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Consulting 101

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House of Lies Galweather
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Marcus Dwayne Gonzalez (3 months ago)
It gets me everytime high billability lol
Jonas Fröhlich-Hiltner (3 months ago)
What show is this? Where can I find it?
Adam Jenkins (5 months ago)
This spoilt consulting for me 😂
J M (5 months ago)
Hilarious! Careful though don't think actual top tier management consultancy is like this. Everyone in the room is as smart as you if not smarter and will know all relevant documents back to front. If the client catches a mistake, provide an explanation immediately. If you try and cover up or implicate someone else you'll get torn to shreds.
Shawn Wesson (5 months ago)
2:47 😂🤣
Henry Ng (6 months ago)
Isn't that the guy Jack Bristol beat up to get the name of the boat?
everstormz (6 months ago)
First season is the best..all the rest suck...unfortunately
dmk (6 months ago)
seems funny, have to check this out. btw go watch 99 francs if you want this theme on steroids ;)
Phoenix Franks (7 months ago)
Three pixels and an audio track.
K.A. A (7 months ago)
Don Cheadle is a national treasure.
GDI (7 months ago)
My man Don Cheadle
Marcus Dwayne Gonzalez (7 months ago)
That's some members of Congress trying to bullshit Americans on the loss of constitutional rights.
Marcus Dwayne Gonzalez (7 months ago)
Haha that's Fca
Marcus Dwayne Gonzalez (7 months ago)
One of my all-time favorite shows
Django90 (7 months ago)
Bullshit! That's not how it works!
Rhidian D (7 months ago)
This encapsulates my experience of working with MCs
Sai Ren (7 months ago)
The best thing to spook a Marketing Consultant is to make him explain it in a simple format over and over again about the subject matter, the moment he uses fancy jargon, just tell him to explain what he means till you catch the error of his words in where you simply just twist it to suit you ( have a your minute holder just presenting you what he said in front of him a few times to make him second guess what he said), then simply downplay the numbers of their projection as something that is not good enough, letting them oversell you as a way to gain your interest in where you know it's bullshit already, or if he sees this trick through and tells him he can't do anything more, do the White House thing where you just say thank you and talk about hiring another consultation firm to your members ( if you are able to do the research, try putting in a rival firm to the one you hired just to irk them). You either will have a defeated con artist or have him try to prove himself so much so where you can be arrogant enough to reduce their fees in a way that you don't believe their capabilities till they prove it.
Schwartz Seymour (7 months ago)
I like to con people....I also like to insult people....
Try Thinking For a change (7 months ago)
Bullshit, what he says may be true, but it's all bullshit.
afro symphony (7 months ago)
ahhh loool i loved this show, until they sorta dropped the ball
Waleed Ali (7 months ago)
why they tryin to make consulting look cool? this shit boring af
D LG (8 months ago)
I so miss this show. I always appreciate creative content that holds up a mirror to society and that's exactly what this show did, highlighting the shameless greed that permeates corporate America. Brilliant!
Space Ninja (8 months ago)
This should be taught in Multimedia classes.
tom jens (8 months ago)
fca, fma, would work sometimes, but definitely less than half the time. And for that it is not worth riskng (I mean for those more than half times when you would get caught in this fca lie). More often then not that guy would continue looking for that number in that folder nstead of saying "I feel good about this number" without even finding it, lol
TAR ICO (8 months ago)
Good to see Tim Meadows branching out, spreading his wings, so to speak.
Casey Vee (7 months ago)
Not sure if this was a joke or not. Don Cheadle is seen here. He and Tim look a lot alike.
Mr. hrfister (8 months ago)
Just like the hopeless romantic young girls at the night clubs. No matter how many men they've men guys there that only wanted them for one thing, and broke their promise of respecting them in the morning, and broke their promise to call them after they got it...the girls go back to the night club for MORE!
MDub (8 months ago)
house of pies
Ronnie Richardson (9 months ago)
I guess being a War Machine is more fun than consulting for James. LOL
Rey Trevino (11 months ago)
Is this a true summary of Consulting ?
