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The need to match sales and logistics
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Text Comments (5)
Jacob Topping (1 year ago)
AWESOME! LETS get Print On Demand moving like this guys :-)
Vertabiz (1 year ago)
Thanks for posting this! Hope to have similar success -Vertabiz
sfsilicon (2 years ago)
Thanks for posting! Also have been looking for this one for a while.
Dave M (3 years ago)
Dennis, THANK YOU .... dittos: like on the last post. I couldn't remember who was the advertiser..... seems like 20-30 years ago when we last saw it on TV ! The modern day start-up that belongs in this commercial is FLX bicycles. I may be waiting weeks or years for my order to come in! Perhaps UPS can be their economical solution.
The Todd Lohenry Page (4 years ago)
Dennis, thank you for posting this. I have been looking for this commercial for eons but for some reason was not able to locate it until now...