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VistaJet isn't for the 1%. It's for the 0.001%

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VistaJet is the private jet company for business travelers with the deepest of pockets. Their model is different, but is it sustainable? CNNMoney's Vanessa Yurkevich goes on board to find out.
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Text Comments (1187)
Mitchell Casilly (1 day ago)
Assholes...I wanna live like that so bad
Airlines cost like 300 million
John Texas (8 days ago)
Guy looks like a drug runner.
Bacnow (9 days ago)
At $16,000 per hour I could probably afford 7 minutes, so my only form of luggage will be....a parachute!
Kimmy Watson (15 days ago)
I love how the report grabbed the chair during the turbulence. It goes to show private or commercial you can die anywhere.
Alexandra Ashborn (1 month ago)
Shed facial and head hair. Cut the top short, hold shoulders upright, shed 20 pounds, bring a happy wife onboard you are happy with, forget kids if you're working, and relax until 70 years and can afford to relax in New Zealand away from Jewish Killing Desire of your Globe. Got it? $$$ Ever thought of BringIng Birth Control Location Free Billboards Around the Globe? Don't save the planet until we STOP BREEDING.
Ur boi (1 month ago)
This is why I didn’t like the news. They try to gate keep all of this stuff when they probably have no experience in the field. If someone truly wants this life style, they will work there hardest to do that.
Thomas Dobie (1 month ago)
the title is for the .0001% but she says for ''but then there is the .00001'' too many zeros LOL
J PR (1 month ago)
Having friends, business associates and colleagues, as well as past and present employers that “own” biz jets (BTW, there are a lot of “ownership”models, from buying a block of time/capacity from a group of jets that fall into a certain size category or range of cost, straight through those that value ease of access, connivence, prestige, security, what have you, that outright acquire their own aircraft), pretty much all of them are purchased through a special-purpose legal entity, so as to remediate/isolate their aircraft ops risk, from their other enterprises and operating assets.... more over, just like their mega-yachts, the aircraft and crews are utilized to the maximum efficiency, via down-time 3rd party charters and/or philanthropic donation of services, to optimize tax avoidance benefits... if there is a combination of services desired, no-doubt there is a firm willing to provide same.... IMHO
tom dick (1 month ago)
id rather fly with netjets pilots.....they're well rested, well paid and well trained.
Jon Allen (1 month ago)
Private jets aren't for the 1% in general. A person who makes $200,000 a year is generally viewed as the 1%. All private jets are for the .01%
See Victor (1 month ago)
NetJets is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway.
STC (1 month ago)
16k$ per hour? To fly on a jet that shakes much harder in wind...
Ironcladelderberry Vg (1 month ago)
i ll just stick to my bmx
FBI (1 month ago)
But where is the Hookers and Cocaine? Like Jordan Belfort had in Wolf of Wall Street
khure (2 months ago)
All of you debating cost analytics and don’t even realize it’s all going to be a tax right off for business travel expense. Stupid peasants.
Anthony Ivanov (2 months ago)
Hey!!!!!!!! Who are you calling 0.001%? That's not nice I feel pretty unique by this offence
J. Montrice (2 months ago)
Can’t wait to go on a Private Jet One day.
Koaasst (2 months ago)
in 2019 this guys business model is soaring. they just bought out another jet company.
matt k (2 months ago)
Only 16k an hour? So affordable
Zane Carmichael (2 months ago)
But it doesn’t buy us time. You have to book a week in advance and charged heavily for last minute booking because of the small fleet. The value proposition is flying in a 60m dollar plane without paying that money. You’d lose the same few million in three years on depreciation so that is what gives the value
lear60man (2 months ago)
Im fairly certain they went out of business. I guess their model was not 'affordable'.
shaymys armstrong (2 months ago)
He sounds like a douche
Addhyan singh (2 months ago)
N m 0.00001% ;)
Igor Grodzki (2 months ago)
What an ugly jet
Silver (2 months ago)
>Private jets are for 1% Of the world or country?
ajax 711 (2 months ago)
I'll stick to ryan air
Carlos Rodrigues (2 months ago)
She's gorgeous like the jet
LoFi Radio (2 months ago)
This guy fucks alot of rich people in there wallets
amadou zarrougha diallo (2 months ago)
Ok you talk about vistajet not private jet in generally
Brandon Aviation (2 months ago)
Smart and wealthy don't mix
Bhum Brahmavira (2 months ago)
2 of these costs the same as an F35A. What do you want, a luxury jet or a flying supercomputer?
