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President Trump issues an Iran deal ultimatum

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Former CIA analyst Fred Fleitz reacts on 'The Story' to the president's decision to keep the nuclear deal alive for now.
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Text Comments (237)
Dj Gay Money (7 days ago)
Iran is just protecting themselves from Americans
Darcseid27 (7 days ago)
Trump has ZERO POWER If America pulls out, even our own allies will not follow us. This would blatantly show America’s impotence on the world stage.
Amisen KMM (8 days ago)
I'm an Iranian youth living inside Iran. Trump wants to put pressure on the new President of Iran(Rouhani) to negotiate on Iran Missile Capability and Iran presence in the Middle East by using new rounds of sanctions against Iran. In order to stop all authorities of Iran so it would be a green light for Saudis to invade Iran. Actually another big False Flag is about to happen in near future. Please don't believe these fake News! watch some of this videos to learn more about Iran. https://www.youtube.com/user/MrAmisen/videos?view_as=subscriber
Soroush Darvish (8 days ago)
fuck off america
Sunny Light (8 days ago)
Tj Johnson: Your nationalistic xenophobic bombastic rhetoric is a display of an immature pea brained narcissistic moron. Communism", "socialism" and "capitalism" are all kosher nostra crap!! But keep living in the Orwellian filter bubble of the US-Israel AIPAC warmongering movement where everything turns into a "either with us or against us" decision... Irony is when a "Holy Roman Empire" is none of these things, as is the fact that most "democratic people's republics" are none of the sort either!!! I am an American too. But the difference between you and me is that I am a non-brainwashed citizen that can see and experience first-hand our corrupt political system. Let’s be real. America is a Nation built on lies, deceit war and corruption and we haven’t change a bit. We've had racism and deceit literally from the get-go. Look what we did to the Native Americans. In the political arena, There is no such thing as two political parties. The only party that has the Power in America and rules The World is The War party lead by the AIPAC Zionist movement with our President as the Commander in Chief on top. With Trump in the White House, it is a Plain NeoZionist house and the filthy Jews have the perfect puppet. Trump himself is racially a crypto Jew. And For the ones who want to give a dose of freedom to the World, they need to free themselves first because America is Israel bitch!! So, there is not much freedom there is it? We need a second Declaration of Independence from this very foreign power. And this “brilliant Roman Empire of yours” is economical and moral broken. America is so far in debt that the country is ready to collapse, and China practically owns the USA. I repeat China practically owns America. We used to be a strong power but not anymore. There are other super powers like China, Russia, Japan., India… that have form strong alliances and are trading in their own currencies leaving the dollar little by little as a secondary matter. Sanctions are not really hurting these powers and I am happy for them because the United the States of America doesn’t own the World and therefore must stop intimidating other sovereign Nations. All we Americans do is start shit in other countries and we have never won a war, but we keep spreading propaganda that we are an “Exceptional undefeatable race” and that we win all and everywhere, wish is clear and pure bullshit rhetoric. Russia and China will wipe us off the map if they want to. If war break out, this time Russia won't be bailing out the American Allies, WWIII will be fought on 2 fronts. And we deserve all that is coming to us because our government is corrupted and criminal to the core!! Russians are way far better fighters and clever minds than the inbred 50% retarded Americans. Russians are not afraid to confront war situations, they are and always have been the true winners of wars. The defeat of ISIS is Russian Victory not ours. Satanyahu,the AIPAC and the Neo-Zionists are Trump Masters. America Second to none equals Israel first and to make Israel Great again we the American people are fighting Israel wars in the Middle East and very much all around the World. Zionist Supremacist America must stop controlling and intimidating Sovereign Countries. Israel is the real Rogue Nuclear State. Zionist Globalism is destroying humanity, and Zionist Jews have not right to keep stealing Palestinian territories and to keep committing such horrific crimes against the Palestinian people!! If the Zionist Jews will offer the Palestinians true justice it will be fine and good for the rest of the World, but since they refuse to set borders and have a Bilateral Detente with its neighbours, Israel should be treated exactly as for what it is. A Rogue Nuclear Criminal State that deserves no recognition, no trade and certainly not our taxpayers’ money!!
Count Yorga (9 days ago)
Russia, China and the Europeans are going to stick with the deal no matter what Trump decides to do. The only question is, if Trump wants to leave the deal, will he sign a waiver for Boeing, since Boeing's multi billion dollar deal with Iran for passenger planes is currently supporting 14,000 well paying jobs at Boeing. If not, then Boeing losses out and Iran will simply buy those same passenger planes from a joint Russian/Chinese conglomerate, who knows, maybe they'll even build the planes in Iran with technology transfers. Leaving the deal won't do much harm to Iran, it will only isolate the US from it's own allies and strengthen Iran's hand. Trump's plans backfire yet again.
Count Yorga (9 days ago)
Trump is only embarrassing himself more and more as time passes. He thinks he can succeed in international politics the same way he succeeded in setting up casinos and cabarets in the real estate business by using heavy handed, bully tactics, with help from the mafia. However in reality, it won't work. The Russians, Chinese and Europeans have already signed billions if not trillions of Euro's worth of business deals with Iran and according to the IAEA and UN, Iran is fully complying with the deal, so they have no reason to abandon the deal, even if the US backs out. At the end of the day, Trump is only going to isolate the US from its own allies and destroy America's soft power / global diplomatic influence. The only question is whether Trump will give a waiver to Boeing since Iran's recently signed a multi billion dollar purchase deal with Boeing which is currently supporting 14,000 well paying jobs. If Trump leaves the deal and doesn't sign a waiver for Boeing then Iran will simply turn to Russia / China for commercial passenger aircrafts.
