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Authorities Respond To Shooting At Florida High School | CNBC

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The Broward County Sheriff's Office in Florida is responding to reports of a shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Find CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC Authorities Respond To Shooting At Florida High School | CNBC
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Text Comments (391)
The Gacha Sisters (7 days ago)
This is due to bullying It won't stop it constantly continues so this is a cruel world. Almost a year ago I was close to the Santa Fe shooting I was at Alvin Elementary school now I am at Alvin Jr. high and omg there is a whole bunch of bullying so I am taking a big risk if something happens
bishop2355 (1 month ago)
Did we ever find out what those "swat officers" were carrying out of the building and placing in the bed of the truck at 7:12? Also, why does the news camera / reporter decide to go off mic and no longer film the "swat officers"?
Isobel Mcmullen (4 months ago)
Who lives in the uk
Joseph S (8 months ago)
Police State????
212 View (8 months ago)
does anyone know what time this footage starts?
Remy Zero (9 months ago)
Carolyn H. Rader 11 seconds ago 6:35 Watch for white or silver truck driving parallel to school towards bottom of screen, then it drives up to the left side of building, quickly turns to back towards the side entrance and 4 men come out carrying a black bag.
Remy Zero (8 months ago)
James Jack (9 months ago)
44:42 SANDY HOOK SOUND TRACK ! Cheap skates !
James Jack (9 months ago)
The sound at the beginning, it's the SANDY HOOK fake helicopter sound, the very same EXACT SOUND, the phony fake show, #FakeNEWS at its best, TREASON !
zeppefan (9 months ago)
Responded those kids to death.
zeppefan (9 months ago)
They sure did!!!
Mia Hh (9 months ago)
A 13 year old is turned down when trying to buy alcohol, cigarettes, and a lottery ticket... but can legally buy a gun . So here , you can’t have a beer but you can have an AK-47 instead !!
pb48711 (9 months ago)
CBS completely missed the truth here. It was the Coral Springs Police Department that stormed this school while Broward Sheriffs remained outside the building. BSO was there when neighboring police dept Coral Springs arrived and went in while 4 officers stayed outside safe behind their cruisers.
bohdi satva (9 months ago)
fake shooting nobody died
Cody Moore (9 months ago)
Hey everyone pray for Florida cause that shooting is bad and some of them is dead and some of them is injured
Maurice Malone (9 months ago)
It’s all garbage nothing but a drill
Moment Of Faith (9 months ago)
Here is a short video of students saying they were told it would be a drill with police shooting blanks --- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1VdRSXA0BM
Danny Lee (9 months ago)
Hey seeing this make me sick fbi no everything about that boy y did they not stop him
Rich Poythress (9 months ago)
They did the same thing with the leaked emails.
Infinite Games (9 months ago)
This happened the day after my birthday I was born on february 13 and this happened on February 14
JH211309 (7 months ago)
Mick Funny (9 months ago)
Anthony _r do you go to the school?
Brenda Car Girl (9 months ago)
lifes good (9 months ago)
Hmmm...another play
Rich Poythress (9 months ago)
With common core dumbing down your children and big pharma stuffing Ritalin down their throats. Laws in place that make schools open season for false flag attacks. Public schools are indoctrination centers, teaching your children that they must respect and fear the ruling class...It is time to take your children out of public school!
