aircraft nose could be offset by a considerable degree ! Spend a whole day when it is windy standing on the end of a runway (in a safe place) and video on your mobile if you have one or otherwise just take notes on how the Pilot offsets his aircraft direction before landing to give you a better perspective it's what I did all those years ago and some Pilots make a right "Pigs Ear" of it but please just for one day do this and you will learn a lot more than being stuck in the left hand seat of a light aircraft. Airline Pilots you may find surprising use exactly the same technique ! You will "Get This" in the end I promise you and your confidence will increase drastically !
Friend Me (1 month ago)
Roy C Horton thank you so Much For your reply and tips. I will keep trying and practicing. It’s hard to align with centerline and coordinate aileron and rudder from forward slip to side slip to land in cross wind. For the best and have a great weekend
Roy C Horton (1 month ago)
Use enough aileron into wind and use rudder so that the LOCUS of your track (NOT AIRCRAFT HEADING) is bang down the centreline of the runway. Upon landing keep aileron into wind and use rudder to straighten up ! It does take practice as I did it 35 years ago but when you master it it's easy like riding a bicycle. Keep practising !
Teza Ayonar (1 month ago)
God Bless you and your family more mentour.🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤
Friend Me (1 month ago)
Great man and great video 😊💎
Gheorghe Petrovan (1 month ago)
TGIFAMIL - Thank God It's Friday and Mentour is Live! :D
SnBergamo (1 month ago)
Aviation rocks
Tim K (1 month ago)
Whats the topic of the show? I dont want to watch before i know
Mewantsnax __ (1 month ago)
It's about growing up
Natalee Olson (1 month ago)
Actually it is about aviation.
Boeing 737 (1 month ago)
Sex and drugs.