GilbertoTX (9 days ago)
Disappointed he didn't repeal the Iran nuclear deal like he promised
Frank Marion (9 days ago)
This guy is a neocon who worked for John Bolton. Nuff said.
Iam AnAmerican (9 days ago)
Sorry, need to disagree with this analyst. T.Rex is not going anywhere. Like POTUS, TREX has business background, a non politician and an excellent negotiator. This is just a chess game TREX and POTUS are playing with these career politicians and government employees.
Count Yorga (9 days ago)
Yeah Trump is playing chess by calling entire continents shitholes and when Tillerson called Trump an idiot, it's all a chess game. LOL is that how Trumptards justify Trumps losses and stupidity ?
GBOY69GAY (9 days ago)
Though that pathetic FOX News propaganda, with this Iran issue President Trump and the US government are simply retard idiots and puppets of Israel and extreme conservative Sunni-Muslim-Saudi-Arabia only. Whole the world outside the USA, except Israel and Saudi-Arabia with some pathetic Saudi´s economic vasal Sunni-states on the restless Middle-East Region, want a good diplomatic relationship with peaceful and politically quite stabile Iran with huge valuable natural resources and quite large population. Peaceful and commonly peace loving Iran, an old historical civilization, with great history, has not started a war against it´s neighbour countries during over the past over 200 years, but many neighbour countries and the colonial era empires, the USA and the Soviet Union included, have attacked to Iran or tried force it to a vasal puppet state. The Iranian people are proud people and they know their history as a great civilisation, roots in the ancient great Persian Empire. If they really want to build a nuclear weapon, they will do it, sooner or later, and I think, that Iran needs own nuclear weapons, because so many want to steal their very valuable natural resourced and control Iran politically as a puppet vasal state, like the 20th century history has showed. That Iranian nuclear energy project and Iranian own nuclear weapons too as a possibly secret part of the project were already the ambitious dream of the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, before the 1979 Shia-Islamic Revolution. Just because that 1979 revolution and the long and bloody Iran-Irak war, because Saddam Hussein´s Irak, supported by the USA and the oil rich Middle-East Sunni-countries (Saudi-Arabia-Kuwait, the Emirates, etc.) attacked to Iran after the then seriously ill Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi and the Pahlavi dynasty left Iran and there became partly a political chaos and bloody power battle. Before the 1979 revolution the neighbour countries feared too much the large and powerful with modern weapons equipped Iranian Army when Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi tried to "Make Iran Great Again" and his once so powerful army and that ambitious nuclear energy project, co-operation with France, and possibly too Iranian own nuclear weapons plan as a secret part of that project were a part of his ambitious project to "Make Iran Great Again". Have you ever wondered why the Iranian revolution in 1979 came just when the last Shah didn´t any more want to be a puppet vasal monarch of the USA and the old European colonial powers? He finally wanted to be like his father and during the 1970´s  he began talk arrogant and defiant ways to the Western mainstream medias. He began think that Iran and the other OPEC countries can in future dictate the rules of future economic world order and blackmail the USA and the old European colonial powers using oil and other natural resources. He had too very large and powerful army and possible future nuclear weapons plans. He wanted to modernize Iran as fast as possible and compete with the European advanced industrial states in future. Well, he did fail, quite epic way. One reason is that he underestimated the power of conservative Shia-Islam in Iran and his own behaviour was too a problem, because his extremely luxurious and expensive bombastic life style and his deeply rotten corrupt dictator style governing style in Iran. He stayed too too long lime as a puppet vasal monarch of the after the WWII Pyrrhic victory totally collapsed British Empire and later the USA. Large people masses in Iran didn´t like it at all and when the Shah finally during the 1970´s tried to be like his father, it was too late. Anyway, never underestimate the USA´s, Israel´s and the European old collapsed colonial empires´ possible role behind the Iranian Revolution 1979. The Western mainstream media houses showed for example Ayatollah Khomeini, who was exile in France, as a sympathetic Islamic priest guru, as hero of Iranian democracy, political freedom and human rights, when the Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was showed like a tyrant and deeply rotten and corrupt dictator. Iran was a significant power rising areal power, with great ambitions to build "new Persian Empire" and "Make Iran Great Again" before the revolution 1979. "Divide et impera", "divide and conquer or divide and rule", then is an ancient international foreign policy principle, which was once building the Great Roman Empire. Now Iran´s significance, power and areal influence are rising again in Middle-East just like during the last years of the Pahlavi Dynasty. Perhaps the US President Donald Trump and the present US Government have an evil plan to destabilize Iran again, with the help of Israel and the oil rich Middle-East Sunni-Muslim countries. President Trump´s and the present US Government´s problem is only that the European EU-countries, the European countries commonly, Russia included, China and the Asian countries commonly, the Far-East countries, India etc. don´t want any more support the USA´s international foreign policy, especially with Iran. President Trump and the present US government are practically internationally alone with their Iran policy today and that retard US Iran policy is commonly extremely unpopular even among the USA`s traditional close allies in Europe for example. The deal is done and you have to accept it American idiots! There will not come any kind of re-negotiations with that Iran deal and even President Trump has to accept it and get over it! Greetings from Northern Europe, Finland! :)
Samantha W (9 days ago)
Trump has no credibility on the world stage. The agreement will not be changed for cry babies.