John Jauregui (9 months ago)
It's becoming clear that anyone reported to the FBI as a potential behavioral problem is then programmed by the Deep State as a patsy (fall guy) for some future false flag. Get your kids out of schools which participate in these drills. Students report multiple shooters.​ ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g67mCOP75sk​ ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5rl366Z6b8​ ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ILyE_QWjw0 *THE ICEBERG: Just like ​JFK & ​9/11-> patsy identified immediately, missed tips, ​real shooting integrated with ​drills and exercises, unarmed victims under control of the authorities in gun-free zones, etc. etc. ("droned" transportation systems) Check out System Planning Corporation's (SPC) Flight Termination System (FTS) which uses the IFF antenna, circuit and electronic flight control systems to take control of passenger aircraft remotely from outside the aircraft, usually from another aircraft in the area via either UHF or satellite communication channels. This system was ostensibly developed to remotely take control of hijacked aircraft, fly them to a safe airport and land them, thus saving the passengers. The system has NEVER been used for this purpose. [NEVER] Instead FTS has been used to enable IC covert flight ops. When Q says 7 out of 10 aircraft smoking holes are due to covert ops, THIS is what he's talking about. ALL, I repeat ALL, US passenger aircraft are configured with the FTS or Boeing's [Flight Interruption Sys] alternative in accordance with George Bush's 2006 EO mandating all US passenger aircraft be configured with this modern safety (sic) miracle. It's is estimated that 10,000 heavy aircraft worldwide have been "droned" in this fashion. ANY or ALL of these aircraft can be commandeered by either the CLOWNs or MOSSAD anywhere at anytime. On 9/11 one of the many classified national security exercises did precisely that with Flights 11, 175, 93 and 77, and recovered them at Westover AFB in Massachusetts. Reservists who were called up and reported to Westover were put up in hotels outside the fence because the base had been secured for that classified op. What most of the flight crews and passengers didn't know and were not told was that the script called for their demise. That was accomplished with hydrogen cyanide canisters tossed into the cabin and the hatches closed. MOSSAD handlers, not Muslims hijackers, executed the entire op so Americans didn't have to dispatch Americans. In return for there participation Israel received the assistance of hundreds of thousands of young Americans and trillions of taxpayer's dollars of military aid to make Oded Yinon (Greater Israel) a reality.​ The goal is to Balkanized (destabilize and partition) states immediately adjacent to Israel.​ FTS, now called Boeing's flight interruption system, was used to take control of MH-370, increase it's altitude to 45,000 feet, fail the passenger and crew emergency oxygen system, dump cabin air to ambient, which suffocated all souls on board. It was then flown to Diego Garcia and landed. Again, this was the MOSSAD working hand-in-glove with the CLOWNs. Robert Mueller [and subsequent FBI Director​ Comey​] covered-up all this as the Director of the FBI. Supporting Evidence: **https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEKNQymQ4pY** **https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kg7Qt4bV0B8&t=5s** ​ ​**https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUbTe50UUgM&bpctr=1517685615** **https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UwzteZ7mUyU&t=56s​** Do you think you, your family and Air Force One might be at risk today? What caused the Russian airliner carrying Uranium One executives crash just after takeoff. Why would an Israeli Dolphin class submarine launch nukes at Hawaii and Japan? Why is Israel now attacking Syria on a daily basis? Could it have something to do with the Deep State's plan to start WWIII sooner rather than later?*
Rich Poythress (9 months ago)
And remember what George Carlin said. No one seems to notice.... no one seems to care..... Hard working good honest people....and don't look for it to change because to ruling glass want it this way.
Aejah H. (9 months ago)
Im still trying to figure it how he got the gun in the school...I’m guessing this school doesn’t have security guards that check students and their bags as they enter the building or metal detectors
Michael M (9 months ago)
At our school we have a active shooter program flee barracade and fight. They recently tested the program with a active shooter from the police department they picked the wrong part of the school to come into the Ag department. Apparently he came in shooting the dummy rounds and by the time he entered the first classroom it was barracaded and when he broke thru he was met with books staplers and a hole punch not to mention the best thing some kid threw his desk knocking him unconcious even with his protective gear. He wasnt even able to discharge his weapon in the room. The training rifle was ruined and the officers behind him had to get the kids off yelling its not real. This shows what preparing the school for a terrible situation like this can do.
Chelsea Rivera (9 months ago)
Just wondering where is the principal to this school? How come he hasn’t come forward to talk yet?
