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Alan Greenspan: We're On The Edge Of A Trade War

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Alan Greenspan, former Federal Reserve chairman, speaks with CNBC's Sara Eisen about the state of the U.S. economy including his thoughts on the Trump administration's trade policies. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Find CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC Alan Greenspan: We're On The Edge Of A Trade War | CNBC
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Text Comments (160)
KABOOM (26 days ago)
usa exports inflation, exports its poverty to other countrys
Min Maung Maung (7 months ago)
The interviewer young lady was trying to be a "smart alex".
Jj Chen (7 months ago)
americans are cowards. The trade deficit is growing by the second. Where is this trade war?
Whiteiscolour (7 months ago)
One thing I am extremely amazed is Trump proved everyone wrong up until now.
ivy kkb (7 months ago)
Who want to hear her ... She don't even do maths... 😂😂😂
Rof Lhard (7 months ago)
Free trade is for US corporates to profit from lower labour costs, lower labor standards, lower environmental protection costs, tax avoidance, lower rents and lower energy costs in developing countries. It's exploitation.
Michael Sylvester (7 months ago)
Many things Trump has backwards
Joseph Lee (7 months ago)
The country with the world reserve currency would naturally run a trade deficit because everybody else would want to store that money. This is the biggest benefit the reserve currency holding country enjoys, i.e. trading useless paper for goods that are produced with hard labor in 3rd world countries. Trump is trying to destroy the benefits the USA is enjoying so far for decades. Greenspan is obviously right on this.
gill bruton (7 months ago)
Obviously it’s not going to hurt our GDP it’s going to make it go up up up
88 Cuenco (7 months ago)
What a lousy interviewer. Obviously very inexperienced and obviously has a lack of knowledge. She keeps interrupting Alan Greenspan with stupid questions.
indo wong (7 months ago)
Greenspan oversaw the financial meltdown. ..you only pay an increase in tariffs if you buy their products. .that includes the rubbish from China
David Lloyd-Jones (8 months ago)
Saying we are "on the edge of a trade war" is as stupid as saying WWII started at Dunkirk.
167mm167 (8 months ago)
It is very easy to win... stop selling soybeans to China..Chinese will hungry and die ... stop selling gas, oil to China..let Chinese cold and die in winter... stop buying expensive iPhones made in China..let the chinese workers loss their jobs... I love Trump ...
William inUS (8 months ago)
Greenspan is an old fool. Waste of Youtube time.
Mike Wallace (8 months ago)
There are so many bright, intelligent, progressive Americans. So why do you elect morons to represent you?
Stunted Momo (8 months ago)
intelligent, progressive....oxymoron
Irving Tang (8 months ago)
What percentage of this interview is scripted? The powers that be what us to think or feel what?
Left anti pc (8 months ago)
Greenspan bullshits. The trade deficit from China is a conspiracy from the commies, they make cheap things and lure American citizen buy these cheap things, like display candy to little innocent kids. Then they go...gottcha...chin chin chin...whaozha...Kungfu kick, Chinaman, bin bin bong bong. China man evil, Make America Great Again.
Bruce Parkes (8 months ago)
The guy that use tight money supplh to create as recession. Greenspan fail.
Rico Jazz (8 months ago)
"The presumption that foreigners are ripping us off is nonsense." That's right! The FED and the jews are ripping America off. You better wake up fast.
Ja Ja (8 months ago)
this man allowed the pillaging of America for many years. globalist sellout.
Heidi Yodel (8 months ago)
Blah. Blah. Blah. Another kibbutz bolshevik who failed in seeing the economic crisis of "08". His credibility is shot. And he's married to hag Andrea mitchell, a blatant leftist. Eff him and his irrational exuberance.
Olyv Oyl (8 months ago)
So why is this young whipper snapper know it all interviewing this old doddering codger?
Vine Street (8 months ago)
What???!!! Tariff is to put pressure on other countries to drop their tariffs! It’s not because I buy a Lexus? Unbelievable.
Killz Thief (8 months ago)
Greenspan the architect of financial collapse...
Za Za (8 months ago)
Hey is he still married to Andria Mitchell from NBC? HE'S FAKE.
Matthew Young (8 months ago)
I think greenspan's legacy indicates a sympathy for globalist corporations. trade wars will benefit people greenspan doesn't consider at all.
