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Is The iPhone Waterproof? Water Resistance Explained

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Are iPhones waterproof? A few years ago companies like Apple started advertising their phones as being "water resistant." They also started including an "IP rating" in many of their devices' specifications. But what does any of that actually mean, and most importantly, can you trust your phone in the water? For more on the iPhone and its components check out the following: Inside Corning's Gorilla Glass Factory https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZPeyErbqz4 Why Apple Lags Behind Samsung And Xiaomi In India https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M92I6rAbRfU What's Behind Apple's Sales Slump And Dire China Warning? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3G7NaxkUNs Apple CEO Tim Cook On China, Wall Street And Innovation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHUz63xFyyw » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC #iPhone Is The iPhone Waterproof? Water Resistance Explained
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Text Comments (1179)
Twan Jaarsveld (2 hours ago)
i Bought a Moto G about 5 years ago And it was water Resistant, using a water resistant coating. It only cost me about 170 euro / 200 dollar,
The Ahmed Saif (8 hours ago)
6:25 How it could be a iPhone's circuit board?? This doesn't look like iPhone's circuit board. Do agree with me? Leave your comments please
Nosson Oirich (1 day ago)
My iPhone 6 was waterlogged. Not resistintant.
Henrychan 7888 (4 days ago)
Wraps plastic bag around it, bam, water actual proof
Tapatio Borracho (4 days ago)
I most definitely expect a $15,000 watch to be more water resistant than a $300 watch. So please don’t try and downplay the integrity of the iwatch. What do you expect ?? Tell me?? Is what you want, is for a $300 dollar watch to be up to par with a $25000 watch. I’ll say this nicely (get out of here). Ps I don’t own iwatch or Rolex. Just stating factual opinion.
NAiTO (5 days ago)
Title and main topic : iPhone Thumbnail : Xperia Z3 Compact Why?
Quinninho Pernambucano (6 days ago)
That egghead guy looks ridiculous
Travis Shaw (6 days ago)
I use lifeproof fre or pelican case that's water proof
I am a Nigga (6 days ago)
I got a brand new note8 now I was like noooooooo
Haleema thul BADRIYA (7 days ago)
0:33 glass is glass and glass breaks 😂😂
Guess Who (8 days ago)
“Water proof is a myth” What about a whole steel ball
Sean Han (9 days ago)
Need hydrophobic coating on all components to be waterproof
Дьявол (9 days ago)
What is this nano coating he speaks about made of?
347PJS (9 days ago)
I use my s9, s8, s7 and s5 to watch a episode or or news while taking a shower and never had a problem, will see how my s10 does
beast 123 (10 days ago)
Just another case of planned obsolescence.
Takin Clasico (10 days ago)
I’m watching this on my Verizon flip phone
Wetestranger9 (10 days ago)
I wash my s7 edge and put it in a bucket nothing happens not even kidding just not for to long just use your common sense
The Egg (11 days ago)
Lol these guys never had a galaxy
Ruben Pretorius (13 days ago)
New iPhone Xs (2 months old) failed because of ambient humidity. According to the Apple store I dropped the phone (never did) they scratched it when examining it. After it was dropped there was some sort of “gap” between the display and the body where humidity entered. Never submerged it, never even held it with wet hands. Done with Apple.
Dr Wolf (13 days ago)
and yall dont even credit zack
Jasper Cowan (14 days ago)
Welcome to art class with Jerry. Now, look at my 1000$ phone ruined by a little house
ビド :3マルク (14 days ago)
*I googled it. Mine isn't.*
mikfax (14 days ago)
Been swimming with my G6 for years and i could buy another 3 G6 with the money saved not buying an iphone. LG affordable waterproofing
Hidde Van Der Beek (15 days ago)
My phone is water proof but some still got in now o have a green line down the rite of the screen
Castle (15 days ago)
Do not interfere with your apple intruder!