Tj Johnson (6 days ago)
Samantha W The irony of any woman calling a man a crybaby is just too extreme to bear...
jamal Bibishahrbanoui (9 days ago)
this whole thing is not about the nuclear deal, it's about forcing Iran into making peace with the unjust apartheid state of Israel , for Iran and Iranians there cannot be peace without Justice for the Palastanians, if the situation was reverse and the Jews were on the receiving end of injustice you can be sure Iran would be against the Palestinians. .........
Ciaron Smith (9 days ago)
Nah. Iran is no threat. John Bolton is a treasonous neocon. We need to focus at home.
Abbas Abbasi (9 days ago)
if the f.cking moron cancel the deal, Iran has free hand to develop the nuke bomb and blame it on american. Death to USA
padraic gallagher (9 days ago)
The Iran deal had to do with only the nuclear issue and Iran is keeping that arrangement. Trump is trying to break that deal by adding other issues into it. Trump is the one breaking the deal.
tino v (9 days ago)
FRADA frada (9 days ago)
president of big shitt ,have to shut up.
Ashali Varma (9 days ago)
Don’t trust Iran till it allows the inspection to go to any site
Count Yorga (8 days ago)
No sovereign country will allow a foreign entity to walk free anywhere they please, especially military sites that are crucial to the countries national security. According to the IAEA and UN, Iran is fully complying with the deal and has no intention of developing nukes. This whole "inspect anywhere" clause is just an excuse to allow the CIA to have a free hand in Iran, to be able to gather information on any military site at will. That will never happen, keep dreaming.
The Shadow Man (9 days ago)
If there will be Bolton there will be war
W. Jop (9 days ago)
Obama did a lot that cannot be fixed in a year.
Count Yorga (9 days ago)
So Trump takes credit for Obama's accomplishments, like reviving the economy by taking it from a crippling recession to the stock market reaching an all time high. However, whatever issues Trump can't handle or deal with, just blame the previous administration. Very childish indeed.
Richard Laub (10 days ago)
Trump caved! Just that simple...he caved.
Savio Corremans (8 days ago)
ParaBiology 101 can't win?? All I saw was a flawless victory!!! And I have a job and a highschool diploma. Rich kids like drump and bush Jr always graduate. Why don't you look up the link between Deutsche bank, Russia and the orange turd. See you at the tribunal where I'll be the JUDGE and you the one who will have to prepare for a life time of butt hurt in prison!
ParaBiology 101 (8 days ago)
Savio Corremans you clearly can’t win the arguments, so instead you resort to personal attacks? So sad. Although it is quite humorous reading you insult my intelligence when you can’t spell words correctly and have worse sentence structure than a 10 year old. Which hood did the Obama Soros Collective hire you in? More money than you ever made before, huh? Soon that money will be cut off and you’ll have to get a real job. Keep riding that gravy train while you can, man. But start preparing your excuses now. What excuses? The excuses you’re going to have to make to your kids when one day you have to explain why you were trying to help the TRAITORS to take down one of the greatest American Presidents in history, instead of helping that President to save the country. Remember I told you this when your eyes are opened at The Tribunals.
ParaBiology 101 (8 days ago)
@Savio Corremans Thank you for memorializing to the rest of the world in a written post just how ignorant you are and how little you know about TRUTH. At least take the time to read his profile on a common source such as Wikipedia before spouting your BULLSHIT here on these forums. President Donald Trump graduated from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, an EXCELLENT school and has written and co-authored several books, including best sellers. Here's a link to his Wikipedia page, why don't you start there and begin educating yourself about real facts and not just what your MSM handlers tell you? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Donald_Trump#Books
Savio Corremans (8 days ago)
ParaBiology 101 hey everyone I'm para boner 102 and I think I'm a ghostbuster or something. I also like humping a surfbord cuz this chinese guy told me so. It was in a book The art of surfbordhumping by Sunny Jet Lee Chan. See you at comic con guuuuys
Savio Corremans (8 days ago)
ParaBiology 101 drump can't even read a tree page report let alone a masterpiece like the Art of War. And you deepfried dipshit? Call yourself a superior genius cuz you looked at a book once. Starting to understand why you like the orange snowflake so much. You're even dumber then him!!! HAHAHAAAHAHAHAAARRRAHAAAAAAAAAAA
Jon Scott (10 days ago)
"My friend" said = sh!t
Feral Vicar (10 days ago)
I just love watching Trump’s tailspin into oblivion. He’s shitting himself over Mueller and raw fear is racing out of his orange asshole.