Anticreepypasta Family (9 months ago)
Best valintines day ever I have no soul I dont feel sad I just feel pisst off at the shooter
Devin and Daisy (9 months ago)
omg I feel bad for these ppl I hope ppl stay safe to driving to FL, like really why some dumb shoot all inno the ppl that died which is offfically sad and emotional
Soo Jadzoh (9 months ago)
Melanie Rojas (9 months ago)
Poor teenagers
Enalpekaf News (9 months ago)
More Fake News! Whats your Agenda this time!
Big Pun (9 months ago)
Thank you law enforcement and ems for responding so fast and saving so many lives and catching this sick murderer.
Allen (9 months ago)
Am I missing something here to the video? Why am I haveing to hear that awful ringing sound?
Jacky (9 months ago)
Thoughts and prayers go out to the 17 students and their families 🙏❤️😔, R.I.P
William Turner (10 months ago)
The making and owning of guns could be made illegal tomorrow and there will still be enough guns already to last 200 years.
Monaka (10 months ago)
Ironic how the suspect mentioned that he'd rather not attend school that day; least this ignorant being will be brought to justice for those who've passed on. May God bless the families for such a heartbreaking day.
theKFCbandit (10 months ago)
Funny how the shooter himself is the last person to blame. It’s always Trump, guns, and white people in general who are somehow at fault
Yeshua (10 months ago)
We're told constantly Muslims extremist are the #1 threat but It's always another white guy shooting up churches, schools and country music concerts etc.
YouTube Troll (10 months ago)
What a coincidence. They just so happened to be having an “active shooter drill” just like so many of the recent so called mass shootings. I can’t believe so many still fall for this crap
Sowavy Taae (10 months ago)
Dm on instagram @imtaae for all the video footage inside the buildings warning viewer discretion is advised dead bodies are shown
Yahir Gonzalez (10 months ago)
Sending prayers
Zal Moxis (10 months ago)
Another phoney fake show to manipulate the stupid masses into submission.... if you believe this really went down at all... you deserve all you get people.... You're being hoaxed once more...
Cheyenne Akins (10 months ago)
My friend has a friend who was shot 3 times yesterday. I can’t even comprehend how someone could do such a horrific act!
Rich Poythress (9 months ago)
psychiatric medications... cops are on these also... they killed 1200 unarmed american's last year..... there is a pattern here
Mia Hh (10 months ago)
I am so grateful to live in England you poor people having to live in fear just when going to school
Mia Hh (9 months ago)
Janusz Dworak but also .. why are you saying fake??
Mia Hh (9 months ago)
Janusz Dworak as I have said before I am talking about school
Janusz Dworak (9 months ago)
England? You just had the fake shooting in Manchester and two fake "car attacks" (Westminster Bridge, London Bridge). You are not far behind us in the hoaxaton.
Mia Hh (9 months ago)
marc dewey I’m mostly talking about gun violence at school , I don’t have to worry about it
marc dewey (9 months ago)
Really?and I hear the criminals in your country are happy you can't have guns because it makes their job easier.
Jesus Cisneros (10 months ago)
Crazy out of his mind why killed innocent people...
Jesus Cisneros (10 months ago)
God bless y'all.
Allahu Akbar (10 months ago)
No thanks. I think I’ll just skip my Florida vacation this Sunday.
Mother Brain (10 months ago)
The kid couldve gone in there with a chainsaw and killed.. 1 or 17 victims is still an outrage.. are we gonna ban gardening tools now?.. the real problem is the common denominater people.
khan salim (10 months ago)
Come to India and see how worst lives we are leading here in the small rooms suitable for dogs..then why these beautiful people having such a first class luxurious lives are driven towards such heinous crime...such a nice place to be...what prompts them to do it...
