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The VAIO FW Wins Over Mother and Son in Microsoft Commercial

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Hi- This is Michael Cuellar from VAIO marketing In case you missed it, the VAIO FW was featured in a recent series of Microsoft Laptop Hunter commercials. The commercial ran on most national TV and cable networks starting on April 13th. The "Find your perfect PC" Microsoft campaign features ads following real-life laptop hunters around on their search for the ideal PC. Microsoft poses a challenge to the shoppers: "You find it, you keep it." This particular ad centered on mother and son duo Lisa and Jackson who were hunting for a laptop that could handle all their needs for $1,500 or less. Lisa and Jackson were able to choose any computer they wanted and after a lot of searching we were happy to discover that Jackson picked a VAIO FW. Check out the entire commercial as it appeared on TV. Did you think the commercial was effective? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comment section. Learn more at
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Text Comments (49)
Mohd Mohsin Abd Rahim (2 months ago)
My VAIO FW laptop still kicking in 2018!
Patton The Intel Gamer (11 months ago)
nice laptop wish sony would make laptops again
Luise JM (2 years ago)
Came here looking for porn :v #JailGrasa :v
Dani Franco (3 years ago)
Dejese de mamadas y pase el video de verdad :v pinshe soni #HailGrasa
BlazE PhenomenoN ! (3 years ago)
Ramiro Zuñiga (3 years ago)
Donde verjas esta el public agent! ? :'v #Hailgrasa
Garnadock™ | DG. (3 years ago)
o fake taxi :'v
Danny (3 years ago)
la dvd :'v
Flurry642 (5 years ago)
1,500 15 hundred not thousand xD
Plexzor (5 years ago)
at the end i tought it will be a public pickup :(
hungh0 (5 years ago)
goes to the apple craptops "woah these cost way more money" hey no shit
Mshojat (1 month ago)
Ads are to share information to ignorant people. The audience also tends to be a large number of stupid people, or the section of population that is generally a bit stupider. More important however is ignorance (lack of knowledge); not everyone necessarily knows that Apple products are expensive. These ads were so effective Apple literally pulled all their Mac vs. PC ads (on the condition Microsoft does the same) and called for a ceasefire.
wrythen (5 years ago)
>having trouble finding a good laptop for 15000 what the fuck
GabeNewell1337 (1 month ago)
1500 dumbass
randompersonB (6 years ago)
kIokwerk (6 years ago)
Why dod they get a 1500 dollar laptop? So the kid could play fucking Runescape?
El Gado (7 years ago)
@Theonlyuberpickle @TheWindexUser but...but... i game on my lappi...
Theonlyuberpickle (7 years ago)
>Gaming laptop >Laptop
Lucas Quilling (7 years ago)
They blew shit because it is (shudder) windows vista. Why do they say I'm a pc and I am 11 they are not the computer! But they got one thing right: mac is more expensive when it uses the same processors
Hipstoprockathon (7 years ago)
@mikullindiskyz no shit she looked like that, what parent in their right mind pay that much for a pc, almost everyone's parent would be concerned about buying something that is expensive. Use your head for a change you nitwit
Tech Central (8 years ago)
microsoft says "life without walls" but if there are no walls, why have windows?
Goku (8 years ago)
well if that is real... sucks for him, he has vista, and vista sucks ass
hailey sara (8 years ago)
Jackson and Lisa is my cousin and aunt i am not kidding! call me a liar i dont care!
2fast4all (9 years ago)
they forgot to get win 7!!!
haiderstar7 (9 years ago)
WOW...It would Have been great if they went for a HP Notebook But ok....Sony is fine as well And I agree,I myself am Even Glad they didnt go for a MAC....MAC SIMPLY SUCKS
Gavas (9 years ago)
there is something funny beacuse here vaio is at the same price as a mac
Gavas (9 years ago)
Since along time ago.Vaio only have microsoft hardware i know its funny beacuse the xbox is from microsoft and playstatio is from sony and they are the 2 rival consoles
DeathToTheseWalls (9 years ago)
Since when does Windows endorse Sony computers? Anyways, I'm glad they didn't buy an Apple.
Art Cristobal (9 years ago)
Blu ray and microsoft in harmony wtf ?????? it should be an hd dvd player inside lolo lol lol
muk546 (9 years ago)
this computer is cheap plastic junk and only 3 hours of battery life lol nice try sony ill stick with ps3 but not your cheap plastic junk
mikullindiskyz (9 years ago)
I don't care about PC's vs Macs, but I hate this woman! I hate the expression on her face when she's looking at the Mac's. She looks like she's being force fed rancid oysters while having the worst case of explosive diarrhea in history! Then she gets way too happy when she sees the PCs have BLUUUE RAAAY!! So she buys a cheap PC and when she's given her change back she screams "WHAAAATT??!!! OMG get over it lady. Take your cheap PC, your change , your kid and get lost. Most of all SHUT UP!!!!
galileo021728 (9 years ago)
agree +1
EpiDemic117 (9 years ago)
i've used windows all my life. And some things come to pass. There have been some shitty ones and there have been some good ones. 7 is definatly not a shitty one. If you want to talk about true shit. Windows Me would be the king of the throne on shittyness. vista wasn't that bad for me. It only crashed once but afterwards its alright. The thing that sometimes steams me is this whole shitty mac vs pc debate. And whats even worse is that apple and Microsoft are fueling it. they can both shut it!
EpiDemic117 (9 years ago)
I guarantee you the VAIO laptops are not a piece of shit. In fact i am getting one in the mail tomorrow. The only thing that pisses me off about this commercial is how they even bothered to go look at the macs. Obviously the assholes told them to say shit about it. So it ruins the whole point of advertising pc's.
MoleMan (9 years ago)
Shut the hell up people. Ive had my PC since 2003 and not a virus or problem. And I can upgrade my ram if i want to.
Greg Barbeau (9 years ago)
the mother is hot
Wasd888 (9 years ago)
I've had a Windows Laptop since 2002, it's still workin great. I was lookin to get a new laptop and Mac's simply just don't have the hardware that Windows PC's can have.
cncfan (9 years ago)
mine is coming in the mail tommarow
MrXrofl (9 years ago)
macs are great... if you're willing to spend 3-4 times the money, and even then the hardware can be inferior to pc.
Fack Guugle (9 years ago)
I didn't miss the point, I knew they were promoting certain advantages of Windows operation system, but this commercials just misleading and make me sick though.
linkmaster77 (9 years ago)
Get a Mac.
WarDemon282 (9 years ago)
Omega223 (9 years ago)
You're an idiot, and completely missed the point. Please tell me that not everyone who saw this commercial is so fucking stupid they though microsoft would pay them.
CrewRite (9 years ago)
I found a Portable Computer for under $1700 and it had Ubuntu, lol.
Fack Guugle (9 years ago)
Sorry to say, this is just such a scam from microsoft TV ad. campaign, they are not going to pay you to shop, you pay for your own PC, so therefore, like they said, "you find it, you keep it." Nothing is free, this is so misleading.
tghetto5 (9 years ago)
If that what it takes to get me out of the murda then so be it? I dont tell you how to anally rape people so dont tell me how to run my go throw a mantrum
tghetto5 (9 years ago)
lmao why dont you just mind your own buisness? I have 116,000+ video views 18,000 + profile views....I think I know how to run a youtube page a little better then you do bro-ski.
tghetto5 (9 years ago)
I dont even know why I like this commercial.....
horrorbro (9 years ago)
wow comes with Blu-Ray!!!1