Bruce Haddow (10 days ago)
Shithead issues an Iran deal ultimatum
Tj Johnson (10 days ago)
Trump is a genius, and no fool; i'm not sure why he did this, but i'm sure he has a good reason, and i support him fully (though i'd love to see him nuke Iran and North Korea back to the stoneage). May Trump and the USA live long and prosper!
lolwhitey pigs (3 days ago)
Tj Johnson N.korea already has nukes smelly lardass yankee... why don't you try an all out nuclear war fare? wiping out all the 350 million muricunts will be the greatest new year gift to the world :P
Tj Johnson (8 days ago)
Count Yorga, Yes, he went bankrupt 3 times.. and became a billionaire again (and president). Mark Twain went bankrupt. Francis Ford Coppola, Walt Disney, Tesla, Henry Ford, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Paine, Rembrandt, Oscar Wilde all went bankrupt at least once. Many geniuses lived in poverty and/or died penniless. Would you please explain how going bankrupt means that Trump not a genius?.. Trump didn't call the entire continent of Africa a shit hole, he was speaking of certain countries in Africa. And I hate to break it to you, but most African countries are shit holes, by any developed country's standards. Africans, on their own, never developed anything close to an advanced civilization. No cities, no agriculture or irrigation, no inventions of any kind, aside from a few musical instruments and primitive weapons. If you look at the ancient ruins around the world, this is a stark contrast to other civilizations and peoples. This is probably because the conditions in Africa have been such that they never had to evolve past the hunter gatherer stage of human evolution. Trump tends towards blunt, perhaps brutal, honesty, but why would you want anything else in a leader? Don't we have enough lying and deception in politics? p.s.  Speaking of honesty, i doubt very much that you will have the character/integrity to admit you are wrong..
Count Yorga (8 days ago)
Trump is such a genius that he went bankrupt 3 times with his rich daddy's money. Trump is such a genius that while China is investing hundreds of billions into Africa for long term, mutual, financial gain, Trump just destroyed any chance American businesses had at landing contracts in Africa by calling a continent with 54 countries a "shithole" What a genius...
M M K (10 days ago)
I hope that stupid trump will cancel the nuclear deal, cuz we will make nukes plus having the middle east's control 😃
Sky Rider88 (10 days ago)
What's is so bad about the deal? And who cares what they spend THEIR Money? Look at all the bullshit we spend on. We need to toss the Israelis aside and go our own way.
Königstiger (10 days ago)
Yun Fu (10 days ago)
lol warn warn warn boring bunch of puss puss
Æyrenanatvatrkhs Eransher (10 days ago)
Fuck trump
Æyrenanatvatrkhs Eransher (10 days ago)
Fuck off
Ashik Jonathan (10 days ago)
Nice tie
zulaykha zoro (10 days ago)
Lie porapaganda shame on u fox .destroying meddleast country for israil .killing divided the people destabilizing & destroying meddl east country supporting Saudi wahhabi terrorist.
ThE BeSt ! (10 days ago)
🚨🛎🚨🛎Trump just got caught cheating on his wife with XXX star Stormy Daniels XXX porn star Stormy Daniels 🚨🛎🚨🛎
Jacob Yonbo (10 days ago)
Trump backed down because Europe was not on his side. I enjoy seeing US getting more and more isolated.
Tj Johnson (1 day ago)
lolwhitey pigs, It's not just about dollar amount; american homeless live in MUCH better conditions from technological society, and the scraps from our trash cans are of better quality, quantity and nutrition than what most of the world's (3rd world) living on. It overwhelmingly better to be penniless and homeless (or even in prison..) in a modern (western) technological society than in "3rd world" conditions, you racist, double-digit IQ, fatherless bastard of a juvenile delinquent FUCKnuckle!
lolwhitey pigs (3 days ago)
Tj Johnson last time I checked murican homeless live on $2 day btw bitch Yankee show stays before you sprout your cunt mouth
Tj Johnson (4 days ago)
Hurt my feelings?! I expose ignorant trolls like you for entertainment! What a typical ignorant, lazy slav.. (i mean how hard is it to actually look this stuff up?!) both your reading comprehension and integrity are abysmal.. You can't admit that i won our little debate regarding the Iran deal and exposed your abject ignorance about Trump ("born into wealth" you stupid fucknuckle?! His father was a COBBLER!) so you straw-man my argument and double-down on your jealous "i hate america" tirade against people who are clearly your betters. Trump didn't call Africa a "shit-hole", and i didn't call China a "third-world shit-hole" (i'd say try re-reading, but since you clearly lack the reading comprehension and have no interest in truth, accuracy, or honesty, i'd be wasting my time..).  China's poverty line is US $1.90 (same as international; compare that with the US poverty line of about 24k/yr...); and that is reflecting about a 60% improvement in the international poverty line, thanks to the US (your welcome, you ungrateful trash..). China's lower-middle class line is US$3.20, their upper-middle class line is US$5.50. America's HOMELESS have a higher standard of living than the vast majority of Africans and Chinese.. Check and mate. I rest my case. (i've got a lot more trolls to slay! lol)
Count Yorga (5 days ago)