Jeevan Mammen (8 months ago)
Alan Greenspan has been wrong about the basic foundations of our economy. Why do ppl bother finding the opinion of person who was so wrong so recently smh
167mm167 (8 months ago)
I love alan..I love Trump ...we just need so jokes...
Erick Garcia (8 months ago)
MAGA America First!!!!!
Samuel L. Jackson (8 months ago)
We are so far in debt that every family in the USA owes at least one million dollars in debt if we had to pay it back in that way..... Why did this happen? Clearly the USA isn't making money like it should. We should be making money hand over fist cause the U.S. dollar is an international reserve currency. What is most important is to understand that we're in this condition for a reason. Nobody has addressed it till now. I see a way of doing business and coming out ahead cause American products are better, albeit they coat more but that's okay cause those are also American jobs. If the USA had more industry we would not have severe economic debts as we do. Sure, it will cost money, and a lot more than companies are willing to spend, but look at the alternatives, keep spending as we have and go deeper in debt or curb the outgoing money and get above water so that we can enjoy our freedoms and liberties. The world has taken advantage of U.S. money for their own benefit for too long. They are sucking our wealth dry.
thomas (8 months ago)
The liberals bought you too Greenspan!
DianeD08 (8 months ago)
Because he is old, she amuse herself of him.
erling cantik (8 months ago)
We have good relationship hahahaha flip flops /back stabber warmonger.
Laszlo Kovacs (8 months ago)
Liar. Shame in him.
Khaled Adams (8 months ago)
Every time this man speaks, it is to distract you from something else.
Frank Mosca (8 months ago)
Dame. This guys still alive?
Dennis W (8 months ago)
NOBODY wins a trade war
167mm167 (8 months ago)
Trump will win ...
Charloman (8 months ago)
Unless you're a body politic well endowed with natural resources nevessary to produce all goods needed in an adbanced economy... and are located 5000 miles from the nearest potential enemy...
Concerned Voter (8 months ago)
This is an all out trade war. The Chinese, Canadians, Europeans are totally coordinating a response. Trump thought he could take out one country at a time. Now that everyone around the world is lining up retaliations this is now a well organised world response. Trump has succeeded in getting the Chinese to build bridges whereas the fool is building a wall
Concerned Voter (8 months ago)
167mm167 And ?
167mm167 (8 months ago)
I love Trump ...
Maria Hewitt (8 months ago)
Concerned Voter Yes, but he promised, another kind of wall. Which has not been mentioned, since he won power.
hurc661966 (8 months ago)
Let the trade war games begin!
Yun Fu (8 months ago)
Ah Quality Bloomberg the channel of blonde bimbos asking stupid questions
forty nine (8 months ago)
Donald ''limited attentionspan'' Trump does not think through lots of his ideas. He is not a stable genius. He is kind of dumb..
Mark E (8 months ago)
Not really. You can't really calculate the math like this. Each Iphone made by Apple count $700 toward CHINESE EXPORT of total $350B, NOT US's export. However, each Iphone exported to US, APPLE takes $400, Cheap labor in China takes $5. China can easy replace Iphone with other 5 equally great, but much cheaper Chinese Brands. They just have yet take have the determination that step yet! (This will help them make this decision.) LMAO Chinese are not dumbasses.
167mm167 (8 months ago)
That's why I love Trump ....
J A (8 months ago)
The Chinese have their own brands Huawei, Xiaomi and Lenovo. They don't have a big foot print in the US but they are very popular in the rest of the world, in fact Chinese phones outsell American i.e. Apple, in Asia, the Middle East, Africa and parts of Europe. https://www.statista.com/statistics/220977/global-smartphone-market-share-forecast-by-country/ The tariff would affect US importers like Apple and other brands that have off-shored production, and like you said take up to 90% of the price. China has started building its own brands and Chinese brands cutting 25% off their retail prices will still get up to $400 from smart phone sales instead of $5 for assembly.
MC Bruin (8 months ago)
Mark E it is not fare to count American products made in China to there trade balance. That is just incorrect.
MC Bruin (8 months ago)
The Chinese assemble the phones for apple. They get paid for that. They send the finished phones back to the states. Some goes for iPad and iMac . The tariff will be paid by apple and not by China sins they only assemble. It is not there product. The same goes for all the other products produced in China for American business. Including Trumps products. Trump makes the mistake to count all those products to China because of the made in China label. In reality they are American products. If you bot count those the surplus from China is a lot smaller. Way way smaller.