John Alfren Trinidad (15 days ago)
Babaw ng kaligayan nyo.nakita yo lang si Zach..hahaha
Anthony Ferguson (15 days ago)
How about IP68
tommy (15 days ago)
Woah zach made it onto cnbc
bleach incognito (16 days ago)
Samsung Galaxy S5 was water resistant and it had a removable back
Raul Alvarado (16 days ago)
Andrew Aaron Zheming Bao (16 days ago)
Two years ago when I got my iPhone 6, I dropped it in my pool. NO WONDER IT DIDN’T BREAK
space rabbit (17 days ago)
Drink 1 shot every time you hear gasket
Garry Reyom (17 days ago)
My iPhone 7+ is over 2 years old and I still wash my screen off in the sink
That’sgreat content. (18 days ago)
If anyone can tell me how I can get a job like this PLEASE TELL ME
strzaskany alf (18 days ago)
put them in a microwave to check
AziSoul wahab (18 days ago)
I just wash my samsung S7 with dish washer soap. Got to remove those greasy tumb print. Still work😙
K Veeder (17 days ago)
You also remove your oliophobic coating making it more prone to fingerprints.
נתנאל חיים (18 days ago)
Thia is not true. In the most big company the water resiatant is renewd aftrr were open your dwvice (im a technition in a big comoany) we actually get the adhisive from the compamy that manufacture thw phone. Thw way its work is that you connect the phone to a apeical testing softwer and close with glue all the holls and put 500 grams weight on the phone and the pressure create is massured by the software
zachary paris (18 days ago)
can’t talk, busy pulling my phone out of the toilet.
Lelepons _studios (18 days ago)
1:04 “there’s some holes that have be there like the charging port and the audio jack” well it looks like apple real screwed up this time. Who thought that was a good idea?
Nathan Raps (19 days ago)
This vid is for dumbasses that know nothing about tech
Ahmed Mustafa (19 days ago)
I'm only here because i saw Zack's picture
Official Simbah (19 days ago)
Lemme say wat I know before I watch the video.....my assumption is that waterproofing means that water can enter into a gadget but the gadget is unharmed and water resistant means the gadget tries by all means to you know “resist” the water from getting inside because it can be damaged if water gets in ......🤩am I rt?
Isaac Kim (19 days ago)
Don't wet your phone even if it has an IP rating. It will still get water damage (somehow) and as the video describes, the manufacturer will not fix it for free. The waterproof? ads are very misleading...do not swim with it, do not soak it, do not dunk it, etc...always have waterproofing case over it to make it extra safe.
you know who (20 days ago)
*Instructions unclear* Accidentally put nintendo switch under water
Rossbold ? (20 days ago)
Opened my iPhone 7 40+ times never would trust even rain on it 😂
Xd Shooter (20 days ago)
I have ip68
ihsan topcu (20 days ago)
Showers with IP68?
베푸킴 (21 days ago)
Made in china
Muhammad IKhsan (21 days ago)
Nokia 3310 : are you kidding me ?
Dom Nic (21 days ago)
So they take the phone that got it last, the iPhone before every sony or Samsung..., and name it first... Wow. Dump
ZanFlix X (21 days ago)
I'm watching this 15 ft down in the pool
Draako Gomez (21 days ago)
Oof why are PeOpLe talking about someone being broke or iPhones like shut yo head ass up XD Ps:don't get salty or comment some thing salty or be mad
Luka Buka (21 days ago)
Really? More than half of your video is Zacks', so half of the money from the video will go to him?
Azekiel Jude Magno (21 days ago)
8:06 This was definitely me back then when I used to work for Samsung. When the S5 was launched, I hate it when I have to deal with water damage cases all the while the device was being marketed as water resistant.
Arithmetic Antics (21 days ago)
max_h5 (21 days ago)
Lol who uses phones when you have an delivery owl?
Rajveer Dhillon (21 days ago)
X1SoccerGamer (21 days ago)
Lmao @Apple users
Josiah Dorey (22 days ago)
My Samsung S8 has been fully submerged under water and works perfectly fine :)
Farajaraf (22 days ago)
What it wather
Radu Ștefan (22 days ago)
That chinesse looking man sounds exactly like Linus
GForce1080 (22 days ago)
Lmao thats exactly what I thought
HUMAN s (22 days ago)
Hmm 🤔 Zack on national TV
Sixtycents (22 days ago)
Might just have to stop washing my phone i guess.
PitsFurr (22 days ago)
ItsJerryRigEverything at first part wow!
Ozzy Jetski Guy (22 days ago)
Watching this while in the shower.... 😰
Knuckles Stag (22 days ago)
Once water gets in , your money pops up like Lego 0:32
mineTurtle dmg (22 days ago)
the iPhone 6 has virtually no water resistance but the 6S was a start
FBI (22 days ago)
Scratches at a level 6 with Deeper grooves at a level 7 like if you get it
Daniel Nöchel (22 days ago)
So basically, the water resistance thing makes the customer think, it can bath and survive and that pushes up the sales, 'cause everybody believes the ad and won't look up those numbers ... what they don't tell you, is what Kyle said... if the battery is dead and won't recharge, you eather now how to open and close the phone correctly and then replace the battery or you can buy a new phone every 3 years...