WOW, I obviously hit a chord, did I hurt your feelings ? Trump has a high IQ ? Is that why according to experts he has the same vocabulary as a typical grade 8 student ? LOL Africans are violent backwards shitholes ? Are they the ones that attacked Iraq ? Libya ? Vietnam ? The US has been at war 92% of the time since 1776. Are African countries drowning, crippled in 20 trillion dollars worth of debt, mostly war debt, instead of spending that money on infrastructure ? health care, education ? When was the last time Iran attacked another country, last time I checked it was 300 years ago dumb ass. You're obviously an idiot if you think China is a third world shithole because in terms of infrastructure, health care, education, they're light years ahead of America. Poverty in countries like China is decreasing while in America poverty is on the rise and the only thing Trump is doing is making the rich (his friends and family) richer while leaving the poor and working class out in the cold. He loves POORLY EDUCATED, he said it himself, because they're so easy to manipulate. The truth is that Trump is a self interested business man who was born into wealth and cares about nothing more than making himself as rich as possible at the expense of anyone, any country. You keep calling China and Africa shitholes while they develop and surge ahead, while the standard of living continues to plummet in America thanks to warmongering and greed, which Trump epitomizes. I'm sorry I burst your bubble and I'm sorry I hurt your feelings, but in the end the truth is higher than you and Trumps cult of personality made up of the "poorly educated" LOL
Tj Johnson (5 days ago)
Count Yorga, Sorry expose you for the ignoramus you are (no i'm not), but Trump has a 153 IQ..  He did NOT call the "entire continent of Africa" a shithole; he referred to certain countries in Africa as "shit-holes". And i hate to break it to you (you fucking ignorant double-digit IQ), but most countries in Africa ARE backwards, violent, corrupt SHIT-HOLES.  Oh sure, the whole world is falling all over itself to "do business" with the thriving and advanced technological civilization that is Africa. Other than ample resources and tourism , there is NOTHING that the Africa has to offer the world. America, and many countries, have been trying to help them for more than 40 years, but there's not much you can do for a people who never progressed past the hunter-gatherer stage of human development, and subsequently have an average 70 IQ; let that sink in.. 70 IQ or below is mentally retarded.. and that is the AVERAGE..  Russians will arm, do "business" with, and support ANY backwards psychopathic violent country that hates America and wants to destroy it; they need to pull their heads out of their cold-war asses and start behaving responsibly if they want ANY respect or influence in the world. The Europeans, unfortunately, behave like brain-dead, cowardly sheep who are letting African and Arab-muslim immigrants destroy their cultures and economies; like sheep, they followed America/Obama into that abortion of a "deal", and they will follow us out of it. China is the epitome of self-interest, they know who butters their bread (what would they do if they couldn't copy/steal American technology..), they are still struggling to transform most of their country from a 3rd world shit-hole, they are absolutely dependent on the money/trade we've been giving them, and on top of that they know what a danger to them and the world it would be to allow a backwards, psychopathic, death-cult regime hell-bent on middle-east and global domination to acquire the WW3 starting nuclear weapons that are the sole goal of Iran's nuclear program.  You clearly know SHIT about the US or world events, and you should stick to surfing the porn sites.
OH Yeh! (10 days ago)
President Trump is amazing 🇺🇸🇺🇸
Count Yorga (9 days ago)
He's a true shithole type of president
King Ding A Ling (10 days ago)
Count Yorga (8 days ago)
Octavus5 (10 days ago)
Fleitz, another Israel firster loon.
ParaBiology 101 (10 days ago)
May GOD Bless our President Donald Braveheart Trump!!! 🇺🇸
Slavic Vibes (8 days ago)
ParaBiology 101, О боже.
Savio Corremans (8 days ago)
ParaBiology 101 man keep representing. You're funny as fuck with your 'alternate facts'. LMFAO
ParaBiology 101 (8 days ago)
Savio Corremans I truly pity you. It must really suck going through life as such an ignorant vitriolic loser who is so brainwashed he thinks good is evil and evil is good. Under Obama jobs flowed out of this country like rats fleeing from a sinking ship and trade deficits grew ever greater. Under Obama we were told we’d never see 3% GDP growth again - and if President Trump hadn’t killed the TPP with Asia that would have been an accurate prediction. Instead, GDP has **passed** 3%, and is continuing to climb. It is likely the US will actually reach 4% by next year, and likely 5% by the end of his first term in Office. And things are going to get even BETTER in Trump’s SECOND TERM! 🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸
Savio Corremans (8 days ago)
ParaBiology 101 now I know why you like sci-fi. Everything you just claimed is either half true or a lie #FAKENEWS #SAD Jobs returning started under president OBAMA. Get your stinking head out of your AIDS infested shit hole. People like you are the shit stain on the American flag after donald turd whiped his gigantic ass with it!!!! In the mean time...GO FUCK YOURSELF
ParaBiology 101 (8 days ago)
Savio Corremans you do nothing but spout LIES. You are so full of 💩 and brainwashed by MSM you don’t even know your head from your ass. PRESIDENT Donald Trump has reduced taxes, lowered unemployment, brought in conservative judges like Neil Gorsuch, brought American companies back from abroad, got USA out the disastrous (and completely bogus) Paris Climate Accord, he has been having thousands of MS 13 gang members deported, has unshackled the police and justice department to pursue pedophiles, and has exposed the no-longer-conspiracy-theory DeepState and their (FBI, DOJ, DNC, Obama, Clinton, DeepState) REAL collusion with Russia to provide the FAKE Trump pee pee dossier, SELL 20% OF US URANIUM, and overthrow a democratically held election! WAKE UP DIPSHIT
Mike R. (10 days ago)
The great negotiator...who has managed to bungle every negotiation he had entered into.
Joe Dodge (9 days ago)
Correct, but Fox News will say otherwise. Therefore, according to them, youarefakenews dot dot dot
Old Chicago (10 days ago)
Trump is smart, he just gave Iran a rope to hang themselves.
Alex %oool (6 days ago)
Iran will just ignore the trump bullshit.Art of deal... What a load of bullshit. If trump brakes deal then Iran will built the nuke in one year. Trump can go ahead and do whatever he want.At the end Iran wins...