Joe (8 months ago)
Greenspan got it right. Why do you think Europeans talk about replacing the dollar by the Euro as a means of retaliation against Trump's raise on trade tariffs? That orange moron's isolationist policy will ruin the US.
Nick L (8 months ago)
Basically foreigners exchange goods for US paper. Paper whose value diminishes as the US prints more bits of colorful paper.
Euan Reid (8 months ago)
Crack me up... what he really wants to say is that we print up trillions of dollars from thin air and other countries give us a tangible goods or services for the worthless fiat currency because they're suckers....
Joe Morello (8 months ago)
Awesome! 🇨🇦😊
Megan Williams (8 months ago)
Long-winded old f**t. Get to the bloody point.
yujil da (8 months ago)
delicious white girl
Larry Johnson (8 months ago)
Trump is winning period. No mistakes!
Andre Cabezas (8 months ago)
167mm167 you should work for him so.
167mm167 (8 months ago)
I love Trump ...
Sheik Yo Booty (8 months ago)
B K (8 months ago)
They interviewed this guy he way out of touch Mr. Keep interest rates low helped the Real estate crash before! they tax OUR good in China and Europe Trump just wants to Make America companies more level of a playing field
IRL Server (8 months ago)
Man, what a blown opportunity to get some insight. Why did she feel her questions were more important than his answers?
lonestarr (8 months ago)
There is something wrong. When I sell to the EU my customers have to pay a tax before the package is delivered. If I buy from the EU I dont pay a tax. My kids get on ebay and by items for a buck or two from China and that includes shipping. There is something wrong with trade. Our country is in bad financial shape because past political people, of every party, didnt have the courage to do the right and very difficult things that need to be done. Hate him / love him doesn't matter. The President is fighting for the American people and financial future.
Jose Mu (8 months ago)
She's a bimbo what do u expect :-)
Tommy Etheredge (8 months ago)
I think it is awesome how Greenspan has started to speak the truth in his old age. It is a breath of fresh air, despite his past doings at the helm of the Fed, crashing our economy, and setting us up for this mess
craigjulien75 (8 months ago)
From the guy who betrayed his own economic philosophy.(see Ayn Rand, Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal)
Space (8 months ago)
Greenspan the fool, admitting in his later years that his policies were wrong. Go away you old fool, your time is up.
KM Tang (8 months ago)
We have always been on the edge. U have also been a player before
Communist Basher (8 months ago)
Greenspan is the scum in who's term the market collapsed. He's trying to salvage his ruined reputation.
tdot22 (8 months ago)
He knows if the US withdraws from Global trade, the US$ is finished, half the US prosperity comes from the World using the US$. As someone who despises American foreign I hope Trump goes all the way & wins the next election.
Tarzan (8 months ago)
Pumbha USA (8 months ago)
Stop interrupting him. Let him answer!
ElPaisa (8 months ago)
From the creator of the real State bubble, should I believe anything that comes from Mr Greenspam?
80sruler (8 months ago)
He needs to head Back to his nursing home and stop coming on TV
Robinson Joe (8 months ago)
I'm a Canadian and I'm proud and have tried to never take for granted the fact that the US and Canada have enjoyed the greatest international friendship the world has ever known. I would like to thank those in the United States for that friendship and hope that they have enjoyed it as well. We have both prospered from it and while I hope that we both continue to benefit from it as we both have in the past it feels like one of the greatest achievements mankind has ever known, (the longest lasting peace and friendship the world has ever known) is coming to an end. We showed the world it can be done. Lets hope we don't show them we are so short sighted that we decide we won't. #NorthAmericanBrothersNSisters
Charloman (8 months ago)
Your intentions are good, I know, but you would benefit from searching out this matter. Read first chapter 18 in Proverbs....
Robinson Joe (8 months ago)
London doesn't get anything from canada. We are a constitutional monarchy. The Queen of england sits on the throne but as with australia and many others it is it's own country. The Queen gets money from time to time in support of her duties as queen when representing Canada abroad or while in country.
