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#MissingType with Cliff Numark

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On June 11th, the Red Cross kicked off their #MissingType campaign as part of an international effort to encourage new blood donors, as well as those who have not given in years, to donate and help ensure lifesaving blood products are available for patients in need. The concept behind the campaign is for donors to fill in the missing type – that no matter what blood type you are, your blood is needed to help save lives. Many celebrities and national brands have joined the movement, removing the A’s, B’s and O’s from their name or company logo – both on social media and in the physical world. Here are three ways to get involved: Give blood! Schedule an appointment this summer by visiting redcrossblood.org. Recruit new donors! Encourage a friend or family member to roll up a sleeve, too. Spread the word! Remove the letters A, B and O from your name, take a selfie and share using the hashtag #MissingType on social media.
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