Rich Poythress (9 months ago)
psychiatric medications... cops are on these also... they killed 1200 unarmed american's last year..... there is a pattern here
Nacht Krokodil (10 months ago)
Looks like another fake shooting. 17 people dead, there must be hundreds injured. Where are hundreds of ambulances and paramedics. Same thing as allways, armed cops in military gear standing around doing nothing. No urgency, even the ambulance at the end is in no hurry while cop cars as usual block the exit.
redneck rebel (10 months ago)
Funny all kids have there hands up and searching all the kids backpack strange
Janusz Dworak (9 months ago)
It was like Nazi Germany. The only terrorists I see here is the police.
redneck rebel (10 months ago)
Amelia Clegg he did walk out right pass the cops oh ya no gun. Then arrested with gun don't it sound strange. Another school having drill and shooting at same time sound strange. Don't forget the kid also has mental problems.
Amelia Clegg (10 months ago)
redneck rebel gunman tried to escape among the students being evacuated
SunSon29 (9 months ago)
I feel like USA is the most dangerous developed country in this world now.
Swind Pendulum (9 months ago)
The Patient Liberal One is deranged and the other one wants to impose his/her religious beliefs. Both are crazy but a Muslim represent 1.2 billion of same kind. It is like dying from a bullet or dying from an atomic bomb, that's the difference. The ratio of destruction is not the same.
The Patient Liberal (9 months ago)
Yes, there is no conceivable way a white person could do such a heinous crime. I'd love to see your reaction if it was a Muslim who did the shooting. I'm sure you're scepticism would be exactly the same.
Janusz Dworak (9 months ago)
USA is the safest country in the world. This "shooting" is fake like Sandy Hook.
lil sxpreme (10 months ago)
Daniel Gerber (10 months ago)
What is wrong with these kids nowadays. Jesus is coming soon because this world is out of control and dangerous then ever
Janusz Dworak (9 months ago)
The name of the shooter was Jesus. But don't worry it was all fake.
Abraham Lincoln (10 months ago)
What's the difference between people killed by suicide bombs in Afghanistan,a third world nation and people being killedby the dozens like this in the US, the "greatest nation on earth"?
optimine (10 months ago)
This was only a drill. It was a drill passed off as a real shooting, in order to help the police state, among other narratives. It was as fake as a plastic fish.
Maura Tangney (6 months ago)
Hmm maybe that I go to school there and maybe because my best friends brother was shot in the back and nearly died MAYBE because I had to go to my best friends funeral maybe because each and every one of the victims family have a missing seat at the dinner table. I get it it’s hard to believe how could this happen in America but it did and people are still morning and it continues to happens I am sorry but you can not fake 17 deaths and 22 School shooting in 5 months
optimine (7 months ago)
I am very much aware of what I said, and stick by those words.  Please offer us any details as to why I am apparent incorrect, because I am not.
Maura Tangney (7 months ago)
optimine I Am sorry but did you go to To your best friends funeral cause I did. Make sure you fact check before you comment crap but thank you anyways this was real they stepped over the dead bodies
Ty Hopke (10 months ago)
lol just chuckin em in the back of the old pickup truck huh anyone notice when he was shooting inside the camera was close enough to here the slide working but the bullets dont hit anything and the casings make no noise hitting the concrete? that isnt possible
Mario Cerata (10 months ago)
For everyone making a joke out of this or saying it’s fake, you have no soul and shouldn’t have a place in this world
Janusz Dworak (9 months ago)
It is fake.
microtechmachineshop (9 months ago)
You mad bro?
Max Freedom (10 months ago)
Nearly everything on TV is FAKE. Especially the NEWS.
Greg Rohs (10 months ago)
Max Freedom the ax I want to bury in your spine is quite real.
Chris Mystic (10 months ago)
Another mentally ill white kid shooting up a school. 17 kids... what a shame.
wayne gordon (10 months ago)
next tasty bites with belky.
Dragan Medakovic (10 months ago)
i noticed these shootings usually happen in gun-free zones , such as schools. Either assign a couple of heavily armed police officers to each school , or give teachers some guns. If someone in that school had a gun , this maniac would be killed. This way it's not a fair game.
Remy Zero (9 months ago)
like the SECURITY GUARD ???!!!!!