Charloman (8 months ago)
Canada is not a sovereign nation but a British colony, owned by the queen. Few Canadians know that the ground they stand on is owned as personal property by the British Queen in her capacity as a Corporation sole... read the laws of england and find out more... then you will inderstamd why canadians are relatively poor inspite of being so blessed with resources. Wealth inequity beyond belief.. all funnelled off into the deep pockets of the City of London
shooting shark (8 months ago)
As much as we like Canadians, we can no longer give you tariff free access to the US market, which is the largest in the world, and in return we get access to your market that has a smaller GDP than the state of Texas. Mexico has a GDP the size of he state of Alabama, but they also have tariff free access to our country. It's not fair for our US companies to subject them to competition from foreign countries. Things were much better for both our countries before we had this stupid tariff free nafta agreement. When we return to the normal trade of old where we both protect our markets with tariffs, we'll be much better off. Neither one of our countries want tariff free trade and the other country's companies moving in and undercutting them. Your milk producers don't want US companies coming in and flooding them with cheap milk and putting them out of business, which is understandable. The US doesn't want Canada flooding us with cars, we want our car industry back.
shangpush (8 months ago)
Amen. We are brothers in democracy. Please remember though that most US southerners know almost nothing about Canada . . . and could probably care less. Cold air used to be described as coming from "Canada." Now it comes from "the Arctic."
RJ 8U (8 months ago)
This guy should have just stayed in his mansion and die. With what this person contribute to the recession and to the millions of Americas suffer from the recession he should feel good on his death bed. I'm not listening anymore to what this guy is saying and he should just stay off the media. What the reporter should have ask is why would people listen to you?
Flatpack Spiritualism (8 months ago)
Lots of talk about a trade deficit, but what about US corporate data? US companies have sold more to the rest of the world than other countries have sold to the US in the past ten years. Chinese consumers own more iPhones and buy more General Motors cars than US consumers, BUT they are sold to China not through US exports but through Chinese subsidiaries of multinational enterprises. Maybe the US ‘deficit’ is to do with the way YOUR own multinational corporations conduct their business.
167mm167 (8 months ago)
I never buy iPhones which are made-in-China .. I will only buy iPhones which are made-in-USA..even it is $1,000, or even $10,000 ...
Michael Ray (8 months ago)
Alan Greenspan still has some gas left in the tank.
zfw123 (8 months ago)
Why is he not in jail yet?
Tommy Apples (3 months ago)
In 1998 Clinton deregulated banking. Greenspan encouraged it. Interest rates had little to do with it. Credit default swaps and packaging subprimes into investments was more to blame imo.
Jeevan Mammen (8 months ago)
Esquire do you understand what happens if you let these banks fail? In 2008 and in the great depression, we came to the brink of financial collapse. If the banks werent saved by the government, we won't be able to borrow money anymore. The economy would enter depression and deteriate even further. We would essentially become a failed state if the government didn't bail the banks out or did some kind recovery measure.
Esquire (8 months ago)
I don't agree, I think the mistakes were by the government starting with the bailout of Long Term Capital Management in 1999. If the government would just allow these institutions to fail and lose money then the next generation would self regulate. But the politicians aren't willing to suffer the short term pain. Meanwhile, the politicians aren't sophisticated enough to understand correlations, mark to market, risk management, 3+ SD events, and the importance of time within the financial markets. It is the politicians that make these policies and it is their responsibility. Alan Greenspan was an advocate for deregulation, as you said, but it wasn't his responsibility. Those politicians needed the courage to allow these companies to fail, then the next generation would be smarter.
Jeevan Mammen (8 months ago)
Esquire he was one of the biggest advocates for deregulation of the financial markets while at the same time holding the interest rates low. His view of the world was completely wrong. He won't go to jail since he technically just did his job the wrong way
Esquire (8 months ago)
Low interest rates weren't the reason for the great crash of 2008. That was caused by improper derivative risk management specifically within the mortgage market. If you want to blame Greenspan you could say he testified against Brooksley Born in front of congress and the resulting legislation left the risk of derivatives uncontrolled. If you want to say he is one of the reasons for the great crash of 2008, state what I mentioned... interest rates had nothing to do with it.
IrenePete O (8 months ago)
The reason why she keeps interrupting Greenspan is because he's stating the obvious... and he has a tendency of drawing out his answers longer than they need to be. If you've watched Greenspans interviews on CNBC and Capitol Hill you'll notice he never really answers the question or draws it out way to long. Do I really need to understand his purchasing power of buying a car in 1940, and his upgrade 10 years later. No. But he's telling a story. And Sara probably only has 3-4 minutes before a producer says "hurry this up Sara." She's not trying to be rude. She's just straight-forward some people dont like it. Personally, I prefer people who get to the point. Sara is intelligent, straight-forward, and for what its worth she's also beautiful. Big hugs to new baby.
imaprinta (8 months ago)
167mm167 Yep - and it's as easy as you say, too. So easy, it makes you wonder why no one else has ever thought of that. Oh wait - Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush thought of it, also. And it didn't work out for them. I hope we have better luck this time.