Jarid Gaming (2 months ago)
All that money and they are still stupid
Sam Davidson (2 months ago)
That’s still 375000 people just saying
Ed Eddy (2 months ago)
Beyoncé and Mariah Carey are not .0001 %🙄
BrainCoolo (3 months ago)
So Jeff Bezos
arun kumar (3 months ago)
Am wondering why I am watching this one
Armistice (3 months ago)
This makes the 1% looks like peasants
jvolstad (3 months ago)
The blonde is cute.
Gamebox A (4 months ago)
I think the 1 percent and the 0.00001 percent can afford to buy a plane.
Joe Ventorini (4 months ago)
$16,000 an hour for a Global 5000? RIPOFF... Last April I was on a 2013 Gulfstream G550(in NEW CONDITION) which my investment banking client chartered thru a less known charter company for $8,500 per hour heading from Miami to Vancouver Canada. (One way). Then we took the same model and yr jet from Vancouver to Wash Dc for the same price per hr. For 16k an hour Vista jet better supply me with a full platoon of hot women all in line waiting to suck my c#ck for the duration of the whole flight ...
Joseph Stokes (4 months ago)
Thomas appears to be a real piece of shit! Can you imagine having him next to you in combat or as your wingman? He would not be there when you needed him.
Michael Johnson (4 months ago)
No way in hell a person making $350k a year can afford a private jet . 300k and up is the "1%"
Steven Walsh (4 months ago)
Such bullshit!! American capitalist .... homeless and junkies everywhere you go in the states.... and this guy would step over em all. No morals .... america land of the pissed and home of the junkie
kristine tantoco (4 months ago)
i rather choose cessna citation than this one. atleast cessna has a cup holder and proper table arrangement. lol
Oh yeah yeah (4 months ago)
Can I get this with a 25k salary?
Ann Abel (4 months ago)
... Did you get the DM re: the repairing of the rift in the universe with free energy for all on 🌎 thanks to Niko...it's happening in our lifetime...
Mar Celo (4 months ago)
00:47 "... smartest people in the world." No. No. No. No. No. Five times because someone saying such BS for sure won't understand NO said less times. A huge part of that group can really be very good at something that brought them fortune. But don't be condescending: you are saying such lying just to please potential buyers and know that many of your customers can be simply monarchs that explore people and built their great life at the cost of the life of others. Like drug traffickers... Or oil kingpins... And the sickest part is that doing businesses with such people would have no moral issue to the type of seller we see at this video...
Shahram Qureshi (4 months ago)
That ass belongs to the 0.001 %
John Fisher (4 months ago)
He's a front for some dodgy foreign money laundering scam, a paid ruse to embody a genuine start-up that so closely resembles another service that's well known to even the passing ear. Probably some Azeri middle man under instruction from a government minister to off-set millions in a tax haven free from levies, if not...I'll be welcome to ideas as to why he bothered to splurge billions in his name on a money scheme that wont recoup anything like the expenditure in a month of Sunday's. Get rich by siphoning said monies into your own account elsewhere.
Angelo Brunetti (4 months ago)
I don’t dislike the guy that owns this business because he is rich, I dislike him because of how snobby he seems.
Stuart Dhas (4 months ago)
Hound's secret brother
R1Kexpress Rayyan (4 months ago)
My dad actually takes Vista Jet
Gene Dexter (4 months ago)
I don’t need a cup holder. Someone will hold my glass.
orisadeh23 (4 months ago)
When did the joker get into the air industry
dosduros (4 months ago)
I am going to make a coffee brand for the 0.0001%. Or underwear for the 0.0001%. Or even better, toilet paper for the 0.0001%.
Frank Nakamo (4 months ago)
Airplanes canNOT fly, the pilot is using telekinesis to lift the airplanes, airplanes are too heavy and turbines are too heavy, all airplanes are hoaxes
Hecklepig (4 months ago)
I've never understood this false idea that wealth is related to intelligence. I'm sorry but the two are not synonymous with one another. Look at Trumps dumbest MF on the planet, falls ass backwards into money and has absolutely no idea how it got into his own pocket. Wealthy people are only smart enough to hire others to keep the money coming in. Again look at the orange Umpaloompa n' chief, the man takes credit for paying no taxes ever, when it's his accountants, the crooked SOBs they are whom are the actual brains.