Clorox Bleach Is my juice (23 days ago)
Is IP69 out?
Allen AYE.30 (23 days ago)
In a nutshell You can only use your phone in a shower.
Unknown Anonymous (23 days ago)
Why am I here? I have huawei not iPhone...
Cringeworthy Humans (23 days ago)
4:05 BS, the Samsung Galaxy S5 had a removable back, so you can swap out the battery if it was wearing out, or if you had a second one to avoid waiting for it to recharge. That phone is water resistant.
OH YEAH Yeah (23 days ago)
Use Sony experia z5
Miguel Abarca (23 days ago)
Too late
Jerexon Navarro (23 days ago)
I have bombproof phone in my hands right now....
Olivier Martinez (23 days ago)
Could be nice if you credited in the description Jerry... and put a link to his channel.
Fernando Roque (23 days ago)
I've been showering daily and occasionally getting into the pool with my iPhone 7 for about 2,5years now ans its still fine
Intel & Nvidia SUXXZZZ!!! (23 days ago)
NO. iPhone is not waterproof and Apple products for the iDiots
Messacloak (23 days ago)
Is that Fitz?
Messacloak (23 days ago)
The narrator sounds like Fitz...?
Melindo Craft (23 days ago)
Nokia 3310 has IP99999 rating on it
loke sandford (23 days ago)
I tried to dip my iPhone 7 in water I got bad results
Lunnel Paloma (23 days ago)
Jerry Rig
Xorloz The Noob (23 days ago)
hot tub ad before this
Chris S (23 days ago)
I trust it completely ...Just not with my phone !!
FireDramine7 (23 days ago)
too bad for you, been having my phone the past 3 years and just a couple of months ago I washed it under my sink with all the dust. It's still working fine. In winter I've been putting it in the snow to film and no problems there
Not_Poker 98 (23 days ago)
0:33 agent 47 good work
Diego Enrique Jerez Giusti (23 days ago)
THE SAMSUNG GALAXY IS WATERPROOF !!! dont iphone is waterproof
Coochie Monster (23 days ago)
Apollo (24 days ago)
Really disappointed in Kyle women’s. Water resistance started on the 6s not the 6. The adhesive is mostly the 3D Touch sensor, the Bluetooth antenna is an after thought.
viridisman (24 days ago)
Lol, only sign of Sony is an Xperia z that has the Sony logo covered up. Obviously only willing to discuss Samsung and Apple.. even when sony was adding waterproof when these guys were still working with plastic clip on back panels
ItzCalebbb (24 days ago)
Water proof to water resistant is like 4K to upscaled 4K
Simon Bosul (24 days ago)
Still don't understand... I mean .. I take normal phone ,a zip bag ,I put the phone in the zip bag and I close it and done.
Re-Mecs (24 days ago)
well the gopro statement is wrong. they are not water proof cameras. they just come with a waterproof case for them
BRO BULL (24 days ago)
Its been a year i used Samsung s9 alwsys go to waterfall because is near my house and swim with it. It work perfectly fine until now
Michael Allan Divino (24 days ago)
oof I remember the old days when I got so addicted to tech channels
anime freak (24 days ago)
Just buy a Nokia
lol Dragonfru (25 days ago)
There is a waterproof smartphone... the NoPhone
Blackmatt3r (25 days ago)
i once had an old nokia flipphone ind it laid outside in a meter of snow in one month untill the snow was melted and we found it and we put in a bag of rice and it worked
KalebDaLegend (25 days ago)
This video is cool and all but lets not ignore the fact that newpods.co has Airpods for $42 right now😂🤷🏾‍♂️
Joao Costa (23 days ago)
+Dan the Vlog Man and u just got scammed.. potato head
schlongdas (24 days ago)
Justin Anderson why would they sell a claimed genuine product for 40% of its MSRP. it’s called common sense. You seem to lack it.
Justin Anderson (24 days ago)
+schlongdas How do u know?
schlongdas (24 days ago)
This is a scam. Don’t purchase any products from them.
Dan the Vlog Man (24 days ago)