167mm167 (8 months ago)
I love Trump... it is very easy to win ... just believe Trump...and stop buying iPhone made in China stop selling soybean to China ... I love Trump ...
SP3NT (8 months ago)
Permabear Greenspan
Iam Hudsdent (8 months ago)
Greenspan is not making sense. What does it matter if the US sells a lot of services internationally? Are services hit with tariffs? No. It's US manufacturing. Apples to apples. And manufacturing means jobs. And regarding him having bought a Lexus, so what, that was in the US. What about the tariffs on US auto overseas? Maybe he's just too old now.
Iam Hudsdent (7 months ago)
Let me try to understand, "manufacturing does not mean jobs"? Seriously? You heard somebody say something about robots, and you think you got a handle on the subject? I don't think so. Tell it to the 13 million US workers in the manufacturing sector. And for every $1.00 spent in manufacturing, another $1.89 is added to the economy. It's the highest multiplier effect of any economic sector. For every one worker in manufacturing, there are another four employees hired elsewhere. And research suggests manufacturing’s impact on the economy is even larger if you take into account the entire manufacturing value chain, plus manufacturing for other industry supply chains. That approach estimates manufacturing could account for one-third of GDP and employment !!! It also estimated the total multiplier effect for manufacturing to be $3.60 for every $1.00 of value-added output, with one manufacturing employee generating another 3.4 workers elsewhere. (Source: Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation) Trump is a businessman, not a bureaucrat. He wants to help manufacturing, because he instinctively understands the big picture. Robots can be part the equation, but even if they are, they will require lots of human jobs to support them.
Iam Hudsdent (7 months ago)
A tariff on foreign cars would help level the playing field, and pressure other countries to reduce tariffs. Greenspan doesn't have to buy a Lexus, he can buy a Cadillac. And your rich-poor thing is a tired, old Marxist theory. Tax break to the rich? Actually Trump gave a tax break to everybody who pays taxes, and the "rich" pay the vast majority of taxes. You can't give a stimulative tax break to a segment of the population that pays 10% of the taxes. And the results speak for themselves, GDP doubled, more black people working than any time in history, consumer confidence way up, more women and minorities working. If that's what "tax breaks for the rich do," you should be all for it.
Rose Stewart (8 months ago)
Iam Hudsdent services include things like tourism...those provide a lot of jobs. Just think of all the people employed by Disney World..when foreigners visit there's your trade in services.
RoadRage (8 months ago)
Just because you cannot understand him does not mean he is making no sense. It is your own limitation to understand that is the problem. I guess people are suffering in the US and are looking for somebody to blame. Easy to blame it on the foreigners, always is. Truth is you are the creators of your own misery. Providing services also means jobs, and if these people make software (which the US is the biggest supplier of BTW) than the numbers for Export are very misleading as this software is not counted as export products but they are exported. This means the so called trade inbalance just as well might tip towards the US selling more than it is buying.
IrenePete O (8 months ago)
Jones - I totally agree. As a manufacture ourselves we have an insight of the speed it takes to build a product, the cost to make it, and how many people you need to be profitable. The numbers are staggering. Our country needs to get lean financially when operating a small business. Here's an example; Empires New Zealand won the Americans Cup...with a boat that was duck taped together because they didn't have the cash. (No joke) Their whole Americans Cup budget was around $25 million (I think, that included boat, flights for sailors... everything) Who was their competition Oracle, BMW, Omega, Louis Vuitton etc and they spent hundreds of millions on their overall Americas Cup budget. US based companies need to be that lean.
Common Sense (8 months ago)
Your entire deficit with the EU is paid by European Union with investments.
Brian Gonzalez (8 months ago)
Can she shut up and let him answer?
Nikhil (8 months ago)
why does she constantly interrupt. if you bring him on show, ask him a question then let the man complete his sentence!!! heavens sake.
Ed Ca (8 months ago)
Nikhil Because she already has her own answers in her little mind.
Atipat12 (8 months ago)
Timmy the Poker Warrior (8 months ago)
It's nonsense? Trump SPECIALIZES in nonsense.
Timmy the Poker Warrior (8 months ago)
Trump is a lunatic's lunatic.
167mm167 (8 months ago)
I love Trump ....
