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2012 Talladega Cup Live Reactions

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Adam Garcia (10 months ago)
Underrated race
Justin Tucker (3 years ago)
Justin Tucker
lightingdalejr88 fan (3 years ago)
why Biffle!!👺👹😈😠😤😡
Grilmour (7 years ago)
I was rooting for Kurt because he was driving Ricky Bobby's pait scheme, and talladega nights is my favorite movie.
BuschWhacker Reviews (7 years ago)
this race sucked logano couldnt catch a break
Monkeyball480 (7 years ago)
Lmao +1
Alta (7 years ago)
Bad Luck Busch: Let off to get the slingshot around Keselowski. Nobody around you to help you with said slingshot.
Monkeyball480 (7 years ago)
At the end you could.
JonathanCuevas1997 (7 years ago)
Can't even hear myself -.-"
Monkeyball480 (7 years ago)
Pretty much what Mushroomhead said, but yes. I am the smartest :3
Mushroomhead38 (7 years ago)
Pro-Is All Professional Me- I cheer for Underfunded's Nas- Just screams :P
toeknee (7 years ago)
Why does it seem like you're smartest out of all of them?