Jose Garcia (10 months ago)
my big brother went to school today and he died from the shooting 😭
prettynpink bh5 (10 months ago)
If this is true, I am truly so sorry for your loss.
Action Jeezus! (10 months ago)
Jose Garcia If that is true then I am so terribly sorry for you, what a horrible and tragic thing this is
Darin Kauffman (10 months ago)
Clue in everybody.... you take God and Prayers out of schools equals the Devil having his way.....Get back to Christ....We didnt come from monkeys....
Thomas Clark (10 months ago)
They want religion out of schools until Santa and the Easter bunny come to town.
Emilio Mendez (10 months ago)
i guess someone hates valentine’s day
Slizz Tv 2 (9 months ago)
Emilio Mendez that was funny but stupid at the same time
Underrated 77 (10 months ago)
Whats wrong with these kids today? Things like that didnt happen like that at school when i was growing up..Its like it's happening all over the world
Rich Poythress (9 months ago)
psychiatric medications... cops are on these also... they killed 1200 unarmed american's last year..... there is a pattern here
Edduin Casanova (10 months ago)
The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun !!! Lest all of us, this includes all the teachers too, to get a concealed carry license, a lot of tactical training and this bad people will not have a chance to do anything stupid because we will be ready !!!
Skittle Haus (2 months ago)
+Rhys Thompson We can stop shootings without banning guns.
Skittle Haus (2 months ago)
If we arm teachers, what if they go insane and shoot up the place too?
Edduin Casanova (9 months ago)
Eric Moore, we need to recognize that there is evil in some people’s hearts, the bad guys will never give their guns away . Just look at Venezuela, the government took all the guns from the good guys and now they have 70000 people die every year because of crimes and Venezuela only have 30 million people I’m very sorry you have so much hate in your heart!!!
Rhys Thompson (9 months ago)
or maybe ban guns aye?
Christian Edwards (10 months ago)
Edduin Casanova What happens when the ‘good’ guy decides to become the ‘bad’ guy. Nobody is born a bad guy.
ijorge (10 months ago)
So what has that dotard trump had to say about this? Yes, let's make America great again!
Nolan Case (10 months ago)
Anyone joking on a news chat system will be reported. Please do not like the video people. Grief the death of these people.
Korotoumou Samassi (10 months ago)
So.....the usual then? Please excuse what you might think is apathy im truly sorry for this horrible incident to have happened but you all at this point know what comes next thoughts and prayers,discussion over gun control,arguements for change,then a couple weeks later nothings done and everyone goes back to their life thats how normal these things have gotten and honestly? Im slowly becoming numb to it all as if were just going through the motions of brief but horrible violence.
Greg Rohs (10 months ago)
Korotoumou Samassi in 60 hours another will happen.
Kim sung Un (10 months ago)
?No guns= No shooting, are Americans dumber than rock or something?
Darth Vader (9 months ago)
Greg Rohs That’s where you’re wrong. Most use handguns.
Greg Rohs (9 months ago)
Darth Revan yeah name one of those other ways used as effectively? Seems these mass killing events in first world countries have a few things in common. Most are white males, most used an AR-15 and they mostly happen in America.
Darth Vader (9 months ago)
Tech Gravity Shooting people isn’t the only way of killing someone
Greg Rohs (10 months ago)
Tech Gravity unfortunately some of us yes. Got room in your country for a non gun owning person with an iq higher than a potato?
Bantenpant Bababa (10 months ago)
Thomas Clark You understand that you can improve your statistics? You can hardly put an end to all murders in the world, but you can make changes to reduce them. There are countries in the world where you can have knives, who have a strong hunting culture, strict weaponlaws and 0 schoolshootings ... It actually exists
Alondra Flores (10 months ago)
I'm actually I'm in a play based on school shootings and finding out about what happened in Florida justs makes me want to quit🙁
B711-HD (10 months ago)
I got video about the shooting on my channel
B711-HD (10 months ago)
Why did it had to happened on Valentine's
BLAZENYCBLACKOPS (10 months ago)
By no means am I a gun person, I don't own a gun and never have, and I agree obviously that this crap needs to stop but the problem isn't the guns it's the people behind them. If we truly want to end this behavior we need to get to the ROOT of the problem, if it's not a gun it will be something else, we need to change the mentality of those who feel that they need to lash out like this. Remember I'm not a gun lover I'm just someone who sees the forest through the trees.