ParaBiology 101 (8 days ago)
Old Chicago Trump is a GENIUS who literally wrote the book about philosophy from “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu being applied to business. You’re exactly right, Trump gave Iran a rope for them to hang themselves!
Count Yorga (9 days ago)
Quite the opposite. The Europeans, Chinese and Russians will simply ignore Trump and his irrational, mad man demands and go on with their day. Trump is again setting himself up to be embarrassed when no one goes along with his dumb demands.
Animal Lover an Nature too (10 days ago)
Video Archives (10 days ago)
Fuck the U.S. military industrial complex
Ta-mater (10 days ago)
President Trump is awesome! I support my President 100%! I pray for God to bless my President daily!
The best egg is a runny egg!!! (8 days ago)
How so? How many drafts did he dodge?
ParaBiology 101 (8 days ago)
Count Yorga President Trump is a fucking HERO!
Count Yorga (9 days ago)
Trump is a shithole type of president
َMamad Mard Azad (10 days ago)
says the libtard hitllary supporter
َMamad Mard Azad (10 days ago)
His speeches are horrible but HIS ACTIONS ARE LEGENDARY !! GO TRUMP #Cantstopthestrump
TobaccoRowe (10 days ago)
Congress in there for one reason and only one reason Insider Trading
Its Just Me (10 days ago)
I will never understand why it doesn't sink in anyone's heads that Iran and N. Korea are allied in nuclear weapons development (including ballistic missiles etc.). To go after N. Korea is to go after Iran. To go after the Iran Deal is to go after N. Korea. You can't separate the two. You can tackle one at a time but all you're doing is avoiding the inevitable. To go after N. Korea is to go after Iran and to go after Iran is to go after Russia as why Russians built the nuclear arsenal (and ballistic missiles etc.) that N. Korea has to transfer to Iran. You guys are so out of date on your information. The whole intent of the Iran Deal was to allow Iran to build nuclear weapons with simply the request not to. Everything they need to build them is a request not to and it is aimed at allowing then to do it lawfully in the future. They made a "Deal" that claims it is stopping nuclear development when in reality it is the direct opposite. But then again, Americans are the ones who can't get a clue that Jade Helm was America's classified nuclear EMP response and it literally translates to Iran as Green Light Go in the Direction of this Ship to Dark Days. You wouldn't know what a terrorist was if it smacked you in the face.
َMamad Mard Azad (5 days ago)
Its not a theory if it is true you know
Tj Johnson (6 days ago)
Its Just Me A lot of these crazy theories are actually disseminated deliberately to try to discredit true conspiracy theories, which NASA and the CIA desperately don't want you to know about, for obvious reasons. Pay no mind to the flat earth nonsense.  Live long and prosper!
َMamad Mard Azad (8 days ago)
Count Yorga (9 days ago)
According to the IAEA and UN, Iran is fully complying with the terms of the nuclear deal. Trumps entire logic on Iran's nuclear activities is flawed and frankly irrational. At one point he stated that Iran could be cheating by allowing North Korea to conduct the nuclear research for them, but if that's the case, then that would mean that Iran has no intention of developing nuclear weapons on their own soil, so in essence Trump admitted that Iran is complying with the deal, yet now he wants to impose terms that he knows neither Iran, nor China, nor Russia, nor Europe, will agree with ? In the end, Trump is only going to isolate and embarrass himself since no one will pay attention to this mad man demands.
َMamad Mard Azad (10 days ago)
Nevertheless nukes and bombs can't feed the people, So both countries are on the wrong, Also the leader of Islamic republic visited north korea ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlt2kG2ULpQ
Trev S (10 days ago)
Israel at work again - why pick a fight with Persians
Trev S (3 days ago)
TJ the Arab population of Iran is less than 3%
lolwhitey pigs (3 days ago)
Tj Johnson pig skinned yank mutt Persia is the alternate name for Iran. now go die of diabetes will ya?
Tj Johnson (6 days ago)
Trev S, They are not Persians; the arab-muslim trash destroys every culture and civilization they conquer.
Trev S (8 days ago)
You right Iran is not stupid
obicapa (8 days ago)
Trev S Iran is not stupied you stupied keyboard troll go clean up your room.
Herman Adnan (10 days ago)
Show them Your POWER, the Ultimate one!
Slavic Vibes (10 days ago)
Does anyone think it's time someone finally put an ultimatum to the USA?
Slavic Vibes (6 days ago)
I'm half-Italian, half-Bulgarian. I'm no Russian. But ask yourself why I turned to Russia. Yes, I turned to Russia. Because I saw the truth.
Slavic Vibes (6 days ago)
Thanks for your full answer. You are so right, but also dead wrong. You being 50 doesn't mean a thing. 1. When was the last time Iran attacked/invaded anyone? If my memories are not lying to me, Iraq and Saddam were the ones that invaded Iran a few years back! 2. Do you really trust a billionaire that got his money in a very shady way? How do you get so rich just by repairing shoes? Yeah, Drumpf's father or grandpap or something was a cobbler. He did shoes for a living. 3. I'm not a Hillary supporter. I love guns and knives and I support the NRA. I donate money to pro-Gun and pro-Knife organizations. 4. Trump did exactly what to make the US a better place? He did what? Homeless have been living on the sidewalks all over LA, Detroit is one big slum, New York is a terrorist target, Dallas is a cartel meeting point and Miami is the Haitian gangs' favorite partying place. 5. All the wars in the Middle East were fueled by the US. Then the US Government and proxy corporations establish a network that use for their advantage. 6. How ISIS got thousands of brand new Toyotas and AR15 rifles? They also have Multicam Proppers and Mechanix gloves. The same Multicam Proppers and Mechanix gloves were found on the dead bodies of Ukrainian mercs in Donetsk. Open your eyes, man. Don't be a sheep.