Yefeng Gu (8 months ago)
i really agree with you point
ppp ccc (8 months ago)
The key point is “we are exchanging dollar bill with goods. It is zero sum trade”. Just using a paper to exchange other people’s goods and hard work. What are great deal !!! Couldn’t be better!!! But people are still complaining and using “deficits” as reason to ruining it.
soulmate (3 months ago)
@ppp ccc It seems that you're the only few one here that understand what Greenspan is saying. "It's a zero sum trade". U.S is getting goods from other countries by giving them worthless note.
pokenei (8 months ago)
Exactly, America basically has been getting free lunch all these by trading green papers for real goods from other countries. And who knows it best other than Allan Greenspan.
Time Traveler (8 months ago)
I wish she'd shut up. He is trying to explain, then gets cut off. Then to next question, then repeats the interruption.
Bruce Parkes (8 months ago)
Time Traveler good.
Sethuraman Ravi (8 months ago)
Its bloody Greenspan! I would question the channel's decision on bringing him on. He keeps repeating the same damned line over and over, and this from the guys who brought you the wonder years of 2008-2010.
IrenePete O (8 months ago)
Yes...he is Greenspan, he's the one that drove the US economy into a f***ing financial crisis, that cost family and friends there f###ing homes. And who is she...the next generation that is going to pay for the 21 trillion dollar debt they never signed up for.
Bill Boxall (8 months ago)
No, the reason why she keeps interrupting him is that she has an over-inflated opinion of herself that people want to listen to her instead of to him, and she is refusing to let him finish what he is saying, preventing him from getting to the point he is trying to make. I would much rather hear what HE has to say, than what SHE has to say.. He's f***ing Alan Greenspan. Who is she?
IrenePete O (8 months ago)
The reason why she keeps interrupting Greenspan is because he's stating the obvious... and he has a tendency of drawing out his answers longer than they need to be. If you've watched Greenspans interviews on CNBC and Capitol Hill you'll notice he never really answers the question or draws it out. Do I really need to understand his purchasing power of buying a car in 1940, and his upgrade 10 years later. No. But he's telling a story. And Sara probably only has 3-4 minutes before a producers say "hurry this up Sara." She's not trying to be rude. She's just straight-forward some people dont like it. Personally, I prefer people who get to the point. Sara is intelligent, straight-forward, and for what its worth she's also beautiful. Big hugs to new baby.
HEROVILLE VLOGS (8 months ago)
Old thought out. New thought in.
HEROVILLE VLOGS (8 months ago)
Old turd fell outta the toilet
Anonymous (8 months ago)
Swiss the US off?
Michael Zimmermann (8 months ago)
I think it’s great al!!! It all helps in bringing down the current criminal system and stretching some criminal necks.
Thomas Crofts (8 months ago)
Other countrys will be hurt a little bit americans will get destroyed
Allen Allen (8 months ago)
Reason why we're in this situation is because of Jews like him
Frank C (8 months ago)
The Goyim Know
Allen Allen (8 months ago)
Chuka Nweze Its my Opinion
Chuka Nweze (8 months ago)
Allen Allen furthest thing from the truth.
Jeff Stanton (8 months ago)
Justin (8 months ago)
Alan Greenspan helped get us into the economic crisis in 2007. Greenspan is a globalist liar.
167mm167 (8 months ago)
I love Alan ... I love Trump ...
tina Haynes (8 months ago)
Justin T. Guys like Greenspan made it really easy for rich companies to off load all our work to cheap jurisdictions
Bean she (8 months ago)
Justin T. We need to face and deal woth EU and Germany in particular...They are agressive competitors
Tdeezi (8 months ago)
her voice is so annoying
cartmann227 (8 months ago)
The reporter is uneducated and rude.
wind Winston (6 months ago)
cartman227 when this things happen basically the director is the ONE whos telling HER to cut HIM....she has experience
88 Cuenco (7 months ago)
You hit it right on the spot
Raymond F (7 months ago)
Terry Cox .... yes the something is bankruptcy ... The turmp way ...
Matthew Young (8 months ago)
education is overrated
Terry Cox (8 months ago)
cartmann227 if we keep listening to him will be in the same old mess we've been in for all these years it's time to try something different
Farzad Zandbaf (8 months ago)
shes so hot , i would donate her some ETH
167mm167 (8 months ago)
I love Trump..I will donate ETH to Trump ...
smma guru (8 months ago)
Zandi Z inow dude smoking 💥💥💥
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