Greg Rohs (10 months ago)
BLAZENYCBLACKOPS this would have been prevented had Cheetohead not struck down the law not allowing people with mental illness to buy guns. Oh and he just cut the funding to background checks by millions of dollars.
yahaira lira (10 months ago)
Why dont they shoot the shooters life instead of custody we killed 15 people so he should die
Lil Bo (10 months ago)
i wouldnt mind putting mmy bag down for them to search my one concern is someone could plant something in it and accuse me without even jnowing
Jake Martin (10 months ago)
this is not about the government wanting our guns. It is our children they are after and there will not be anything we can do to stop them. They have ways around the guns, its called technology. This is all about keeping power in the hands of elite families for generations to come. Kidnap our children from schools and daycare about 14 and younger, you know just old enough to run a machine and young enough not to think for themselves and indoctrinate all of them. Theres your working class, waste the rest of us, and believe me they wont play fair.....
Jepry Tu (10 months ago)
The shooter is Muslim,100% muslim
Roca Bibaby (10 months ago)
Can't help but wonder what Donald Trump is trying to camouflage with this one??? Not saying this isn't a tragedy, it's a fukin horror show. But pay attention, every single time this happens it's to distract you from something else. js
Rich Poythress (9 months ago)
Huevote _ (10 months ago)
lol funny af I was cracking up the whole time
Janusz Dworak (9 months ago)
Same here. It was hilarious.
SHOOTERS (10 months ago)
Huevote _ wtf is wrong with you people died this ain’t funny
KingJayyzWorld (10 months ago)
I’m glad I switched to homeschooling..
Walter Clements (10 months ago)
ArizDaPlug me too bro. I feel way more safe
LegibleJester (10 months ago)
Skidaddle skidoodle
Jay Jay (10 months ago)
Domestic terrorism....we have citizens causing far more casualties on the home front than foreign enemies abroad...
corps 21 (8 months ago)
Jay Jay that's not true at all wtf we have US SF teams in almost every country killing drug trafficers and terrorists we litterally did a joint bombing last night destroying the city of homs
Big Pun (9 months ago)
Thats true just look at Chicago.
V T (10 months ago)
Jay Jay and yet billions and billions of dollars go to waste each year with all the money spent on military
Commenting Account (10 months ago)
There were TONS of warning signs which were carelessly missed! This should not have happened.
marina g (9 months ago)
There needs to be heavier police influence in schools. Edit: Teachers need to be trained to be able to identify problems early on with problematic students, those who pose a high safety risk.
Troy Brown (10 months ago)
Doesn't look like they did much responding to the situation...
Michael Jenkins (10 months ago)
is this not pretty standard in the usa? Correct me if im wrong.
F3A4LESS (10 months ago)
The school is 5 minutes away from my school which is the sad part
F3A4LESS (10 months ago)
Aidan Moran I guess
Aidan Moran (10 months ago)
dE AYManStorM I think the sad part is actually that 17 people died and America is a joke of a country to be honest with you
professionalstreetnigga (10 months ago)
I guess the school shooter doesn't like valentines day..
sir dabsalot (9 months ago)
squidward testicles read up on the kid it makes sense
professionalstreetnigga (9 months ago)
antoni grebowiec okay
sir dabsalot (9 months ago)
squidward testicles I believe he planned it out like this so people will have sorrow and fear over joy, it's sad seeing many innocent lives lost, but the this school shooting was done by revenge.