Tj Johnson (6 days ago)
Slavic Vibes, You deserve an answer to the hostility question. I can't remember who said that the only difference between Russian media and American media is that the Russian people KNOW their media is censored and full of propaganda, while Americans wallow in naive ignorance. Well judging by the world's reaction to Trump's presidency, i think our US propaganda works better on people from other countries than it does on us. If anything, we should be using what the "mainstream media" is saying as a reverse barometer, and know that the truth is likely the exact opposite.  I'm 50 years old, and i've been watching the globalist capitalist/fascist banking conspiracy or "New World Order" assassinate our great leaders, stage black flag operations, enslave our people with the unconstitutional "income tax", get every nation in debt to the central banks, and doing its best to corrupt and subvert our government, public institutions, and bill of rights. They seek to privatize everything, from prison to healthcare (our healthcare system is the 3rd leading cause of accidental death, 6th leading cause of death overall). They've been systematically trying to dismantle our bill of rights, suppressing technology that could transform the world... i could on and on. So when we FINALLY have a president who tells the truth, keeps his promises, and can't be bought, i see it as the best hope not only for the US, but the rest of the world (they almost crashed the entire world economy, and only one country had the sense and courage to put some of them in jail).  So i have ZERO tolerance for any fools who jump on the mainstream media bandwagon to condemn Trump, and i will absolutely unleash my anger, contempt, insults, or whatever it takes to either shut them up or wake them up.  If Iran, or any of these other backwards, inbred, psychopathic, fundamentalist arab-muslim terrorists get nuclear weapons, they will not hesitate to use them. Iran wants to unite first the middle east under its rule, then the world, as they believe is their right and destiny ordained by allah, and they don't care how many infidels they have to murder to do it.  For the record, i love and admire Russians; you've done great things for this world. I also know that the bad driving videos are not representative of the vast majority of Russians, and i apologize for that; it was a cheap shot.  Live long and prosper!
Slavic Vibes (7 days ago)
Джонсан, they said it... Divide and conquer. It's easy to grab it all when people are divided.
Tj Johnson (7 days ago)
We are brothers; it's time we start acting like it. Live long and prosper!
Diane Merwin (10 days ago)
Iran has been Exposed 💣
Count Yorga (9 days ago)
Trump is only embarrassing himself more and more as time passes. He thinks he can succeed in international politics the same way he succeeded in setting up casinos and cabarets in the real estate business by using heavy handed, bully tactics, with help from the mafia. However in reality, it won't work.
Samantha W (9 days ago)
Diane Merwin So has your ass of a president.......enjoy.
The Shadow Man (9 days ago)
Diane Merwin So what has been exposed ?
Robert Fields (10 days ago)
There should have never been a deal to begin with. Both the traitorous right and the disgusting left need to leave Iran alone.
Count Yorga (8 days ago)
Without a deal Iran would have been where North Korea is today.
Sell Fish Family (10 days ago)
What a mess Obama left behind! Why Did he hate America so much?
Count Yorga (9 days ago)
َMamad Mard Azad (10 days ago)
Yes, obama thinks there is no higher power then him, yet he never toke any actions agains the alarming rise of the radicalist muslims in the middle east and just let it happen (yes he killed ben ladden but what about isis ? what about the nuclear deal? do you think the people of iran give a shit about going nuclear? all they wanted was for the paymets to be rolled into the goverments wallet for better budgets !! for better life spendings yet... here we are at the EGG wars and protests in iran which 3500 iranians are in prisons (god knows where which makes me scared for them) and more then 20 dead in the streets !! Someone Said : DEATH TO HE DICTATOR!! and the sepah just shot him on sight !!! they are torturing and killing unarmed civilians for the sake of them speacking up !!
َMamad Mard Azad (10 days ago)
Truth be told, Trump is horrible at his speeches and that is why the media keeps on chasing him everywhere, However, His Actions Are LEGENDARY !! He TAKES RISKS ! And most importantly, He Cares ! Even if he doesnt sound like it but Actions do Speak LOUDER THEN WORDS !! he cares about people enough to build a wall denying cartel and drug dealing murderers (not all Spanish people) ! he cared enough to ban Muslims when he saw people getting beheaded and bombed and ran over in Europe (not all muslims) !
Its Just Me (10 days ago)
Mr Awesome To be politically correct, I believe the way you say it is he is a radical Islamicist who not only supports extremism but believes he is the God or Allah of radical Islam.
Its Just Me (10 days ago)
Mr Awesome Dude, look.. my political beliefs have nothing to do with me thinking you're an idiot. I just think you're an idiot. And you can watch Obama calling Christians "radicals" which means terrorists and him saying he's Muslim. He also refers to himself as God in some speeches. The man is a Muslim but he's not just a Muslim. He believes he is Allah. He blashpemies Allah and places himself above Allah. I know a lot of things but I'm not wasting my breath on you. Have a good life. Don't let the door to Hell hit you in the a** on the way out.
