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Romney - Job Interview Questions at Bain Consulting

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Text Comments (15)
Rocco Conte (1 year ago)
what a fake phony Dudley Doright if he was so smart and Trump dumb like he says then why did he loose and Trump win?
Shantanu Bapat (7 months ago)
@Liam Donaldson Lets assume voters are dumb like you say. So why a smart person like Romney failed to convince such dumb populace and Trump did?
Liam Donaldson (7 months ago)
*lose. Because people like you are the voters
mitch paul (9 months ago)
Because a Presidential election is not an IQ test? Lol.
copper 1000 (1 year ago)
And instead we got 8 years of redistributionism, acceleration of nuclear development in the middle east, and healthcare going to shit all because a bunch of idiots wanted an inexperienced black guy.
SmartyYang 2016 (1 year ago)
White man?
Derekjcb (3 years ago)
He should be credited more than Donald trump is.
Akin Reju (4 years ago)
Pains of democracy. You dont need the most intelligent or accomplished man. You get the one who most people want!!!
CraZy291 (1 year ago)
who's to say the "most intelligent or accomplished man" is the best for the country?
TheEgoisticMe (4 years ago)
What a truly amazing leader?! I wish he were the president. He could have accomplished great things. You can see his exemplary character beaming in this video. Despite being a very accomplished businessman and a leader he has the humility to admit that he is not best at something (I am referring to his Harvard Law comments). A classic gentleman! 
darkshadow955 (4 months ago)
@mikemer79 he sold out to the deep state. You are crazy Low IQ???
Rocco Conte (1 year ago)
you mean a classic flip floping gutless coward and a back stabber.
mikemer79 (4 years ago)
Yea but we have more good leader Obama
Jackson Klasen (5 years ago)
Love you Romney!
Carla Evans (5 years ago)