Fabio A. (7 months ago)
Pretty much
Rey Trevino (11 months ago)
He doesn't have much presence in the Avengers but he comes alive in this role .
Rey Trevino (11 months ago)
Wow , War Machine is pretty good in this .
theZinator (1 year ago)
"It's also FMA. From my ass."
Michael Meyers (1 year ago)
Don. Real consultants hate bullshit. The first thing they'll ask you in the interview is, "What are you good at?". And if it's something they can bill a client $1000 an hour for, then they'll ask you to prove it.
Tone Lee (11 months ago)
Michael Meyers pretty much
Charles Zacharian Bugais (1 year ago)
hahaha,,, imagine
Mr Persevere (1 year ago)
Does this truly match up to management consultancy in reality???? I am considering a career in this
Rhidian D (7 months ago)
I'd say 70% accurate from my experience.
AJ Segal (7 months ago)
Depends on the industry. If you work with large corporations that are usually slow to adapt to changes, such as banks, insurance agencies, low tech, etc. - yes. Other corporations that are in a fast paced technology oriented sphere are less likely to hire such MCs. But, it also depends on the geography. In some places, consultants would tell you that your business is going down, while others would flatter you to New Year's.
Prateek Jain (8 months ago)
Mr Persevere if you're forming an opinion on management consulting based on a TV show, then I'm not sure you're cut out for this mate
Tone Lee (11 months ago)
Shenice Gross (1 year ago)
Mr Persevere haha
Golam Saber (1 year ago)
I am bangladesh p.s 10 Mellon dollars a project you will give me sagation
Saurav Shrivastava (1 year ago)
Which series
Jordan F (1 year ago)
I have been in a room when a CEO has said "That number looks off". Felt sorry for the analyst.
Adamya Tripathi (1 year ago)
Amazing and funny !!
Julien Boisvert (1 year ago)
billing 100% of your time "IS THE NUTS!" hahaha Don is such a poker player.
Edward Winfrey (1 year ago)
funny but a bunch of bull sht
Matthias Mayrock (1 year ago)
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Sarthak Biswas (1 year ago)
bull crap
112233jjooee (1 year ago)
Why would a big 3 consultant go into a major client and admit that he didnt have the bandwidth to write a white paper?
WG Consultants (1 year ago)
The reason this show cancelled was because the truth and soul heart of this was to teach consulting. Damn i miss this show. It literally teaches you how to push forward without letting the bullshitter bullshit you. Sorry for being so forth LOL. Makes me wanna jump on amazon. Take away the flattering and so on for those that has seen this show. Truthfully it's good knowledge and really can help people learn how to get business. Inspirational with you look at it in a positive way.
Kyle (6 months ago)
i didnt watch this show in depth, but this isn't what consulting is. Maybe a huge satire of it.
MzNCNYC20 (2 years ago)
I think this was cancelled because viewers didnt want a lesson in consulting, they just wanted to watch the drama unfold like a soap opera. Also Networks are fickle bitches.
Epsi Loom (2 years ago)
Im really miss this show, sarcasm, irony, and the true human nature exposed every chapter... ...I cant understand the cancellation...
Michael Tandy (4 months ago)
Having watched this clip I can't see that there's any likability to this character.
Shawn Wesson (5 months ago)
Epsi Loom Dark Truth of Consult Hu$tling too close to reality
onee (7 months ago)
TheZombout I tried to watch Mad Men, but that first episode was so fucking slow, I had to turn it off. Same with a couple of other TV shows.
David Packer (7 months ago)
Epsi Loom same
TheZombout (10 months ago)
Mad Men is overrated. But then again most people who don't live in every day life would like something that doesn't fit the culture of the modern life. House of Lies was damn good. The only true reason you'd say it was 'awful' is because you are so damn close-minded that you even regard it as liberal.
Geoffrey Zoref (2 years ago)
Those Zack Morris "Time Outs" are really technically amazing. They must spend a LOT of time gathering enough assets to make them look good, especially when he moves the assets around, like when he moves people's arms and stuff. Awesome use of green screenng.