Mr Awesome (10 days ago)
US = real terrorists
The British Empire (8 days ago)
Count Yorga Hahaha You don't know one or two. Over the past 100 years, more than 200 million people have died from communism. The British Empire is an angel. The British Empire provided infrastructure in the wild India. And The British Empire has contributed numerous times to mankind. Even the electricity you're using ;-)
The British Empire (8 days ago)
X Who Kiss my ass ;-)
X Who (8 days ago)
+The British Empire Britttishhh empire? you a fuckin nigga and arab muzlim colony raping and fucking your women...
Count Yorga (9 days ago)
The British Empire - Hey imbecile, snap out of your stupid delusion. Under British colonial rule, tens of millions if not hundreds of millions died in occupied India from starvation while Britain fattened its pockets with India's resources. That's just one example of the genocide committed by Britain and the west. The US was build on the genocide of the red Indian man and on slave labor from blacks who were imported from Africa and forced into slavery. Communism may have had its flaws, mostly having to do with forced collectivization, but at least their mistakes were short lived and they moved on from them, whereas the west, mostly America, is still conducting neo colonialist policies across the world to this day.
The British Empire (10 days ago)
Æyrenanatvatrkhs Eransher I already ate your brother and father's asshole it was a really big hole :) They said our part-time job is selling asshole hahaha I'll fuck them again 😝
Patrick Denham (10 days ago)
Obama did nothing but give them money in 8 years you can not expect Trump to fix it in one year.
Abbas Abbasi (5 days ago)
jews are not human indivduals , jres are dangerous parasite
Tj Johnson (6 days ago)
Abbas Abbasi, Psychological projection is an ugly thing.. everything you say about jews is actually true of you and your scum-of-the-earth arab-muslim kind. Jews are the most intelligent and ethical people on the planet.
Tj Johnson (6 days ago)
Abbas Abbasi, Spoken like a backward, inbred, first cousin marrying, pedophilic, sociopathic arab-muslim. You are the shame of the human race.
Tj Johnson (6 days ago)
Mamad Mard Azad, Well said, brother! Live long and prosper!
Abbas Abbasi (8 days ago)
camel is a very useful animal, whoever Exil iranian working against own country , persian speaking american, israeli are a insercts you have no moral, no honoer you are only a marionette. yozu are a piece of sh.t
David Honey (10 days ago)
Thank you 😊 President Trump
Count Yorga (9 days ago)
Trump's presidency is a shithole
َMamad Mard Azad (10 days ago)
That is a true point of criticism for America being the soldja boy of the nations however the threat of the islamic republic (radicalist islamic dictatorship) is real to the world, since the regime is prioritizing on rocket scince and nuclear reactors whilst supporting proxy warfare in the region and as always ignoring the common man of the lest requirements of living and forbidding the lest freedom of market, social life and even freedom of speech !and if you got a probleom, you can taste the khalifs flogging... WE NEED DEMOCRACY AND MERICA; AND WE NEED THEM NOW !!
Colin Farrell (10 days ago)
َMamad Mard Azad the world supports iran.....america calls iran a threat to the world and supports terrorism.... That's hilarious since America is the only one invading countries on their fake war on terror .funding and trading terrorists which America calls modert rebels. ....ye have killed more innocent civilians and kids abroad than any other country in past 17yrs...iran isn't doing this....ye are....iran isn't evil...ye are...the world sees this and ye poor deluded america citizens be live everything your government or news media tells you.....america is a threat to the world and the world is taking none of it's shit anymore...
َMamad Mard Azad (10 days ago)
And if you are not pleased with my vision, I hope you will enjoy the Islamic republic of Radiclised islam for taking over the world (they wont but only implement sevire damage to the world) As a better ultimatiom.
َMamad Mard Azad (10 days ago)
Also get the corrupt officials instead of letting them go free to their own mansions
My name is Jeff (10 days ago)
Smart move made by Trump. #Draintheswamp
Count Yorga (9 days ago)
It's actually a very DUMB move, since Europe, Russia, China, India and the entire world is just going to ignore his looney toon demands and go on with their day. In a matter of a few months Trump has managed to completely destroy America's image on the world stage, or wtv was left of it anyway. Decades worth of diplomacy and soft power have now been flushed down the toilet by Trump with a few tweets.
Kosh 963 (10 days ago)
That's the Flushing sound of America...
Corey Lemonier (10 days ago)
Mike B lol if you know anything you know it was Iran’s money.... second you should know this deal prohibits them from making nuclear arms. That’s why trump didn’t take it away
Quick Review (10 days ago)
Obama put 300 million dollars in cash and sent it to Iran. What's your deal?
Corey Lemonier (10 days ago)
USA First are you joking. He bashes the Iran deal over and over. Than he let’s still be implemented..... what a racist joke
caligirl (10 days ago)
Oh, John Bolton couldn't change President's mind? hahahaha
Lisa Cheney (10 days ago)
America is doomed.
Game Bred Duramax (10 days ago)
So we know Iran spends the $ America gives them on terrorism, so why again is there a negotiation taking place in the 1st place. THE DEALS OFF !
Count Yorga (7 days ago)
Game Bred Duramax - Spoken like a true victim of zionist propaganda faggot
Game Bred Duramax (8 days ago)
Count Yorga spoken like a true muzzrat
Count Yorga (9 days ago)
spoken like a true Trumptard lol
َMamad Mard Azad (10 days ago)
Because of the retarded E.U Whom are destroying their own country