Hug Man (10 months ago)
I think it is safer in England
ART (9 months ago)
hey, have you seen the episode of south park when the whole family aquires a gun? maybe not the right thingto bring up here, but that episode is nuts, bc they have a family fight and each dude pulls out a gun and though no one uses it, they all reconcile and learn truths about each other, one really wacky episode on the dark side. sorry about bringing it upbut given i saw it in Japan just 12 days ago it was the first thing that came to my mind when some you tuber policeman elsewhere said everyone should have guns. that's one extreme. watch that episode if you have a chance. it's wack.
ART (9 months ago)
LOL maybe then it's relatively safe then. And the stabbings when the husband retires and waifu can't stand him around the house. i remember seeing an ambulance nearby and my japanese friend told me likely it was that.  i haven't seen the waifu war but i'm sure it must happen.
sir dabsalot (9 months ago)
ART in Japan you say one bad thing about someone's waifu it's a war zone
Hug Man (9 months ago)
Yes really.PLease imagine if the weapon was legal in UK OMG... It could be worse and worse.
ART (9 months ago)
and Japan
Shilonious Monk (10 months ago)
Waleed (10 months ago)
Christianity strikes again!. Deport all Christians back to Jerusalem.
Haley Mann (9 months ago)
That’s so stupid why would you blame a religion for something someone did that’s called judged people and what they believe in. Also what does the holocaust have to do with any of this?
marc dewey (9 months ago)
And just what does Christianity have to do with it?I have never known any Christians to commit an act like this,so dont comment on something you know nothing about.
xxxtemptation (10 months ago)
All my prayers goes to the Family God Bless Y’all 🙇🏼‍♂️🙏🏻
Miguel Trevino (10 months ago)
happy valentines day....turning into happy death day. Worlds getting so cold no respect for ash Wednesday. Why remember death instead of life? why shoot a gun instead of praying for life? The type of pain that cuts deeper than a knife. I guess there will be families crying for loved ones tonight. Its sickening I know. No peace or love in this world, no place we can go. It'll probably never change, but let's all just hope that it will.
Electro Static (10 months ago)
ken jackson (10 months ago)
another fake shooting!! they what our guns!! they won't get mine i have hundreds hide in a spot nobody could ever find!! not getting my guns jews!!
Rich Poythress (9 months ago)
With common core dumbing down your children and big pharma stuffing Ritalin down their throats. Laws in place that make schools open season for false flag attacks. It is time to take your children out of public school!
Carri's 3RingCircus (10 months ago)
Charlotte Neumann (10 months ago)
ken jackson, proving my point.
ken jackson (10 months ago)
me too! ill collect 250k.
ken jackson (10 months ago)
you to if you believe these fake shootings!! vegas was a joke, 527 injured and not one dies in the hospital? the 59 dead number in vegas never changed, people healing from gunshots in two days lol!!
Hermiie (10 months ago)
I heard that there were lots of students on Snapchat recording the shooting, where are the snapchats? Only seen a few
itumblers (10 months ago)
The gunmen was a registered democrat. Not surprised.
Sierra Bohnet (10 months ago)
Hah! Get an education😂
Laila Million (10 months ago)
You know nothing about him , he is disgusting either way republican or democrat
★ Froggie Animation ★ (10 months ago)
itumblers no he wasn’t. he was a child
Gori vantas (10 months ago)
I'm staying home im not going to school
Auto-Tech-Tronics - Div: Telamax (10 months ago)
Sad glad my kids are not in that school !
Lisha Grace (10 months ago)
Auto-Tech-Tronics - Div: Telamax it can happen in any school . I think it will be safer to be homeschooled
Another fake shooting?....we soon will the crisis actors.
Carri's 3RingCircus (10 months ago)
MRS PROGRESSIVE- DEMOCRATIC MOM! You should watch the interview of the guy and girl students. She said a few time that it felt fake... and that people had been saying that there was going to be a fake drill with cops with fake guns. Then the male student that had just been in a shooting seriously talked like he was running for mayor of the city. It was SO WEIRD. IDK