Shabbir Khanbhai (2 years ago)
now I'm ready for my case interview. thx :P
jrt2007gjdje (2 years ago)
+Shabbir Khanbhai PwC?KPMG?Del?E&Y? McKinsey?BCG?...Good luck
Lubomir Fotev (2 years ago)
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TheChocolateEagle (2 years ago)
huh... I was looking for the Marvel short, and I happen across the guy who plays Rhodes... whadyaknow
Thành Nguyễn (2 years ago)
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twenty 9 shoots (2 years ago)
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mastermonarch (3 years ago)
the cursing is so dated the f word lost its cable edgyness long ago just talk.
Joe Favela (2 years ago)
I don't think they do it for edginess, so much as doing it for realism of the dialouge. I grew up around management and finance people and, trust me, they cuss more than fucking sailors.
LetsgoJets1985 Jetsfan (2 years ago)
+mastermonarch ya would be better without the cursing. but i guess 12 year olds will think its cool
FaktFitness (3 years ago)
I'm actuAlly a professional sales person and this show changed my life. His "get the fucking business" monologue in season one changed the way I sold and took my from a 80-100% rep to a 135% powerhouse. I've even told a customer who had a question about a number that the number was "FMA" and she ate it up
dude14377 (1 year ago)
But wouldn't someone ask what FMA means?
t100base (1 year ago)
who cares dude
Zhen Cheng (2 years ago)
Hi man, where do i find the dialogue? Thanks!
Everett Chadwick Borders III (2 years ago)
+haris000000 it's unfortunate that your comment simply proved that other guys point. Facts are the dollar...for buyers and sellers...if the buyer won't see the FACT because of some personal nuances that remind them of a bad beat...sellers are forced to also make it personal buy JIVING what is already fact.
rfrance223 (2 years ago)
thats very unethical
JB_XYZ (3 years ago)
2:41 LOL when he looks at the camera. hilarious
The Hung Le (3 years ago)
This video always makes me laugh. Considering there is some truth behind it all.. Haha
Urban Qid (1 year ago)
The Hung Le Lol. It is
The Hung Le (3 years ago)
Haha perhaps a lot +BRANSCOMBEx :)
JB_XYZ (3 years ago)
Liz Torres (3 years ago)
So arrogant. What a turnoff. I dont want to watch this show.
zack brown (2 years ago)
Liz got angry only because he was guy
Joe Favela (2 years ago)
"Shut the fuck up, Doug!"
rtp1968 (3 years ago)
+Bruno Freitas Thank you!!!
rtp1968 (3 years ago)
+Bruno Freitas Thank you!!!
Ricardo Almeida (3 years ago)
+Liz Torres They look that they were all on cocaine!
Xiaosu Xue (3 years ago)
hahaha the second-to-last scene
Koshy Samuel (3 years ago)
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Mariano Torres Saucedo (3 years ago)
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Unknown Name (3 years ago)
I dont think I could do this.  No filters, no poker face unless of course you present the package the right way, then it's game on~
B Gan (3 years ago)
Sound like Deloitte consulting
Neon2110 (6 months ago)
They charge $500 an hour for consultant work lol
Mike Cigar (7 months ago)
ninuxy (8 months ago)
Jesus fucking Christ, took the word out of my mouth.
Curtis I (2 years ago)
+James Bala Bond Hahaha
Jason Cummings (3 years ago)
L0S (4 years ago)
I love this show!!
Timo Götzken (3 years ago)
+Cole Cornerr House of Lies
Cole Cornerr (3 years ago)
what show is this?
SevenFoot Pelican (4 years ago)
What movie is this from?
Andrea (4 years ago)
An AMAZING show called House of Lies
OnePieceNation (4 years ago)
Not from a movie it is from a great tv series called house of lies. 
MilliVanilli (4 years ago)
Wikipedia, motherf*cker! Hahah I love it :)
t100base (1 year ago)
i bet you do bitch
EyeBDaMD (3 years ago)
Joseph Thomas (4 years ago)
That wikki comment was soo spot on
Al Sefati (4 years ago)
I am a marketing consultant and I found this very funny and entertaining!
ProxyLady (4 years ago)
Thanks for the laugh...