KR 92 (4 months ago)
G650 ER or bust
TMA (4 months ago)
Damn.. Even bacteria is more common than that.
Holtzy_Vref (4 months ago)
Their pilots are also incredibly underpaid
B1SQ1T (4 months ago)
How does he afford all those jets tho...
Nomad (4 months ago)
*he literally made vistajet not to make money but to flex on people like wtf*
cessnaballer (4 months ago)
hahah no the point .0001% just owns their planes, chartering is like renting a car.
THE REVIEW (5 months ago)
Funny looking back at this a year later and seeing that the 1.6 billion dollar lottery ticket would let me buy this and still have money left over.
Alex K. (5 months ago)
Did that airhead really claim that 1% of American households (1.3m) can afford a private jet?
Kram (5 months ago)
You will be able to sell that one percent on ZRX one day.
TheGolfdaily (5 months ago)
"Bumping around in Italian leather,," - humm,,
James Poole (5 months ago)
Clinton New Network SUCKS! They LIE for a living, and your hollywood plug stick it up your ass.
ZaQ BaQ (5 months ago)
"Smartest"? Ya right lol
Alex Joseck (5 months ago)
I'm one of the 0.0001% yes
Brian Mwangi (5 months ago)
bluejeans_Canada (5 months ago)
this is no1 bullshit
albear972 (5 months ago)
0:11seriously? Vista jet for the 0.001% doesn't even have an escalator? What a ripoff!
StevoTheAce71 (5 months ago)
Just another charter company lol common now
Michael Loder (5 months ago)
I would never work for this Asshole as Pilot....
Michael Loder (5 months ago)
this guy is an A-Hole- ill buy a G4 and custom built it and it still be cheaper...Screw you Vista Jet...
Power Auto (5 months ago)
To be bankrupt soon in my opinion.
BladeoftheImmortal (5 months ago)
wealthiest, sure...not the smartest
Ben Ross (5 months ago)
I’ve been on that one ! We rented it for 3 People from the south of France to Luton
arthur lewis (5 months ago)
I'm from the 0.001%. Unfortunately it's the 0.001% that can't even afford yesterday's newspaper to sleep in.
Alam Udesky (5 months ago)
I would at least expect a boarding esculator.
Richard Arrowsmith (5 months ago)
What an absolute bell end.
Joe Campos (5 months ago)
Douche bag
AviationFlyer (6 months ago)
You can reduce turbulence. Just get a Acj380
Augustine Nze (6 months ago)
Lady: how r u gonna show me that the jet is affordable?. Me:yeah right affordable private jet lol
Kalle Cool Gamer (6 months ago)
im sorry but that is the bombardier challenger 300 not the bombardier global 5000
jacobrocks7 (6 months ago)
And I fly in economy and get served crackers and pop
Wassim Ayadi (6 months ago)
40 millions dollars? Cute Trump's private jet is 100 million dollars
S.B.G (6 months ago)
Why not just buy your own jet this guy
mr. loungensmritz (6 months ago)
2:32 Yea most people change their cars every 4-5 years. what?
Hacks are just special attachments (6 months ago)
40million ain’t shit trumps is 300million
Crysiss (6 months ago)
this dude just looks like the biggest asshole in the world right from the start
Black Hatred (6 months ago)
Not even worth it
The Architect (6 months ago)
Rich people don’t know what to do with the money
SunFlower (6 months ago)
Fly to Hawaii for $80,000 on VistaJet or $790 on United
Osvath97 (6 months ago)
Considering that 1 % of the Earth's population is seventy million people, more people than the population of most countries, yes I can imagine why they could not all fit in that jet. And considering that to qualify for the 1 % you only need about 2644 USD a month to qualify for the top 1 %, I can imagine why most could not afford it either.
Zivan _ (6 months ago)
Not worth it at all
Charlie Craiger (6 months ago)
Dude my dad is in the 1% and we could not buy that
Neon 02 (6 months ago)
One Zero to much 0,13